2013 Poetry Form Challenge

#18 Envelope Quintet

The Envelope Quintet is a natural progression of a four line poem to 5 lines. There are several ways this can be achieved and the Sicilian Quintain is an excellent one adding a center line that rhymes with subsequent stanzas, either through linking with the subsequent envelope or center line.
The other way one of them is simply by turning the middle couplet into a triplet, giving a rhyming scheme of; a,.b,.b, b, a.
(From) Opening My Toybox

Opening my toybox after all this time
Those within saw my look and my shame,
They knew of my life, and was not to blame.
So I spoke with, Kanga and Wambi again,
Clearing memories covered in dust and grime

Ryter Roethicle

As an alternative there can be one of; a, b, c. b, a, and the middle line can be independent of further stanzas as in the example below;
Back to my Toybox

It's time; the last few days have been a blur
I go to my toybox and wipe off the dust
Dust that has gathered since I put it aside
To ignore those memories would be unjust,
When I can't put aside my memories of her.

Ryter Roethicle

It can also be used to link subsequent stanzas by either setting the envelope in a similar way to the Terza Rima and Rubaiyat, setting the Envelope rhyme for the next stanza as below:

I wonder, why are you so capricious?
I loved you, you were my favourite toy.
I'm sorry but your name escapes me now.
Kanga and Wambi always brought me joy,
But you always left me feeling suspicious.

I enjoyed you each time you would allow
Me to. Almost as if you were bestowing a gift,
But one that came at a very heavy cost.
We'd spend time playing, and then you'd shift
And this is the reason why I disavow you.

Suddenly our paths again have crossed.
Older, wiser, my toys are not for you.
In spite of what you say, there is no us.
Too many distractions are in your view.
I'm taking my heart back. Sorry! You've lost.

Ryter Roethicle

You'll notice how the last stanza linked back to the original envelope. It is also possible to retain the c line throughout the poem as a repeat rhyme, or a repeat line.
There is no set meter, but Iambic Pentameter, or a ten syllable line is suggested.

Envelope Quintet Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Emancipation Day Blues

Kathy Anderson

Dream Lost
Little Dark One
New Feeling Found
O Solitude

Terry Clitheroe

Dancing to Loves Tune
Eternal Fire
Flavoured Winds
Life's Debt
Night Gently Weeps
Search for Truth
Un Sogno

Tales from My Toybox

Back to My Toybox
Colours from My Toybox
Heartbreak in My Toybox
Opening My Toybox
Leaving the Toybox
Toybox Epilogue

Busta Sonetto

Busta Sonetto 2
Thoughts and Questions

Divena Collins

After the Rain
Be Not Afraid
Celtic Harp
Forbidden Fruits
Grandmas Wedding Gown
Journey of the Soul
Love Of Misty
Morning Song
My Secret Garden
Sleeping With Words
Sheer Will Power
Silent Words
Sleeping With Words
Summer Of Love
Tree of Destiny
Twin Stars
Ultimate Love
Walking on Air
When Love Runs Deep

Jem Farmer

Celstial Love
Revealing Secrets
Shadowed Maze
Teagan De Danaan
Upon the Mat

Maryse Achong

Emancipation Day Blues

Black brothers as we celebrate today,
I feel a sadness deep inside of me
For those who waged a war so valiantly
For rights you now abuse so casually;
You dishonour them in the greatest way.

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Kathy Anderson

Dream Lost

The day was cursed and locked me far away,
People steepling my youth in a mass boneyard
Where only old books and faith can be starred,
An alter at the end of the curb, hard
Shadows my only crown, no pearl would stay.

Medicine can't create revolutions
From curled ribbons of time that reveal
The mind that lives in it's own time wheel,
Baptism with milk won't ever sure heal
Nor vowels and phrases used as potions.


Little Dark One

You came into the world a darkling bay
Whose dam was fleet as a misty deep dusk,
And who knew that you'd grow into a rusk
Of strength and speed, sire of unreckoned husk
So great, you left pastures greener, they say.


New Feelings Found

A cup of Darjeeling is fine fare,
To sweeten, just add a dash of love,
A drop of pure cream and a dove
Carrying scandalous messages from above
In blue skied ambiance, love's dare.

