2014 Poetry Form Challenge

#02 Envelope Stanza

This is a very interesting form and was probably created by Francesco Petrarcha when he moved from the Sicilian court. As well as being the building blocks of the Italian octave, the Spanish and French octave use it also. However, it is a poetry form in its own right, and probably the latter pair have set the precedence for the meter which if we look at the French or Spanish roots consists of eight syllables, or English purists insisting on Iambic Tetrameter. This gives a suggested pattern of;
x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x a

Summer Wind

The summer wind blows from the north
Bringing those days of endless heat.
Seeing haze rising from the street.
Culling all wishes to go forth

Ryter Roethicle

Autumn Leaves

When leaves are falling from the forest trees
I'll be going away to school alone
But I can always call home on the phone
New adventures coming on autumn's breeze.

Tony G

Winter Wind

The winter wind in scurries squeals
In icy waves that sweep away
All thoughts of warmth as branches sway
Exposing limbs, in cold reveals

Gloria Carpenter

Spring Wind

In spring, a breeze blows from the west;
A breath as gentle as a sigh;
And with it, soft tears from the sky;
Relief at passing winter's test.

Kevin McKinney

Envelope Stanza Challenge Replies

Mark A


Adam C


Toby G

Maybe This Time

Maryse Achong

Love's Seasons

Kathy Anderson

Do Not Go

Terry Cilitheroe

The Crow
Days Will Come
I know
In the Stillness
Justices Reward
Kicking the Night
Kindred Spirits
Life and Death
No Regrets
Not Just Another Day
Oh Nipple
Passions Tribute
Questions at a Distance
Vampire Moon
Return to Normal
You Have Become
X for the loser
X Roads

Divena Collins

Beauty Becomes You
Cross Roads
Depth of Love
Four High Seasons
Goosey Lane
Green Grow
Hearts Burn
I Am As I Am
Il Tango
I Shall Be There
It Hath Come to Pass
Lost in a Maze
Loves Emotions
Nordic Warriors
Och Aye It's Burns Night
Over The Hills
Rosa Canina
Softly They Whisper
Whispering Breeze

Jem Farmer

A Friendly Face
Le Visage d'une Fille
Love's Incantation
Rustling Leaves
Summer Love
When The Goddess Called
With a Kiss I Die

Leny Roovers


Mark A


Kicking about in the park with my mate
I’m Beckham inside my head as I play
I’ll score the winning goal one day
Then maybe mum will let me stay up late

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Adam C


Don't look at me like I don't belong
I am how God wants me to be
So look away if you cannot see
I have Downs but I am strong.

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Toby G

Maybe This Time

I wish you would do more than stare
And look beyond my scarred face
Then you might see I am part of this place
Maybe this time you will see I am there.

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Maryse Achong

Love's Seasons

A summer love can sometimes turn
Into a gentle autumn glow
That endures through the winter's snow,
And blooms afresh with spring's return.

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Kathy Anderson

Do Not Go

Do not go the way of dragons
Though their stars be brighter than all,
Forever love shall cause no fall
And keep the world peacefully won.



Untamed as wind across hot plains
Only tumbleweeds beat your hooves,
Racing through sage is the best groove
For mustang pinto's spirits gains.

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Terry Clitheroe

The Crow

Finally before you die
You hear the cawing of a Crow.
It is calling you down below
In the tree near where you lie.

Its Heaven saying goodbye
The Crow is shouting out Halloo!
That is Satan welcoming you
Hear the sounds as you die

See it sitting above your door
You see the pit, what can you do?
It's stringent voice, it's loud halloo
Welcomes you to Hell with its caw.

Guided by this bird from hell
Feel Hell pulling on your soul.
Dragging you closer to the hole
And it's reeking Stygian smell.


Days Will Come

The days will come the days will go
The hands of time move on and on
Counting weeks as they pass anon
The years will pass not fast, nor slow.

Eternity's silver torch has shone
And in due time our love will grow
The days will come the days will go
The hands of time move on and on.

The sun has died and there's only snow
At the end of time when all is gone
Our souls will smile having lived on
Our love outlasted the world below.



