2014 Form Challenges

#19 Septets

Basically the term Septet means any seven line poem and while specific Septet forms are discussed, in their own place in the Septet section, this challenge will include any form that has seven lines and is not a specific septet, including Blank Verse, and Free Verse or possibly include the interior use of rhyme.
The poem below whilst neither rhyming, nor blank verse shows a disciplined use of meter:

Standing in the shredded bark
Cast off by Gum trees in early autumn
As they prepare a new winters coat
Of dark grey, silver and brown
The morbid colours do not attest to death
Nor do they call for sleep
Simply for a while they will be at peace.

Ryter Roethical

This one uses three couplets and one extra line to link the quatrain to the ending couplets to finalise the message.


Come! Walk with me in the moonlight
Only you and I on this starry night
Walk with me across the golden sands
Over moonlight desert as we hold hands
For have not we been together for all time
Soul partners facing whatever our fate
Certain that you are my eternal mate.

Ryter Roethical

Septet Challenge

Maryse Achong

Republic Day II

Kathy Anderson

Day Dreams
Freya Knew
Heart in Burgundy
Let Me Breathe
Lines of Life

Terry Clitheroe

Autumn Leaves
Believe in Time
The Grey Lady
Humpty Dumpty
I Am September
Just a Moment
Knights Message
Never the Same
North and South
Our Dance
Questioned Images
Seasons Changes
Walk of Liberty
X-iting Menu
Zen Storm

Divena Collins

Earth Spirit
Free Like a Butterfly
Images Beyond
A Ladies Pledge
Oh Brother Where Art Thou
Passing Strangers
Ring Around the Roses
Seasons Parody
Wealth of Honesty
Vikings Return

Noreen Collins

Come Play With Me
Lady Autumn
Lady and The Unicorn
Uno Momento in Tempo

Lorainne Dafney


Jem Farmer

Blades of Truth
Cherry Tree

Ryter Roethicle

Accross Lonely Oceans
Endless Lament
Just a Moment
Just Memories
Life is Music
Nights Dark Wings
Quests, Quesions & Answers
Umbrageous Poetry
Yearly Yakka

Leny Roovers

Autumn Nights
Autumn Sunset
Autumn Virus
Patterns in the Sky

Khia Taylor

Lady Autumns Etchings

Maryse Achong

Republic Day II

Please 'heal our land,' this is the prayer I say
For though we honour this Republic Day
We really have small cause to celebrate
As we watch crime, corruption escalate.
I feel the pain, I hear my homeland groan,
But I will not abandon her you see
I have a lifelong pact with T&T.

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Kathy Anderson

Day Dreams

In the throes of a dream
The dream becomes fully real
So that reality is then the new ambition
For which scenes we are now immersed,
That immersion is in our waking thought
To think again about the play of days,
We play each day as if a prayer could save them all.


Heart in Burgundy

In deepest burgundy this pen is dipped
To swell the lines of a poet hearts blood,
No scrawl of pencil lead gray
Except whence comes the color of age
Upon a once tawny brown head,
For summers spent it's seeds all around
And Falls lillies now bend instead with lustrous crowns.


Let Me Breathe

Cattleya on my windowsill
That never yet bloomed in Spring,
I hum again with new hope of a dream
Which recalls itself in my eyes,
Because you can't disguise love's illness
For it plagues all seasons with new hopes,
So then my heart can breathe again.


Lines of Life

Late summers dress shows
How lines of life still grow brilliantly
On a perfectly lovely afternoon,
Though soon the eve of a season
Becomes the morning of the next,
Presenting different lines and shadows
Where once blooms danced in wedded bliss.


Freya Knew

My heart is held by hands of love,
No goddess can be-spell better
No day can create more sunshine
That that seen in lovers eyes
The day they met in starry skies,
Freya knew best the way we were
Forever star dusted and blessed by her.



Some ties begin when we're born
Some when we've grown worn,
Others come from how we dance
Another life found in a trance
In pure crystal fountains drown
In the passages of times flown
All connections come to severed ends.

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Terry Clitheroe

Autumn Leaves

Six months ago when we entered Autumn
The roses belied this fact and grew more beautiful
Bees also ignored this fact and continued to work
The trees opposite my house were all tall things
Shedding their aged leaves all around making a mess
The strong Autumn winds made it even worse
Blowing them everywhere, creating a mat on the road.

The trees in the street were all of the same ilk
They loved a party it seems unconcerned about the mess.
But all through Winter the mess had hardly abated
Now it is a new season, Spring and one would think
That it would be an end to all the mess they create.
But no! Its still the same, their leaves still create a mess
The roses no longer bloom and will be dormant awhile.

Next March we'll see the creepiest of things
The scent of roses will greet me as I walk to my car,
And the trees will still be creating their horrible mess
I am confused, but when I go abroad as I often do
I see the differences of scenes in Winter and Summer
They are not as hot here in Summer and colder in Winter
I think I'll stick to my line and put up with the trees mess.


Believe In Time

I look at this and ponder awhile
Is this what we shall become like,
Emptiness caused by the fullness of time?
We start life with rich plump bodies
That being nourished, grow to fullness.
Certain that sun and food aplenty
Will ensure our growth and prosperity.

