2014 Poetry Theme Challenge

#03 Spiritual Love

Thank you all who took up the last challenge. It can be said in every love story there is an underlying wooing of gods and goddesses. Love is the one aspect of life where practical realities meet with spiritual mythology. Falling in love can be the first experience or recognition of love. Deepak Chopra in his book the Kama Sutra describes the seven stages of love as: - Attraction, Infatuation, Communion, Intimacy, Surrender and Non-attachment, Passion, Ecstasy.
Poetry has long been the key to expressing our deepest passions so the challenge is to write love from the soul.

Quote - It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations - Kahil Gibran

Ode 1373

I was dead, then alive.
Weeping, then laughing.

The power of love came into me,
and I became fierce like a lion,
then tender like the evening star.

He said, 'You're not mad enough.
You don't belong in this house.'

I went wild and had to be tied up.
He said, 'Still not wild enough
to stay with us!'

I broke through another layer
into joyfulness.

He said, 'Its not enough.'
I died.

He said, 'You are a clever little man,
full of fantasy and doubting.'

I plucked out my feathers and became a fool.
He said, 'Now you are the candle
for this assembly.'

But I'm no candle. Look!
I'm scattered smoke

He said, 'You are the Sheikh, the guide.'
But I'm not a teacher. I have no power.

He said, 'You already have wings.
I cannot give you wings.'

But I wanted his wings.
I felt like some flightless chicken.

Then new events said to me,
'Don't move. A sublime generosity is
coming towards you.'

And old love said, 'Stay with me.'

I said, 'I will.'

You are the fountain of the sun's light.
I am a willow shadow on the ground.
You make my raggedness silky.

The soul at dawn is like darkened water
that slowly begins to say Thank you, thank you.

Then at sunset, again, Venus gradually
Changes into the moon and then the whole nightsky.

This comes of smiling back
at your smile.

The chess master says nothing,
other than moving the silent chess piece.

That I am part of the ploys
of this game makes me
amazingly happy.

Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Spiritual Love Theme Challenge

Maryse Achong

Love's Seasons

Kathy Anderson


Terry Clitheroe

Epistolic Lies
Huntsville Visited
In the Stillness
Know Now
New Found Love
Out of a Void
Passions Tribute
Questions at a Distance
Wines Watch
Yesterdays Wind

Divena Collins

Depths of Love
Eden Revisited
Forbid Not
Fumbler The
Il Tango
Loves Emotions
Of Eternity

Jem Farmer

Power of Intimacy
With a Kiss I Die
Without Words

Lenny Roovers


Peter Willowdown

To Hu's bright halls I came again

Maryse Achong

Love's Seasons

A summer love can sometimes turn
Into a gentle autumn glow
That endures through the winter's snow,
And blooms afresh with spring's return.

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Kathy Anderson


It would be so easy to find affinity
With one who knows how to summon
Spirits of old and deities on common grounds,
What grips my soul is your divinity found
No less masculine than Pan's invocation.
Would it be right to allow loves blossom pretty
To fall by the wayside as a dream
Lost in the arms of dawns breaking beams?
If you tarry there, there can be bliss
Or everlasting friendships kiss;
If then you choose to deny ecstasy's thus
Pain shall reward, making hearts hard
Or everlasting souls as shards of glass
Broken for loves arrow missing the adored.



Known paths among the stars
Made by frequent visitations of hearts
Shared by the by in dreams state
Where once you shared similar fate,
Now such a thing can't be a part
Of the scheme of this earth but afar
In an alter dimension on that red planet,
Love would again find it's home was set.
Here there were tears and fears
Because the first one went way
Left you on a broken pier.
Then you found a better face,
It was the one that came to stay
In your minds astral gate of grace.

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Terry Clitheroe


Comforted only by this semi darkness
As hypnotic flickering candles shine
Sitting here I feel music flow over me
Silently remembering what life used to be
Alone now I sit here drinking my wine
Curious how my life could be such a mess?
Reminiscing about those midnight kisses
Mountains of love now the deepest abyss.
Is fantasy just another world of lies
Can we truly love in this crazy world
What is laughter but the start of sighs?
I tried to talk to you and make amends
Sighs and tears now the truth's unfurled
You won't talk, so how can we be friends?


Another Question - After Gibran

And she knelt at his feet and said,
"I am not worthy"
He smiled and lifted her to her feet
Then knelt before her.

