2014 Poetry Form Challenge

#18 Sapphic Stanza

The Sapphic Stanza is made up of three unrhymed lines of eleven syllables and one of five. Each line consists of two trochees, one dactyl and two trochees. This line is termed a Sapphic.
The (fourth) last line consists of one dactyl and one trochee, and is termed an Adonic. This gives a rhyme scheme of:
/. u.. /. u.. /. u.u.. /. u.. /. u..
/. u.. /. u.. /. u.u.. /. u.. /. u..
/. u.. /. u.. /. u.u.. /. u.. /. u..
/. u.u.. /. u..

It has already been stated that there are eleven syllables to each line, and also that there are five feet of unrhymed lines as well. Here is an example:
Haunting Echoes

Sappho wrote her poetic metered stanza
Lyrics voices cantillate call of reeling
Flowing songs from long ago haunting echoes
Drifting from Greek isle.

Jem Farmer
For more information about Sapphic poetry go here

Sapphic Stanza Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

It's Carnival
Valentine's Day Frenzy

Kathy Anderson

Dream On
Happy Face

Terry Clitheroe

Another Time
Because of You
Celestine Thoughts
Do You Remember
I Know You
Mindful Art
Penang Gurney Pool
Silver Threads
Un dia de temper resorte
Voodoo Man

Divena Collins

Autumn Unto Spring
Autumns Fantasy
Autumns Leaf Charmer
Blood and Thunder
Day Dreamers
Deep Fantasy
Earths Dstiny
Ghost Returned
How Short Is Life
Past History
Pearl of the Ocean
Seasons Awaken
September Rice Moon
She Stands Alone
Tis only Time
Tribal Fertility

Lorainne Dafney


Jez Farmer

End of Twilight
Haunting Echoes
The Sleeping Rose
Slumber Thoughts - Sonnet
Summer's Call - Sonnet
Thoughts In Flame - Sonnet

Judie Gelling

Promise of Love

Ryter Roethicle

Back to the Future
Fantasy Island
Forgive Me
Intriguing Thoughts
Non Sequitur
Testing an Idea
Your Smell

Leny Roovers

Autumns Approach
Evening Bliss
Looking Within
Studying History of Art
Summer's Call
Autumn - Sonnet
Changing Seasons - Sonnet

Maryse Achong

It's Carnival

The carnival season is now in full swing
And the island is a-buzz with visitors
And returning citizens who have all come
Down here to party.

There's music in the air; everywhere you turn;
Downtown and in the malls the shops are busy,
Souvenir items are flying off the shelves.
It's 'wine and jam' time.



They risk life and limb every time they respond
To a call; yet they are so often taken
For granted. These men and women deserve our
Deepest gratitude.


Valentine's Day Frenzy

Valentine's Day, the store owner's dream come true,
The flower and candy shops do a brisk trade;
'Everybody loves somebody' today ,but
It's a passing phase.

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Kathy Anderson

Dream On

Special ways you make me laugh, helps me dream on.
With strength and charm you give me hope to dream on.
In loyalty and steadfastness I dream on,
Please dream on with me!



Honey is the color of my true loves eyes.
Lions roar loudly as he goes past,
Evidence of the ways we are sure
Of passionate storms.

Rivers are the arms that carry me to bliss.
Delta's mix salt into sand where he has walked,
Showing our blending was always in spirit
With love's true design.

Sugar, the bakery where we'd met has closed.
Songs you played under the stars give hope
Manifestation and desire new grounds
To leaven our hearts.


Happy Face

Your smiling face has slowly stolen my heart.
The way your eyes sparkle show me much of joy,
For your happiness is my happiness, too.
Happy face, be mine!



Like angels they come to our rescue in time,
When fire would consume us, their wings unfurl, fly
Quicker than the smoke, stronger than a rip tide.
Thankfully, we sigh...

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Terry Clitheroe

Another Time

Built into the hillside a miners oven
More than a hundred and fifty years ago
Constructed by him in his search for gold
He had dug his home.

