2013 Poetry Theme Challenges

#06 Tailored-togs and Glad-rags

What we wear may not be that important in the greater scheme of things but some items of clothing carry a story with them. It could be a wedding gown, a tatty old pair of jeans or anything else. The challenge is to share those stories in poetry.

My Leather Jacket

I first saw it upon a market rail
A sheen of black entranced upon my eye
The flirting price tag, whispered 'I'm for sale'
My fingers trailed across a shiny stud
To caress skin as I felt my lips sigh
A biker's lust arose within my blood.
An engine roared with nature's thunder strike
To speed as one toward the midnight hour
I saw my jacket embraced with my bike
Upon the journey to freedom's highway
The glory of comrades united in pow'r
And I handed over the notes to pay.
A biker's lust arose within my blood.
An engine roared with nature's thunder strike

Jem Farmer

Happy quilling to you all


Tailored-togs and Glad-rags

Maryse Achong

Fashion Sense

Terry Clitheroe

Gold Threads
Man in a Grey Suit
Rag and bone Man
Right of Passage

Divena Collins

Slovely Trollop

Jem Farmer

Broken Promises
Divine Dawn
Flat Cap

Maryse Achong

Fashion Sense

Immerse me in the waters of eternal life,
Enfold me in Your all embracing care,
Mould me in Your Image and Your Likeness,
Anoint me with a strength that dispels fear.

Garb me in garments woven with understanding,
And gird me with a sash that will erase
All bias; give me shoes to carry me
Along the path that leads to saving grace.

Adorn me with the jewel of integrity,
Humility forever be my guide,
Kindness sweeten every word I utter,
With honesty and justice at my side.

Provide me with a wallet full of charity,
And faith to hold on to when hope is gone;
As the final touch to my ensemble
Throw on a shawl of love for everyone.

And so equipped with all of these accessories
No doubt I'd be some kind of fashion plate
Not just for the moment, but for always,
I'd never be considered out of date!

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Terry Clitheroe


Clap clap....Clap clap
Heels stamping, hands clapping in time
The man appears:-
Challenge in every stamp of his heels.
Ordinary in his peasant clothes
Extra-ordinary in his attitude
A King strutting, clapping and stamping
Regaining his Kingdom
With every clap, - Every stamp

A woman appears, stealing the stage
Haughty -- A busty, Gypsy Queen.

Whilst he looked at her in his supercilious way
She looked at him with disdain.
She lifted her skirt
With a contemptuous look
As though wading through
The puddle that was his arrogance
She stamped as though each stamp
Was killing each bubble of his conceit
Her bared legs deliberately showing
Her independence
Her Regal right.

Like a lion he began to circle her
His prey
She replied in kind showing contempt
His every step, possession
Her reply was only contempt.
Turning her back to him
She looked back with a sneer.

Provoked he stamped forwards
And claimed her, pulling her to him
She looked at him with hatred
Then stamped away from him.
He could never possess her.

She danced around him teasing him
Taunting him with her body movements
His eyes narrowing in desire
His feet stomping in lust.

She looked at him knowing he was hers
Took his hand and then suddenly
Pushed him to the ground
Where he lay, puddled at her feet.
She helped him up slowly,
Sensuously up her body
Showing him her power
Promising him everything
By submitting, he had won.
The guitar and drum played a few more notes
And like any couple, they disappeared
Into the night.


Gold Threads

You offer me a golden thread that's so fine
I can but hardly see it and yet somehow
I touched it and knew that you were mine
By this thread of finest soul, so delicate
It is so strong and yet so fine a draw
That I'm forever bound to thee my mate.
I offer thee my golden thread more crude
Ordinary in it's disposition yet you know
Having taken my gift our souls interact
For the heavenly weaver will take our threads
And place them on his loom arranged so
I shall be thy warp and thou will be my weft
Then he will weave a cloth of soul so fine
Others will look and bow their heads in awe.



Just a jacket
Jeans to match
Jersey not needed
Just feeling so cool
Jocose is me.
Join me baby
Just for tonight

Elvis Presley - Mean Woman Blues


The Man in the Grey Suit

The man in the grey suit is sitting on the train
In the same seat as usual reading the Herald
Scanning the news, bored with the sameness
His life no different, lonely, boring, oneness.