Because of fate we must live apart
Life has decreed it must be this way
We seize each moment, each new day
Knowing now what is in our hearts.

Tempering souls whilst separate
With other souls we stop and play
Life has decreed it must be this way
Wondering what's on the muses chart

Drawing strength, learning the art
Wondering if will we meet someday
Carefully stating what we convey
Love is a play, you and I have a part.



Fullness is how my heart feels tonight
There is so much music fills my mind
Downloaded from youtube easy to find
And its not illegal. NO! It's so right

A lot of it is already legally mine
There is no genre there I cannot find
But some modern I'd rather leave behind
Even Asian music to me's always fine.

In fact the first part is Indian music
Something the Beatles introduced to me
I find it relaxing, it sends my mind free
In fact it leads me to feeling euphoric.


In the Stillness of Time

In the stillness of time I waited for you
Each life with you more than a life of love
Knowing that we shared a gift from above
One destined to last more than Eternity through.

So many things that we have said and done
We know've been repeated from another time
Or is it an endless other plane that's so sublime
A parallel where all our lives exist as one.

Feeding sideways only amplifies what we know as love
Yet on an earlier plane we've just met and fallen
With each meeting together simply stolen
But there is no guilt or retribution from above.

Instead Fate has drawn our cards and dealt
Two cards, a Queen like you, and I your King
Then what is dealt is our hand for bragging
What we throw and receive will be what is felt.


Justices Reward

From the depths of love I call out to thee
Free me, even though I am yours totally
I cannot give myself unless I am fully
Free to give myself to you completely.

No slave to love can truly be in love
Instead is bound by emotions chains
When passion is gone nought remains
Even when pierced by arrows from above.

Free me and justice will reward us
And in doing so my wound will heal
Then pain gone will begin to truly feel
And I finally, totally will be yours


Kicking the Night

I walk slowly along the suburban street
Kicking the night along in front of me.
With the poor street lights it's hard to see
As I carefully avoid rises in the concrete.

Just watch where shadows and white meet
I just had to get out and help clear my mind.
Words were said, that were unjust and unkind
At least it's now swept and there is no debris.

Today there was too much pain; never again!
But I say that every time just like the fool I am.
I'll learn to find something that's not a sham
Ignore something else, for once use my brain.


Kindred Spirit Nights

Warm summer nights and heavenly sounds
It is our gift from nature, without speech
Wishy washy sounds from the sandy beach
The rippling as o'er the stones the sea rounds.

The birds lie there noisily asleep in their nests
Like humans some snore when they are asleep
And as they breathe we hear a soft cheep, cheep.
Like humans hold their love close to their breast.

The moon like any lady is silent as she rises
Smiling at the noisy earth whispers, "Hello".
Listening to hoots and noises far below,
And whatever happens with no surprises.


Life and Death

With the start of each and every life,
There also begins a time of death.
The pain of birth and our first breath
But with death there is no midwife

The same with love, as with our life
We dream of one of whom we care,
Then what was hope, becomes despair
And all to often care turns to strife.

The pattern starts when strangers meet
Forming its shape with each passing day.
With truth and friendship, there's no decay.
The end of life is where soul partners greet.



Love is not just a word or a feeling
It is the meaning for our existence.
It is always a reason for persistence
And what better way of life's dealing.

Love has never been a physical thing
Yet the only way most prove, is by act.
It may be true, some cannot see a fact
And spend their life always doubting.

You show them time and time the facts
For a while they believe what they see
Suddenly they are filled with jealousy
And fearful of all your previous acts.

What can you do but handle with care
There is no way to cure but time
Love and patience prevents any crime
And the advice, "Always be aware!"



Ask me, I'll tell you, I am insane
I work my arse off and for why
And so it must be until I die.
And then it all goes down the drain.

Winters past, now there's a joke
Whilst I lie here bedridden, spent
My weekly pensions getting a dent
I hear laughter from another bloke.

You worked your all life for a Swatch
Worth less than when you were born
"Your mad" he said with a look of scorn
Be part of life instead of a stupid watch.