A long round hole in where he could sleep a'night
An oven where he could cook, a stream for drink.
It was simple and easy but things were then
Far diff'rent from now

Later we had found his mullock heap close bye
Where he'd laboured digging into the earth
Casting off his work as worthless, worth nothing
A day's work for naught

I wondered about this man, he'd lived alone
Like a mole, spending life in Stygian darkness
Emerging at dusk to wash and eat and sleep
Then 'neath the sod again.

Sunday did he descend into the green dale
To pray at the chapel so piteously small.
Or did he spend time by the side of the stream
With his rusty pan.

Swilling and swishing and filling and wishing
Looking for the glitter, that had caused these dreams
Looking for his dreams, in the fining's of a pan.
Or did he move on.


Because of You

My nights now have brightened because of you
There are still boring days of more mundane tasks
But I'm wearing a happy-go-lucky disguise
Hiding your absence.

With heart thumping till you come into view
And then all is well and settled with the world
Then my heart becomes light and I smile again
Happiness abounds.

From the madness of doubt I now emerge sane
Once again as our lives become unfurled
Nothing hidden I can see the truth in your eyes
And returned in mine.


Celestine thoughts

A simple persons' essence shines out like a light
A light through a lampshade we ignore too much
Or we see the light and take it for granted.
Missing the goodness.

We are sitting here, nine to fivers at best
All bored and feeling just mentally numb
Constantly sifting through meaningless rubbish
Thinking we're so good.

A simple person is wise seeing the sunrise
Feeling the wind and touching the earth and more
That person is totally at one with nature.
Understanding life.

It has been said in the presence of wealth.
You feel the power, when you leave feel drained
That power was you. You are the fuel, the food
You've fed that power

Slowly we are learning to see the light
The essence we had forgotten existed
Knowing it'll bring us closer to eternity.
Remember and live.


Do you remember?

Remember the first time that you drove with me
I took you down by the river we stayed awhile
Parking the car walked down the path
Your hand in my hand.

Do you remember? It was that hot Summer
The river was very low and very slow
We were in drought and no real rain for ages
I showed you where I sat.

Do you remember? We had our first kiss there
We walked back up the hill slowly, happy
Slowly, happy in each other's company
With no need to speak.

Do you remember whilst inside the shelter
How I massaged your shoulders and your neck
And a family came in hiding from the heat
I wanted to kiss you.

Do you remember, that day by the river
That last day together when we became just friends
We had driven there separately, broken up
Then we drove away.



No longer do I soar like the Golden Eagle
That's looking down on the chequered blanket
My wings were of gold and the sun shone on them
In the flight of day.

Instead now I am simply a peaceful dove
No longer looking down on the Earth below
My wings are just now the colour of winter
I'm one with the Earth

All too soon I'll be gone and only time will fly
Naturally I will be as one with the earth.
No longer soaring, but my soul will still fly
To the Earth below.


I Know You

Now I've known you I wonder what I can say
That I would not do for you? One touch I know
Would be so much that Eternity I'd gain
So easy I choose.

Just nothing would I ever refuse each time
To have your warm body close to mine each night
To feel your heartbeat and your breath upon my face
For ever and more.

For one more of your gentle touches I'd give
My soul, not that you take it away but share
Yours I already know you offered it to me
How can I refuse?

One day in the distant future whilst we're sat
On our bright new star and look down and we'd see
A couple just like we were so many lives ago
And we would bless them



Listen to the sounds of the traffic below
We are on the seventh floor in the pool area
Where I am the pool is shaded for the kids
And the gym is there.

You can tell all the Malays from the rest there
The tourists are hardly dressed lying there
The locals are covered as protection for them
Not dressed to kill.

In Australia most people will feel the same
But not because of religion, for the sun
The hole over the ozone layer is there
Ultraviolet kills.


Mindfull Art

Experiencing awareness is pure art
You don't get hold of a piece of mindfulness
You must also experience its shadow
To be completed.

There is an environment all around it
An appreciation of life and how to behave
Meditation is not just sitting and breathing
It's a form of art.

It's a unique training practice in behaviour
Being an inspired person, you crave for naught
Personal gain is never a part of an
Artists purity

Experiencing awareness is pure art
You don't get hold of a piece of mindfulness
You must also experience its shadow
To be completed.


Penang Gurney Pool

The splash of water, sounds of people happy
All those signs of happiness exist just here
Some lying completely silent and content
Wanting nothing else.

