2014 Poetry Form Challenge

#15 Saraband

This septet form is taken from the musical dance form which has an alternate meter of: 3 - 4, and what could be more fitting than having a poem derived from a dance. The original Saraband was a dance of Asian origin introduced into Spain in the 16th century and later to the courts of France and Italy.

The meter follows the dance with two stanzas. The first one of 3 lines, and the second of 4 lines.

The rhyme scheme is;
a. x. a.....b. c. b. c. etc.

In the Tercet all three lines rhyme in the French version, but only lines one and three need rhyme normally.
The Quatrain can vary from the Spanish (shown in the example); French; b. b. c. c. or Italian; b. c. c. b., and it is not uncommon to mix Quatrains, ie. Spanish with French or Italian when writing long poems.

For the purist each line comprises of Eight (8) syllables but there are examples of Iambic and Trochaic pentameter also.

Come! Walk with me

Come! Walk with me in the moonlight
Holding hands as we cross the sands
Together sharing this starry night
What's forgotten we remember
That our love existed before time.
Each new life revives those embers
I am yours, just as you are mine

The dawn will reaffirm our vow,
We will see what Fate will allow,
And take what she gives us for now.
Tomorrow promises us naught
For what we have cannot be bought
But I know what will be the best
You held eternally against my chest.

Terry Clitheroe

Saraband Challenge

Maryse Achong


Kathy Anderson

Like a Bolt Out of The Blue
Shadows Way

Terry Clitheroe

Days With Sunshine
First Time
I Wunner
Just a dream
On The Beach
One Fine Day
Unilateral Declaration
Questioned Images
Why Did Fate

Divena Collins

Absence of Love
Autumns Dance
Circle of Life
Divine Love
Dreams Come True
Enchanted Flute
Far Away Dreams
Flanagan and Me
Friends of the Forest
Harmony of Love
If Cows Could Fly
Incarnated Thoughts
Lady Autumn
Morning Dew
Pages Of Fantasy
Silently Spoken
Sounds of Silence
Stuff and Nonsense
Up and Beyond
The Way It Was
Wessex Pond'ins

Lorraine Dafney


Jez Farmer

Dance of Life

Peggy Nelson

Let's Taste Love
Morning Stars

Reason A Poteet

Hear the Bells
Royce's Choice, the Sarabande
Your Tirade Comes

Ryter Roethicle

At the Marriot
Cyber Dreams
Dancing to Love Tune
Days Will Come
How Can
Sailors Death
True North
Veils Lifted

Maryse Achong


We crave peace in our broken land
And so we pray Maranatha'
This unrest we don't understand.
This used to be a happy place
Where crimes were few and far between
But now it is a different place
That shows a most distressing scene.

Don't get me wrong, I love my home
And there's no place I'd rather be
And I have lost my yen to roam.
Still when I read the news each day,
See on TV the blood that's shed
I feel I want to run away
I'm tired of counting the dead.

So many lives lost every week,
Gang warfare, as they fight for turf,
With the drug trade now at its peak.
'Time to bring back the hangman's noose
Is what some people advocate
Perhaps if they reintroduce
It, it will drop the murder rate.

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Kathy Anderson

Like a Bolt Out of The Blue

Eerie green blankets a marshland
as moon shadows, neon glow blooms
emerald space betokens less gloom
where moonlight follows my eyes gaze
all is quiet even the toads
hypnotized by the still airs freeze
a bolt from sky showed clear the road.



Twirling on the playground swing-
Gate, nothing matters but spring
And a thousand other things.
The birds that fly have their songs,
The wind carries all of it
By ocean breezes along
To happier shores visit.


Shadows Way

Crushed leaf of balm inside my glass
Lift the spirits, remove all heat
Take me where no chaos may pass,
Calm the strife of enmities charge
Keep thy lemon tang upon tongue
That whistles for life's joyous barge
In shadows way and trees among.


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Terry Clitheroe


Its early, already a big fat bee is busy at work
Purple flowers bouncing as she lands there
Flouncing once again as she leaves with a jerk.
She seeks not reward, neither would she shirk
The offer of a drop of that hallowed yellow
Juice that's goodness cleans moods of murk
To that of a great George Shearing mellow.

I'm not feared of a sting, they know a friend
Sure of my scent gives off nought of danger
And to their welfare they can certainly depend.
I wish I could install my own grown hive
But pressures of work precludes that desire
A humming tree in my garden says they're alive
To me that sound is almost a heavenly choir.



The sun shines in though the classroom window
Outside I hear birds and children as they play
A young girl is screaming like a petulant Jackdaw
Making me wish more for the end of this day.
I can see my students wince as they do their test
From that incessant screaming there is no rest
And a cessation to all that noise is all I can pray.

Then suddenly a heavy silence fills the scene,
Mums have arrived and the stage is now bare.
Avian life feeds on scraps fallen on the green
It's far from stressful, and I wish I was there,
But I must stay here in this sterile classroom
And even though it's well lit there is gloom
All I can do is walk around and at papers stare.