With age comes the suddenness of change,
And the certainty of impermanence and loss.
Once steely limbs become fragile sticks,
And clear sightedness and hearing
Are accomplished only by artificial means.
Dreams still abound when the mind is sound
And wishes oft times belie reality as in youth.

Then one day the creator sends out his call
And answer we must because it is our time.
Not for us the manners that are shown to you.
You are left alone in the nobility of death
To decompose and be as one as intended
And left to decompose unseen by the sun
Or be turned to ash and a treasured trophy.


The Grey Lady

What's that I thought as I walked up the street,
Have they put a gnome on the rock by the letterbox?
As I drew closer to the grey statue
At first I thought at first it was a medicine woman
Then I saw it was just a little old lady
Sitting there holding her umbrella
Rocking and humming, smiling to herself
And as I drew closer she looked at me.

I saw her eyes and they told me
Was that inside was a beautiful woman still
"Good morning" I said smiling
For once regretting I didn't have a hat to doff.
Her beautiful eyes lit up, "Good morning sir",
Her accent adding even more to her mystique
I bet she was one of the first here after the war.

"It's a lovely day," I said, she smiled at me
I knew everything was alright and moved on.
When I reached the corner I looked back.
Somehow she had gone, disappeared
But she has stayed with me all day
I know that memory will always be with me
And I feel better for it.



Once again the flaming lord of the sky
With all his splendour comes into view,
Carelessly burning away all opposition.
The sky once white with pretentious clouds
Is now an open altar to the minions below,
Lying prone and almost naked in worship
Across this scorching land.

Skin cancer is ignored in favour of fashion.
As their master reaches his climax above,
The lord of heat drains energy from limbs.
Perspiration saturates, stains, once clean linen
As Hell has been invited on earth for a while.
Afterwards worshipers trudge slowly home,
To cool showers and air-conditioning.


Humpty Dumpty

Once again I have to pick up my own pieces.
It happens to often these days
All the kings horse have booked in for agistment
And all the kings' men have become Queens
And have moved to Kings Cross, Sydney
Becoming bored with the monotony of the routine
Of trying to appear straight.

Now as I stand here patched and scarred,
I'm really rather proud of myself
Without outside help I'm whole again
One horse before she galloped away
Whispered something
Accusing me of being hard boiled.
What a horrible thought.

How could I hatch my ideas and thoughts?
This is making me think
Perhaps I should stay away from walls
And high places should be fenced
With railings.
But if I stayed away from these high places,
I would never be able to see across the river.


I Am September

The mood is mellow and I am September
So little time and still so many things to do
I cannot regret one thing I have done
For it has made me what I am, content for now.
There are things I would change but cannot
Not as yet, and I will make my move in time
But I am September and time is short.

I have enjoyed Spring, my birth and early years
Were not based on wealth but always on love
But teenage saw the end of all that with them
And I progressed through sport and girls.
Summer saw a change a marriage and children
In time they grew and we shared their spring
Now it their summer and my time to move on.

Winter will come soon enough and I will sleep.
I do not fear sleep, for I shall wake in spring
But will that spring find me alone once again
Where I will wander down roads seeking you
In finding you, share our seasons once again?
The mood is mellow and I am September
So little time to share so many things with you.


Just a moment

Hush now, do not change this mood
Whilst nothing comes to mind,
There is still this feeling of ambience
No words or pictures fill that void
Yet the background is of lush silk material
With half closed eyes, the music is soft
Yet provides no clue, or words to write.

I close them hard and blackness prevails
Then, almost open I see the green and grass
Neither of which is true, except in my mind
So I ask myself, "Is the truth what I see
With open eye, and spoken word address?"
Or is it with closed eye, and minds picture
Fills the gaps in what I need to know?

Moth and Flame - Josephine Wall


Knights Message

Come, avail thyself! Bide my words! Purge thy eyes!
Too long have I waited to enjoy thy prize;
Too long have I loved thee in painful disguise.
Maureen Murphy

Too long I loved thee in painful disguise,
With open eyes the truth is so plain to see.
Yet 'twould seem but fleeting moments of our lives
Would be true admitting to reality.
In truth I called but you ignored my cries
Wasting life and time with trivialities,
And ignoring what could be our eternity.

Too long have you waited to enjoy your prize;
'Twas here all the time awaiting your pleasure.
There was no need to guess, my love is no surprise
I can offer it all to you, beyond all measure.
We cannot fail, there must be no compromise,
And then we will become each others treasure.
A life, for eternity from whatever we devise

Come, avail thyself! Bide my words! Purge thy eyes,
What I promise is clear, and reality!
Offering a worlds of love that shall comprise
Of spending eternity, and more with me.
No conceit in this offer, take it, arise
Join me, I know that is where you want to be
With open eyes the truth is so plain to see.


Never Be The Same

You hold that rose and sniff its scent
Then one morning you look
And see the petals turning brown
One by one falling to the ground
You are a saddened by your loss
Each species blooms then dies
Things can never be the same.