A child screams whilst sliding down the water slide
No fear, in complete joy, he goes down again
Mothers under the pretext of baby's, slide down
There joy is also.

The sky darkens and the wind changes it's time
Lightning flashes and thunder sounds in the East
Most, like me sit back and enjoy the cooler water
Refreshing us all.


Silver Threads

You offer me a silver thread that's so fine
I can but hardly see it and yet somehow
The minute I touched it was your prisoner
Ever and a day.

By this thread of finest soul, so delicate
Yet so fine a draw and more it is so strong
That I will be bound to thee forever more
Without regret.

I offer thee my silver thread much more crude
Ordinary in it's disposition and yet
Having taken my gift your soul is now lost
I don't doubt my gift.

The Gods will look and bow their heads in awe
For the heavenly weaver will take our threads
And place them upon his loom and take the spools
I shall be thy weft and thou will be my warp
The manner'f the loom.

He will weave a cloth of soul so fine indeed
The Gods will look and bow their heads in awe
Smiling at his artistic gift to them again
Blessing all within



See how the moon outlines your body tonight
I envy the dark searching shadows for that
And for being a part of you more than me
Caught me unguarded.

The shades fully emphasising what is you
The darkness is hiding in more secret places.
They have been unguarded from the moon till now
Now you have been caught.

There is still your fragrance, your scent which darkness
Or light cannot hide with another sense I'm more aware
Even with my eyes closed I can desire you.
I am unguarded.


Un dia de temper resorte

I'm watching raindrops appear on my windscreen
Just a slow casual drizzle slowly hides things
My wipers on occasional sweep - remove it
A blessing removed.

The occasional casting starving drops at me
Is not a problem to me it's a blessing
And the way it's creating the random patterns
Is a pure art form

Know that in their eventual downward journey
They are not rushing in spite of Newtons Laws
That everything has to accelerate downwards
To meet their demise.

More often it appears just like a group of friends
Casually crossing the street to greet others
Its then and only then do they seem to cease
Their casual journey.

They hurry just like children on a pool slide
Who realise they'll be late and miss their place.
Already wishing to be falling once again
Only they don't scream.


Voodoo Man

Once again fate has picked up the rings of life
Like any magician he shows them to be apart
His stellar gown highlights the glinting five.
Flash of light! Shazam!

So like any other whim of fate they are as one
Their lives separate once, he has now united
This time he leaves joined what he has begun
He bows, walks away.

And here we are you and I awaiting fates move.
We have met and joined wondrously together
The light is still upon us, has he aught to prove?
The rings are our hearts.

I pray he puts us down and leaves unaware,
And then another show another time and place,
Another pair will be united once like we were.
He smiles, walks away.



Yesterday I was the sun that saw you swim nude,
You smiled at my warmth as I dried your skin.
I touched you but you did not see me at all
But still you smiled.

Yesterday I teased your hair, I was a wind.
And lifted your skirts high, and your mood
You smiled then laughed at my silly joke
Feeling warmer then.

Yesterday as a river I held your breasts in reflection,
You whispered secrets to the woman behind.
And she laughed in sharing as most women do
But I held your breasts.

Yesterday I was a branch your thighs entwined
My leaves are richer having known your perfection.
I only wish that my hands were that branch
They never will be.

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Divena Collins

Autumn Unto Spring

Strangely deranged upon a woodland path
Knowing not where this passage may lead to
Autumn shadows shall be artfully deceiving
For one who is lost.

When mists of the fall shall gather around
Within an eerie frightening premonition
What may she encounter much deeper within
Those forest glades.

Mouldy deadened leaves from a greener sage
Trodden deep into a dank musky forest floor
Shielded by the boughs of a leafless tree
Of a ghostly image.

An eerie call of winter winds signifies death
Yet on she must go for her ancestors call
For youth shall signify the season of Spring
Being the chosen one.


Autumns Fantasy

I saw him only once within the winds of time
Tho' it had been like a passing dream within
Seasonal winds shall blow wild upon passions
Within sensual love.

I stood before him within autumn showers
How pleasurable was the coolness of rain
That adorned the fulfillness of fantasy
Cool and caressing.

