2013 Poetry Theme Challenges

#13 On Feathered Wings

Thank you to all those who joined in with the last challenge, I hope you found the new format useful. Still staying with creatures I am narrowing it down to our feathered friends.

Quote "When thou seest an eagle, thou seest a portion of genius; lift up thy head!" William Blake

So let's play


The Dalliance of Eagles

Skirting the river road, (my forenoon walk, my rest,)
Skyward in air a sudden muffled sound, the dalliance of the eagles,
The rushing amorous contact high in space together,
The clinching interlocking claws, a living, fierce, gyrating wheel,
Four beating wings, two beaks, a swirling mass tight grappling,
In tumbling turning clustering loops, straight downward failing,
Till o'er the river pois'd, the twain yet one, a moment's lull,

A motionless still balance in the air, then parting, talons loosing,
Upward again on slow-firm pinions slanting, their separate diverse flight,
She hers, he his, pursuing.

Walt Whitman

On Feathered Wings

Terry Clitheroe

Memories of Owly
Your Wings
Divena Collins

Bird Boogie

Peter Willowdown

Sly Fox
Time Flies

Terry Clitheroe

Memories of Owly

Much too old to play with, they are all gone
And as I look I hear the sounds outside
To those avian calls I have become drawn
No longer to his advice must I abide.
Owly's still there though in my turbulent mind
Looking at me in his supercilious way
Until he realised I was no longer blind
And that my night was his normal day.
Wambi and Kanga have moved on to others
My children's children now enjoy them
But've enjoyed them staying with a brother
And there is no reason for me to condemn.
But Owly and I will be together always
Realising only love and loyalty really pays.



How often have I envied a bird
To do that sensibly is not absurd
I've flown higher out of their sky
I have the need and the desire to fly.

To achieve my need I have to cheat
They know, I know, they have me beat
Yet still each day I see them fly past
I have the need and the desire to fly.

Once it was a glider I was alone
Thermalling with them I felt I'd grown
Below black bottomed clouds a blast
I have the need and the desire to fly.

But yesterday I saw a scene of joy
I watched his flight he wasn't coy
Soaring, stunting, enjoying it all
Hence my need and my desire to fly.


Your Wings Have Touched My Heart

I have known you so short a time, and yet
I have known you so many lives beyond
In truth I know our lives are bonded forever
Your wings have touched my heart so strong.

The circles of life have touched us often
Life's circle continues in it we drift along
But we will know now life and love forever
Your wings have touched my heart so strong.

Next time who knows? What'll we be you and I
But I know each time where our hearts belong
On the wall of fate I wish I was the fly
Your wings have touched my heart so strong.

Wheels controlling our destiny are in line
I pray they will bring us ever closer along
I know, the wheel slows down each time
Your wings touch my heart so strong.

Wings of Love - Josephine Wall

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Divena Collins

Bird Boogie

Come on little bird lets go to the hop
Rock'n roll razamataz boogy and bop
Swing it chic come on now get with it.

Shake it to the left then to the right
Aint gonna stop 'til the mornins light
Not until you done astruttin` yer bit.

Dont tell me that birds cannot dance
Its a dead sure courtship for romance
For a bird indeed must prove hes fit.

He wont give up now thats for sure
What he needs his motives are pure
But will only have what she permits..

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Peter Willowdown

Sly Fox

Merlin came to see them off the next morning.
"Have you decided whether to take the extra foxes?" he asked.
"Frederick and Sly are against it," said Owl "but I'm not sure. I could really need your help!"

"Well," said Merlin,you must know that they'll tag along either way.I'd say make it official - at least that way you can have you eyes on them at all times..."

"Right," said Owl, "I'll do that - though I expect a rumpus or two."

Frederick caught the end of this but kept his peace. Looking from Owl to the wizard he was amazed at just how alike they were, they had the same eyebrows and from the side Merlins nose might be a beak! It was rumoured in popular myth that Merlin actually came from the future and was travelling backwards thru his life - this explained his remarkable powers of prophecy. Did he also have a Time Machine like Owl? Perhaps when this was all sorted he might get Ow lto take him into the future to find out the next ten years winners of the Grand National...

"Here," said Merlin,"this might come in useful."

"Er, what is it? "asked Owl,"it looks like an old pellet."

"It's a dehydrated Homing Pigeon," explained Merlin."if you get into trouble soak him in water and let him loose - he's always inordinately hunger once revived and will find his way to me to get a good feast. His name is Ackroyd.

Now, you might want to be a bit careful around Stonehenge and try to avoid Dartmoor - the Black Dog takes quite an interest in strangers... "


Time flies:

opalescent wings that shimmer like Lucifer's plumage,
probosci dipped in strange fluids and pus,
dead meats and open wounds,
tranferring poison to candies and sweets,
harbingers of Beelzebub's entropic empire,
Lord of pestilence and Decay.
Time flies,
hovering over your dinner today!

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