Wreathed and Unwreathed Sonnets

Wreathed poetry is simply a natural blending of English poetry with the Celtic Welsh. Its creator George Herbert was born into a wealthy artistic family in Wales and later was educated in Trinity College, Cambridge and was unpublished until after his death. It is believed that his poem A Wreath was inspired by the Welsh form Englyn cryrch which uses an internal rhyme scheme with an external one. Remembering that Herbert was formerly an accademic and would have been aware of the sonnet, but it would not be formalised during Herberts lifetime and so in The Wreath he gives his own version of the sonnet:

A Wreath

A Wreathed garland of deserved praise,
Of praise deserved, unto thee I give,
I give to thee, who knowest all my wayes,
My crooked winding wayes, wherein I live,
Wherein I die, not live: for life is straight,
Straight as a line, and ever tends to thee,
To thee, who art more farre above deceit,
Then deceit seems above simplicitie.
Give me simplicitie, that I may live,
So live and like, that I may know, thy wayes,
Know them and practise them: then shall I give
For this poore wreath, give thee a crown of praise.

from The Temple (1633) by George Herbert

The sonnet sometimes considered to consist of an Octave, and a Sestet, both as well as having a standard rhyming form but also possesing internal rhymes.
The octave in reality is two Quatrains linked by the internal rhyme, and similarly the sestet
If the octave is linked to the sestet by an internal rhyme, then it should be presented as a fourteen (14) line poem, and if not then as an eight (8), six (6). Like the Petrarch sonnet, no meter would have been set, so that is left to the discretion of the poet. The basic form is thus:

x. x. x. x. x. x. x. a.
x. a. x. x. x. x.
x. b.
x. b. x. x. x. x.
x. a.
x. a. x. x. x. x.
x. b.

x. b. x. x. x. x.
x. c.
x. c. x. x. x. x.
x. d.
x. d. x. x. x. x.
x. c.
x. c. x. x. x. x.
x. d.

x. d. x. x. x. x.
x. e. x. x. x. x.
x. f.
x. f. x. x. x. x.
x. e.
x. e. x. x. x. x.
x. f.
x. f. x. x. x. x.
x. e.
x. e. x. x. x. x.
x. f.

Here is an example of that form

Moonlight's Glow

The nights I touch the moon's pure light
and bathe in starlight to wait your kiss.
Your lover's kiss that starts my flight,
and fly the skies of passion's bliss.
The blissful thoughts that fill my days,
the endless days we are apart,
The parting mists reveal the haze,
in hazy dreams, I give my heart.
A token heart, my lover's oath,
my oath of honour made to you
to see your smile reflect the moon
In moonlight's glow, there lies love's growth
and grow as one in all that's true,
The truth of love our sacred tune.

Sarah Rayburn

Another alternative is simply three Quatrains and a Couplet. with or without internal links Un-wreath Poetry

The same rules apply to the Un- wreath sonnet as the previous wreath forms, you will also notice in this one, the sestet has been linked to the octave. Here is the basic rhyme scheme:

x. g. x. x. x. x. x. a.
x. a. x. x. x. x.
x. b.
x. b. x. x. x. x.
x. a.
x. a. x. x. x. x.
x. b.
x. b. x. x. x. x.
x. c.
x. c. x. x. x. x.
x. d.
x. d. x. x. x. x.
x. c.
x. c. x. x. x. x.
x. d.
x. d. x. x. x. x.
x. e.
x. e. x. x. x. x.
x. f.
x. f. x. x. x. x.
x. e.
x. e. x. x. x. x.
x. f.
x. f. x. x. x. x.
x. g.
x. g. x. X. x. x. x. g.

A purist will insist that both forms should be 14ers and that the last line should link back to the first one.