How can you think thus?
You know I worship you.
You are my Queen of hearts.
Are you so uncertain of me?
Do I leave you with any doubts?

Let there be no doubts.
I love thee to my very soul.
Each time I tell thee thus,
Each time I mean it more.

Do you not think I die a little
Each time we part
And fret a little until once more we meet
A meeting oh so brief
Yet so full of meaning.

I tell myself this love is a blessing
And so it is, I'm blessed with you,
Until once again Horus calls
And again we say adieu.

And kneeling thus before you
I hold my heart and say
I am your humble servant Ma'am,
I am yours each and every day.


Epistolic Lies

Where is contentment when the reward is pain
Love makes so many promises, often keeping none.
Cupids arrow is simply the barb it's thought to be
The wounds and scars are there for all to see.
Who has been affected by this, simply everyone
And anyone in love has nought at all to gain!!
So much for movies, so much for music and song
Literature like books and mag's have got it wrong.
With the coming of age, a different view we see
Our values change and we look at love anew
Desire and passion are removed from the debris.
They are cleaned and polished, feeling very fresh
And with that new meet take on a different view
Then with that new person souls ultimately mesh.


Huntsville Visited

The cold lonely night draw swiftly down
Creeping softly in without any sound
As I sleep alone in this distant town.
Covering the world in a deep black gown
I close my eyes, sleep's so easily found
I feel so warm wrapped in this gown
As her loving spirit wraps itself around
Like a blanket keeping me safe and sound.
Distance shrinks in my sleeping pleasure
With feelings shared, tied with silken thread
As I dream and picture warm nights together
Two lover inseparate, joined in love forever
Throughout the night vows of love are said
And with the morning light, love finds leisure.


In the Stillness of Time

In the stillness of time I waited for you
Each life with you more than a life of love
Knowing that we shared a gift from above
One destined to last more than Eternity through.

So many things that we have said and done
We know've been repeated from another time
Or is it an endless other plane that's so sublime
A parallel where all our lives exist as one.

Feeding sideways only amplifies what we know as love
Yet on an earlier plane we've just met and fallen
With each meeting together simply stolen
But there is no guilt or retribution from above.

Instead Fate has drawn our cards and dealt
Two cards, a Queen like you, and I your King
Then what is dealt is our hand for bragging
What we throw and receive will be what is felt.



I'm jealous of midnight's moon glow
Its soft rays kiss you while you sleep
In absentia I wish each one from me.
For those languid eyes I long to see
As the hours so slowly forward creep
I wish I were there beside you now.
Those balmy times we used to know
Make me resent midnight's moon show.
I'm jealous of the night skies closeness
For my fingers ache to touch you again
It's day here and I must be dreamless
But in my distant bed, memories race
As I remember our nights together
I'm jealous as the moon takes my place.


Know Now

Know now that hollow place that is within thee
Once upon a time was known as your loving heart
And ripped out by someone alledged to love thee.
There is no time, there is no place whenst to see
Such a thing would happen that would tear thee apart
Leaving thee with tears like waves on the wildest sea.
How can thee be left in such sorrow and so much pain
I can only promise you, it will never happen again.
Know now I'm here to wipe away your tears and fears
What e'r it takes I am here for you, at your command
And meant to remove all your pain and your tears
What do you desire of life, what is your greatest wish?
What is it of life you wish, what is it that you demand
Tell me now please, must I somnambulistically fish?



Love is not just a word or a feeling
It is the meaning for our existence.
It is always a reason for persistence
And what better way of life's dealing.

Love has never been a physical thing
Yet the only way most prove, is by act.
It may be true, some cannot see a fact
And spend their life always doubting.

You show them time and time the facts
For a while they believe what they see
Suddenly they are filled with jealousy
And fearful of all your previous acts.

What can you do but handle with care
There is no way to cure but time
Love and patience prevents any crime
And the advice, "Always be aware!"


New Found Love

Soon the morning sun will light the sky.
Dawn's twilight mood is failing fast
Two lovers wake with sleep filled eyes
Still smiling from last nights revelries.
The avian choir has started to sing at last
Waking them up from where they lie.
The day will be spent apart as is the norm
But come the night there will be a storm.
This is the time for experiment and play
Where two once strangers learn to be one
For new found love was ever this way.
The morning sun smiles as lovers leave
And an eternity together has begun
Knowing they'll be back again this eve.


