2013 Poetry Theme Challenges

#22 Reasons to Give Thanks

Thank you all who took up the last challenge. I hope this next one provides you some food for the muse. I believe there is always something to be thankful for and as we are coming up to what our US friends call Thanksgiving this particular theme seems appropriate.

Quote - Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you'll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you'll find that you have more of it - Ralph Marston

So Lets Play


Gratitude by Sri Chinmoy

In the life of aspiration and dedication
The gratitude-deer always runs the fastest,
Always achieves the most,
Always becomes the perfection-satisfaction
Of the highest
Most fulfilling and fulfilled
Supreme in us.

Gratitude is not a human achievement.
Gratitude is a divine treasure
Granted to us
By the inner Pilot within us,
The Absolute Supreme.

Useful Words and Phrases.

Artistic appreciation
Glorious gratitude
Cheers Mate

Reasons to Give Thanks

Terry Clitheroe

A Gentle Wind
De Bortali
Il Percorso Sotto le Stelle
Indigo scenes
Nae One Believes
Love Letter
Rhythm of Love
Two Sharing Souls

Divena Collins

Cosy Dreams
Embers of Love
Wind Song

Jem Farmer

Melting Honey
Soothing Sound

Leny Roovers


Peter Willowdown

Sky Blue Dream

Terry Clitheroe

A Gentle Wind

A gentle wind blows away all of my cares
It has changed from land to seaward now
And to the cool incoming breeze I bow
The birds more alive sing their nightly prayers.
The days heat moves towards black clouds
I sit back with my glass of wine savouring
The wine, the coolerness, and the acclimating
Silence as the night has dispersed the crowds
Late summer gives out its own awards
Schools are back and noisy kids are gone
And dreams will be here at least till dawn
As always, pleasant music is its own reward
I lean back contemplating just a line or two,
Feeling I could write the whole night through.



You were always privy to my heart
Hearts linked, you were part of me
Never ever mine how could you be
For a while that now seems so short.
Those days together long since gone
The times together so bittersweet
Time had wings when ere we'd meet
Each precious moment I still dwell on.
Those time apart listening to your song
I still listen now I cant stop the feeling
Wondering why my hearts not healing
Knowing to someone else you belong.
Time and tide won't mend this heart
It will always hurt whilst we're apart.

Forever - Always by Octavio Ocampo



We see ourselves new
each time that we meditate
sometimes truly as we are.
are disappointed
not meeting expectations
ignoring our potential.
sitting feeling warm
relaxed discovering ourselves
all burdens are cast aside
with meditation
your mind is open to God
regardless of religion
completely relaxed
there is nothing happening
therefore everything happens.

Inspired by Ocean of Dharma


De Bortali

No ink in my pen
how can I write down my thoughts
suddenly the're gone again.
Loading pen once more
whilst drinking a glass of port
I think, the drought is over.
Curious, about that
what would happen with blue ink
would I have a different mood?
I'll try red next time
does that mean it will be hot
or is it just the port?



Gentle colour thoughts
the truth spoken through your eyes
the blueness that is yourself
Golden smiles within
brighter than any sunlight
truer than anything owned.
Redness of your lips
warming my heart when we kiss
there's no winter within you.
Greenness you have lost
gaining awareness of life
retaining your innocence.
Rainbows envy you
they cannot compete with you
in radiance or colour.


Il Percorso Sotto le Stelle

When there is nothing above us but stars
Below us is the path we choose to walk
Do not rush your thoughts, let us just talk
Let me walk with you and it will be ours.
And linger in some spot for untold hours
If perhaps in time we should choose to kiss
For what is love but time spent just in bliss
When there is nothing above us but stars.
We will watch as the icy mist disappears
In the freshness of morn plan our schemes
They will have warmed each of our dreams
When there is nothing above us but stars
Time can’t be controlled in spite of power
Ignore them love, let's find a fragrant bower

When there is nothing above us but stars
Then heaven is open for us to touch
So that each time we reach out to clutch
What are clouds but blankets, never bars
Must we treat the shadows like our fears
The moon lights up our path along our way
That in time might just betray?
When there is nothing above us but stars
Now ethereal gifts from light years afar
Consider them once part of something whole
Time has blessed us and took away control
When there is nothing above us but stars.
The path we take is carved by life's scars
When there is nothing above us but stars.