The young woman sits in the corner opposite
This morning her magazine is Cosmo
Each day another glossy journal offering hope
Through biased research and media buzzwords.

Each day he sees the woman, to shy to smile
Each time he looks at her she averts her eyes
Or perhaps this time it is he that looks away
If only I dare say good day or smile they think.

Each night after dinner and a glass of wine
They assume their alter egos and surf the net
There they meet and share a facade of dreams
Culminating finally as cyber lovers.

Who knows given time will they open up
And smile and nod as they leave the train
As they walk almost together down George St
One day will it happen?


Rag and Bone Man

Am I forever holding back on my dreams,
Scared to step out into the world again
Lest I realise the world like me's insane,
Realising all things with love are as it seems?
Today's one more of absence and abstinence
Tomorrow will be the same until we meet
Then time will pass again on winged feet
And sneer at our human impertinence.
Two lovers who dare to wish and hope for more
Lovers who dare to wish they weren't apart
Despite past experiences have chosen to ignore
And with that choice have made a new start
Tidying up, cleaning out and changing the decor
Of what was the rag and bone shop of the heart?



Scruffy singlet
Stained shift
Stockings laddered
Sexually active
Sensuously aroused

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Divena Collins


Fashions change thro' the ages
For the better or for worse
From gowns to silken slippers
Far from trends there is today
Finds that have to be the first
Forever they shall but defend
Fight not this now, get with it.


Slovenly Trollop - (Southern English Dialect)

The shop door opened in walkes Mrs Gray
"You'll never guess who I saw on my way

'Twas you know who, my shes put on weight
She were on'er way to a 'Grand School Fete'

Wot caught my eye was wot she had wore
Cant she see she's dressed like a whore

A brown fur coat wot looked like a skunk
Bet if I told she, 'er face would'ave sunk

Bright red lipstick smeared over'er face
I'm not kidding you she looked a disgrace.

She must be over forty no spring lamb
'Er daughters pushing an unwanted pram.

'Er ol' mans no good he's got a floosie
A right old trollop by the name o' Suzie.

'Er hair has been red, blonde, and black
Face so lined thinks 'er mirrors cracked.

I tell you now I be as happy as I am
Give me 'alf o' butter, a pound o' ham

A quarter 'o tea an' that pot o' honey
I'll pay weekend when I've the money".

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Jem Farmer

Broken Promise

You broke my heart, left me alone to die,
Each time you promised me never again,
I trusted you but words were all a lie
So many promises you failed to keep
Instead of love I knew only the pain
The pain of fear as your fists made me weep
And then I made up my mind to leave you
I closed the door and left you in the past
And through the courts I battled for my due
My faith in love I'll not let you destroy
Without trusting so easy or so fast
I've learned I am more than your punching toy
You broke my heart, left me alone to die,
And then I made up my mind to leave you.



Unravelled cocoons form a single thread
To spin and weave into bolts of vibrant silk
Awash with shades of blue, yellow and red
So many patterns and printed design
All crafted with care of the sendal ilk
The items of clothing true self define
At last moving away from years of hurt
With snappy waistcoats and matching cravats
A boldness of colour on a plain shirt
Revealing old style romance in a gent
So farewell high-heels and flowery hats
For this is the way of my nature's intent
The items of clothing true self define
At last moving away from years of hurt.


Divine Dawn

Deep inside darkness
Denies the path of light
During the night eyes see
Dreams of divine light
Dawning silent in dour skies
Dun clouds depart in moonlight

Karen Conine - Alone in the Moonlight


The Flat Cap

I never saw grandad without his cap
Even if he was just pottering about
In checkered tweed he appeared quite the chap
But I think he was hiding his bald patch
I never heard my grandad yell or shout
Not even for England in a test match
In fact he never said anything much
On the phone it was just a yes or no
But I felt his heart without doubt or such
One thing that never needed speaking of
I feel it now as the memories flow
As always I can feel his tender love
I never saw grandad without his cap
As always I can feel his tender love.

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