Like Scrooge, my life links to a chain
And I saw my life go up in smoke
Cursing with every word I could avoke
Pray my next life's not the same again.


No Regrets

I do not regret my life nor lose sleep
As it passes like smoke from a chimney
Bruises and broken limbs are often costly
The lessons learned did not come cheap.

Now Autumns cold has me in her grip
A young man again I will never be
I'm content with things as I now see
As quickly into winter my life doth slip.

My wandering spirit is less and less
Still you love and stir my heart aflame,
As I continue to love thee just the same
Nor lost the freshness of Cupid's bless.

Oh life, do my desires grow tamer,
Or is life all just a useless deed,
When in springs echoing early seed
Now I'm nought but an aged dreamer.

My heart feels the chill of Autumn
No longer beating as once it did
As in spring, down banisters, I slid
Now climbing upstairs is a problem.

We are all mortal, watching silently
As the trees spill their leaves of copper
Then death announces her final offer
And dreams of you will come perfectly.


Not Just Another Day

Do not think that you can just lay
At ease and wait the sun's caress
And dawn with hued colour dress
This morn is not just another day.

The gentle winds of morn makes sway
And autumns breezes scent the air
Playing gently with the walkers hair
This morn is not just another day.

If time froze would we wish to stay
The pleasant breeze, the start of morn
What is the reason for any scorn?
This day was not just another day.

With the evening its time for play
And talk of love and similar things
Then sleep, to see what morning brings
This day was not just another day.


Oh Nipple!

What a wondrous creature thou art
Thou who art so small doth make
Me love thee for thy very sake
Belonging of my love, tho so small a part

As a child I would suck so well on thee
Would lick and lap ever at thee so
From thy sleep a treasured acorn grow.
As a man for pleasure I suck so avidly

Thou pert ring that grows with fire
Hidden and covered from other eyes
Open to my view to tease and tantalise
Thy dark areole that swells so with desire

Keys that opens locks to treasure doors
Avidly each night and day I seek
Should I turn thee passions wreak
To find thy lustful pleasure pours.


Passions Tribute

Breathe not so deep my love to sound like a sigh
Rather each breath shall be a tribute to passion
Each kiss given in pleasure rather than ration
That take thee to heights above where angels fly.

Touch not so wary my love I am all thine
Waiting and wanting that confluence be it of hand,
Or lip, or more you have only to demand
Your eyes conquered me wishing we combine.

My heart responds in kind, likewise agreeing
And pounds in tempo like a marching drum.
Calling me, come to me, come to me, come
Thy passionate lips are all that I am now seeing!!

You have won me, you control my whole being
I am yours forever, or until Eternity is done
And even then it will seem like love's just begun
Cupid can only nod and smile in his agreeing.


Questions at a Distance

Too soon time flies, then lovers part
Then spend their time regretting waste.
Should wasted times together be replaced
By ones not thought of at the start.

But think, what did you really miss,
One extra coupling, one extra touch?
Were you not together very much,
Or do you just long for one more kiss?

Consider only that you were there
Two lovers who for one short while
Where love and honesty the only style
Shared and laid their souls out bare.

Lasting promises were made to care
Locked with care in memories file
And although apart is still worthwhile
Looking forward to be once more there.


Return to Normal

The drumming of rain penetrates the night
Pouring tiny droplets onto the parched soil
Diamonds sparkle and into puddles coil
The earth too long denied keeps up its fight.

Like a woman too often betrayed refuses suit
Suspicious of the truth and the bounty offered.
The crickets sing in the lull, as a just reward
Because of the rain they are no longer mute

Stars welcome the distraction alone and apart
Separated by the stark stillness of the universe
Whist they now smile no longer feeling terse
And take a vicarious pleasure in what will start

While lovers, believe normality has returned
Still believe they shine for them and them alone;
Make love 'neath stars to nature's soothing tone
Realising now only love will leave hearts burned.


Vampire Moon

Mine is not to pursue, nor is it to entice,
But realise a realm exists not of man
Where life is not measured in your span
And drinking human blood will suffice.