You buy your pet a few weeks old
This ball of feet and fur is your friend
For a while you share your lives
Then one day your friend moves on
You cry because of your loss
Yet it had lived its full life
Things can never be the same.

One day you are born a gift of love
Parents love and care for you
They share and shape your life
Till it is time for them to move on
And let their souls evolve again
They have bloomed now must die
Things can never be the same.

One day it will be your turn
It is the way of life on Earth
Things can never be the same.


North and South, An Apology

As cold winds rage in the Northern sky
Again for flowers and plants to die
Once verdant growth has lost climes chance
We'll be no longer able to see them dance
As squirrels and such gather needed supplies
All we now see how one by one the plants die
But nowhere will you see Nature as she cries.

In the Southlands we see everything come to life
And see how nature has helped them survive
Yon tree there full of life and purple flowers
Which will cause a contest twixt the birds and I
Punctured fruit wasted and scarcely eaten berry
Different birds with different ways sound so merry
To them man's been so cruel, I'm sorry man is a fool.


Our Dance

One time our bodies will unite again
We will share things as we did before
Inevitably we will part still as lovers
Bound in the heart by the wheel of the cosmos
Sometime our lives are perfect and a circle
In some others the rings take shapes
We cannot predict or understand

We meet for such a little time
Loving and sharing so many things.
In a time and place where we live and share
Where love is perfect and a dream
No such place exists on Earth.
Perhaps that is our lesson this life.
The final carrot offered to us

Sitting near warm winter fires and
Looking out on a cold white view
What can we two expect of love.
Is it all a feeling and nothing more
Where we can walk away and forget
Or is it something where we can be sure?
That there will be even more offered.


Questioned Images

He would never be a hero,
He certainly wasn't a coward,
Until one day a religious fanatic
With evil beliefs bent on destruction
Who would not worry about the difference
Murdered him and others,
Because of his stupid beliefs.

She would never be beautiful,
In the commercial sense of the word.
Yet inside her was compassion and love,
Someone who could be adored and loved.
But she read women's magazines
And believed what she saw in them
She starved herself to death because of fashion.

He does not know the truth,
Nor is he concerned with facts
Never letting truth get in the way of his story
Yet he speaks with authority and credibility.
Because he is the media he is believed.
His opinions are based on bigotry and ratings
And his life is based on bullshit.

Her life is based on devotion
To her family and those who know her
She does not go to worship or speak of Gods
Instead her simple deeds make her loved.
Her smile lights up other peoples life.
Sometimes she is rich, but mostly poor,
But always important, because she is a mother.


Seasons Changes

One year ago I felt the autumn breeze
At the same time I saw the autumn scene
Shades of red where once were shades of green
For a while, then one day there'd be naked trees
Now brown leaf covered roads once kept clean
Lay proof that Nature is proving she is Queen
And preparing all for rest wherever she sees.

When I flew home I saw vastly different sights
Here Nature is waking from a less torrid sleep
Where winter is less harsh and would creep
To the North lands and longer darker nights
And here little purple buds would shyly peep
Across green parkland this flower will sweep
Nutgrass will try and take over there'll be fights.


Walk of Liberty

Walking in streets never roamed
Besides houses that were never homes
Eyes look out still, and at the source
There's not a house with unlocked doors
Grouped people inside, are still alone
Their voice is low and much too hoarse
Remember, you still have force.

The sun never passes through the glass
Or is ignored like promises cast aside
Only by protest, will you change any course
Why sit around when work must be done
Or stand around wondering what or why?
It's time to do, to act without remorse
Remember, you still have force.


X-iting Menu

A rare and lovely theme dressed in black
Recalling soft light and inviting looks.
Slowly baring and creating hot desire
Till there's naught but the minimum attire.
But who needs more when Eros cooks
And the menu offered is a sumptuous meal
Of love and a promise of Eternal sweets.

Two lovers dancing in the diamond night
To pleasing music filled with starlight.
For a time hearts moved like birds in flight.
Recalling the sound of each passioned word,
Then the mellow tones of loves adagio
And words soft spoken from the lovers glow
Eyes speaking volumes longing to be heard.
I well remember that last autumn night.


Zen Storm

Sonorous dark grey clouds
Whilst passing under white cotton ones
Exchange angry crashes and flashes
Huge raindrops threaten to fall
And Earth below waits in welcome
The clouds pass on their flashy way
As if they are all noise and no action.

Dark mountains below echoing
And lights up with each flash
Whilst counting the delay of flashes
And wondering if here to stay.
Sirens contrast now to that above
As Nature defeats man once again
There is no victory without water.

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Divena Collins

Earth Spirit

Winds that whisper as clouds appear
Moondust sprinkled through sunlight
Shadow's of rainbow`s arch the skies
Magically enhancing the earth below
Of which lay dormant for many moons
Within a darkness devoid of all life
Yet time shall come.

Here arose the great spirit of the earth
As a dryad wakens from the darkness
To revive a mystical power of rebirth
Reaching upwards gnarled of boughs
From darkness of earths underworld
That no longer shall lay as dormant
Earths time had come.



Images that come to life within a childs mind
Within fantasies of a fairytale
Magical moments within her play shall find
The way to an imaginative dream come true
Depicted within a fairy tale book
Page by page mystique within shall unwind
A treasure she holds close to her heart.