Indigo Scenes

See blue butterflies flying from the blue moon
To say they're hordes or swarms would be unjust
A crowd too cruel; more like a glorious gust,
Blown by a heavenly wind that will end too soon.
The mood is set the sky is blue, but tis day
Though we have little time to wait til death
Tis no problem at all to hold one's breath
When night appears with her unique display.
The redness has gone it's dark for just a while
Except the stars suddenly have all turned blue
The celebrity of the night comes into view
That indigo scene makes it all worthwhile.
And in the blue light of this night all is still
It always was and no doubt always will.



Karma is the law
cause and effect the result
governed by our actions.
Concepts that we use
developing more knowledge
to understand confusion.
Current situation
caused by our past actions
resulting our state of being.
Learn to know yourself
teach yourself inner peace
it will help you grow inside.


Love Letter

I'm reminded of how our life has been
Sitting, looking at your photograph again
By now it's strong regardless of the strain
Until we met merely a poor life scene.
My previous life I can now throw away
Out of madness I have finally emerged
Brighter because we've now converged
Helping me wile away each empty day.
When you're not here I can still view
Since I met you wanting you to stay
Images created for a while to play
It will not replace you, but it will do.
I don't need this to remind me of you
This picture keeps my memory true.


Nae one believes

A man and a woman fell in love at the fair
Och aye, and she was bonny and fair of face
And he was handsome and his pulse did race
Strangers at first, but in time, sae much maire.
So they wed and bided in their house together
In time bore bairns blue of eye and red of hair
But fate had controlled how they had met unaware.
She blossomed maire than flowers wi the heather.
Misery was never a thing that they knew
No-one believes good things can happen
Take time out, believe, leave your minds open.
With the years all they touched happiness grew.
With a smile designed to light up humanity
You realise good things are what should be.


Rhythm of Love

When we make love, I feel our souls tapping feet
A rhythm that we feel as being so divine
Our heartbeats meld beating to the same time.
It is then we know that our love is complete.
A smile is a song a kiss a simple symphony
Loving is a concerto by Cupid or Higher
Stronger the rhythm beats the greater the fire
A melodious love created by you and me.
But at the end of loving the music does not die
A metronome still clicks away gently all day
Every day the tempo constant, come what may
There's a guarantee that it'll beat past eternity.
Life and love with you is a melody all the way
And no matter what happens, it's here to stay.

Rhythm of Love III - Santosh Chattopadhyay



Like a fresh palette
twilight brings its own colours
unlike bright contrasts of day
its own uniqueness
temporary, but such is life
showing more gentle pastels
daytime cannot show
afternoon of life begins
heralding the setting sun
and nights new canvas
brings black and shadowed grey
hiding the colours making day.


Two Sharing Souls

I love to speak the language of your soul,
It's not written in words but looks and deeds.
Those looks and acts fulfil all our earthly needs
And doing so each look and deed makes us whole.
To be in love you do not need to hear
Love's a language that's based on how you feel.
Word's defy the truth and can deny what is real,
Yet words are needed to remove all that you fear.
The language of the soul exists around the world
It knows not race or creed or what you are
And knows each pair that loves attains a star
That watches caring as their lives become unfurled.
At time's end two sharing souls call their star down
And thankfully, fix it carefully to their gown.

Eleanor Fortescue - Brickdale - Romeo and Juliets Farewell



Our souls have joined
even though we're worlds apart
space does not separate us.
Our lives ever join'd
til now it is only time
that dared separate us.
Fate ordained it so
you are my mate, my soul love
we share our lives and our tasks.
Sometimes we meet late
having spent our life searching
I know it's the same with you.
This must be our chosen less'n
but rest assured as we learn
closer comes the final time.
Each life and each love
brings us closer together
to our final unison.

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Divena Collins

Each Coming Night

Soft the voice that vibrates my very soul
upon a silent note that whispers of love
like an incoming breeze sent from above
drifting onwards towards the final goal
that carried emotions afloat on the river
I heard his sweet refrains on reflection
and discovered a blissful recollection
for the voice I heard was my soul giver
deep yet softly he sang of love's emotion
and this finally had awakened my heart
within pure rhapsody of loves devotion
all of my defences had shattered apart
shall recall those moments a life time long
each coming night within his soft love song.

