2014 Poetry Form Challenge

#13 Rubliw

A form developed from the Cinquain by Richard Wilbur, and is usually a message to someone, or group, or indeed mankind. It is normally iambic, starting with monometer, then dimeter, trimeter, tetrameter, and then pentameter. At this point the meter descends tetrameter, trimeter, dimeter, finally monometer.
Here is an example.

For Lewis Turco

Dear Lew
All hail to you,
Old formalist who through
Your Book of Forms inform the new
If you can name this bloody form, please do,
Before it disappears from view,
For you're the man who
Might manage to.

Richard Wilbur
Note: The example above has all nine lines rhyming. The form was developed from the Cinquain which does not, rhyme and it also states that it is normally Iambic, therefore it is not mandatory.

Rubliw Challenge

Terry Clitheroe

Easy Mood
For the Lonely
How Much
I Sit and Wait
Just a Thought
Lucid Chimera
Nanette Leaving
One Touch
X As In Kiss

Divena Collins

Australasia Bound
Beast Versus Man
Fantasy Island
Helmets of Rome
How Deep is Love
If Only
Intense Emotions
Of Time
Pathway to Dreams
Pledge of Love
Purely Fantasy
Spoils of Nature

Jeremy Farmer


Leny Roovers


Terry Clitheroe


Cry so
Tears of pleasure
Each loving kiss, each touch
Each sight, each sound each cry of love
Tells me of love and many things and more
Tell me love what is thy pleasure
That after we may dwell in
The afterglow
Of love



All birds
Of a feather,
Do flock together always
They argue each and every dawn
Chirping loudly an unnerving symphony
Flying screaming in pompous streams
Waking you from your dreams
But are you angry

How can
One be angry?
It's Nature waking you
Enjoy the day that is her way
Summer is a time of joy, so enjoy
The days are long, nights much shorter
Keep your Winters warmer
With memories
Of then.


Easy Mood

Soft words
Spoken with love
Promises of eternal vows
Whispered deep in dark of night
You said, you believed in our love ever
And when you left I cried my loss
Hearing also of thy pain
I'll always speak
Of love.
I know

We'll meet again
A week a month a year
Will seem like an eternity
That first kiss will set the mark forever
It will seem like we never left
Know we've parted before
We always meet


For the lonely

I stare
Blankly ahead
Seeing nothing but her
Looking at me with no tolerance
Gone the fire that once burned in her eyes
Long ago it turned to embers
Her soul no longer swims
It's left our beach
For good.

Her soul
Sings a dark hymn
Of a life gone by too fast
Her hollow mind echoes with pain
Memories too painful ever to be erased
I can see all this through her eyes
Windows to her sadness
Then I see tears

From her
Grief stricken eyes
Her body looks so frail
And how she seems so tortured
I cannot bear to look any longer
Such misery I can’t handle
Such unyielding misery
And so I broke
The mirror.


How Much

How much
Do I love thee
I need not count the ways.
Should I shout thy praises out loud
I thank the Gods that gave thee to me
I need to only count the days.
Or modestly say nothing
Only we know
The ways.

How long
Will I love thee
Each day for all eternity
Should that not be enough, then more
If time is endless then so shall be our love
I will tell thee in every way
Thou hast me in a daze
My vision just a
Blurry haze.

Thank you William Shakespeare


I Sit and Wait

I sit
And wait for you
Wond'ring what love's become
The candle casts a soft warm light
Flickering in the cold winds of the night
The music plays the crowd has gone
Dreading the possible outcome
Unconsciously fingers drum
I wait

With fear
My insides tighten
I sit and wait and drum
Wondering if you'll ever come
Save for the staff, I am now all alone
I feel their looks, my mind has gone.
I was your shining Knight
What have I done?
I sit.


Just a Thought

Please be a little
Patient with me I ask.
I'm a little sad and lonely
And deep within I feel a little too quiet
The empty stillness is the thing
Memories of summer
And days long past

When life was full
The possibilities
Of things to be discovered
And of all the joys to be unleashed
But some of us do fall away
Sometimes it's a little dark
When all's left is

Just a Thought - Fealing Lin, TWSA



Watching the moon
Rising outside and speak
About its phases and of their love
Whilst music plays softly in the background.
There is a cessation in talk
For a while as other things
Become important
To them

The Moon
Watches them awhile
Stars now fill the night sky
The music plays on in repeat.
And the smiling moon, happily moves on
Sure that her message has been told,
and they now know they are
each others moon and stars


Lucid Chimera

A flight
Into your dreams
Impossible you say
Yet you are here, my dream
A fantasy made fact by you alone
The full moon shines its brightest
In a bright yellow circle
Its features are

From everywhere
Feel blessed, smiling at her
Some say she's the goddess of love
And state their love and create their dreams
She is hauntingly beautiful
Helping so many lovers
You should always believe
In her.