As years pass by her fantasies still remain
Within the next generation
What was passed on shall fascinate again
Tho' tattered and worn the magic is there
Captivated there upon forever.
Now passed on down from memory lane
As a treasure from the future`s past.

Art by Vladimir Kush


Free Like a Butterfly

Like a butterflies wings that flutters by
How so gentle was the touch of thee
'Twas all but within thy stature to be
Thou that maketh my breath to sigh
But it is only instinctable behaviour
That insecticides shall never amend
Natural spirits like butterflies blend.

But life remains short for a butterfly
Born from a caterpillar without wings
As he wriggles forth upon fleshy rings
He is gullable to most as a hunters cry
Survivor of the fittest he was not to be
But why does nature remain so unjust
Why does such beauty fade unto dust.

Nature opened my eyes just to see
While playing within the gardens wild
I was nothing more than a lonely child
Yearning to fly like the butterfy free
Yet I knew that this was not possible
Life of butterfly is not what it seems
Tis not from death that life redeems.


Images Beyond

The magic wonders of a picture book
Show clear within a childs eager eye
A creation of images on every page
Entice much her imaginative mind
From mystic charms of a faerie tale
Dreams within may forever be true
Within each precious leaf.

Remaining deep within her fantasy
Images within her dreams live on
Extending within her imagination
Fantasies anew of a creative mind
Lingers beyond unopened pages
Depicts within extended fantasies
Creating her own reality.

Aarti Khurana


A Lady's Pledge

I who hath accepted thy enhancing prospect
I shall graciously submit thy charms unto me
To impart if I dare say tho' I shall ever protect
Thus of chastity remains honoured of charms
To find thy quest is of whom I may select
Not friendship but my gift of love may share
I pledge my Lord a time to court shalt be fair.

Tho' as honourable now thou may ever be
I hath taken deeply towards consideration
And I feel thou shall but honour my purity
As my lord thou are aware of my hesitation
Which may harm if not destroy of chastity
I beseach thee oh Lord with composed word
To ignore my pledge be of thine own accord.


Oh Brother Where Art Thou

If I could touch the heart of a lover
With just one kiss how shall it be
But his heart was not meant for me
He who had not cared for another
But contributed to the family tree
May ever be faithful to his family
For he was a brother like no other.

A vacant seat where once he sat
His gaze ever vague and fixated
Tis ne-er a partnership he created
What should he make now of that
He was ever young through his years
But remains my hero within my tears
Of sister and brotherly love related.


Passing Strangers

Youthful dreams promising forever
Pulsating hearts speak of a passion
Of love that should never be denied
A togetherness to endeavour
The passing of an eternity of time
Where only past memories remain
Which time elapsed may dissever.

Time is but a shadow from the past
Leaving previous memories within
Remaining clear forever as such
Time goes by future is cast
Unrecognisable as time passes by
As the lovers they once had been
Until age bade them hither at last.


Ring Around The Roses

Nursery rhymes sang with good reason
Chants within past from children at play
For sickness and death were all abound
Children dealt with all in their own way
To stave fears of an unbeatable plague
Their future saved for yet another day.
A rhythmic song that cannot be denied.

Carrying protection within their pockets
Made up pouches of medicated posies
May or may not stave the germs away
An epidemic reached to childrens noses
Twas one thing they could do or say
But dance in a ring around red rosies
May never be the cure but oh what fun.

So they danced and sang to form a ring
Which were rings of spots raised to burst
Such the images of the red rings of roses
That had plagued all upon evil as cursed
Sneezing within fever bade many to pass
Spreading a disease that youth mistrusts
Attishoo, Attishoo, as they all fall down.


Seasons Parody

The last rays of the autumns sun doth fade
Casting shadows upon an earthen floor
Upon falling fronds from vacant boughs
Within a fantasy of seasonal paradise
As a pendulum swings of natures clock
So then must seasons
As it has done so many moons before.

Wind blown music a symphony of air
Autumns refrain of a seasonal finale
As a metronome swings to the last
Of spring and summer notes
That lingers thro`out earths parody
Of melodies that shall never fade
Within a seasonal maidens prayer.

She who relives her fantasies of past
Within the finality of an autumns sun
Meditating upon the swing of nature
A vision of dreams that ever return
Quarter notes of a visional contrast
A sweet refrain upon loves passion.
Upon ever changing seasons.


Wealth of Honesty

Soon the silver honesty seeds shimmer on the stem
Upon whispering breezes that autumn season brings
Gone are the shades of the summer times blues
Unto the wealthy mother of natures money plant
As believed by children of autumns fantasy at play
How mystical the scene of gold and silvery hues
Of a transparent sheen that protects life within.

To dance nodding to the rhythm of autumns breeze
Bold notations of musical staves upon sheet music
This Rhapsody of autumn ne-er composed before
Only within a childs dreams of mystical fantasies
That blends bold images unto a fairy tale dance
Which shall ever be recalled within autumns lore
Yet within a childs fantasy shall forever linger.