Hear the subtle beat of leathered wings
And see the silhouette against my light.
Too late, you have ventured in the night
For up here I can see what misery it brings.

Looking down after I see an empty shell
Of what was a happy and ordinary life
It has fed off someone's husband or wife
One more soul is added to the ranks of Hell.



The Waratah waves at the midday sun,
See a sea of red on sandy soil,
And like the Lily she does not toil
Whilst our day at work is well begun.

As fresh life o'er mountains starts to run,
Nectar seeking birds in early spring,
Cause seeds to spread on wooden wing.
The Waratah waves at the midday sun.

Born of flame when bushfires are done,
Beauteous seas from the Darling mouth,
Reach down to Conjola in the south.
The Waratah waves at the midday sun.

Revelling as being the chosen one,
New South Wales art forms reveal
This wondrous flower on their seal,
A Waratah waving at the midday sun.



X for the loser

How can my heart be trusted again?
Too easy I gave it and now its back
It once was red but now it's black
Like it's been dragged along a dirty plain.

The memories I hope time will erase
But times were good, you gave me hope
Those sugared words, made me a dope
I realise now you were just a craze.

The spoils of war are at your feet
It was not love I realise it now
Or even lust, that I would allow
I finally admit you have me beat.


X Roads

Ragged kid with snotty nose
Clutching life in old black bag
Feeling life has been a drag
Ignores what we presuppose.

Teenage kid with challenges
Feeling life's more certain now
Brushes hair away from brow
Learning to handle changes.

Now a father with snotty kid
Buying his son a new black bag
His son will never be in rags
As he remembers all he did.


You Have Become

You have become a presence in my mind.
I do not like it, no longer is my mind free
Instead, waking time is with thoughts thee
Thoughts once controlled and simple kind.

In my minds eye I see you everywhere
Each waking moment steals all my time
Someone to me who's become sublime
In thoughts so different to what was there

Now wander off in space, to leave me blind
Thinking about something's that could just be
Of the future, of love and of you and me
The way our souls around each other wind.



The spirit of the times; The trend of thought and feeling in the period.
Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary.

Spring is the beginning of life again
This world is cold, refreshed and new.
To all of winter's ills we bid, “Adieu”
As fresh life smiles and welcomes rain.

With time for thought, casting off old evils,
Seeing all new life beginning to form and shoot.
Inspired as life is green, pushing out new roots
Whilst forgetting all about last years travails.

Scents and odours forgotten in darker times,
In a world that is cold, refreshed and new.
Still building, creating life no time for review
And motivating old poets to write new rhymes.

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Divena Collins

Beauty Becomes You

To savour your sweet perfumes
those velvet petals sublime,
always there in summertime
most exquisitely tinted blooms.

An enchanting beauty to see
a friend in june, ever appears
bearing dawns dew drop tears,
and profusion of sweet potpourri.


Cross Roads

Beggars cant be choser they say
So whatever whichway may I take
Past has shown I made a mistake
Tomorrow shall be another day.

Lost in a daze of factual charm
Within a journey so unbeknown
A signpost shall never be shown
Venturing forth reverts to harm.

Bleak the skyline that lies ahead
There is no way of turning back
An eternal future time shall lack
Cast aside as rejection instead.

Yet to go back to whence I came
And venture forth another road
Shall this then enlighten my load
Or have I only got love to blame.



Curiosity shall never go a miss
When it is over the garden wall
Tho' ladies may not climb at all
Refinement forgot to dismiss

Curiosity had taken a final stand
Only what was destined to be
Just what their eyes had to see
Ladders shall be a helping hand.

Curiosity of what they had seen
Was not what they thought at all
But of child and a dog playing ball
Not a thing that eyes shall screen.

Curiosity caused them to tumble
ladders had slipped from the wall
Over they went bloomers and all
And all upon earth was a jumble.

Curiosity if only they had known
Would have caused their plunder
All those airs were cast asunder
For the pride they left had shown.

Art By Eugene De Blaas (Curiosity)


Depth Of Love

A certain touch of love beguiles
Of wanton bliss that lingers deep
That I may within my heart keep
His tender words I shall compile.

