2013 Poetry Theme Challenges

#20 Halloween And All Things Spooky

Thank you all who took up the last challenge. I hope this next one provides you some food. for the muse.

The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now. - Bill Cosby

The Apparition

When by thy scorn, O murd'ress, I am dead
And that thou think'st thee free
From all solicitation from me,
Then shall my ghost come to thy bed,
And thee, feign'd vestal, in worse arms shall see;
Then thy sick taper will begin to wink,
And he, whose thou art then, being tir'd before,
Will, if thou stir, or pinch to wake him, think
Thou call'st for more,
And in false sleep will from thee shrink;
And then, poor aspen wretch, neglected thou
Bath'd in a cold quicksilver sweat wilt lie
A verier ghost than I.
What I will say, I will not tell thee now,
Lest that preserve thee; and since my love is spent,
I'had rather thou shouldst painfully repent,
Than by my threat'nings rest still innocent.

John Donne

Useful Phrases

Spooky Skies
Headless Hauntings
Grey ladies
Evil Laughter
Ghostly daughters

Happy quilling to you all


Halloween and all things spooky

Terry Clitheroe

All Hallows
Ballad of the Night
The Crow
Cry Loudly
New Moon
Red Lady

Divena Collins

Demonic Powers
Halloween Vs Guy Fox
Unlikely Tale

Jem Farmer

Waiting Room

Terry Clitheroe

All Hallows....Busta Sonetto

In the still of the night as I wander dark halls
I still sense a movement in time with mine.
I stop and listen curious about what it could be
But all seems still here everything feels fine
As I pass darkness' hidden pictures on the walls.
But as much as I stop and listen it evades me
No Earthly form could be here this special night
No spirit either for they to have been distracted
And all forms but me have taken a special flight
Then I hear a noise, curious, what can it be
Then I smell it near, to me it's been attracted
Now I see it moving, a shadow on the wall
Moving closer, I see a sight that would appall
My heart stops, from life I've been subtracted


Ballad of the Night


And on the last day the word created flesh
and in its madness the flesh created fear,
but the flesh could not fear itself or fear alone
and so the flesh created fear of the night
and from that fear was created nights creatures

The horned bloodsucking slavering creatures
red eyed beasts their talons seeking your flesh.
You waken and remember your fear of the night.
The creatures awaken and remember your fear,
and stealthy movements in the house all alone

The creatures sense your fear and know you're alone
It makes no difference, you made these creatures
Your breathing hardens, your eyes widen in fear
But tis no use your, flesh is feeding the night

Part 1
Now the creature you created
is clawing at your door,
its tasted blood, its tasted flesh
and now its seeking more.
It feeds on pain, it feeds on fear
it needs to taste your throat.
you have created this dreadful thing
your fear so cheaply bought.
And now the moon and the night
helps to feed your fear.
This creature that you alone made
seeks the life that you hold dear.
Now the clouds cover the moon
the night becomes more black,
You cannot now call back your fear,
there is no turning back.

Part 2

The sounds of night, the noisy night
now help to feed your fear
Then you hear it, something's changed,
silence, loud and clear.
You listen close, you listen hard
the silence is complete
your breathing stops, you start to sweat
you hear your hearts loud beat.
Then the wind picks up and blows
black clouds across the sky
in that moment in time you realise
that you or it must die.
Now fear takes o'er, its icy touch
sending shivers down your spine
you see your bloody body stripped
laid out on evils shrine.

Part 3.

You hear a creature outside your room
and can smell its fetid breath
Its hideous stench now fills the air
with promises of death.
The charnel house from which it spawned
cast off from evils womb
now seeks to feed on your human flesh
and drag you to its tomb.
The stench grows great as rotting graves
eject their hideous content.
Seeking your body, seeking your mind,
your eternal soul to torment.
The final stench, that of hell itself
now pervades the room.
Your eternal soul is now at risk
and with it, eternal doom.

Part 4.

Now moving shadows torment you
and play upon the wall
the hungry creature of the night
on your throat will seek to fall.
Stalking, it moves about the room
teasing you with its presence
its muzzle high, sniffing the air
savouring your essence.
In the freezing air circling round your bed
you see its panting breath.
Soon, very soon you begin to realise,
that you'll be facing death.
You cannot move, you cannot scream
your paralysed with fear.
Your mind is making frantic sounds
that only you can hear.

Part 5

"Oh God" you pray "my God please help
and save me from this beast"
and dive beneath the covers warm
hiding from its hungry feast.
But God is day and this is night
He cannot hear your cries
You smell the stench of countless graves
where the rotting corpses lies
The covers are drawn you are exposed
and then you smell its breath
Your screams for help are pointless now
as you see the face of DEATH.



The Crow....Pantoum

Finally before you die
You hear the cawing of a Crow.
In the tree near where you lie
Calling you down below

You hear the cawing of a Crow.
Its Satan welcoming you
Calling you down below
The Crow is shouting out Halloo!