Vikings Return

On seeing a reflection upon the deep sea
Beneath the deck of an ancient viking ship
That was a likeness of a past Norse warrior
I bade him aboard so he skipped across oars
To the blast of the old celtic warriors horn
And I with my open arms to welcome him
Tripped on the oar and fell flat on my face.

Cast not thine eyes on an old viking ship
For he shall place his charms upon thee
And a curse may be upon thee from Odin
For he adorns a pouch full of Rune Stones
That teleth no fortune within thy destiny
But it is there within his deep blue eyes
A hidden softness that he dares to hide.

For he a warrior with muscle and strength
Yet his strength of mind shall ever weaken
When it comes to his needs of fond desires
For it is his wench alone he shall impress
Even if she enticed him in the first place
But thus confidentially must never be told
For Norse warriors be only men for all that.

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Noreen Collins

Come Play With Me

Come play within my garden, pleasures to behold
Amidst the pretty daisies, and buttercups of gold,
Faeries in the green grass, within their faerie ring,
And Elvins come and push me, high up upon my swing,
In my wondrous little world, of dreams and fantasy,
I wade, amidst a maze of leaves `neath oaken trees,
And fly with the butterflies, that flutter in the breeze.

Come play within my garden, of mystical powers
The magic of herbs, balm, roots, leaves and flowers.
Shall be with you, thro` a rustic, archway of roses,
We shall skip there, amidst a bed of violet posies,
To play in the sun, savouring sweet scents within,
Weaving buttercup, and clover, true friendship chains.
Past times we now recall, when our fantasy reigns


Lady Autumn

Come Autumns carpet of crimson and gold
Shed thy leaves, bright colours to behold,
Thou hath withered and fallen to the ground,
A regal red carpet, strong winds blew down.
Lady Autumn curtseys, for her first debut,
She haunts the woodlands, now full of grace,
A sceptre of death with a beautiful face.

Summer hath adorned, the dense woodland green
Autumn doth boast, natures variegated scene,
An artists brush, with inspiration and flair
Captures the moment with precision and care.
A mystical autumn, in this season of mists,
As darkness ascends, changing all that s bright,
Leading the woodlands deep, towards the night.


The Maiden & The Unicorn. I

Deep in a forest, where fantasies reign
Way back in the midst of medieval times,
There dwelt a maiden, with hair of gold,
And her father was king of the realms,
Her beauty known throughout the lands,
But her only love was a mythical beast,
That only she, being a virgin, could tame.

A mythical Unicorn, roamed the earth
This beast of beauty with untold grace,
And finest coat, of the purest of white,
But alas! was hunted, for his magical horn,
Once believed to have medicinal powers,
And only this virgin could tame the beast
So they used her, for the beast to lure.

One stormy day, in this time of great myths
Deep in the heart, of the forest clearing,
In the wind, and the rain, and mystical mist
, Sped a magnificent white, tamed Unicorn
With the virgin maiden, astride his back,
Leaping the arch of a mystic rainbow,
Carrying her far, beyond the azure skies.

The Maiden & The Unicorn. II

Oh how they sped, through starlit skies,
Past whirl wind holes, to the milky way,
Breath of foam, from his nostrils blew,
He paced the universe, to reach their goal,
Through comets, fire and shooting stars.
In another galaxy, to a world unknown
To planet Auriga, where Unicorns roam.

The beautiful maiden held tight his mane,
She entered his world of myth and lore.
Where Unicorns dwell in a land of love,
Wild and free, in their magical fantasy,
Mystic moons surround the vast domain,
As cool rivers flow with running water,
In planet Auriga, the Unicorns home.

She knew in her heart that she did belong,
To this land of love and peace within.
Far from her fathers hunters of horn.
She remained on the planet Auriga
But when Earths clouds float gently by
You can pick out shapes within your eyes,
She`s there on the back of her Unicorn.



Oh great spirit of the wind come blow,
The sadness, in our tribes hearts grow,
Our land, we called home is no more.
Silenced, are the drum beats of lore,
No more hunts for buffalo in the fall,
Harken, Takuskanskan and maybe then,
You will hear our drum beats loud again

Oh great spirit of the wind come blow,
Across our rivers with rapids that flow,
Over black hills and wide open plains,
Help us to salvage what ever remains,
Of Pride and respect for our ancestors,
HarkenTakuskanskan, and maybe then,
You will hear our buffalo return again.

Oh Great spirit of the wind come blow,
Over this land, in a blanket of snow,
Desolate now, but for wild wolves cries
With their hungry, spiritual., amber eyes.
And thickened coat against bitter cold,
Watch Takuskanskan, and maybe then.
You will see our Tribes return once again.


Uno Momento in Tempo

Give unto me all the bright star above,
That I may in return, share with my love,
Place in my hand, a spray of white heather
Luck be you with us, for now and forever
We shall rejoice with both song, and laughter
Grant me a wish. we know will come true
If you love me too, I shall also love you.

Underneath the spread of the Willow tree,
I was waiting for you, as you were for me
Magical moments, for true lovers divine
Mirrored in your eyes, as they were in mine
That beautiful moment in time stood still,
Feelings sublime, were all what they seemed,
Which love had replaced, instead of a dream.