Un/Wreathed Sonnet Challenge

Terry Clitheroe

Amorous Force
Forever Autumn
Gloria Della Luna I
Gloria Della Luna II
Gloria Della Luna III
My Wings
Out of a Void
Waiting for a Day

Divena Collins

Crying Wolf
May it Be
Mystic Moon
Nordic Raven
Plum Pudding Pond
Spirits Flow
Storm Cloud
Storm of Nantucket
Tanglewood Glade

Terry Clitheroe

Amorous Force

There are sounds of morning awakening again
Once again the birds help me open my eyes
I surmise the sun's warmth's awoke my brain
As I attain normality I look over with surprise.
My prize lying there well within your dreams
Those dreams could involve me, I'm loath to drop
We would not swap our nocturnal extremes
But can love have extremes, why should we stop?
I look up to the skies see shadows cast by the moon
Then from the moon to you and the shadows there
No harsh black and white there cruelly hewn
Stead the moon highlights you especially your hair.
And so I'm trapped there within this morning
Noticing how I fall deeper with each dawning.


Forever Autumn

Through autumn leaves we still pick our way
We will always love this time of year
The path is unclear but we will have all day
There is no dismay we have the sun to steer
That golden sphere will always be there
It knows we care, and for us will ever shine.
Yet pine leaves fall and leaves the trees all bare
We care but this is always natures design.
And fine if t'would be forever autumn with me
So we could spend forever living this way
Instead one day a cold new world we'd see
It has to be, so that spring in full array
We'll say "g'day" to all new life born
And born it will be seeing new leaves adorn.


Gloria Della Luna

I The Dying Moon

Only a thin dying moon rises in the sky
I still see it lighten the Jacaranda leaves
The darkness heaves, it is no longer an ally
Not shy in removing thoughts my eyes perceive
And receives the truth that my heart believes.
The conceived half-hearted light brings remorse
Of course welcoming the more delightful eves
Leaving a soul more willing to stay its course.
Being content with the course of the future
My humour smiles realising there's a change
A change or cycle that's good for any user
All who love her do not consider it strange
Arranging it so they are not seen as an abuser
A user sometimes needs an advisor.

II The New Moon

The new moon tonight has ridden up on high
It's brightened rays send forth silver sheaves
Leaving the shadowy side, waving goodbye
'til dawns cry to turn blue, and darkness leaves.
To disappear until night once again receives
The eve creating a memory of a growing force
Created of course by two lovers who conceive
A unity of soul wanting more to stay its course.
Each night the moon becomes larger, lighter
Brighter still grows their feelings of affection
Soul sharing as the Moon and love comes brighter
Feelings become tighter in loves direction
Whilst the moons direction make her brighter still
It always will, passion and emotion pay the bill.

III The Full Moon

The full moons light cries out to the nightingale
Who skyward sails from moon to golden morn
Too soon the night and time will no longer prevail
But soon again the night time will hail another one.
In that special time the golden moon will reign
She is unaware of the beginning and end of man
Of roads and, empty cities where life has drained
The moon ignores the stain, moving on as only she can.
With each new moon she sees lovers plight their troth
Worth all to them, but the moon has seen all before
But other creatures live by her, aware of their worth
A worth that is paid for by the phrase "To Care"
A fair waning gibbous, the mature moon moves on
A swan song now, the light going, then light is gone.


A Journey

Let us light a candle and watch the flicker grow
But grow as it may, the flame can be no match.
What could be a match for heat that we both know,
And have known on all of our eternal watch.
That watch we kept, creating such a flaming glow
A glow that even a flaming sun can only try to catch,
But even if the sun were to catch it, as we know
Without a lover, like a candle there could be no match.
What of night you ask when sleep welcomes dark?
Is not dark also the antithesis of light
Will not that lack of light destroy a budding spark
A spark that was created to cause love to ignite
Igniting in darkness causing lovers to embark
On the greatest journey on the blackest night.



My life is dark and so quiet now
Now almost feeling like the grave
A graver love as deaf as death
A wreath is that release I crave?
Within that grave of dark despair
The tears have no longer cause to flow
Nothing grows here but who's to care
Who dares a barren love, where naught can grow?
You know time spent with you amounts to naught
You went regardless of my thoughts and dreams
My promises and schemes you never sought
Now I need be taught about loves extremes
Now by any means I must learn to survive
The rules to live and stay alive.