I felt the touch of his hand like a fallen leaf
That drifts within the autumns morning dew
Finding the path of tranquillity which flows
Of newly found love.

Cast within a mystic spell of contentment
Within ecstasy of dreams that all come true
Of seasonal charms that linger deep within
Blessed as before.


Autumns Leaf Charmer

Tinted upon golden hues of autumn fantasy
Enticing winds that lure all upon earths loam
Within the power of the mystic leaf charmer
As shall cast her spell.

The scented sage of a season that has past
Not of old but of fertile seeds that linger
Lying dormant within the frost of winter
Until the blessed spring.

Not one mystery of a leaf charmers dance
Her shadow fadeth within darkened skies
As time goes by she may return as stardust
Upon her final fantasy.

Once more the leaves shall dance within autumn
Wildly drifting through the passing of time
For eternity seasons that come as they go
Are forever blessed.


Blood And Thunder

They came they saw they had taken everything away
Leaving false promises that never materialised
Sea horses that sailed through waters wide
With worthless trinkets.

We told them how to survive within our land
Within the heart of our bitter cold winters
Welcoming them all with all we had to give
But hearts grew cold.

They saw they took and conquered all we had
Of our ancestral home inherited from past
We knew naught of evil plots they had in mind
But it was too late.

Red cloud he say they made us many promises
Much more than I can ever care to remember
They promised to take our land and they took it
No more are we free.

Chief Red Cloud


Day Dreamers

It takes one part of imagination to dream
Enticing fantasies deep within active minds
That lure the unsuspected sense of vision
Unto a vague trance.

Sleepless moments that remain active within
That only nature itself shall forever provide
Inducing the magic of memories that linger
So deeply within.

Natural instinct that lies deeply undisturbed
Shall awaken upon the natural call of nature
That meditates deep within a dreamers mind
Of natural charm.

Peace and content shall remain now and forever
Within the silence and beauty nature lends
Therein those charms lie the secrets of peace
Where love bears no sin.

Day Dreamers Gaze - Zhivetin

Deep Fantasy

I look to the sky from fields of sun ripe corn
Clouds passed by I saw clear within a vision
That encountered my dreams of only thou
And sun kissed stars.

I shared the warmth of the night with thee
Within dreams and fantasies of pleasure
Listening to the cries of my lovers sighs
Enthralled me much.

But if nature shall reveal what lies therein
What then may it do when lightening strikes
Shall it be of a conditional surrender
To take what love gives.

Torrential rain may follow a violent storm
Within a damp invasion of rains humidity
That excites deep invasions of love amidst
Deeper illusions


Earths Destiny

Let not this land that we love ever turn into dust
For the great winds of time may start a rebirth
Obliterating all there was of yester-years
Within space of time.

May never the mountains high crumble and fall
Nor the greatest of Oceans run dry and acrid
Flooding the desert of sands with salty tears
That drift oblivious.

May earths soil not poison with insecticides
That not a thing shall nourish the soil any more
Nor corruption of rubbish that poisons all
Of earthly nutrients.

Let the air we breathe be free of pollution
Of ghastly fumes from poisonous chemicals
That are airborn within the vicinity of man
May this World survive.

Wrathful Mother Earth - Pinterest


Ghost Returned

I knew he was with me last night he held me
Even though I had known he was gone forever
He said he would come back again if he could
And I knew he would.

It was a sad day when he had left me alone
I never experienced such pain and anguish
Nor did I think that I would ever see him again
Within my life time.

Yet I sensed the presence of his love return
He held me within his arms this I had known
For I felt his breath upon my face as before
When he kissed me.

His shadow creeps silently within the night
As he appears from his past unto the future
Maybe for the last time who am I to know
If I was dreaming .

I knew he was with me last night he held me
Even though I had known he was gone forever
He said he would come back again if he could
Oh if he only would.


How Short Is Life

Hold my hand this day and give me much strength.
For the trials of life have surely come my way
Within the decision of life or even death
I have had this day.

When one so beautiful should come into my life
Bearing lots of love happiness in abundance
May be no longer within power to save
For his very own sake.

He who has been loved will never be forgotten
And I know right now there will not be any other
I shall never go through what I did then again
And yet I shall miss him.