The exam is over marked and status stated
There is relief and smiles, then waves goodbye
The paperwork done and the students rated
I start packing my bags and give out a sigh
Another course finished all happy and passed
The top marks given to the one finishing last
They were all bloody good and happy am I.

Joseph Wright - The Captive (1775)


Days With Sunshine

Love is the gift you give yourself
You must take it all at face value
Embrace all that is good for itself.
Most of all you must give fully
Your heart, your soul, totally.
No holding back, give everything
And when you do your life will sing.

I gave myself to you, completely
With all my flaws and scars
Smiling you took me absolutely
And I was not frightened at all
You were such a gentle person
I knew that nothing would befall
With acceptance true love's begun.

You told me that without me
Each day was simply sun free
I listened, saw that's how it'd be.
You gave me all including your heart
Your love filled every blank space
Each day with you, time would race
I know now we can never be apart.


The First Time

The first time I ever saw you
I knew that somewhere in time
We had met, love was not new
I knew you and I had always loved
And had for a thousand lifetimes
You had always been my beloved
And would be many more times.

I knew the first time I held you
I'd held you a so many times before
With each lifetime my feelings grew.
I knew that I would hold you again
A thousand lifetimes and many more,
Each time adding a Karma'd grain
Watching loves blessings to us pour

The first time I kissed you I knew
I had kissed you so many times before
And kissed you more as our love grew.
Time did not diminish our feelings
Instead it became our loves argosy
A ship that sailed us to surroundings
Where we were destined to share Eternity.

Inspired by Roberta Flack


Good Night

There is no time or need to think at all
It is now that special time of night
The muse has me and taken o'er control.
The mood is softened by wine and light
She reminds me of the past and loves lost
At last a love that makes me feel right
Knowing thus, gladly will I meet the cost

The music is softer now, thinking of you
Even more the wine has softened the mood
There is just one final act I have to do
Enough of life today, I have given it my all
My eyes are ready to close its the end of day
One I know too well has touched my soul
My last thought "I love you" I have to say.


I Wunner

I wunner dust tha really like mi lass?
Thas a reyt bokki tha nos, an a fancy thi
Wot are tha doin Sunda after mass?
We can go walkin downt canal tae't park
Then a cup o tea an bun int cafe theer
I promise I have thee home afore dark
An as from now canna call tha dear.

Thankee lad, thas med me riyht chuffed
Add love tu go for a walk alongt canal
Theres no way thad ever be rebuffed.
I'll see tha for church next Sunda morn
We can also sit together int same pew
Ma an Da'll nae be sittin ther thiv sworn
Thur happy ta see mu walking out wi yu.


Just a Dream

On my flight, I speak to the morning sky
And tell the sky, I have seen you
The clouds smile, nod, knowing it's no lie.
Throughout the night, I have dreamed
Of when I am aloft, and I can see you well.
But you're earthbound and lost it seemed
And so in sadness it seems I also fell

Suddenly as I end my foolish words
I saw you spread your wings and fly
Lofting high followed by a flock of birds.
For a brief moment I look down again
Seeing the sand merging with the sea
I can see where your footprints end
And where you flew away to join me.



See how rivers dance as starlight twinkles
And clouds like dreams fly across the sky
Eve's wind gently waves the ranunculales
Almost as if wishing the dying day goodbye.
Birds go silent and then finally fall asleep
The bat and rat rampage whilst others creep
Whilst we poor mortals somnolent lie.

Nights creatures emerge smiling at the night
It's also the time when creatures stop and stare
As mother moon arises and spreads her light.
Seeing the moon and stars for what they do
She rules the heavens for all those who care
Their two souls unite, but mortals still a pair
Where lovers gaze and wish as one, not two.


On The Beach

The splendorous moon is in its wane
But with its demise each day comes life.
Love's alive and begins its glorious reign.
It does not wax and wane like the moon
Sometimes it rests and gathers strength.
Then alight and hot like the sun at noon
Forever and ever for eternity's length.

Standing before each other on life's beach
The tide like the moon may wax and wane,
With touch and looks superior to speech.
Except to grow stronger with time together
And now each knowing it will last forever;
With each life building karma ever upward
Until in the end we earn Nirvana's reward.

When next we meet it will not be the first
And when we part it will not be the last,
Together we'll see the old universe burst.
There is no loss, but a certainty of return,
Our love then would see us sat on our star
Seeing together the old and new from afar
And new love's there we will discern.

Love on the beach - Anne Gilbert


One Fine Day (Variation)

One fine day my dreams will come true
As my lover walks to me out of the mist,
From that moment I will never again be blue
Once in my arms we will love forever more
With only each other’s needs to pursue
Two united souls, with eternity to explore
One fine day my dreams will come true.

One fine day my dreams will come true
I will know this once we have kissed
No heaven nor Earth just that one view
Just two mature lovers wanting more
Yet what we seek is nothing really new
Each room with a window has a door
One fine day my dreams will come true.