The Woodlanders

Magyk moments that woodbines entwine.
Around honesuckle sweet, and trumpet vine,
An enchanted scene from a mystical lore,
On this woodlands dark and earthy floor.
Where the clear crystal dewdrops meet,
Tall leafy trees with low hanging bowers
Hiding Elves, and their mystical powers.

Thorny brambles, bearing, soft sweet fruits
Thro` tangled, creeping, nurtured roots,
Sun projects through the branches above,
Beaming down, on a pair of white doves,
As wood nymphs dance softly on loam,
The Fox and deer, stand in rigid stance,
Acorns drop to the ground, in avalanche.

Woodlanders, thriving in natures care,
Wild life, sprites, and dryads, to share,
Their magyk spells and mystical harmony,
Of faeries dust, lore, and pure fantasy,
In the midst a spiritual, symbolic,forest
Bees collecting nectar for their honey comb,
Deep in heart of the woodlanders home.

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Lorainne Dafney


The wind, the rain, the snow and sunshine
Have all kissed the garden I call mine
I swear I hear the roses whispers
Since they and I have become sisters
I greet all that grows each day with love
I tend to each with worn gardening gloves
Autumn's tapestry makes it divine

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Lorainne Dafney


The wind, the rain, the snow and sunshine
Have all kissed the garden I call mine
I swear I hear the roses whispers
Since they and I have become sisters
I greet all that grows each day with love
I tend to each with worn gardening gloves
Autumn's tapestry makes it divine

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Jem Farmer

Blades of Truth

I close my eyes to sleep and find your kiss,
that waits for me in lands of Morpheus
to take my hand and guide my heart to bliss,
my senses 'neath your shadow of Venus,
un-opened roses meet as pulses miss,
whilst love's sweet hunger rages between us,
the limbo state of dreams remains our tryst.

I feel your breathing caress o'er my soul,
as words brushed your lips, float in my head,
my music yours, no more mine to control,
as I recall with joy the words you said.
I could not escape, love has no parole,
in your perfection I'm bound by heart's thread,
my Venus in jeans, it's you I extol.


Cherry Tree

In peaceful waters where the lilies dwell
a path of stone shall lead my soul to Zen,
amid the cherry blossom linger thoughts
recalling her embrace around my heart.
Her love my passion's first and last resort,
that makes me lie beside her once again,
and drown in her waters I know so well.

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Ryter Roethical

Across Lonely Oceans

Your voice is an echo of forgotten dreams
Your scent a lingering memory in a crowd
Oft forgotten scenes brought quickly to mind
By words or little quirks of fate that tear them out
And I am forced to relive them and feel the pain
As the pleasure of those times are ripped away
To be replaced by the mundane and the absence.

Unlike a junkie, my monkey cannot be fixed
There is no white powder that can be my cure
I need reality and your presence that is all.
Over time and space we have shared our lives
And have given our bodies drop by drop.
Your face a silent halo surrounds your eyes
Held in my hand loosely twined in hair.

Smiling as I kiss your brow in reverence
And regret the loss of you who are so close
Your voice is the bell ringing within you.
That tells you I am the wind you remember
That rises in the plains, across lives yet to be born,
Blowing away footprints that dissolve
Like time's dust dispersed in the moistened air.

When you look into the Jacaranda see the bloom
Its purple blue flowers speak only of us
Of time and time again spent only in a bower
Where truth and love can live forever.
We are dispersed in the moistened air
Creating an atmosphere of love together
We have become the blood that warms us.

Have we not shared blood and become one
And become the salt where lips meet the sea.
Creating our thirst yet unsatiated wanting more.
We meet in life as the dream we have created,
Curiosity in our wanderings though our world
Is our world a dream and is our love a reality
Is there madness across lonely oceans?


Endless Lament

Although I am gone I'm always watching,
I look not for deceit in your panting breaths,
What's the point? You are no longer mine.
I look not at your once smooth skin,
With those lines of laughter, or is it pain?
Nor do I look at your soft hair, and style,
A little different now, and wasn't it brown.

I look as you stand naked before the mirror
A little more closely now, but still beautiful.
Are you remembering how I used to look at you,
When your eyes would sparkle and I'd see
That look of desire there and the invitation?
But that look has not been there for a while
Instead I hear only that soft wistful sigh.

I look as you rearrange your hair again
And him watching, impassive, almost bored.
Someone new sleeps and shares your bed.
In the mirrors cold reflection,
You see your former lover's urn
And hear our children play outside
It all comes back when you touch your skin.



Autumn evokes her scenes and melodies
Where colours are enhanced in clearer skies.
Looking around we see natures casualties,
Lying strewn across still green coloured lawns
The green may stay and later from time to time
Reflect nature's mood and echo a silver veneer
Or be hidden for a while under a white blanket.

The casualties lie there like any other corpses
Gradually returning their gifts to mother Earth
Till all that's left is the skeletal frame.
That also will become part of the next generation
Where budding trees and plants scent out
Incognisant of past events and noble deeds
Til once again they have spread their seeds.


