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#10 Birds of Prey

Thank you all who took up the last challenge. I hope this next one provides you some food for the muse. It has been a chaotic few weeks for me so I am glad this next theme is what it says in the title. Eagles, falcons and owls are the ultimate hunter and watching them in action often shows the beauty and cruelty of nature. I don't know of anyone who doesn't feel something on seeing an eagle in flight whether in the wild or on the TV screen. So the challenge is write on birds of prey.

Quote - Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings - Salvador Dali

Birds of Prey

Their shadow dims the sunshine of our day,
As they go lumbering across the sky,
Squawking in joy of feeling safe on high,
Beating their heavy wings of owlish gray.
They scare the singing birds of earth away
As, greed-impelled, they circle threateningly,
Watching the toilers with malignant eye,
From their exclusive haven--birds of prey.
They swoop down for the spoil in certain might,
And fasten in our bleeding flesh their claws.
They beat us to surrender weak with fright,
And tugging and tearing without let or pause,
They flap their hideous wings in grim delight,
And stuff our gory hearts into their maws.

Claude McKay

Birds of Prey Theme Challenge

Terry Clitheroe

Ninox Nocturne
Unilateral Declaration

Divena Collins

Kings Hawk
Sabastion Swallow
Three Crows

Terry Clitheroe


I am a nightingale and a singer of the truth
This flower is my symbol and my love.
Each night I sing my praises to her youth
With the coming of dusk I replace her dove.
Lovers walk in dreams listening to my sooth
My songs, and speak of what they dream of.
They know my song will make love smooth
As their dreams and plans forwards move.

But at the end of night I see the dawn and know
The Gods love us and reward us with fresh hope.
I will sleep now, heavenwards my dreams will go
Know what will happen is well within my scope
Fortunately I can sleep whilst the time goes slow
Come the dusk I revive and all I see I can cope
So it has been for ages we all survive somehow
Anyone that disagrees is naught is simply a dope!


Ninox Nocturne

I'm sitting outside on the back porch
It's cooler now as I listen to the birds settle.
The parrots and the magpies are the largest
And they also seem to have the most to say.
Argumentative and discordant to say the least,
It seems their way to behave like a soccer crowd
And the intelligence is about the same level.
Then a new sound from a stranger can be heard
Quietening the raucous sounds of the others
The parents now pay attention to their children
Protective as avian parents are, no match here
The Owl stills his call and his eyes search
In the quiet the night creatures wander out
Suddenly the Owl hoots its victory call.



The eagle soaring, a wondrous sight
Feathers spread balancing its flight.
Riding the thermals where it belongs
Playing with the air, listen to its songs.
In the night another raptor's king
With no respect for fools who sing.
No less majestic, who sees him soar,
Is it important, is there more?
Man knows there is beauty in flight
Will not spend time day or night
Giving Nature respect he owes.
This is where his wisdom flaws
Each raptor king although relieved
Knows that balance must be achieved.


Unilateral Declaration

Yogi Dragon and his friend Boo Boo
Flew off to the edge of the national park
When they arrived 'twas hidden from view
As most things are especially after dark.

So Yogi flew up to two thousand feet
Spitting out flames lighting up the night
Unfortunately the tourists began to retreat
Cause they had given them a dreadful fright.

"Don't go, please stay, we mean no harm."
Said smiling Boo Boo to the crowd below,
He won them with his dragonian charm
Then they put on their fantastic show.

A Disney contract was offered to them
Warner doubled what ever they would pay
Bolliwood's was sealed with the richest gem
But the pair just smiled and flew away.

Interviewed by ABC, they said, "Kerry 'slike this.
We're Dragons covered in scales of gold
You destroy our lands and stole with no remiss
And always have done since time untold.

You have killed us out of hand for a pelt
Covered with a million golden scales
Ignoring what pain that creature felt.
And telling the most outrageous tales.

Well now that time has come to an end
To Dragon murders we will call a halt
Where our relationship we must amend
And our friendship we must exalt".

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Divena Collins

Kings Hawk

Revenge were the words of Genghis Khan
an eye for an eye his Highness proclaimed
for I am after all a most reasonable man
his hawk attached to his wrist remained
alert and protective loyalty unrestrained.

It came to pass when the earth was parched
the burning sun had shrunk the dry ground
up and down mountains the King marched
to prove to his subjects the earth was round
but dry was his throat with no water abound.

He sat by the bank with his chalice ready
for at last he had found a still water hole
but he had not held his chalice steady
and his hawks wings capsized the bowl
woe betide the hawk as a careless soul.

This had occured twice more of the same
revenge were the words of a thirsty King
the hawk was killed with bitter shame
from his sword he took a final fatal swing
and severed the hawk down upon the wing.

He climbed once more the highest mountain
to search in vain for another water source
until he came to a mirage of a fountain
which was never really as true of course
by now his throat was parched and hoarse.

There in the water he found a dead snake
which beknown to his loyal hawk as lethal
who had tried to halt his masters intake
'twas proof of his hawks loyal betrothal.
an eye for an eye was his destined call.

Be not forgotten the hand that feeds him
for a creatures loyalty rewards you true
thou shalt not destroy him at your whim
for all he was doing was protecting you
upon priority of his high security view.


Sabastion Swallow
Sabastian swallow spread his feather'd wings
and flew high above the grampian mountain
far away to the kingdom of Scottish Kings
who had all of their clansmen to maintain
about the herds of haggis and other things
of which had to be slaughtered for certain
for causing so much havoc amidst the glens
chasing braw lassies far awa tae the fens
Sabastian swallow was the kingdoms spy
aye and was worth his light weight in gold
being so tight a kingdom he'd ever known
poor Sabastian sparrow why should he fly
for a Scottish kingdom with kings as bold
when a few years later they may telephone.


Three Crows

Three crows within thy hook'ed beaks
Pecks upon morsels that death impails
keen of eyes within prey they do seek
within haste and open wound entrails
the scent of death spares ne-er a leak
swooping down upon wings like sails
that strikes upon the timid and meek
'tis loss of blood and breath that fails.

Bleak is the outlook of a victims fate
yet they cast naught of ruffled feather
for crows have a good immortality rate
they shalt survive and perish not ever
'tis the meek that they shalt desecrate
survival of the fittest may perish never
such is the power of a stronger trait
cunning of nature naught shall sever.

Cast not a shadow on earths cold floor
fear yet of natures wicked incarnage
lest thou shalt not come back before
a power of evil may hold thee bondage
within three crows thy shalt be no more
thy spirit form shall be upon a rampage
interred deep within earths final core
nor shalt there be no returned passage.

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