I ask myself shall there ever be another
Not ever when the hurt is still within my mind
And yet when I see another I shan't resist
When they look at me.


Past History

Ancient tales which unfold, in a tome, of long gone chapters,
carvings of battles,discovery ,and unsolved mysteries,
man and women legends,all carved into stone
may one day be free.

Ancient Gods of Greece,Roman Emperors and Egypts Queen
all taking part in this,an era, of long past histories,
Vikings, Inca`s, Chinese Emperors, and more
in ancient Glory be.

Now are statues,etched deep in learned minds
passed down in history, from aged to young
decades on,it may be we,entombed in lore,
or lost to the sea.


Pearl of the Ocean

Shell pink she appeared from a distant shore
Upon a sundrenched beach from a mermaids cave
Washed in from the violent waves of the ocean
Cast forth on the sand.

O' daughter of the wild oceanic windstorm
Let Neptunes waves not destroy as before
Thy beauty that lies drenched on the beach
Washed in from tides.

To remain as a pearl from the wildest ocean
Cast within from a far away land of fantasy
To arise on a sundrenched beach upon land
As an ocean urchin.


Seasons Awaken

Seasonal thoughts have returned once more
Within the ninth month of the calender year
A wooded glade shall procure bright shades
Before winter grips.

Rather like humanity that thrive`s when young
Within a spring time of seeds and new saplings
That bears much blossom within fruitful boughs
Upon a sun lit day.

There is a reason which every season provides
The beauty of seasons that flourish as free
To return again through the realms of time
Like us she sleeps.

As time goes by she awakens refreshed
Sprouting shoots that grow as abundantly
Replacing much more of natural jewels
'Fore seasons be done.

Sleeping Tree


September Rice Moon

September is the month of the Sioux rice moon.
Within tribal offerings of grain from past
Harvested within old birch barked canoes
Within grassy lakes.

Rice stalks shall quiver within the cool breezes
Spreading the future seeds back into the lake
To survive through the three quarter seasons
Until the moon returns.

Stores of rice remain sacred 'where north winds blow.
When the winter lakes shall remain as frozen
Grain was the diet of ancient ancestors past
From the great spirits.

The Chippewa tribe used much as a humble diet
Within small pouches wherever they travelled
For substainance against the cold winter snows
Of the northern skies.

The grains were gathered into shallowed pits
Where children danced upon to loosen the hulls
Strained thro' blankets to retain the new grains
Winds carried the husks.

September still is the month of the rice moon
Times may change but old habits shall ever return
As they did in the times of their ancestors
So then shall they now.


She Stands Alone

Where is he I shall wait in the cold no longer
Plus its getting darker and there is no moon
I cannot trust whoever shall lurk in the dark
When I am all alone.

Minute by minute I watched the town clock
Stood on a corner until patience went amiss
I asked my self do I really deserve such fate
Or should I go.

Wait is that him coming around the corner
Whistling as if he had no care in the world
I could of run off with a perfect stranger.
If I had such luck.

But perhaps I shall just accept his apology
Excuses I have listened to time and again
And forgive him as I forever did before.
If it were only he.


Tis Only Time

There is strange light within this woodland scene
Amidst shadows haunting that speak without sound
Of forests as they were in ancient times of lore
Upon past times gone by.

Beasts of the past had once walked these forests
Instinct to survive from wisdom inherited
No footpaths or byways for them to abide by
They were as free.

But time passed on to this new kind of life
Human beings had inherited all to be seen
Who now may haunt this woodland scene as of old
Until the next time.


Tribal Fertility

Of a native's face that hides in the forest
Bearing tribal markings of another race
May it be a child of the woodlanders sage
Without fear within.

She who hath the strength of eternal life
Yet cast innocence within eyes of purity
In a land of fertility and carnal grace
She loves so deeply.

Tho' fierce of face yet as gentle within
She haunts her forest for an eternal life
'Tis then she masters the art of divinity
For always and after.

Cast not this native from mans dominion
A native man himself shall be her saviour
For strength of fertility within both tribes
Shall birth a new race.

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Lorainne Dafney


Somehow they still generate many questions,
People viewing beautiful sites of; statues,
Standing on grounds from fallen, ancient soldiers.
Salvaged, locked in time.