I have three lanterns that hang over my door
The first you cannot ignore, the light from the past;
Or go past the present that light we should explore.
Some instead look ahead for what will soon be passed.
And move too fast and miss important things
Then soon in missing them, it brings a deep regret
That cycle of regret, and worry for what life may bring
A thing of misery and a life that is too upset.
Pause awhile don't be too set in your ways, relax!
Relax and enjoy the present, sniff the flowers
Before Autumn devours them. Face life's facts!
We all walk on tracks, sometimes there are showers
Showers are Natures kisses, don't get a brolly out of your packs
Interact with the rain and bless the coming hours.



I feel your hearts beat and count each one
Each one a magnet that draws me closer to you.
Like a Cobra you fascinate me, what have I done
Done or perhaps will do, curious what's your brew?
Ask your heart what you want for your future
And is there a future for us? I'd love to think so
Watch the flow of life, I promise you pleasure
Something to treasure that I certainly know.
Wave your wand so; and all you wish’ll come true
Satisfied in all you do, contentment was your goal
Above the whole the smiling moon enjoys her view
Whilst seeing nothing new she always enjoys it all
The magic of the time called fall each year, not new
When Summer says "Adieu" and now it's Winter call!


My Wings

My wings shall cover the tapestried earth
And the wide girth of the blue green sea
Flying high seeing the sun at it's birth
The worlds birth below in my apogee.
My wings in glee ride the silken morn
Patterning the torn, silent and sunlit sky
That lies under Cancer and Capricorn
Hiding my scorn flying where birds cannot fly.
My wings envy the height of the sun
Feeling one with the conquered mountain
Where certain cloud pennants are undone
Led and ruled by me as their sovereign.
My wings again are covering the world
In curled clouds across continents unfurled


Out of a void

Out of a void my love has grown
Grown from cosmic speck, a minute grain
From nothing a seed then a chain was sown
Finitely thrown it grew this heavenly domain
No stain of wood, nor steel, nor brick or stone
There's nothing known to shelter from harm
But a calm and pulsing heart of flesh alone
Made of love alone to protect and warm
A timeless form you have won my heart
With a celestial art that has won my soul
Two souls that time or distance can never part
No longer apart love's created us whole
In loves roll I am fully devoted to thee
Committed to be with you for all eternity



I don't hear the voices anymore
More have gone and all is gloom
But soon they will be back for sure
Sure they'll let me out of this room.
To resume the acts of death I adore
Sure they helped plot another's doom.
In this room I don't hear voices anymore
Not sure they've gone but there is gloom.
The given medication I carefully ignore
And store them because they assume
That the drugs soon make me snore.
I score, and'll wait until I'm out this room.
They assume I don't hear voices anymore
It's war when I'm gone there will be gloom.


Waiting for a Day

Because I could not stop for death
Death left me to my own device
A device that looked for one of wealth
This means I put death on the ice
That kiss of ice and that final breath
The final breath I've now missed twice
Perhaps I have some magic sheath
A sheath which retains my life's dice
Suffice, one day I'll feel that gentle tap
A tap heralding my soul's timely end
An end from this my earthly lap
A lap that will give me time to send
That I intend to take that final nap
And clap and greet him like an old friend.

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Divena Collins

Crying Wolf

I sit here within limbo not dark nor light
but twilight not a thing lies in between
unseen shadows disappear before night
no Insight shall venture near wolverine
wild and mean upon an intensity of fear
to appear once again as demonic beasts
that feast upon those that sound severe
yet unclear of harmony to say the least
increased within the dark Satanic moon
too soon the forest glade shall ever hide
the pride of wild wolfsong in-commune
in tune with nature`s presence inside
will not divide the truth within the mind
that binds a wayward beast to mankind.


Future Cast

Some time ago there came a man of the cloth
of Goth he was with hair as black as a ravens
neath satans many moons of demons sloth
upon wroth fiery dreadlocks grew unshaven
this graven image sparked the fire's of evil
his will shall not break that of a devils fire
for empire's of doom shall serve him well
within hell they shall fire the coals of a pire
destiny shall decide earths future solution
a fusion united from the present unfurled
this world returns upon a new evolution
a re-union of future from past uncurled
past being led for the future generations
the pollution from ancestors finally cast.