Is not beach time
Rather time for shelter
Because it burns your skin in a way
That cancerous growths loves your nakedness
And some people knowing the facts
Protect themselves with clothes
Whilst at the beach
Good sense!

But what?
I have lost friends
To cancer and the like
Good bike racers could not race it
Instead Melanoma destroyed them
I'm sorry to spoil your reading fun
But Cancer means death
A nasty way
To go


Nanette Leaving

Crosses the pavement
With her quick stride to where
The taxi's waiting to take her away
The wind obstructs her haste to be gone,
Lifts her hair and tugs her coats hem
As if saying don't go
Your needed here
With me.

She leaves
Her emotional bills
Unpaid, unfulfilling pledges
Ignored uncaring what love’ll do.
I am an exorcist in love with a witch
You created an internal flame
That burned into my soul
Can't extinguish it


One Touch

One touch
Is never the last,
These kind of feelings don't
Instead they touch hearts then our souls
So long after the kiss has gone from our lips.
The feeling's there still very deep
That sometimes in the night
I feel once more
Your touch

One touch
Just of your lips
Their softness and their warmth
The loving softness of your lips
And the warmth of love within your body
I can still hear the soft murmurs
See wet softness in your eyes
As I tell you,
"I love you"



It was
Looking darker-
Each minute, every day
We met and clouds soared away.
Feeding my heart like an infinite candle
Love patching the holes where I've bled.
Being held in affectionate arms
Whilst candles burn
With you.



Beauty is there
Not on the beach, no way!
It's there! The look on people's faces
Windows open and happiness flowing out
Kids playing in the park laughing
Mothers with prams smiling
Water splashing

In a shelter
Higher up and cooler
Scented sultry breezes from trees
Wafting and waving to get attention
Nature's tarts trying to seduce
An already willing lover


X As In Kiss

Your eyes
Peer into mine
I feel them searching me
My soul as if by magic shines
I now know the feeling of being whole.
With just one look you've made it so
What would a touch or kiss
Then start I ask?

There'd be
A deluge of words
Where deeds, and love would flow
And who knows what path we would chart?
Perhaps a future guided by your eyes
And two souls by love united
There'd be no surprises
If invited to

Art by Josephine Wall

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Divena Collins

Australasia Bound

Haul away
The ships anchor
'Tis time to lower the sails
Now is the time to steer the ship
Through the wild stormy water and gales
This voyage was to be the final trip
Bound toward New South Wales
If the wild sea

"Land ahoy"
The sailors cry
If only the storm may cease
For a land of hope and glory ahead
Shall be then a calming of storms release
Cast the anchor to a deep sea bed
Within a calmer tidal peace
There rests the tide


Beast Versus Man

How pure
shall this love be
of beasts wild and free
from our ancestors of the past
who are as much like humanity in life
yet survive in the wilderness
of warmth and affection
for their off springs
from love.

One day
man shall take over
us beasts wild and free
to obliterate all that we have
yet were we not his first descendants
before the prehistorical man
shall he be next to suffer
only time shall tell
too soon.

Wild Love - Penny Parker



Come now
what shall we do
if earth shall not revolve
shall it mean that we all fall off
if there is nothing left of earths gravity
shall we all be lost within time
deep in the void of space
in the dark abyss
for ever.

Shall stars
show us the way
through meteors that exist
to avoid a vaccume of black holes
on an unpassable journey back to earth
that we shall remain here as aliens
from the old planet of earth
just to survive


Fantasy Island

Cast away
Far from my land
To an island of no return
What shall I find there I wonder
That may give me desire of such pleasure
It is not like dreams to plunder
I see not an image of man
Within my sight
This day.

But hark
What do I hear
Voices that echo like shells
Within a sonic lovers symphony
It is here in my heart a loved one dwells
How on earth did he arrive there
Secrets cannot be disclosed
Upon mornings light
This way.


Helmets Of Rome

All hail
Julius Caesar
Past Dictator of Rome
Ruler of the vast Roman empire
From a past era of galactian conflict
Victorious upon past invasions
Shall never be forgotten
Within warriors
Of past.

Now cast
Within history
Gladiators of the past
Slaves of the arena once shown
Who embraced fate within the lions den
For amusement of an emperor
That is now only a statue
Cast within gold
Of past.


How Deep Is Love

My love
my life my all
do not leave me to drown
within oceans of life`s sorrows
take me as I am unto warm loving arms
cast me not unto waves of the sea
'neath a deep watery grave
but hold me close
to thee.

I see
within thine eyes
maybe just my imagination
deep within my fears of the ocean
yet it looked clearly like the suns light
shall this be the last I might see
as waves gather round me
that bringeth me
to thee.