Its Satan welcoming you
Its Heaven saying goodbye
The Crow is shouting out Halloo!
Hear the sounds as you die

Its Heaven saying goodbye
See it sitting above your door.
Hear the sounds as you die
Welcomes you to Hell with its caw

See it sitting above your door.
It's stringent voice, it's loud halloo
Welcomes you to Hell with its caw
You see the pit, what can you do?

It's stringent voice, it's loud halloo
Dragging you closer to the hole
You see the pit, what can you do?
Feel Hell pulling on your soul.

Dragging you closer to the hole
It's sulphurous reeking Stygian smell
Feel Hell pulling on your soul
Guided by this bird from hell.


Cry Loudly....Villanelle

Cry loudly now, creatures of the night
As bent on it's way the creature flies
Leathered wings beat in the moonlight

The maidens open window comes in sight
Hair askew in slumber on her bed she lies
Cry loudly now, creatures of the night

Changing quietly he moves into her sight
At first there is fear, then loves surprise
Leathered wings beat in the moonlight

Her throat, her soul she offers, invites his bite
Eternal life, but death to see the sunrise
Cry loudly now, creatures of the night

Bodies joined in passion their flesh ignite
A Queen created a Queen of Darkness
Leathered wings beat in the moonlight

With vows exchanged in hellish might
His blood she drinks in wantonness
Cry loudly now, creatures of the night
Leathered wings beat in the moonlight


New Moon....Sicilian Octave

Tonight is the first new moon of this new year
Not ashamed just shy, wondering what's happening.
See, it hide within the clouds then disappear,
Just for a while, black clouds hide the golden ring
Liquid moonshine falls, welcome patches appear,
But this site is only a temporary thing.
With the site of gold again it's what we fear,
And brown dryness proves that rain's a passing thing.


Red Lady....Strambotto Variation

There she sat framed in the firelight
I watched her brush each flaming lock
Her red hair highlighted a flaming sight
And Fate watching us did not mock.
Instead this night a gift would be right
Regretting deeds, that this act would shock
Whilst darkness ruled, love would live
And once again she would have her man

Thus with this oath Fate forever swore
For just one night, spirit would be flesh
One night of darkness nothing more
Love would live and souls would mesh.
In spite of time I had to stop once more
As she rose and turned to meet afresh
That precious second was all it took
To realise why she was my all

She came to me with outstretched arms
Tears of joy running down her face
I surrendered easily to her charms
That she offered me with loving grace
Mad in love, her kisses made our heart race
Both accepting Fates gift without alarms
An eternity of love without any fears
A memories that would all those years.

Our kissing ignited our red hot passion
As quickly her red chemise fell to the floor
Our senses were sent reeling in celebration
Our cries of joy, together ever wanting more
Even though Fate showed us her compassion
Everything must end again making hearts sore
That damned cockerel, becomes dawns chime
Human feelings can’t transcend its allotted time.

Not ever dawn may we ever see it fill
And we cannot ever enjoy it together
But for us this compromise fits the bill
For be it known Ghosts will love forever.

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Divena Collins

Demonic Powers....Busta Sonetto

Be not afraid upon this dark hallowed eve
Of Demons who may seek the flesh of prey
When a full moon hides behind a dark cloud
Of shadowed victims they have led astray
'Twas plagued with terror they now achieve
Upon this night within a darkened shroud
Do not try to hide they shall seek and find
With blood shot eyes upon the likes of you
That may drive their prey out of their mind
Behold of the sky with lightening endowed
Electric storms shall strike more than a few
Upon this hallows eve that strikes you blind
For only a phantom of the night shall find
Within this power he shall manipulate too.


Halloween Versus Guy Fox....Busta Sonetto

A hooded shadow walks from shade unto light
Unto a sunlit glade that blinds a darkened sky
No other scary shadow was to walk this way
For only he could predict within his evil eye
How horrors of halloween plagues the night
With fears of demons upon a hallowed eve
Within a darkened sky aglow with fireworks
None but a phantom can fear those at play
Of laden flagons and gunpowder with corks
Or whatever else he may have up his sleave
If It shall all go according to his wicked plan
For a darkened sky shall alight within flame
There shall only be the innocent to blame
Until a Hallows pumpkin reveals their man.


Unlikely Tale....Romagnuolo

Hail this dark and sacred night of halloween
That wakes the dead within this darkened night
Do not tread where fearful phantoms have been
Nor follow paths that may be hidden from sight
Ripened fruits of earth may be your forfeit
Given within quantity must forever be discreet
For this must then go back to the natural heath
Sacred offerings to past spirits beneath.

Thus are the gifts supplied upon hallows eve
Ghost shall be present if only upon disguise
A more likely version that most shall believe
That shall be of virtue to those of the wise
For they shall be the prophets of the future
That the earth is a gift for all to nurture
Thus bequeaths a final statement of halloween
Predicted by spirits of the future unseen.

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Jem Farmer

Waiting Room

An old wistful mystery
lies deep within
long forgotten but
always remembered
in the silent tears that
broken souls

In the waiting room between
a breath and
a sigh
I heard her whisper
my name
in the silent scream
of her scythe.

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