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Jez Farmer


The noisy outside world is the only sound
that disturbs the silence of our passion
yet even that fades into fragrant symphonies
as my lips taste yours.

I think we made love from that first cautious breath
across the chitter-chatter of crowded rooms,
not publicly or physically, of course
just our eyes caress.

That moment of intimate fusion intent
within a glance of unlimited sweet longing
drowning the chaos of reality as love
beckons the first time.

Inhaling time as it stood still in essence
of orchids kindle my desire for your French,
leaving my tongue dry by moistening lips
hunger for heaven.

Atmospherics of sexual tension build
splitting and cracking like lightning across air
yet still I am frozen with a glass in hand
daring you to stare.

Fully clothed your eyes make me vulnerable
open to scrutiny without restriction
yet embraced in a warmth of courted desire
long hidden inside.

In those precious seconds from when eyes first meet
to when your lips touched mine we travelled so far
between cautious shy utterances of thought
to lovers' delight.


The End of Twilight

Beyond the horizon the sun lies fallen
and stars have yet to show in glorious light;
The night's darkest hour has come with hidden sighs
of silent vampires.

The scent of flesh stalks the land with evil minds;
malign intentions hunting innocent blood
The living dead of noble descent feeding
on a virgin's vein.

Demonic caress leaves a sorrowful soul;
to mourn a passing dream of desire's touch;
Unholy spirit with a satanic heart;
Incubi by name.

Ever youthful, immortal with godless smiles,
bring ceaseless nightmares with a cold deathly touch
Resides in everlasting Cimmerian realm;
at End of Twilight.


Haunting Echoes

Sappho wrote her poetic metered stanza,
Lyrics penned for cantillate voices; reeling,
Flowing songs from long ago; haunting echoes.
Drifting from Greek Isle.


The Sleeping Rose

She lies upon ivory sheets,
her body poised in rest's repose,
in dreams she tastes heavenly treats,
the sleeping rose.

Her crimson lips, so soft and moist,
betray the passion within her dreams,
her secret love remains unvoiced,
in sleeping schemes.

Her flawless fancy comes each night,
perfect, the hero found in sleep,
no false debate, just pure delight,
in passions seep.

When morning calls her mind awake,
her smiling eyes cannot disguise,
how love departs with dream's keep sake
and yawning sighs.


Slumber's Thoughts (Sapphic Ode Sonnet)

A stump of candle in its stick
The only light before I sleep
With flame that flickers bright and quick
Where shadows creep.
A figure of light on the wall
That dances round into my dreams
And music plays across the hall
Or so it seems.
A lullaby to close my eyes
With slumber's thoughts becoming real
And a whisper that gently sighs
The breath I feel.
In dreams I find the distant light
My candle burning ever bright.


Summer's Call (Sapphic Ode Sonnet)

What lies beneath the tender skin
Absorbing rays from springtide sun
The truth hidden so deep within
And waits for none.
Where is the path to lead the way
When in the darkness eyes can't see
The beauty of a sun lit day
That sets life free.
Inside a bud flowers are born
Each petal growing in the dark
Until the sun can sing the dawn
To make its mark.
The gift of living waits for all
To breathe in light at summer's call


Thoughts In Flame (Sapphic Ode Sonnet)

I saw a smile beneath the light
Too dark to know a face or name
A whispered word to say goodnight
My thoughts in flame.
Is there a heart behind those lips
As they awoke my sensual dreams
In another passing of ships
No more it seems.
But who invades my waking thought
And smiles again as I walk by
I cannot stop in case I'm caught
Instead I sigh.
But should I stop and say hello
I wonder this but just don't know.

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Judie Gelling


Listen, greying treacherous seas so deathly,
Waves that Trumpet sounds from an eerie darkness;
Stars above; the glimmering hope that guide us
Thwarting ocean's curl


Promise of Love

What happened that day the telephone rang?
Your voice was loud, but your pain even louder
You promised to love me forever, and then
You kissed me goodbye

It happened that day the telephone rang
I promised to love you forever, and then
In silence I stood, with a tear in my eye
And waved you goodbye

Where did you go that day the telephone rang?
When the horizon stretched far and beyond,
The day we made our forever promise
Whilst saying goodbye.

