2013 Poetry Theme Challenges

#02 The Scales of Injustice

At some point in life most of us have been on a diet, often in vain as no sooner do we stop dieting we start regaining the weight we have lost and more. Life is too short to ignore that slice of chocolate fudge cake as it seduces you while you order coffee, daring you to live a little. Lettuce and celery don't really have that feel good factor do they? They say a little of what you fancy does you good, so for this challenge embrace those little food indulgences and share them with us in poetry.

Against Dieting

Please, darling, no more diets,
I've heard the talk on why it's
Good for one's esteem. I've watched you
Jogging lanes and pounding treadmills,
I've even shed two kilos of my own, Between friends? For half a stone
It isn't worth the sweat,
I've had it up to here with crispbread.
I doubt the premise too,
Try to see it from my point of view,
I want not less but more of you.

Blake Morrison

Season's Blessings to you all


The Scales of Injustice

Terry Clitheroe

A Glass a Day

Jem Farmer

To Vegetarianism

Terry Clitheroe


How bitter must love taste
Before it is spat out?
Now red and white seeds lie on the plate
Once hot now flavourless,
But once before
When there was a fire
With a heat that burnt
Lesser men
There was a taste of manna
You were heaven sent.
When you cooled
There was naught
And my plate
Is pushed away.



What's wrong with my tap water
I don't like bottled water, why should I.
My dentist told me not long ago
Business is booming once again
Because kids drink water from a bottle.
And what about the latest trend
"Make energy drinks your best friend".
As a long time coach that's "Bull".
The best energy drink is more water,
If you want to know why, ask later.

Then there's "Energy bars", what crap;
Eat a good breakfast is what I say!
Get your energy levels up to par
And I promise you, you will go far.
When it's time for lunch have a snack,
You'll last a normal arvo, I'll be frank.
Have your dinner over before eight
Anytime later is much too late
Cause the stores a closed till morn
And late arrivals are stored in fat.


A Glass a Day

Why should I forgo a glass of wine
Or even two perhaps.
It relax's my poor stress'd out mind
Returning thoughts from scraps.

Some say that drinking is a Sin
But often Christ drank wine.
He turn'd water to wine one day
And it tasted sublime.

Some doctors say it's good for you
And drinking red is good.
Mine likes a glass of Chardonnay
That's been well ag'd in wood.

One should drink wine with every meal
Not beer, spirits, or pop.
It aids digestion, how you feel
And no way should you stop.

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Jem Farmer

To Vegetarianism (CM)

No one gets fat eating lettuce
It must be the mayo;
A diet of salad and leaves
Is dull, boringly so!

I'd rather pour thick double cream
Over my choccy cake;
For low fat is lower in taste
And makes my poor head ache.

I will not eat bloody tofu,
My steak; I like it rare;
With cauliflower in cheesy sauce
A simple meal to share.

I'd sooner die of starvation
Than let you whingers win
So take that plate of old salad
And throw it in the bin.

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