Of all wondrous moments sought
That only lovers eyes shall impose
Such depth within all may enclose
For what reveals hinders nought.

Cupids dart bore this love no pains
For pleasure may prevail forever
Eternal lovers shall perish never
Whilst a presence of love remains.


The Four High Seasons


Spring awakens, to sweet bird song,
and bulbs sprout up, towards sun,
children playing, having fun
daylight is meant to prolong.


The sun at it`s hottest today,
off to the beach they will go,
with pretty maids, all in a row
in a summer beauty display.


Leaves of trees begin to fall,
yellow, red, and russet brown.
ripening fruits, in forest found
country scenery, to enthral.


I wandered over hill, and dales,
thro`forests, and fields once gold,
climbed high, snowy mountains bold,
and the cold north wind prevails.


Green Grow Lilies O'

Dark the shrouds that gather round
Spirits arise from the living dead
Green grow the lilies upon their bed
Within a valley that ne-er slept sound.

There shall be the toll of a bell
That awakens this sleep of silence
The living shall have no defence
When spirits return from a cell.

Cast aside a bush that surround
The ghostly images of palid face
That shall not leave a final trace
As they return back to the mound.


Goosey Lane

There is a hobbit in Goosey lane
That dwelt a maid with locks of gold
Magical potions she made I am told
That proved the ill to be well again.

Cast aside conventional cures
None of which helped the needy
All survived were pale and seedy
Herbs grew free within the moors.

Spells of cantation speaketh forth
Her black kettles are upon the boil
Rubble bubble within tea tree oil
That renders it all so much worth.

Yet all that dwells down Goosey lane
A favoured few faes and gnomes
But herbs protect the forest homes
So all may be fit and well again.


Hearts Burn

All is lost, I am no more
for my heart has broke in half,
what had started with a laugh,
now has hurt my feelings sore.

I dont know, which way to turn
tell me why is love so cruel,
plays with words, a poets fuel
as treasured feelings burn

Why, do lovers make me cry,
Is it all a horendous game,
can it ever be quite the same,
will there ever be, a you, and I.


I Am As I Am

I am me, and cannot change
always been so, all my days
I may be set in my ways
and can appear very strange.

I try to be a better me
can be hard for me indeed,
many a time, I don`t succeed.
friends that know me agree.

This day I found a nice lover
he told me, he loved me dear
in his arms he held me near
I never dreamed of another,

Life is very important to me
in sadness, happiness and fun,
share a big hug with everyone,
for I am, as I am, tenderly.


Il Tango

I feel this love song coming on
When my voice is tuned to you
All I need is a kiss maybe two
And a loving arm to rest upon.

I feel like a dance with you close
Close together inspires me much
Of moments when I need to touch
My feelings have needs to expose.

I feel much too much a romancer
May it be my lips I should seal
However then should you feel
Questions of love need answers.


I shall be there

I shall be there, forever for you.
in heart, spirit, desirous dreams
fantasies that reign supreme,
one day will then become true.

I shall be there, to hold your hand
to lead you thro`loves paradise,
that`s only seen through misty eyes.
in a distant and tranquil land.

I shall be there, dearest one
if you will be there for me,
in love for all of eternity,
which is never to be undone.


Lost In A Maze

Here I am again lost in a maze
My sense of direction has flown
There is no instructions shown
No matter where I focus my gaze.

Shall I be the fool that agreed
To be here in the first place
I have no knowledge to trace
Shall I ever be internally free`d

A labyrinth of pathways unknown
Never shall I venture the final phase
And whats more my brains in a haze
If only I could find my cell phone.


Loves Emotions

I who have loved and now lost
What once was is never to be
loves emotion was not for me
My heart may suffer the cost.

What I thought was once as true
That nothing would ever destroy
The hopefulness of eternal joy
Has ended with an abrupt adieu.

I cast no blame upon inner pain
For true love never runs smoothe
Kind words the pain shall soothe
Until it happens to both yet again.

Is it better to have loved once
Than never to have loved at all
Feelings may reveal a final call
If only a forgiving response.