One fine day my dreams will come true
As with the moon and stars we co-exist.
Each night our vows of love we'll renew
With the break of day as most life wakens
The night time heavens fade from view
Strolling easily on the path we’ve taken
One fine day my dreams will come true.

One fine day my dreams will come true
Reaching each fork along this new way
Sharing life's adventure now all is new
Shared ever, triggered by one sweet kiss.
And even night will become a lighter hue
Heaven will resound in finding true bliss
One fine day my dreams will come true.


Questioned Images

He was quiet and would never be a hero,
By the same token neither was he a coward,
About his own business quietly he would go
Until one day a religious fanatic killed him
Who would not worry about the difference?
Murdered him, impurely on a religious whim
For sinful ideals he committed this offence.

She would never ever be called beautiful,
That's in the commercial sense of the word
She was overweight believing all the bull.
Yet inside her was compassion and love,
Gifts more valuable than fashions thought
Of how to make a dollar, all else above
Starving to death had brought her naught.

He does not know anything about truth,
Yet he speaks with authority and credibility.
He is the media and is believed forsooth.
His opinions are based on bigotry and rating
And his life is based on stating and bullshit
Worse still encouraging lies and his hating
And when necessary the truth he will omit.

Her life is based simply on her devotion
She does not go to worship or speak of Gods
Instead her simple deeds are her notion.
Sometimes she is rich, but mostly she's poor,
And she will always defer to favour another
Never ever a voyeur because she is a doer
Always important, because she is a mother.


Unilateral Declaration

Yogi Dragon and his friend Boo Boo
Flew to the edge of the national park
When arriving 'twas hidden from view
So Yogi flew up to two thousand feet
Spitting out flames lighting up the night
Unfortunately the tourists began to retreat
Cause they had given them a dreadful fright.

"Don't go, please stay, we mean no harm."
Said smiling Boo Boo to the crowd below,
He won them with his Dragonian charm.
A Disney contract was offered to them
Warner doubled whatever they would pay
Bolliwood's was sealed with the richest gem
But the pair just smiled and flew away.

Interviewed by ABC, said, "Kerry 'slike this.
We're Dragons covered in scales of gold
You destroyed our lands, stole without remiss
You have killed us out of hand for a pelt
Covered with a million golden scales
Ignoring what pain that creature felt.
And telling the most outrageous tales.

Well now that time has come to an end
To Dragon murders we will call a halt.
Where that relationship we must amend
And our friendship you must not fault.
Like Disney a Dragonland we will create
At our shows your senses we'll assault
And then leave it to humanity to debate".


Why Did Fate

Why did fate pick this time and place
Where did we meet so many lives ago
Why am I so familiar with your touch, your face?
In this time we live so many miles apart
Yet in many ways we are still so close
And we still possess each others heart
I still wonder what makes us predispose.

So many times past, I have kissed you
But yet each time I have to let you go.
And until we meet again we both feel blue
It is not my wish, nor is it my deed.
That life should treat us in this way
It was simply time, it was natures need
That leaves us in pain and in dismay.

Each time we live, on our love we feed
Cognisant that together we cannot stay
But only together can we satisfy our need.
Perhaps the next life we'll be together again
For I know each life our love's sublime
Perhaps our karma is aware of our pain
Knowing that soul mates must conquer time.



I have found myself, not that I was lost
And just in time I was able to use a knife
The spider of that life made me pay the cost
To cut myself free and get back on my path.
Even though its winter I must stand the frost
That disdainful breath of Fate and her wrath
I have found myself, not that I was lost

I have found myself, not that I was lost
For I was an alien living in a foreign land
An icy world where there was eternal frost
Smiles were sought and friendship bought
And love came only at an exorbitant cost
Was it love or simply an expensive thought?
I have found myself, not that I was lost

I have found myself, not that I was lost
Corporations and politicians control on life
Again today I thought about all the cost.
Global warming, ozone layers and such.
Third the world is burning, another in frost,
There is all that flooding not leaving much
I have found myself, not that I was lost

I have found myself, not that I was lost.
More that I was tangled in the web of life
Emotionless where everything was crossed
I cannot isolate myself, that is a crime
I must speak out loud, or pay the cost
And such is the purpose of this rhyme
I have found myself, not that I was lost.


ZZZ Time...(Variation)

When I stripped my parent's bed of the sheets
I found the imprints, their bodies had worn
There was definite movements along loves streets.
Springs, with impressions like thumbprints
Outlining where for years their bodies laid
Evidence of love and its many requirements
And the love and happiness they had made.

Worked at, earned in years, shaped through time
Like a pair of shoes made only to fit their bodies.
All those nights together with feelings so sublime
As I change the sheets on my bed I look there
And see the indentation left by me alone
Soon it will be time to turn over the mattress
Then it will even out the non-events of time.