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Ryter Roethicle

Back to the Future

It is time now, just a few hours off until
We meet again and restore mem'ries forgot
And dreams as yet unlived but will in time
Become a mem'ry.

We met and for a short while were shy till love
Took o'er and soon dreams lived, mem'ries were made
Never to be washed 'way by the tide of time
And new dreams created.



Admire the wind, and the view of peaks and such
A sight seen rare, by very few. Heaven gave me
This crutch in life. My desire is that it could
Be viewed by two.

At love I clutch suddenly. Not fear of heights
But fear of love. No longer feared of what I knew
But fear of what I don't know and love made me
Approach you like this.


Fantasy Island

Let me take you to a place where we can live
Our love, our hopes and our dreams. A place where we
Can live in peace, fulfilling our fantasies.
Fantasy Island.

On that island is only pleasure and love
There we will love and make love from wake to sleep
And in that sleep peace will come, the peace only
Love, true love, can bring.

We can stay a week, or a month, perhaps a year
Starting right now close your eyes and feel my kiss
And with that kiss, surrender yourself to me
For Eternity.


Forgive Me

Forgive my arms, they find joy in holding you
Forgive my lips, they find joy in kissing you
Forgive my heart, it finds joy in loving you
Should I be sorry?


Intriguing Thoughts

Some say that night and darkness are both the same
But how can love be born there if there's no light
And are the stars not beacons of light for us
Brighter still the moon.

I say that night creates love. With love there is
No dark, for love creates light. The moon and stars
Are proof of this. Who has not made love under
Starry skies and sworn

Their love each night evermore? The moon and stars
Attest to this, and for each new love a star
Is born. Thus love bears its fruit its gift to souls
Forever , amen.



The wise nomad sat watching, quiet as the gods
Ready the stars patterned across Heaven,
The wan night sky still pale yet, until the sun
Closes down the day.

The moon already ascending lights up the path
For them, and as if a switch were thrown the night
Begins afresh, renewing travels begin
By the Gods eons

Ago when they were younger if such a thing
Were so; and the wondering nomad reaches
For his bag and begins a journey started
When the world was new.



I'm not waiting or wasting my time moving
I want to stay in the now with you by me
We will then get everywhere by going nowhere
Together like this.

It is Heaven making love and being in love
Thus we shall see galaxies staying like this
The moon and stars will envy what we create
Together this night.


Non Sequitur

I have found my asylum, locked into
The analogue called life. No bars or walls
But a madhouse nonetheless. There are no guards
Everyone's the same.

Locked to the wavering insanity
That life demands and society sometimes expects
Unbarred to we of respect, addicts to norm
Affection and wealth.


Testing an Idea

Just an idea that I thought was worth a play
Perhaps even to make it rhyme might be a way
First try couplets and see if that works or not
Let's give it a shot.

Next let's try Alternate rhyme Somehow I think
This is the way William thought so and he
Knew a thing or two about using his ink
And how poems should be.

But some prefer envelope and rightly so
Pushkin mixed his poems thus and who are we
To disagree that this idea should not be
Thought you'd like to know.

So there it is a sonnet just think a bit
I think you'll like to play with it.



Look at me my sweet one, tell me of your love
And in return I will tell you about mine
How much you are treasured, how much you are
Cherished, adored.

You look at me and I see Heaven and more
You touch me there and I feel my heart beating,
Faster until I can stand no more and then
I die a little.


Your Smell

As I open my toybox I notice that
The only smell is that of absence of you.
The smell goes first. Musty toys have replaced
Fragrances I knew.

The smell time spends collecting quickly builds up
Erases others, yours amongst the first to go.
And now I'm left with nothing, my friends the toys
Do not care at all.

Yet long ago they shared my hopes and dreams
Each night we'd play or just talk. They would listen
To the future I planned with them until
You came on the scene.

You'd hold Teddy or Kanga whilst we talked
Of love and things and planned our life as one.
Then one day you left suddenly without consent
Now I cant find your smell.

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Leny Roovers


Conflicts, harsh words, misunderstanding follows;
battered feelings withdraw enfolded lovers
from each other, touching is barred, uncertain.
Positions taken.