Just a Moment

Just a moment in time as the breeze hits
The willow tree moves her branches subtly
In graceful movements as she feels the wind.
She slowly moves as the wind strokes her
And gently touches him to move him deeper
Stroking his mind, willing him to keep him close

Teasing him, gentle kisses helps keep the breeze

The wind dances with the willow in gentle steps
As the dance continues he whisks the frail branches
His mood increases as he feels his heart strings pull
He whips her around torments her limbs, bites her soul
She sways to his movements, bending to his needs
Trying to caress his desires allowing his wishes
Till his passion decreases and he's at peace again.

As the winds passion dies he rests against her
His mood softened now, more of love than of lust.
Resting against his willow, calming and caressing her
And a lover's conversation starts between them
Such pillow talk if it were possible between them
As trembling leaves are kissed in Natures tryst
Whilst all we hear is whispering through her leaves


Just Memories

I remember those clear September nights
That memory is a rare and lovely theme
I find you also wandering within that dream
The garden wherein we played is the same
I wonder if like me you seek that memory
And reminisce on things you wish soon to be.
Cannot good memories have a future also?


Life is Music and Infinite

Like Red Riding Hood as she skips along
Bounding along the joyous paths playing.
Strings! Strings! A plethora of strings,
Growing deeper from violin to viola
The mellow cello and the deep bass.
Acoustic, squeaky fast fingers
Speeding through, lifting in joy.

See the figure over there!
The woodwind responding in theme
And he standing tall and engaged
His pipes sounding like stepping
Into the next grouping of banter.
He is leading the dancing
His cloven feet a staccato of beats.

The Violinist knows the whole truth
Her head lowers shyly as she plays past
Then as though with second thoughts
Turns to face her admirers and smiles
And with one last backwards glance
Boastful, unafraid plays with swaying hips.
A smile and with a quick spin she is away.

The conductor's frantic movements
Slow now to the peace of the adagio
The music moves forward with him
Like the breeze, that has run up hill
Out of breath almost, just a whisper,
With Lakeland scents, he has tasted
Eyes closed savouring the moment.


Nights Dark Wings

From my lofty heights way up on high
I can see all the whirling, and the twirling,
And the everlasting spinning of the stars.
Ever expanding the meaning of infinity.
I felt the whole explosion of the day
Watched admiringly silent as the sun sped
Across heaven towards another night.

The night's dark wings at last softly settle,
Easily placing itself, so it may look down
On the patchwork quilts laid out below
And the shadow of the night racing o'er
Softly blending with the lights appearing
Contrasting with the white scarred blackness
That in the day becomes the sea.

On the horizon the setting evening sun
Sends out its final bursts of reddening rays
As if it is announcing the night arrival
And in due time kissing the day farewell.
Making me realise how much like love it is
Your feathered kisses have gently touched me
And with my eyes open very slowly I ascend.


Quests: Questions and Answers

I have waited throughout eternity
For those moments when we shall meet
And somehow be together for a short while
That short while may be seen as eternity
And may be in fact only weeks or years
Seeming merely a flash in eternal times
With each rebirth a search to find you my love.

What if on our quests our ships should pass
Must we carry on our journey still searching
And from that moment spend forever probing?
Or like planes delayed whist waiting take-off
Be unable to fly, because of conditions ahead.
Will you wait for me - knowing I'm on my way
I ask, "Will impatience, or love rule the day?"

Now as I approach over the grey waters
Fate tells me not to have any fears
My journey will have ended for a short while
When my plans and dreams will be revealed
Then dreams will be reality and answers given
Now I have just one shorter journey to take
And it will be measured in strides not time.


Umbrageous Poetry

In the window lies a once broken metaphor.
Shelves visible through the window shows
Various goods, tagged and ordered seriously,
Waiting for their owners' to return and pay.
Hoping the Iambs have been properly readjusted
Effusive that the old-grey, rhyme-headed old-man
Did his job, as a saviour to muses everywhere.

I avoid passing by that shop, especially at night
. Like the dentist's office, it waits until the pain grows
And that obsessive line triggers my mind again
Denying me sleep because of the frantic thoughts
That pounds around in my mind echoing fixated
Preventing the rational thought that I so desire
To lay and say in my humble verse tonight.

Eventually I must visit his shop and avail myself
Of wisdom and experience and an open mind.
The pages fairly glow as he enables the use
Of fresh iambs, blanks and other handy verse
Despite the chain store fashion we have a store
Where all our hopes become structured words
This type of place could never be replaced.


Yearly Yakka

Now Autumn has turned her back to us
And once hot days and warm nights
Have returned to indifference at best.
Former lush green colours become drab
Or have turned to various shades of red
That will in turn become shades of brown
Ending as empty skeletons on a sodden floor.
Once considered cute, creatures rush around
Ignorant of human wishes because of their desire
To survive the imminent threats of winter
And mandatory sleep becomes a way of life
So there must be a store of needed food
That will be unavailable for many months
And now present feasts become a famine.

Similarly avian life will be seen in flocks
Flying eventually south towards the sun
Following routes established millennia ago
By prehistoric life and ignored by man
Who still had to learn to stand erect
And his pretentious descendants
Who selfishly seek to own the world.