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Divena Collins

Absence of Love

Loving hearts that departs too soon
Fades not within the light of a moon
For love lingered this night of June
Cast upon memories as did before
Within the warmth of loving hearts
When I think of you a feeling starts
Then I shall adore you all the more.

Absence makes the heart grow fond
Love shall then be as much of a bond
That a parting shall not ever abscond
Such is the strength of loves affinity
Just one touch to be cherished ever
For love overflows as a sacred river
Twixt pleasures as in loves divinity.

Loving hearts grow stronger each day
Though they are so many miles away
Time may tell whilst affections stay
Within serenity of love then spoken
Softly with meaningful point of view
Caressing thoughts twixt me and you
Mystic charms that ne-er be broken.


Autumns Dance

How we danced together that night
Both very close in a lovers embrace
I knew then we had both felt so right
It was just as if we were meant to be
As if within a dream love had shown
Feelings that lingered so deep within
That within the past was unbeknown.

I remember that feeling of utter bliss
When you held me within your arms
The tenderness of your very first kiss
Captured my heart with enchantment
Of our romance I shall ever remember
Where leaves fall from a natural scene
Within Autumns month of September.


Circle of Life

Spirits flowing from hand to hand
Forms circles of friends thereof
Sharing love throughout the land;
For mutual understanding of life
Human instinct to share and give
Shall relieve the needy from strife
And provide their reason to live.

Rich or poor whatever we may be
We all need to reach out for love
But some have eyes that do not see;
And not everybody wishes to know
In this World we shall have no other
While the spirits of these hands flow
We shall have the same earth Mother.


Divine Love

Out of hundreds of stars in the sky
Yet when l look I seek only of one
Tis the star of a lovers eternal sigh
As warmth of love surrounds them
Shall he be the one that I shall see
Upon a brink of the vast unknown
In the mists of time alone with me.

We are of only two in the universe
Within the divinity of natures arms
Only of passions we shall converse
That shall echo through all eternity
Reliving the precious mists of time
Within a vast universe of fantasies
Where all may be calmly sublime.

I look at the stars there is only one
That shall abide by laws of gravity
To circle in orbit since time begun
Knowing that love shall e're unite
Whether it e'er be jupiter or mars
This love shall shine for ever more
For 'tis we shall rise from the stars.


Dreams Come True

How I long to walk hand in hand
Within thy dream of eternal love
Way beyond, in a far away land;
I shalt be there my love for thee
For as our love was once before
Shalt be once again for eternity
Within loving arms for evermore.

I long to be close day and night
To sleep contented in your arms,
'Til the dawning of mornings light;
To watch the sunlight in your eyes
Feeling warmth from our first kiss
To awaken loves passionate sighs
This my love shall be ultimate bliss.


Enchanted Flute

The sound of music filled the air
In a magical woodland this day
A faerie with flowers in her hair
Played merrilie upon her flute
Butterflies fluttering tempo new
Within wings of a mystic salute
Then a rainbow of fantasy grew

Images danced from near and far
For the enchantment of this flute,
Flew to earth on a shooting star
Where crystalized dew drops play
This haunting melody of a dream
Soft movements of a classic ballet
Whence fantasies reign supreme.


Far Away Dreams

A far away look within the eyes
Maybe locked in a childs dream
Where only an imagination lies
When her mind is forever active
Spells shall be cast of a past lore
Enticing the art of mystic charm
Fading within repose as before.

She who hid deep within herself
So many words shall speak of not
She remains quiet upon the shelf
Cast aside like an old ragged doll
Locked within her dreams untrue
Lost unto the world she never had
Yet her dreams forever start anew.

Until the time when it happened
Her dreams of past all came true
And love within had deepened
All she went thro` within reverse
Had soon turned into memories
That shall now best be forgotten
Upon new dreams of fantasies.

Art By Henry Ryland


Flanagan and Me

When last I saw Flanagan on the hill
I stood within a green meadow below
Tho' years he had aged against our will
Yet within my eyes I saw him as before
Never old but ever in my mind as young
As I was also within past years of yore
Now we are just words on the tongue.

Memories of the past shall never die
Passed on down to each generation
'Tis those future spirits that might fly
Shall this ever be of life after death
Yet I know what I saw upon that hill
Tho' both of us ne-er drew a breath.
And it's probable we both never will.


Friends Of The Forest

Come now gather closer to me
Thy dear friends of the forest
That dwell together in harmony;
For forever thy may live in peace
And ne`er a hunter mar thy trail,
Nor render thy pattern to cease
For thy freedom must now prevail.

This woodlands big enough for all
To dwell side by side together
Come harken to the wild life call;
For they all have the gift of life
If they are only given a chance,
Ne`er having to bear the strife
Nor spears from a hunters lance.

So pity the beasts large and small
And be thankful to thy lord above
That thou art humane and above all;
Be kind and give them affection
Every creature that dwells on land,
Survive with love and protection
Thy caring heart with gentle hand.