The Lovers - Gustav Courbet


Embers of Love

Casting aside deep thoughts of rejection
feeling only the love you cherish within
it is there in your eyes that plead to begin
weakness of mind may need his protection
cherish this tenderness love has to give
and share of the same affection unto him
for love was never meant to be just a whim
if love is forever, togetherness shall live
hot is the passion of the flaming ember
that reach the climax of a burning pire
which shall not quench a flame of desire
remains deep within both to remember.
the creation of love is all it may seem
Spent of all passion as lovers redeem.



shadows disappear
when strings of a harp play
within fantasies dreams.
when past to future
is scattered to the wind
shall it return as before ?
the circle of life
forever spins within gravity
from distant past to future


Time Past

So long may it be
I heard a cuckoo call
must of been last spring
yet I hear her still
but only within a memory
times past feels like yesterday
when the seasons fade
may there be then a future
tomorrow this day is past.


Wind Song

As soft as winds blow
a violet haze of sunrise
within a dawning whisper
drifting gently by
shall be of a soothing kind
to prey on one who dreams
with songs softly sung
as a sweet scent of mimosa
drifting upon a soft wind song
all shall be of calm
the start of a new dawning
awakens upon a violet hue.

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Jem Farmer

Melting Honey

Unsated cravings trail over my skin
Demanding senses to embrace the fire
No words of love are left on my pillow
When no time is left to simply admire
The tendrils of wanting that tease within
Each eager touch a temptation of fate
As kisses melt like honey in the heat
In trashy cheap hotel rooms slicked in dust
Tasting musky sweat is nevermore sweet
When the heart is left out of a date
And as the sunlit drapes softly billow
The cash is given for cracks of willow
And welted skin a symbol of trust
As once again I give in to my lust


Soothing Sound

The heart that beats to echo words of love
To soothe the fears that fill a winter's night
As gentle as the touch of satin gloved hands
To fill the darkness with the sense of light
And whisper those sweet things dreams are made of.
A smooth sensation that slowly unwinds
The tensions and stress of the working day
Just like the lapping waves on the shore sands
To ease the turmoil of living away
That place where love has its meeting of minds
Where footsteps barely brush upon the ground
And silent thoughts become a lovers' kiss
When no one else can fill that deep abyss
The heart pulses its own soothing sound

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Leny Roovers

Sicilian Sonnet

I'm thankful for the beauty in each day;
crisp clearness of the early morning sky,
the seasons in my garden, year's array;
high soaring gulls, hearing their far-off cry.
Bright birdsong of my feathered friend the jay,
his blue-tipped wings delight my watchful eye;
he loves the acorns that I found today
and picking up the last one, calls goodbye.
My heart is filled with love at beauty's bliss,
Mozart's concertos opening my soul;
lifting my face to feel my lover's kiss,
his hand in mine, this sharing makes us whole.
I know our bond is strong and reminisce,
just grateful for this love, my life's new goal.

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Peter Willowdown

Sky Blue Dream

When I was a young man
I had a sky blue dream.
Although I never met you physically in the world I placed a garland
of yellow flowers around your neck
and a tika of pollen on your brow.

When I lay down to sleep at night I thought I heard the flute of Krishna
calling from across the river
and sometimes in the morning I am awakened by the sound of bees
recalling lullabies they learnt beneath the stars of eternal summer in Brindhavan.

As I grew older my dreams gave way to disappointment and at some point
I began to doubt the veracity of all things
and wondered if even the sweetest of enchantments eas but a form of delusion or fiction,
the subtlest of the traps of Mara
in which God Himself was the most deluded dream of all.

What was his purpose in imagining the vast, perfumed panoply of the universe
when all beauty is but born from pain
and incarnate spirits strive with suffering and hardships
to achieve... what?
Mountains grow old,
the stars grow cold
all forms and aspirations perish or are distorted beyond recognition
not even the coloured ghosts they first raised from dust
are remembered for more than a handful of seconds or years,
dissolved spectres in tasteless air...

Yet thankfully, even doubts and aprehensions are delusions too
with litle more substance than coloured soap bubbles
and will be forgotten and dissolved
as time and ego are disolved in the indivisible infinitude.

Yet sometimes, sometimes, I am haunted by the promise
of my early sky blue dream
and once again I seem to briefly hear the elusive notes of a melodious flute
calling from across an invisible river,
music heard beneath the Midnight Sun
and the songs of Birds of Paradise
tremble in my heart,
songs to make both angels and demons weep.

One morning I awoke and wept, so beautiful and fragile was my dream
though it faded in a matter of minutes,
leaving only loss and longing
that returned again in the evening.
I looked beneath my pillow to see if there was a flower there
but there was nothing,
not even a patch of moisture from the fallen tear
of a passing celestial poet.
No, nothing...

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