2013 Poetry Theme Challenges

#19 Rain

Thank you all who took up the last challenge. I hope this next one provides some food for your muse.
So let's play....

Quote - Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky - Rabindranath Tagore Happy quilling to you all


My Sneaking Tears

How heavy fell the rain that day
From burdoned clouds of mournful grey.
The torrent forced them state their height
Composure swayed by onerous might.

My skin wrung wet with icy chill
As mud embraced that sodden hill;
But mind of mine had elsewhere gone
'Twas clouds abandoned I was on.

The driving drops advanced their gears
To camouflage my sneaking tears
Whence now did swell such floods of pain
To see me melt into this rain.

On equal bearing now were we
This rain myself in harmony.

Mark R Slaughter

Useful Phrases

Drifting clouds of darkness
Puddled reflections
The voice of Thor


Terry Clitheroe

Fall in Cape Cod
Finale in the Rain
Rain (Fat Chance)

Divena Collins

Four Strong Winds
Storm Clouds

Jem Farmer

Poets Domain

Terry Clitheroe

Fall in Cape Cod

The cold and sombre, purple skies of fall
Are memories that are precious to all now.
The screaming of children whilst they're playing ball
Replaced by gulls hungrily foraging for chow,
In the white capped surf that covers it all
And the crashing capped waves that dig and plough.
There is no crusted bread torn and fed by hand
Especially peanut-butter mixed with sand.

Especially peanut-butter mixed with sand.
Whilst white silver scars pattern every dark cloud
Presenting a different sky from a summer's strand.
And gone are the ghetto blasters booming so loud
And the screaming tyres as teenagers act so grand
Wintery rain now pours from the forming shrouds
Making the highway just a slippery black band
But a presence no more than nature will allow.


Finale in the Rain

On drizzling days in the forest of my mind
There is a power in grey, driving rain
Sometimes it's a power to overcome and
Sometimes it creates my most sombre moods
If only to cry like the sky, laden with tears
Overcoming the large leafed trees of thought
That bow in deference to the purging water.
Birds hunched and shivering on the branches
Sit mute, singing silenced, overcome
By the flood that creates its own sound
Then gradually it eases and silence pervades
Save for the occasional dripping of ideas
That drips down on the cleansed sheet
To form puddles of creativity finally.



Another sombre day
akin in hue
to the emotions
that writhes in the soul
and a formidable black sky seethes
imparting upon the earth
a curse with its blessings.
Too long in absentia
nature released its bounty
like a teenager ejaculating
abundant and wasted
most scattered on barren ground
seeing only the vulva
and the vagina ignored.



You gave me a brand new sweater
Forgetting that we were goinginto Spring
Because it was your Autumn
And it was getting cold
And you had thought about me.

Although it was Spring we had a cold spell
So I thought of you and wore your gift
As I wheeled my mother along the chosen route
Halfway, and it started spit, then rain
There was nowhere to shelter of course.

Murphy had struck once again

I got back to the home soaking wet
A nurse took my mother off me
As if blaming me for her wet condition
And I left with my tail between my legs
No longer the caring son
Now the thoughtless bastard!

I got home as the sun shone
And washed my treasured gift
Then hung it out to dry.

I left to do other duties
Coming back four hours later
I realised it had rained several times more.
My new sweater was wetter
Than when I hung it up.

Murphy had struck again
The bastard!!

Tomorrow I will go to the launderette
Wash my sweater
Then dry it in the drier.
It will be nice and fluffy again
And look like new.

Unless Murphy puts his five cents in!


Rain (Fat Chance)

It's spring once the time of the stretch of grey
Where broken farmers hire special men to pray.
A time of tears for Heaven, and wet thoughts
Belie another week more of rainfall naughts
The cooler night replaced by a hot sunny day

It's spring once the time of the stretch of grey.
It's spring once the time of the stretch of grey
Once careful strides avoided where puddles lay
Autumn greens not seen, still remaining brown.
Broken farmers forced to move to town
Because sunburnt crops cannot pay their way
It's spring once the time of the stretch of grey.

It's spring once the time of the stretch of grey
See northern cities flood causing much dismay
Now a day of rain has become a time of praise
Occasional splattered window on grey days
Soil too dry, starting to look like Saharan decay
It's spring once the time of the stretch of grey.

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Divena Collins

Four Strong Winds....Enclosed Triplets

Loud the thunder rolled through clouds
lightning streaked across the dark sky
While showers of mist formed shrouds.

Torrential rain upon the sodden roads
Of rainbow hazes streaked with oil
Within ripples as the floods explode.

Danger warns as the storm advances
Sirens sounding throughout the night
Impatient travellers taking chances.

Never drove in floods like this before
Sunken vehicles from four strong winds
Lose control within four locked doors.


Storm Clouds....Go Vat

Hot the sun that doth provoke a storm
So humid and bleak as the clouds form
Low and dark within the summer heat.

Though they say rain is what we need
Not just for us but for autumns seed
That promise a harvest so all may eat.

Who knows what our weather may do
Predictions may or may not prove true
But a cooler breeze shall be a treat.

So bring on the storm if you may chose
Weather man win`s but we shall not lose
All remains cooler when storms retreat.

Was that a rumbling from a dark cloud?
I think I better go it sounds very loud
My fear of lightning I shall never meet.

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Jem Farmer

Poet's Domain....Sicilian Strambotto

I hear winter in the gently falling rain
When skies are weary, cast down in autumn's grey
While Bach's music echoes through the writing brain
A poet shares breakfast coffee with John Suchet
His words flowing among the creative chain
As the pen and ink begin their working day
So it rains while dreams fill the poet's domain
And rhythmic rhyme and music come out to play.




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