Harmony Of Love

Shall destiny bring us both together
When we were always so far apart
Love was never fore seen forever
Yet somehow we both had known
Telepathy is that of a masterful art
That only two lovers eyes shall view
Both shall hold the key to the heart

Upon time we may find another way
To remain forever as eternal lovers
Twas then we heard sweet angels say
Live and love do all while thee must
And confess there shall be no others
It maybe thee who shall find that star
When the harmony of love uncovers.


If Cows Could Fly

If only a cow had wings to fly,
O`er fields and meadows of green
Way up high in an azure blue sky
Far across the deepest blue sea,
Oh if only a cow had two wings,
To fly with ease so wild and free
With butterflies, and birds that sing.

They say that gas pollutes the air
And cows are the culprits therein
But really do they think thats fair;
What about the jets aviation fuel
Toxic waste from human consumption,
Methane from cows are not so cruel
Man made excuse of revultion.

Be happy cows dont have wings to fly
For they would be targets for sure
As they could aim down from the sky;
Within rights they can all fight fair
It wasn`t too bad in the years past,
When we said `twas good country air`
Until recent when the blame was cast.


Incarnated Thoughts

This night upon love my heart shalt feed
Off thee nectar of love that lies within
From honey'd bees that sweetness needs
Of natures glory that shalt ever nurture
A contentment of love that soon shall free
The inspiration that only nature shall give
Shalt be ever employed by the honey bee.

Cast not thine eyes towards yon termite
For he shalt not do for thee of the same
His needs so inflicted shall only thee bite
For blood within veins maybe so of honey
Cast no thought unto a termites disguise
When he is onward bound as a flying ant
For the truth be there in his wanton eyes

Insect repellents shall be not within use
If a flee is hungry then a flee must bite
How can thee inflict him so much abuse
When all he needs is one drop of blood
If I had such a choice of what I shall be
I think it would not be that of an insect
If I do return again may it really be me?.



If I had to create a work of art
Let it be that of a great worth
That an artist cannot tell apart
When the canvas is so defined
The finest I ever brought forth
An artiste upon my own rights
Twas meek who inherited earth

Let it be my masterpiece in oils
Lavishly mixed upon my palette
Upon emotion my work uncoils
Within fantasy of a creative kind
An ancient sculptured statuette
Lavishly configured within canvas
Framed forever in a wistful mind.

Portrait De La Femme de l'artiste en Buste Henri Martin (Toulouse)


Lady Autumn

Away from this world as spirits soar
She remains in a dormant sleep
A sweet repose on woodland floor
`Neath the bare spread of an oak
Upon wind blown autumnal pages
Enfolded within her seasons cloak
She remained thro`out the ages.

Out of this world her spirits soar
Once again this pattern takes flight
But she shall arise like e`er before
Flourishing forth towards the spring
To blossom again as days of yore
While migrant birds returned to sing
And so shall this be for evermore.


The Morning Dew

I know nought of country prattle
For I keep myself unto my own
Within a meadow free of cattle
Only a whispering Willow tree
Shall only ever confide as free
But may see speak or hear not
Whatever was said I had forgot.

Have no interests in idle gossip
So I do keeps myself to myself
Some folk give it too much lip
Gossip to them may be priority
Yesterday to me is just history
That repeats once more in time
Gossip is just a downward climb.

Silence shall be the path to take
But this cannot be spoken to some
Unless if only by some mistake
Let not thy chastity bareth no ill
Upon recent times all was as still
Not a thing ventures nothing gains
Trees have ears down country lanes.


Pages Of Fantasy

She sat at the foot of the stairs
With a picture book in her hand
Within this treasury she shares;
Fantasies hidden deep inside

As she turned the fragile page
The pictures appeared outside
As faerie tale images engage.

For her fantasy within came true
She closed her lids in wonder
All had appeared then to view;
Each page she turned it seems
Images that appear to surround
Enbedded within sweet dreams
Visions from her slumber abound.



Do not utter words not even a sound
To awaken my pooch from her nap
Tired was she from running around ;
Must always let sleeping hounds lay
After all she took me out on walks
`Twas I who chased squirrels away
Yet she who slept around the clock.

She sleeps with one eye on her dish
And her nose is twitching for food
I wonder what would madam wish;
On the menu for her dinner today
For she shall be ever my treasure
She knows I will spoil her this way
Loyalty never comes in half measure.


Silently Spoken

Harken friends if I may be so bold
I shalt not be the one to grow old
Nor may need my epitaph in gold
Upon the cold grey marbled stone
I shalt lie content as I possibly be
Untold `neath an olde willow tree
Within earths loam as unbeknown.

Until once more the earth may rise
I may return if only within disguise
A sceptre shalt be none thee wise
To cast shadows within thee dark
Whether I go or come back as alive
Time may tell if ghosts may survive
Even if shall only return for a lark.

I shalt not be one to be unspoken
Silence within remains not a token
A speachless spell must be broken
I shant remain here never by choice
For I cannot breathe the summer air
Which remains in death as so unfair
It is then I return but only to voice.