May It Be

She arose 'midst a storm of ancient lore
as before she had called forth his name
to reclaim passion they had once more
here ashore their love held no shame
so tame now are waves of the ocean
wild emotions of storms had passed
vast the wave that had taken devotion
a motion the future had come to pass
alas his spirit dwells in the stars thereof
her love for him shall linger thro' eternity
the serenity of her faith shall rise above
her beloved remains ever unto posterity
reality of the unknown shall ever be free
as blessed be from the depth of the sea.

May It Be - Dewatiart - Deviant Art


Mystic Dream

A past spell of unforgotten celtic dreams
that seems to linger within a broken heart
apart it is then to know what love means
screens ever of intention from cupids dart
from start it was shown within loving eyes
no disguise shall ever be hidden from love
yet above all feelings shall speak of no lies
but arise forth to capture what eyes prove
remove's no enticement of a lovers touch
for much stored within memories that last
that cast future charms deep within as such
to vouch for endless love from future past
that shall outlast through endless certainty
within serenity that may ever be eternity.


Nordic Raven

A raven`s song shall bring forth the key
'Tis he who unlocks the ancient tower
His power of wisdom shall set all free
To see within insight neath the bower
A flower like gem of a mystical charm
No harm may come of a runic insight
Upon right and justified magical balm
That calms the mind when time is right
Bearing meditated chants unto Odin
God within the germanic warriors race
That grace the pagan lands of the norse
Upon course of the ravens fleeting pace
To brace the gem that unlocks the source
Remorse shall not be a vikings embrace.


Plum Pudding Pond

All was not well in plumb pudding pond
far beyond within the Cumbrian valley
to tarry awhile maybe hard to abscond
the bonds of strangers shall not marry
but carry on in a trance of their own
all alone a friend they shall not need
a breed and species of the unknown
prone to plumb pud with avid greed
be well aware of the locals in conflict
for strict controls shall ever be bidden
the hidden scroll was that of an addict
nicked while sauntering forth stridden
upon the fen of the Cumbrian district
depicts the beauty that was hidden.


Spirts Flow

When two spirits shall flow as one
let none other share this wonder
nor ponder when the day is done
not alone shall two spirits wander
nor squander time spent together
whatever the reason is meant to be
free yet tarred of the same feather
whether time spent love may foresee
to agree with what they dream about
and shout to the highest roof tops
puts stops to poetic words of lore
but more they may beg for the best
blessed within no words stressed
caressed gently bears no protest.


Storm Cloud

Wind storm come gather around my girth
within mirth to frolic freely as memries past
that cast frivolity of youthful times since birth
upon earth`s prairie as hooves and turves cast
but lasts not eternal freedom of a sacred land
for a band of ancient chiefs within their plight
that fight to the end to gain their oath to stand
hand to hand together they pledge that right
when sight of the buffalo had ceased survival
no revival may return what the past has lost
the cost being too great for a futuristic arrival
no rival shall amend what was needed most
but the ghost of Storm Cloud within his form
rode the storm as his blood grew warm.


Storm Of Nantucket

All aboard the great ship to Nantucket
a bucket of shell fish shall be as free
if thee ocean waves shall calmly let
and yet tough it is to sail the salt sea
that agree with the currents that flow
but know the danger that lies ahead
sea beds of weeds may grow far below
on show that only a novice may dread
which is why sailors do shanties sing
to bring the oceanic fears unto a halt
the salt of the ocean shall ever bring
upon wings of seagulls a final exalt
a default that ceased a natural thing
no zing within a wind storms assault.


Tanglewood Glade

Nothing has changed in tangle wood glade
within shade and dappled sunlight rays
tranquil days within birdsong serenade
a cascade of autumn leaves all ablaze..
wayside paths of soft whispering boughs
to arouse serenity from a soothing mind
of a kind that this peacefullness allows
which grows to a deep content entwined
so defined within tranquility that fly`s
far cries from the busy motorway scene
where unseen have the past times gone by
may rely not upon a grass verge of green
so serene the visions of the past that was
to pause within memory as future draws.

art by Helen Allingham 1848-1926

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