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2014 Poetry Theme Challenge

#07 Pebbles on the Beach

Thank you all who took up the last challenge. I hope this next one provides you some food for the muse.

A pebble freshly washed in sea water is like a jewel, yet one pebble on its own does not make an effective beach. Thousands upon thousands of pebble gathered together make that point where the mystery of the oceans meets the solidity of the land. Just like us each pebble is a unique and individual member of the whole. The theme is about sharing and joining as a team to create something bigger and better. Maybe it is love, maybe it is something else - that is for you to decide.

Poetry has long been the key to expressing our deepest passions so the challenge is to write love from the soul.

Quote - The whole is more than the sum of its part - Aristotle

Part for the Whole

When others run to windows or out of doors To catch the sunset whole, he is content With any segment anywhere he sits. From segment, fragment, he can reconstruct The whole, prefers to reconstruct the whole, As if to say, I see more seeing less. A window to the east will serve as well As window to the west, for eastern sky Echoes the western sky. And even less- A patch of light that picture-glass happens To catch from window-glass, fragment of fragment, Flawed, distorted, dulled, nevertheless Gives something unglassed nature cannot give: The old obliquity of art, and proves Part may be more than whole, least may be best.

Robert Francis

Pebbles on the Shore

Divena Collins

Conch Shell
Pebbles Lament
Waters Run Deep

Jez Farmer


Divena Collins

Conch Shell

Conch shell,conch shell
part buried in the sand
washed in from the sea
and settled here inland.

Blow loud thy great horn
across the deepest ocean
so mermaids may sing
of true love and emotion.

I shall hold you to my ear
I may listen to the waves
that whispers to me softly
of shores and Merlins caves.

Play to me haunting notes
that echo`s in the deep
awaken spirits of the ocean
from a long eternal sleep.

In mythical ancient lore
King Neptune ruled the sea
I welcome tales of fantasy
you could share with me

Conch shell, Conch shell
I'd take you home with me
but your not mine to take
you belong to the sea.


A Pebbles Lament

I cannot see nor hear and without speach
For I am nout but a pebble on the beach
That was washed ashore from tidal waves
Upon inland sands of the mermaids caves
Life for me is a that which is out of reach
I cannot see nor hear and without speach.

Yet I shall be just one in a million
Washed ashore that my destiny braves
Let the destiny of I so humbly beseach
I cannot see nor hear and without speach.


Waters Run Deep

Rivers are rising and I cannot escape
deep floods shall soon be upon me
and I cannot swim
the stepping stones are too far apart
I am so afraid I shall slip on the slime
that have covered them over
I remain here still for cannot breathe
trapped within the mid stream flow
of deeper waters,
if I could step over to the next stone
no but then I may slip
even if I moved only inch by inch
I might never quite make it
soon the light shall turn into dark
what then may I do?
help shall then be harder to find.
Oh my God was that an alarm I heard
Then all this was only a nightmare.

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Jez Farmer

A Love Story - 4

As waters merge with land upon the shore
Between the swirling waves and sandy floor
The moonlight pulls the sea to ebb and flow
And golden rays reach down to warm the earth
The love of gods echoes above, below
Spirit with spirit joined in sensual bliss
In intimate explosions of the one
As the flesh merges with flesh in a kiss
Creative energy can't be undone
You and I find love with the setting sun
Just two spirits joined in a rebirth
Adrift as one in passion's great abyss
Such oneness only the senses can know
For this is love and living's central core

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