Sounds Of Silence

The sun was hot upon her brow
Tired she was of being a victim
How was she the one to know
This Courtship shall over re-act
Which never happened before
Hurt within she may never lack
And shalt not wish it any more.

Why must a women be put aside
When her mans voice is stronger
'Tis her of face and speach hide
As far away as he wished of her
To be silenced forever in peace
Cast aside like an old ragged doll
Forever silent of words to cease

It is maybe now that he may see
But now could be much too late
How cruel his words of hurt be
Never designed to speak of love
Within a cruel tongue bespoken
How shall love hurt her so much
So soon when a heart is broken.


Stuff and Nonsense

'Twas in the merry month of July
I saw an old tortoise walking by
And never so amazed had been I
I saw a gentleman upon his back
Sat upon a saddle bridle and all
Hung on tight in case he did fall
Just 'til he had gotten the knack

He appeared to be following me
I wonder if a tortoise could see
Fodder before him wild and free
Cress floats on a running stream
If the tortoise takes a dim view
What had a gentleman left to do
He dare not try to swim it seems.

Carefree moments had run adrift
A tortoise poised he cannot shift
He was much too stubborn to lift
Caught up within the prickly gorse
Tethered and painfully hurt within
His luck was wearing rather thin
Why ever did he not ride a horse.


The Way It Was (Writ thro' a storm)

'Tis time yes time for humanity to learn
This earth once fertile free of polution
Does not this alone not cause concern
Electric storms that cause a disaster
Anger plagued shall be no retribution
Thro' bleaknesss of thund`rous clouds
When humanity destroy`s the solution.

Floods had coveted this promised land
Once before when the earth was young
When destruction then got out of hand
Life upon earth upon an ark construed
Just imagine today what folk would do
Blessed the meek thrown overboard
With nothing upon earth to start anew.

Greed shall covet this world to an end
So be it anger by the storm of nature
Against which not a human can defend
For the laws of nature they shall ignore
'tis only with ignorance all shall blame
It was all to do with clouds collisions
Upon Ignorance all believed the same.


Up And Beyond

She shall fly thro` clouds on high
Upon a magical carpet of satin
To follow the geese thro` the sky.
Into this mystical haven so fair
With beautiful fragrant flowers
Woven as ribbons within her hair
Violets blossom from the bower.

Her silent dreams showed the way
Dense the mist thro` fluffy clouds
Voices from guardian angels say
Soft as a whisper they did provoke
Go back, go back where you belong
Your place is not here they did evoke
Down to earth from up and beyond.

Wessex Pond'rins

Been up thee mornin`earlie nowe
Afore thee sun cumm oute tae shine
Tis be tyme too milken thee cowe
Afore thee sun dial bee showen lait
'Tymes be harde enuff this morne
Then life be done wearie thee eye
Calleth loud thee masters horne.

Much wiles I do off tymes wunder
Butt ne-er afront thee olde master
'Tis then oi 'ave he's boot a'sunder
Aye an` tyme be hard enuff as 'twas
Wi' his een upon thee dairie maide
O'er thee meade 'pon haye stackes
Twas theyre waur thee master laide.

Woe betide thee tymes theye begat
Pondrin' midst thee cowes haye loft
Ti's I knoweth well what he was at
But 'tis I who lose all if tongues tell
So silent I be tho' sad with emotion
But all is not lost within my favour
Rewarded for my staunch devotion

Twas upon thee merrie tyme of May
When tymes of past be forgotten
And thee olde master pass'ed away
He rests on thee old essex mound
And thee dairie maide lies along side
Neath sweet earth of meadow dew
Tis nout within their heart to bide.

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Lorraine Dafney


I look at life so differently
Since youth and see all its wonders
As I grow old maturity
Seems to guide my decisions now
I've crossed thresholds some new some old
With courage when I'm questioned how
You have to take chances be bold

Listen to your inner voice it
Will guide you through and never quit
Much to learn much to benefit
Brigh smile new day awakens all
Follow your dreams as each one calls
Enjoy the music life presents
Share love be happy and content

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Jez Farmer

Dance of Life

With simple rhythms upon mother's knee
A baby's feet begins the dance of life
The beat of nature is all there can be
In mother's love he begins his growing
'Til he's ready to dance his dance alone
In living discovery is flowing
And a man becomes all that he has known.

Dance of Life by Jana Emburey



Silence the cold bars of the prison walls
The echoes of whispers of what could be
Yet no one hears as a butterfly falls.
Vibrant the wings lost inside the dark world
Where hope is a distant vision of life
In the embers of living wings lie curled
Dreams held on the sharpest edge of a knife.

Silence the cold bars of the prison walls
The echoes of whispers of what could be
Yet no one hears as a butterfly falls.
With wings pinned, held back by the hardened steel
There is no place to go, no way to fly
While deep inside the senses can still feel
And nobody answers the question: why?

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Peggy Nelson

Let's Taste Love.