If Only

If only
I may have wings
forever to be blessed
to fly high within a clear sky
casting shadows upon on an earthen floor
what joys shall I find to be free
so high above in the clouds
upon great heights
ever more.
I shall

find me a mate
just for companies sake
lonesome I was not meant to be
but then two is company three is a crowd
maybe I shall be happy with one
who shall be upon a trial
within my choice
not his.


Intense Emotions

Feelings of love
Cast no shadows within
For this warmth shall remain true
Within the coolness of falling rain drops
That may rest on thy sensual lips
To caress the senses
That lie within

Of fantasies
May then forever inspire
Increasing as much stimulation
That predominates a sensuous feeling
Remains within two hearts of love
Are only precious moments
Pledged within


Of Time

Time Spent
Upon this my muse
That has long past gone amiss
But do not let these words confuse
A mixed up mind that calls herself a poet
For this was the best she could use
The end is nigh for utter bliss
Thank thee all for
Time Spent.


Pathway To Dreams

Gold paths
twist and turn
that leads on to nowhere
but within a fantasy of dreams
as images of the unknown may not cease
upon mystical moments in time
of whatever shall lie ahead
at the end of
Gold paths.

Gold paths
within a dream
shall this seem to be real
is the mind clearer as we sleep
or cast deep within a vivid imagination
shall this not be wishful thoughts
escape from past reality
unto the future
from past.

From Aarti Khurana


Pledge of Love

My Love
I feel no other
shall alter this affection
that I share within only for thee
I have within past been so besotten
come my love for this is no sin
I upon virtuous purity
shall be as true
With thee.

My love
I pledge thee only
dreams of love unknown
that shall cast a heavenly spell
beneficial unto an innermost passion
To pledge within all eternity
all my love has to give
thou may possess


Purely Fantasy

Long gone
are the days of
victorian boots with laces
so soon the times have changed
when ladies soon lost their airs and graces
what they wear now is so strange
hardly anything at all
to please her man

But man
within himself
enjoy's to be teased
wherein luring enticements cast
for spells of enchanting moments seized
shall forever within instincts last
casting aside the old ways
shall entice man

Arugula And Dog - Raphael Kirchner



Dear Sir
Just a short note
To inform you of my news
I shall soon be dis robed of gown
Not that I care for the position at all
I know I shall never be a judge
Nor shall I wear the wig
Or take the oath
Of faith.

Past times
I have been wary
Of the position I am in
Unto the presented value of law
Inclined to judge from a womans heart
Which is not within rights to be
Thus is why I decline
Within my rights


Spoils Of Nature

Nigh upon
An early dawning
Sleepless moments awaken
As windstorms blew across the sky
I saw a sparrow flutter against the wind
Her strength of will was failing fast
Upon tired tattered wings
With no strength
To fight.

I lay
Helpless within
How cruel can nature be
Why must sadness of life prevail
The breath of life lies only with the fittest
For strength of will shall survive
'Tis part of natures cause
To take or give
Her life.

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Jearemy Farmer


Beneath the lunar light
Her body rising to meet waves;
The tidal waves of carnal knowledge grasped
Within the primal touch she craves
The breathless air of night
With no disguised

A kiss
Explores rivers
Of her passionate cry's
Transformed, reformed beneath the moon
To slip swiftly in those ecstatic streams
But not yet, it can’t be too soon
Anticipation sighs
As she shivers
In bliss.



With you
Begins the night
We fall; no words to speak
The gentlest touch awakens skin.
Your skin, my lips, you feel my rhythmic call
The shout of love from deep within
As senses leave us weak
In our delight
We two.

Warm glow
Inside your eyes
Before they close to kiss
My arms embrace your body's need
Your senses burning to feel my desire
Empowered want we both concede
No greater love than this
Incites the sighs
To flow.



A pulse
A snare drum's beat
Echoes primal rhythm
Among white ties and stiffened shirts
And little drummer boy is holding his time
The charm of Ravel in concerts
As loud crescendos hum
The crowd on feet



To stitch
To sew an itch
For silk like liquid floss
On fabric forms a simple cross
Yet line and curve appear like art is seen
Colours where only white has been
Now dance before the eye
And I know why
I stitch



Bright eyes
That pierce the night
Caress cool naked skin
A summer breeze on a hot day
And teases senses to a hungered state
Acquiesced they begin to play
While craving grows within
Released to flight
Love sighs!

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Leny Roovers


We share
Life good and fair
In love we have declared
To cherish both our joy and scare
This promise we shall keep with trusting care
Our passion invites us to dare
Bold summits rare
Souls bare



Peach golden crown
Colours tree-tops dark brown
Erasing stress and forehead's frown
Dressing blue sky in her evening gown
Soft tones of cream light up the town
Clouds fluffed up feather down
Day's end renowned

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