Out of a Void

Out of a void my love has grown
A cosmic speck, a minute grain
A celestial being that has won my soul
Two separate beings who've made a whole
Finitely created this heavenly domain
From out of nothing that seed was sown
Not of wood, nor steel, nor brick or stone
But a pulsing heart, inside flesh and bone
Made of love, to protect and warm
From timeless space you've won my heart
No roof of tile to shelter from harm
My life and love I dedicate to thee
And time or distance will never part
Wishing to be with you for all eternity.


Passions Tribute

Breathe not so deep my love to sound like a sigh
Rather each breath shall be a tribute to passion
Each kiss given in pleasure rather than ration
That take thee to heights above where angels fly.

Touch not so wary my love I am all thine
Waiting and wanting that confluence be it of hand,
Or lip, or more you have only to demand
Your eyes conquered me wishing we combine.

My heart responds in kind, likewise agreeing
And pounds in tempo like a marching drum.
Calling me, come to me, come to me, come
Thy passionate lips are all that I am now seeing!!

You have won me, you control my whole being
I am yours forever, or until Eternity is done
And even then it will seem like love's just begun
Cupid can only nod and smile in his agreeing.


Questions at a Distance

Too soon time flies, then lovers part
Then spend their time regretting waste.
Should wasted times together be replaced
By ones not thought of at the start.

But think, what did you really miss,
One extra coupling, one extra touch?
Were you not together very much,
Or do you just long for one more kiss?

Consider only that you were there
Two lovers who for one short while
Where love and honesty the only style
Shared and laid their souls out bare.

Lasting promises were made to care
Locked with care in memories file
And although apart is still worthwhile
Looking forward to be once more there.


Wine's Watch

I watch you from within my spirit being
Cradled in your ever dreaming care
Desirous of your waking presence
And my need to ever taste your essence.
Seeing you there makes me aware
Of the intemperance that we are freeing.
You are like a matured wine that I will sup
Wishing that you forever will fill my cup.
Intemperance through love no fault of mine
But my sober soul to yours I now attach.
Drunk through love there’s no headier wine
For with both, they will our senses snatch
Now whilst I sleep I know all will be fine,
Whilst love's flame keeps its warmed watch.


Yesterdays Wind

The skin warming kiss of the wind
Blew my mind across a year or ten,
I wonder was it love or simply deja vu,
That the wind of yesterday blew
You looked at me, I saw your eyes soften
Taking me back when we were twinned.
I promised there would never be tears
And never was through all the years.
Then truth and love was all we sought
We met, you smiled and I was lost
My heart and soul were so easily bought.
Though we're autumn, our love's still in spring
From time to time on rough seas we're tossed
We've no worries about what winter'll bring.

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Divena Collins

Depth Of Love

A certain touch of love beguiles
Of wanton bliss that lingers deep
That I may within my heart keep
His tender words I shall compile.

Of all wondrous moments sought
That only lovers eyes shall impose
Such depth within all may enclose
For what reveals hinders nought.

Cupids dart bore this love no pains
For pleasure may prevail forever
Eternal lovers shall perish never
Whilst a presence of love remains.


Eden Revisited

Such sadness prevails when lovers depart
With feelings of emptiness deeply within
That shall fail upon a pledge of devotion
Cast aside an eternity of deep emotion
How shall this love so destined to begin
Prevail within future with a broken heart
Why must this be when lovers once true
Had blessed the past as true love grew
No tears prevailed within loves divinity
Love within eyes had spoken of promise
To love once more and reach for eternity
Forgiveness of sorrow shalt not go amiss
To pledge as before shall be of affinity
Within an eternal love of heavenly bliss.


Forbid Not

Shalt not this veil hide tenderness within
That I within my thoughts dare not show
I hath sworn on oath to remain demure
But how within love shall I ever be pure
How deep the feeling of love may grow
That may nigh be declared a carnal sin
Casting aside the powers of seduction
Of good intentions without corruption
That may be embracing an eternal love
There is no sin upon loving humanity
To surrender complete thy self thereof
Behind this veil shows hidden tenderness
Casting those spells of a sacred vanity
Yet within love sacredness shall bless.


The Fumbler

Must hands that fumble within the dark
Caress without knowing where they are
Shall it be then the stars turn a blind eye
And disclose of moonshine upon the sky
But hands cannot reach down from afar
Unless they develope the wings of a lark
Why must wandering hands fumble at all
With inward directions available to call
If only a fumbler knew what he was at
There may be no more slow hesitation
To touch was a touch and that was that
There is no peculiarity whatever the cost
No cause for a nervous demonstration
Else all that is gained may surely be lost.