Seven lines are all I have to speak my thoughts.
Shall I open up my heart and talk of my desire,
And like some others speak in meter and rhyme?
Or transcend all that, and speak of metaphysics
Going beyond words of love and spiritual things
And in becoming an abstract philosopher
Lose all sense of reality and things that truly work?

I still have seven lines to speak my thoughts
The day has almost reached noon, where is the sun?
The strong northern wind has not cleared the sky
Nor brought the heat that it is want to do.
The birds are absent, could be that they know
That only fools shall set forth in winds like this.
Rest assured there is no greater fool than man.

Zigzagging 2 Real Values

Everyone laughs at the same time
Some flicking ash like unwanted debris
From their cigarettes posed correctly
Posers in the alleged nuevo riche society
Pretenders stealing the gift of happiness
Pursuing only that which causes rapture
And ignoring things that have real value.

Sees us in rapture, with no complex things
Simple things like waking on a Saturday
Believing it's a weekday, but not Monday.
Not using speech as a means of hiding truth
Instead saying it how it is, it is not cowardice
Try if you can just to be pleasant today
Then tomorrow will see you a veteran of love

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Leny Roovers

Autumn Nights

As autumn wind blows off most leaves
I see trees shiver, half undressed
my little birds hide in the eaves
clouds flock together, look compressed.
in twilight of September eves
dark shadows on the grass progress.
Inside, our fire burns, relieves.

We listen to soft music, smile,
then read, or play a game of cards
and watch the flames, how they beguile;
too cold now to sit in the yard.
Long summer nights gone for a while,
bear still warm memories regards.
We'll spend our wintertime in style.

Our cat comes to sit close to us,
She's seeking warmth, because she’s old
much meeker now, much less to fuss.
Our dear old lady hates the cold,
but seems to like what we discuss.
She purrs her pleasure, then unfolds
and yawns to us, as she adjusts.


Autumn Sunset

Tonight the sky looks grey and dark,
No traces of last sunlight's spark
As days grow shorter every day,
Colourful dusk is giving way.
It only takes a good half hour
Then night has switched off daylight's power;
All birds have gone to roost till dawn.

Only the light of lamp-posts shines,
Bright spots to mark the grocer's signs.
When I look up I see a plane
Red port light moves along air's lane.
It's climbing high above the clouds
And soon will clear tonight's dark shrouds;
I watch the light till it is gone.


Autumn Virus

Autumn arrives with falling leaves
It brings us colds we soon receive.
For days on end we'll blow our nose
We cough, get headaches and we doze
Instead of sleep till morning comes.
This coughing fills my head with drums
I can't escape; I hate their sound!

I'm getting tired of this cough
It's endless tickling is enough!
I need to sleep a whole night through
Recover from this feeling blue;
I have no energy to spare,
My nose is blocked, I need more air-
I'm hoping for a swift rebound.


Patterns in the Sky

This morning from my big elm-tree
chattering starlings greeted me.
They come from Russia here to spend
long wintertime in milder parts-
on their arrival autumn starts.
With native birds they friendly blend,
at feeding time they jointly spree.

As autumn nears and days grow cool
migrating birds follow their rule
to leave to warmer grounds to mate.
Before they go they train their young,
formation flight, as if they're strung;
A cloud of starlings can create,
pencilled drawings, not taught in school.

Patterns woven are true treasures,
presents bringing sincere pleasures,
ever changing forms they weave.
Pointilistic art, drawn in dark
on sky's blue cloth in flowing arcs.
For unknown reasons they conceive
beauty without given measures.



My feet are firmly on the floor, I stand,
I feel my toes and heels in mountain's pose.
On breathing out I focus on both hands
forming a cup with upturned palms held close;
inhaling now I lift my hands as planned
while bending backward with raised arms, blood flows.
A forward bow brings peace, my mind expands.

Each exercise brings deeper rest within,
my body follows steps as easy flow
of breath relaxes muscles' place therein.
Cross-legged, with arms in front, I'm bending low
and watch the floor come closer to my chin-
just breathing helps me further to let go.
I feel a sigh of cool air touch my skin.

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Khia Taylor

Lady Autumns Etchings

Towards the end of Summer's hot, exhausting reign
Lady Autumn slips in sly and subtle- only a hint on the wind.
She tickles the clouds until they roll and gather
in afternoon rumbles of laughter, stirring the slumbering chill
Whispering with a wink, she bides her time, coy and poised.
Taking note, the leaves ripen with joy and begin
their preparation for the change of color guard.

On cue, Nature ushers her in, flowing with delicate boldness.
Trees tremble their anticipation, releasing tipsy leaves
that flitter awe and approval in the heady breeze
landing prostrate - an offer for her to etch her sage poetry
on their drying backs, for they are her prolific papers
The flurry of her quill radiates her thoughts and rhymes.
These playful sheets capture her insights for all to see.

Her secrets of life carpet the ground, gathering against fences
and are raked into tantalizing piles where children will jump
and bathe in her imagery - the whispers and magic they still hear.
They toss her thoughts into the air, scattering dappled puns
wisdom clinging in their hair- tickling down shirts.
They feel the quiet brush of her rhythm and lore
and drink in her leafy poems, both brief and deep.

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