Let's fly away into the night
Where love is noteworthy to write
Where joy and peace set hearts flight
Let's feel our hearts weave patiently
Open our hearts to trickle like rain
Paint emotions colorfully
Erase confusion, erase pain

Let's see the colors of sunshine
Step into compassion so fine
Giving soft whispers, voice your mine
Let's press against the force of life
Experience goodness we thrive
Why wait moments; wasted on strife
When we can see what we derive...

Let's show faithfully, for awhile
Speak words of kindness; love style
Walk, talk, laugh and lovers smile
Let's Feel our love feverously
Hold on tight for another night
Our lives will be differently
Let's taste love from another light...


Morning Stars

Morning Stars glitter in the sky
Love grows stronger, walked side by side
Days pass brighter time shifts; slips by
Smiling faces, bright as the sun
Two hearts power being as one
continuing life, we go on
We're blest each day from dawn to dawn

Night time falls, cuddled close in bed
Loving greatness we shall be feed
Watching corridors in dreams homestead
Our Days pass brighter, time slips by
Blest each day from dawn to dawn
Lifting our spirits traveled on
Stars Brilliantly glitter the sky...

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Reason A Poteet

Hear the Bells

Hear the bells most ev'ry morning!
Major plot stillborn has sounded
shaky nation's jagged warning.
Men brood their loss and lie in jail
until their sponsors pay their bail.
And then they lie upon the stand,
O, hear the bells throughout the land.


Royce's Choice, the Sarabande

Folks show'ring her with potpourri,
sweet Sallie starts her odyssey
dancing up the aisle t'wards me.
The vows all said 'mid candles glow,
we kiss, sashaying down the row.
The cleric shouts with lifted voice
"I give you, Todd and Sarah Royce."

A hundred days in this romance
has found my wife with looks askance.
Her first love is, of course, the dance.
I twist, I step to reappraise
this waltz through life in cabarets.
She cancans while I play the 'bone;
we move this way apart, alone.

Watching her with dance technician,
ascertaining her ambition
off'ring little opposition
I yield divorce to Roger Band -
who grabs the chance for Sallie's hand.
Thus Royce's choice, a power play
for Sarah Band - dance protege.


Your Tirade Comes

Your tirade comes, it doth commence,
a hundred miles away I sense
your raging, whiny voice so tense.
In restful tones, my evening sigh
doth thank the stars, you're far away.
I shirk my duties ever nigh
and thoughts engage where'er they may.

As I recline, dark quickly falls
and in my dreams, I snub your calls.
Yet when I wake, receding walls
resound your quick return to home.
Oh, how my heart longs to be free
to take the route that lets me roam
those miles that parted me from thee.

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Ryter Roethical


Comforted only by this semi darkness
As hypnotic flickering candles shine
How could my life be such a mess
As I sit here I feel music flow over me
Reminiscing about those midnight kisses
Silently remembering what used to be
Our mountain of love the deepest abyss.

I tried to talk to you and make amends
As I sit here alone drinking my wine.
You won't talk, how can we be friends?
Is fantasy just another world of lies
Can we truly love in this crazy world?
What is laughter but the start of sighs,
Sighs and tears as truth is unfurled.


At The Marriot

In Hassall Street the parrots call

The chatter begins before first light
Then ne'er ceasing till darkness fall.
A thousand birds will fill the trees
All seek different companies.
Parakeets, galahs, cockatoos too
Add their colours to these views.

At first light make their presence felt
Assembling in squawking work gangs
Along this once lush green belt.
The grass parrots seem to stay aloof
As if beauty alone needed proof
When good looks exist there's no doubt
There is no need to scream or shout.

As if to prove what I say is right
Look at the birds, who're as black as night
Though whiteness doesn't say I'm right.
But minors, crows and maggies too
A loud and noisy thieving trio
They're who inspired this scenario,
And you know what I say is true.



Its ancient echoes fade into the blackness
Tick, tock, the second hand makes a move
When it may end we still can only now guess.
Or better yet, what is this thing called time,
I've smelled Gardenias once, so sublime?
I've raised a glass to toast my dearest friend,
I've lived a life that time cannot transcend.

Times rough hands have swept past my heart
Leaving me, ticking, alone once again.
The pendulum swings but the chimes won't start
Standing in a corner, stately and staid
A face devoid of numbers, dreams waylaid
Mechanisms rusted by the tears I cry
Can someone please help me before I die?


Cyber Dreams

Shadows wait under the 'puter lamp
Outside hearing the midnight rain
Unconcerned by cold and biting damp.
Anticipation of half promises
And expectations raise dream levels.
Then unseen lips blow passioned kisses
Love translates from well formed vowels.

Messages become smiles on a sunny day
Comforting words ease a river of pain
Distance only becomes a keystroke away.
Caressing words spoken as you weep
Cyber arms to lift you from the deep
Of whatever hole you may have fallen
Raising you to your smiling self again.