Il Tango

I feel this love song coming on
When my voice is tuned to you
All I need is a kiss maybe two
And a loving arm to rest upon.

I feel like a dance with you close
Close together inspires me much
Of moments when I need to touch
My feelings have needs to expose.

I feel much too much a romancer
May it be my lips I should seal
However then should you feel
Questions of love need answers.


Loves Emotions

I who have loved and now lost
What once was is never to be
loves emotion was not for me
My heart may suffer the cost.

What I thought was once as true
That nothing would ever destroy
The hopefulness of eternal joy
Has ended with an abrupt adieu.

I cast no blame upon inner pain
For true love never runs smoothe
Kind words the pain shall soothe
Until it happens to both yet again.

Is it better to have loved once
Than never to have loved at all
Feelings may reveal a final call
If only a forgiving response.


Of Eternity

Upon words of love I longingly declare
This worthiness of passion deep within
Depraved not of affection so worthy of
Nor virtue within the tranquility of love
Where desirous dreams remain therein
That eternity of love shalt openly share
But harmonious passion so unrestrained
An emphasis together shall be attained
Engraved deep within their loving touch
Shall mirror within eyes for all to see
That informs all how they love so much
Within an eternal star that shines above
For an eternity which was destined to be
Nigh unto the future cherished thereof.

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Jem Farmer

The Power of Intimacy

As eyes connect to share desires unseen
Unanswered questions step into the dream
Infatuation through a breath transcends
Exploring beyond the realms of what is
Inside the place two souls just comprehend
While lips collide embracing the unknown
The flesh merges beneath the moistened skin
Abandoned sighs take on a deeper tone
One moment surrendered in sensual spin
All egos relinquished without chagrin
Intricate whispers of love and life blend
As one; entwined where passion’s faith has grown
This state of grace beneath a lover’s kiss
The beauty of love where spirits convene.


With a Kiss I Die

That first sweet kiss that led me far away
To quickened senses and long sultry nights
With heated wantings for promised delights
As with the wind I watched my caution play.

Her sparkling eyes could melt a heart of ice
They caressed the soul with hidden desire
Igniting sparks of a forgotten fire
Defying words of once bitten advice.

For passion reigns wherever we may lie
To feed the hunger that carries her name
Then whisper love and lust are just the same
And kisses are the only way to die.


Without Words

Through passing time a song must find its voice
A casual hum or violin for choice
It's heard again on a radio show
And secret dreams begin to journey back
With ev'ry note the heart finds where to go
I listen once more to the music play
Your touch again begins to reach my soul
So long ago but could still be today
The touch of love that made life seem so whole
And time melts unable to take its toll
Or turn my old memories back to black
As once again I feel my heart rejoice
And no one dares to say it isn’t so
In music our love's not so far away

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Leny Roovers


Your hands send thrills across my skin,
my body comes awake with glee;
soft rippling shivers set me free
while replete sighs rise deep within.

I watch your hands play guitar's strings,
your head bowed to her graceful curves;
she sings her joy without reserves
as senses float on music's wings.

Mind's mirror shows a peaceful lake
where tiny ripples drift ashore;
above, small birds of pleasure soar,
their flight dispersing long held ache.

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Peter Willowdown


To Hu's bright halls I came again,
an old man bearded with sorrow
- but thrown down were the temple gates,
the Lion-dog guardians shattered and broken,
the courtyard overgrown with weeds
and crows nesting imperiously
in the tumble-down tiles of the old palace roof
beneath whose eaves we once made love
and you conceived our elder son.
He too now is broken
a puppet supporter of the barbarian King,
jerked this way and that by invisible strings
and winds that blow from far beyond the Iron Mountain
a thousand leagues to the North.

O my beautiful Willow bride with jasmine in your hair
- I had half expected to see your pale ghost lingering
languidly by the ancient wishing-well:
but even phantoms have deserted me
and the wishing-well is empty and dry.
Why have I come here to this old, abandoned place?
I stoop to pick a stone to hurl at the
largest and most vociferous of the crows
- but drop it back into the dust...
let these pitiful scavengers lord it
over the ruins of the past:
I was a fool to come here.
Turning back I take the return path
down the steep and narrow mountain track,
a cold wind blowing through my soul
but my eyes as dry as the ancient well behind me.
Tomorrow will be the anniverary of our first meeting
- but there is nothing to celebrate.

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