Nordic Warriors

Here I am again lost in a maze
My sense of direction has flown
There is no instructions shown
No matter where I focus my gaze.

Shall I be the fool that agreed
To be here in the first place
I have no knowledge to trace
Shall I ever be internally free`d

A labyrinth of pathways unknown
Never shall I venture the final phase
And whats more my brains in a haze
If only I could find my cell phone.


Och Aye It's Burns Night

If I may cook a haggis laddie
Will ye tak a wee bite wi` me
Och a wee dram O whiskys free
Or heaps of yon herbs in caddie.

Dinna be feart tae wear yer kilt
Wi a spurron laid oer thee plaid
A highland man may not be staid
For he sways his plaid wi`a lilt.

If lads do not cross legs when sat
Whatever is his lass meant to do
When all is open and there to view
Yet a man is a man for awe that.


Over The Hills And Far Away

I`m over the hill and far away
to a land of love and peace,
where my feelings I release
and my heart will yearn to stay.

Where the sun will always shine
and my dreams shall all come true
where troubles are all but few,
in this fantasy world of mine.

I`m over the hill and far away
with my idol Sharpes Sean Bean
well a woman can but dream
it would certainly make my day.



I saw my first snowdrop today
Such a welcome sign of spring
Not even birds stay awake to sing
Lest the moment should fade away.

I heard my first cuckoo this morn
A welcome woodland echoed call
He only cuckoo`ed once thats all
Upon the bough of an old hawthorn.

Tho' I saw and heard natures bliss
That awakens my thoughts herein
To be without would be a sin
How may I not greet natures kiss.


Rosa Canina

Sweet the briar rose upon a bough
Sigh of scent in a summer breeze
Seduces flights of the wild bees
Nectar sweet honey they endow.

Thy corona may tease to entice
Longingly within natures stance
Within the blush of a wild dance
Purity thou shalt ne-er sacrifice.

Thou who remains within purity
Thy thorn shalt be of good use
Protects thee from much abuse
With natures form of security.



What tames a pain that festers deep
What aches within a broken heart
Shall this be love that is torn apart
Or may it be the lack of sleep.


Softly They Whisper

Softly they whisper sweet love,
as they lay in each other arms
revealing, endearing, charms
`neath the moon, and stars above.

Kisses like wine, they bestow,
on bodies, with sensual touch
true lovers, treasure so much,
as they let their feelings go.

To rest on a bed of feathers
feeling rapturous love sublime,
both lost in each other, and time.
wrapped in their dreams together.

Softly they whisper sweet love,
the moon, and the stars disappear,
as the dew sheds a gentle tear,
from the mist, of a cloud above.



As thunder rolled thro`clouds
lightening flashed in the sky,
seagulls flying low did cry,
and mist had formed a shroud.

Torrential rain washes roads
sheets of water drowning all.
rainbow haze, afloat with oil
formed on puddles, hues explode.

Sirens sounding through the night
danger ahead as storm advances,
car windscreen, raindrops dances,
moon now hidden, away from sight.

It never really rains but pours,
Car is stuck in quick sand mire,
with broken lamp, one flat tyre,
lost, remote, four locked doors.


Whispering Breeze

A Whispering summer breeze
that dances `neath the bowers,
where pretty, foxglove flowers
gently kiss the Willows leaves.

The morning sun hath arisen,
to a magical dew kissed scene,
of pinks, and yellows, and green
natures finest gifts, are given.

As wild birds awaken in song,
from highest bough in the trees,
in the softest whispering breeze
. on this earth all summer long.



Many moons ago when earth was young
Past ancestors cared for their land
With the strength of a caring hand
Their land of plenty shared among.

Beasts of the land roam as free
Upon rights of a natural source
That not a bylaw dare to force
Such was the pledge of the Cree.

Until a tall ship came from the sea
With trinkets that spoke of no worth
They were beckoned to bring forth
All of their inheritance for free.

No more the tribes of warriors roam
All had been taken with nothing left
Of natural instincts sad and bereft
Gone with a tribals ancestral home.