Dancing to loves tune

Dancing to loves tune, spin and turn
The fever of love causes you to burn,
But whilst apart your innards churn.
Inside your heartbeat skips and pounds
And your lover's steps you quickly learn
Bodies blending on your nightly sojourn
With the sensuous tempo of loving sounds

Your eternal love forever resounds
Each night to loves dancing we return
In a ballroom fitted for loving rounds.
Earthly bodies lie on silken grounds
There are no rules in love, no bounds
There is no contest, no points to earn,
Love gives all to which you yearn.


The Days Will Come

The days will come the days will go.
The hands of time move on and on,
And years will pass, not fast nor slow.
And in due time as our love grows
Eternity's silver torch has shone.
The days will come the days will go
The hands of time move on and on.

When suns have died there's only snow,
At the end of time when all is gone
Our love will outlast the world below.
Walking down life's path will show,
Counting weeks as they pass anon;
The days will come the days will go,
The hands of time move on and on.


Eternal Fire

The fire we made last night I see still glows
Though for a little while we must separate
And make our way apart through winter snows
That fire we made together was only a start
I promise there will be many other nights
And the flames when we see what love ignites
When we make loving a fine art.

The fire we made last night will always glow
The embers caused an ever burning flame
Commitments, made a kiss and an eternal vow
To share and link our souls together in love's game
That we spend together each time's no doubt.
Each life, each meeting, will always be the same,
We know that flame cannot ever blow out.

The fire we made last night the Gods now know
Even when asleep the fire is oftimes damped
But will remain agait, with a dull red glow
Just stir the coals and add the fuel and see
The flames will leap from love of thee and me.
From that humble start, be careful of the heat
White hot heat makes the union complete.



God gave Angels and birds the gift of flight
Leaving man to stomp and root around.
To many creatures he gave this right.
Yet we evolved and still stayed downed.
I look each day and watch the avians play
Identifying them all by call, by sound.
These calls tell me how they enjoy the day

As the evening falls listen to their calls
And bragging of the adventures found.
Of sink and holes and huge thermals.
Reaching to the black bottomed cloud
Then flying along streets that now abound
A final descent into the evenings shroud
Scornful of us mortals held to ground.


Full Moon

Full moon begets the darkest deeds
When evil spills out its wicked seeds
And creatures fulfil their basic needs.
As midnight strikes those fateful tolls
Hellish ghouls from the crypt crawls
Called forth by others demonic screams
Misbegotten from your worsed dreams.

Strangers had best beware this time
Wandering streets of potential crime
The locals too familiar with the slime.
At this time doors and windows barred
Armed men wary, standing guard
And yet each month with lunar wanes
Another family weeps their pains.


How Can

How can happiness cause these tears,
Excuse me a moment I must turn away?
Surely they are always caused by fears
How can love cause this to happen,
My heart to race a thousand miles an hour,
And things appear so misshapen
As tears from my eyes so happily pour?

I never thought happiness would make me cry
I always associated crying with misery
And sad events, bringing tears to my eyes.
With you I've laughed until I've felt pain
And been sad and happy at the same time.
Because of you it happens again and again,
A feeling inside me that is so sublime.


Sailors Death

And only the sea shall know them
The ocean depth will be their grave
No wind will tug the wet shrouds hem
There is no church with bells to ring
No flowers cover the hallowed site
Nor choir with caring hymns to sing
Nor moon to shine its blessed light.

Neptune has claimed them all
And to his bosom they are gone
Till Armageddon makes its call
The day the sea gives up its dead.
The end of time, the end of night
When sailors will rise from their bed
Bathed in heavens blessed light.


Seths Feast

Silent creatures, in stealth they sniff the wind,
Slumbers ended, emerging from their place.
Chameleons of death, searching for who has sinned
Moving,…see how easy their colours change,
And others who tonight are caught without grace,
Shadows, feeding on souls, more than mortal death.
So soon tonight a victim comes into range

To soon this hapless victim had best be braced
The race is on, and man knows the roll exchange
Tonight it’s man not beast that will be chased.
Fear is the scent, and blood tasted on the breath
But running man is no match for slavering beast,
One more is sacrificed to the evil God Seth
And man provides creature with the feast.


True North

What are lips if they are not shared?
What is love if it is not given,
And lovers if they are not paired?
Dreams are never what you expect,
Too late given were you to reject.
Make the most of what life offers
And dig deep into fates coffers.

What is Eternity if it's spent alone?
Two souls may seek awhile apart
Together finding how they have grown.
Where you to open what would you find?
Staying closed is staying blind!
Open life's doors let the light in
Face the future let life begin.


Veils Lifted

I have looked up into the stars for a sign
And searched the lands and seas
The answer was in your eyes all the time.
Now I know, and your doubt can see,
Leaving me knowing where to start.
The mouth that would seem to call me,
Could not tell me about your heart.

Now in a reality that is divine
We have felt minds touch at last
Realising our souls will combine.
What will happen now is up to us,
Time and tide, is anybodies guess.
Yet I have the feeling all is well,
Before time's end doubts will dispel.

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