No finer sentiment is found
Than n a chest of the best black tea,
A cup of life presented in a filigree
Sip of delightful reverie,
A most lovely taste to tongue around.


O Solitude

How long it may be till the earth swallows
This body and its harbored mind,
I know not, but the peace of trees I find.
Must look for another forest, cave lined,
To keep the quiet till laid down below.

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Terry Clitheroe


The black trees in my minds corner
Grow rancid with the fruit of death
Feeling sods of earth shovelled onto me
A decaying stench forms on my breath
With rotting and the smell of sulphur

I feel the worms tear and butcher
My flesh and again the earth restoreth
I am now but a fool and a fuel source
That grows rancid with the fruit of death
In the black trees in my minds corner

The soil slowly takes me back to her
As finally earth becomes one with flesh
I am once again completely at peace
And my soul rests again in Asgoreth
Feeling time as she erases my sepulchre.


Dancing to Loves Tune

Dancing to loves tune, spin and turn
Inside your heartbeat skips and pounds
There is no contest, no points to earn
Your eternal love forever resounds
And the fever of love causes you to burn.

Then whilst apart your innards churn.
For bodies touching in nightly rounds
For any music that brings your love back
To a sensuous tempo of loving sounds
With your lovers steps so quickly learnt.

Each night to loves dancing we return
Earthly bodies lie on silken grounds
We all win when dancing to loves tune.
In a ballroom fit for loving rounds
With souls locked in a heavenly sojourn.


Eternal Fire

The fire we made last night I see still glows
With time we'll prove it was only a start
Mere kindling that helped start a larger flame
And even though for a little while we must part
Will make our way alone through winters snow.

The fire we made last night will always glow
The embers caused an ever burning flame
But those in love need never fear or flee
Commitments made with kiss to life's game
To share and link our souls an eternal vow

The fire we made last night the Gods now know
Need only stir the coals with the fuel and see
How quickly the flames again so soon start
The flames will leap from love of thee and me
Always burn, although sometimes a dull red glow.


Flavoured Winds

Kiss flavoured winds are in my thoughts
These thought and memories so easy I find
Memory giving flesh form in pastel strokes
And lips brushing skin, so easy in my mind
A heart surrendered makes love easily bought.

Winds off an ocean that whispers and calls
Thoughts matching heartbeats without any end
There is no blindness of night, not ever again
Embracing, sleeping whilst still making friends
Love forever sounding, echoing from walls.

Winds of Autumn bringing bring memories
Youthful times when all was fresh and new.
Of summer which produced springs promise
All that's left of that, is now a headier brew
For winter when at rest we relate past glories.

Daphnis and Chloe by Longus



All creatures leave the nest this is a fact of life,
Well before maturity sets in, so they will learn.
Why do some humans cling to their to their brood
Treating them as if their whole life is of concern
And keep them weak protecting them from strife.

I hear you criticise me saying I am rude
It is a fact, that tempering requires white heat
And air conditioned protection provides naught
Then leaves them wanting much and incomplete
Leaving us wondering why the world is screwed.

Without morals and values all can be bought
Old fashioned ideas aren’t politically correct
But bad manners and rudeness is over rife
I've been there, done that and now I can reflect
The future, wondering, what has this brought?



What can I ask thee that's not in my heart,
A reply that tells of your feelings for me.
Feelings I know will carry through eternity
And even though encapsulated feeling free
So small the question, but so much to impart.

Thy look tells me with all that you agree
Looking in your eyes I see naught but truth.
Seeing all is truth and love in them forsooth
And more than all else in them I see ruth.
Seeing that in your eyes, who couldn't love thee.

I kiss your eyes, your nose and then your mouth,
Each kiss a speech of my love and care for thee.
Feelings I know will carry through eternity,
You saw my look and know how much I agree.
On seeing that look, you knew I spoke the truth.


Life's Debt

These are the days I would remember
Take a step back and look at your life
Look in the mirror, what do you see?
Days of pleasure and then days of strife
The heat of youth left a burning ember.

Disappointed is not the way to be,
You're alive when many peers have gone
Very active of mind, overweight but fit
An individual and certainly no-ones pawn
Yet responsible whilst feeling your free.

In conversation people hear your wit
Sometimes one hears sadness in your voice
Realising sometimes its good to be sad
But you also realise it is your choice
And to truth you will always commit.