A prophet stood upon a mountain
To pledge his past ancestors call
'Tis but the meek who inherits all
It shall be them once more to gain.

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Jem Farmer

A Friendly Face

Enclothed in petaled blushful grace,
more lovely than mere words can say,
a friendly face, on summer's day,
as delicate as finest lace.

Her fragrant breath, my solace brings
in scented blooms of sheer delight,
recalling dreams of love tonight,
as nightingale so softly sings.


Le Visage d'une Fille


Sent la pluie comme un ete anglais.
Comme les notes d'une chanson lointaine
Sortant de derriere d'un poster esperant
Que la vie ne fut si longue.

Steve Strange


Sent la pluie comme un ete anglais
The masks of unshed tears are laid to rest
as deeper truth unfolds between the screams
and pain of years amid my secret dreams
released by solemn words, so long repressed.
Feel the rain like an English summer

Comme les notes d'une chanson lointaine

I hear her voice across the sands of time
the songs remain as dreams to soothe my heart
when words of rage are said to tear apart
my mind. My love of 'she' is not a crime.
Hear the notes of a distant song

Sortant de derriere d'un poster esperant

I walk in freedom, proud of who I am,
the ghosts of guilt no longer haunt my soul,
this masquerade must end, the truth my goal
and bias means nothing, who gives a damn?
Stepping out from a backdrop poster

Que la vie ne fut si longue.

If only 'she' were here beside me now
I feel 'her' love, in faith 'she' keeps me strong
I'll not complain that life is dull or long
a promise made, it's time to keep that vow.
Wishing life wouldn't be so long


Love's Incantation

High priestess neath the summer moon,
she cast her spell upon my heart,
my senses simply fell apart
as magic sung of love's sweet tune.

High priestess neath the autumn sky,
with gentle hands she captured me,
yet in my hunger set me free,
as falling leaves meander by.

High priestess in the winter snow,
with love's embrace she keeps me warm,
two hearts unite in ritual form,
as fiery embers softly glow.

High priestess in the springtide's mist,
the endless turning of life's wheel,
and she alone can know I feel,
the passion found when our love kissed.


Rustling Leaves

A cascade splashes mountain pool
while rowan trees reveal the shade
and rustling leaves of thought invade
the summer's air begins to cool.

When searing days and sultry nights
so make the way of autumn's gold
another year is growing old
are you the one still in my sights?

Those times when life sets us apart
I wonder is it you that would
in autumn's mist, I know you could
unveil the love inside my heart.


Summer Love 1

The summer sun invites our lips to kiss,
the warmth of love is calling from the sea,
as passion brewed over strawberry tea,
can love linger beyond a season's bliss.
The crimson nights we shared along the beach,
as sun sets down beneath the ocean curl,
our tactile hearts' intent upon the sands unfurl,
can lover linger beyond a season's reach?


When the Goddess Called my Name

No love could breathe around my blackened soul,
that night I looked to vivid lunar skies,
a lonely wind of change as life took toll,
I heard the pipes of Pan and whispered sighs.
Where witches dance to Nature's true devise,
the mystic Lady came and called my name,
and magic dreams began to fill my eyes.
Oh Queen of silver light my heart is tame,


With a Kiss I Die

That first sweet kiss that led me far away
To quickened senses and long sultry nights
With heated wantings for promised delights
As with the wind I watched my caution play.

Her sparkling eyes could melt a heart of ice
They caressed the soul with hidden desire
Igniting sparks of a forgotten fire
Defying words of once bitten advice.

For passion reigns wherever we may lie
To feed the hunger that carries her name
Then whisper love and lust are just the same
And kisses are the only way to die.

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Leny Roovers


Your hands send thrills across my skin,
my body comes awake with glee;
soft rippling shivers set me free
while replete sighs rise deep within.

I watch your hands play guitar's strings,
your head bowed to her graceful curves;
she sings her joy without reserves
as senses float on music's wings.

Mind's mirror shows a peaceful lake
where tiny ripples drift ashore;
above, small birds of pleasure soar,
their flight dispersing long held ache.

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