Tortured sorrow; unhappy doubtful faces
turn aside, unable to heal the rupture.
Care is needed, sensitive, stable reason,
healing the wounded.

Music filled with harmony helps discordant
lovers' anguish, tenderly stilling troubles;
hearts can open, daring to share desire.
Generous giving.


Autumns approach

Raindrops falling, spinning in water long threads
Crystal curtains hiding my garden's beauty
Autumn's warning summer is almost over -
Geese on the passage.

Blue jays, magpies, gathering orange berries,
Bury summer's stockpile in hiding places
Finches feathers, homecoming flocks are changing;
Hedgehogs are hoarding.

Many trees are losing their leaves and turn in
Hidden roots are growing, extending fingers
Underneath now hardening soil, preparing.
Winter approaches.


Evening bliss

Early evenings, favourite time for writing,
Treasures dusk presents to us all, are cherished.
Golden blankets, covering Night's dark blue bed;
Sleepily, Day yawns.

Feathered friends, my turtle-doves, call me, cooing
Wanting dinner, handfuls of seed and peanuts,
Right at kitchen's door, on the mat, they gather,
Willing to trust me.

Bread crusts, rice and crumbles of cheese are soon gone.
Always wanting more, they scatter till next time I'm there,
Hoping tasty pieces of food will be strewn among them.
Eating means living.


Looking within

Inner searching lightens my soul from burdens
Truth and wisdom shine over aching shadows;
Veils are shredded- heartbreak has come to ending.
Beautiful blessing.

Hearts once freed, discover a new chance given;
Blooms and flowers offered by Fate, are taken
Learning love again, benediction's perfect-
Generous giving.

Being rescued, comforting arms are opened
Reaching, holding, promising future pleasures.
Heart and soul are balanced at last, transcending,
Boundaries broken.



Looking, reaching, passionate kissing follows
Without restraints, boundaries breached are tempting
Lovers further, climbing the highest summits.
Yielding in pleasure.

Complete union, dreamlessly floating, timeless
Sounds return, reality slowly wakens;
Alert, knowledge blissfully deepens, sharing
Patterns of passion.

Bodies sleep, unconsciously fitting closer,
Warm, together traveling, spirits spiral.
Music's touch enfolding lovers' slumber-
Bach is bewitching.

Companions - Susan Seddon Boulet


Soul's flight

Air vibrates in different ways, I've noticed.
Purring cats send comfort and joy, well-being
spreads in hearts on soft tones of gentle humming,
by stroking.

Likewise music eases the soul, brings balance,
calms our breathing, empties the mind of thought clouds;
inward vision opens the door to knowledge,
wings are unfolded.

Watching life from higher perspectives mellows
harshness, ears attuning to angels' voices
filter every dissonance from our being-
harmony follows.


Studying History of Art

Grecian art, the start of my first year's studies,
shows on vases everyday lie in paintings;
early ones in black-figured drawings, later
red patterns followed.

Geometric designs were initially made,
then came gods in primitive forms and people.
Eyes in profile still at the side of faces,
realism absent.

Progress changed position of pupils, proper
body shapes were drawn in a lifelike manner.
Stories told on clay illustrated functions,
study, athletics.


Autumn (Sapphic Ode Sonnet)

I look outside as falling leaves
drift by; both pear and apple crowns
have thinned, grown threadbare; summer grieves
as leaves float down.
Rejuvenation comes next year,
dissimilar from human ways,
our hair won't grow again, once cleared-
then baldness stays.
In spring my trees will dance once more,
their moving arms are veiled in green,
enjoying them we will explore
our autumn scene.
Together we'll grow old one day,
delighting in life's sweet bouquet.


Changing Seasons (Sapphic Ode Sonnet)

Late Summer's dressed in tones of red
her hair moves as the evening breeze
sighs gently on her bending head;
she's queen of trees.
As fall is close, she'll soon retire
step down her throne, go in retreat;
Her sister Autumn, queen of fire,
will set the beat.
A short time later her reign ends
when Winter puts his icy spell
upon the world; he has few friends
who care to dwell.
Yet hidden under frozen fields
Spring is sleeping, until he yields.

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