Earthbound - Evelyn De Morgan


Night Gently Weeps

The moons soft silvery light filters into the room
Casting long white patches and long shadows
Outside the night wind begins its eternal call
An old, silver birch softly tap taps on the window
Hiding dust weevils, and leaves in the gloom

The leaves spiraling slowly in easy waltz time
Whilst inside the maid lies silently on her bed
Her dark red hair contrasting against the pillows
And her pale face seeming like the white of dead
Save for blood red lips and sunken, black eyes.

Frail from her pain, and wracked by loss of love
A shadowy figure's suddenly there at her bedside
He takes her hand and bows and kisses her
Suddenly realising that true love won't be denied
She smiles a wan smile and joins her lover forever

And the night gently weeps.


Search For Truth

Cover your eyes and really see things
The wind blowing the rain across the window
Sliding across the glass crashing on the frame
Looking now with the eyes your ears endow
Leave a feeling become aware what others bring.

Cover your eyes and really touch things
How empty a room is without love there,
And the fullness and warmth of one that has.
The feeling of touching someone who cares
The difference in life twixt winter and spring.

Cover your eyes and really hear things
The silence of a warm summer night
Mother Earth breathing, warm and content
The dripping of rain after a short shower
Creating puddles and all the rippling's.


Un Sogno (A Dream)

Winter is just over two weeks, but already I have
A desire for humming trees, and buzzing bees.
The buds of spring will be long gone by then:
But I’ll feel the warmth of the evening breeze
And for three months, I’ll be natures willing slave.

Josephine Wall - Tutt'Art@ (14)


Tales From My Toybox

Back to My Toybox

It's time; the last few days have been a blur
I go to my toybox and wipe off the dust
Dust that has gathered since I put it aside
To ignore those memories would be unjust,
When I can't put aside my memories of her.

Seriously is she really to blame for all of this
I took her for granted, instead I played it cool
My heart wishing to eternally with her abide
Keeping feelings hidden like a stupid fool
Only now admitting that I had been remiss.

Pride then would not permit me to back down
But pride is not for men only stupid fools
And it takes a man to cast away his pride.
Am I such a man to cast away all the rules,
Admitting to you that I am naught but a clown.


Colours From My Toybox

It's something I did when I was alone,
Cognisant now but never repentant
I did nothing I was ashamed of
Aeroplanes and nudes, I would paint
To all intents, by my parents unknown.

I would sketch in a book with a pencil
Before I was taught to write in verse
And too young to know or care about love,
Everyone seemed older which was worse
And refused to allow me in their council.

My parents would leave me in charge
But I didn't go to bed when I said I would
In spite of threats of damage from above.
My use of crayons was well understood
And frustrations and desires would discharge.

Perhaps by that time I'd seen too much strife
And overheard too many conversations
Even then realising the hypocrisy of adults
My innocence belying awakening sensations,
My crayons released my feelings about life.

My many coloured crayons, my expression,
Noiseless always as my feelings were birthed
On cartridge paper solid enough to draw on
To hold my feelings, for what they were worth
And many distractions to earn their admiration.

Would you like to join me here in my recall?
Watching the world go by, sit here quick
Perhaps we can create our own thought pictures
Choose one of my crayons, here take your pick
But not the dark red it's my favourite of all.


Heartbreak in My Toybox

Did you lie to me for the sake of truth,
Or were you just lying to feel good?
Owl looks at me and then at you
He blinks, and looks confused like me.
The others in the Toybox sit, stunned.

Were you lying to you, believing your lies?
Wanbi so tough yet so soft, sobs gently,
And I have felt his pain times before
He is crying because he trusted you,
It is so hard for him to trust, yet he did.

My heart, yes it is broken! See, I bleed,
And I gave to you, I gave all I had inside.
Kangi and Wambi look at you accusingly,
We all loved you and were fooled by you,
But now you've proved you just used us.


Opening My Toybox

Silent tears are falling down my face
This place of solitude has so much around
Yet no-one would know just by the sound?
But finally I’m trying to mend my wound
There is no one to understand my place.

Opening my toybox after all this time
Those within saw my look and my shame,
They knew of my life, and was not to blame.
So I spoke with, Kanga and Wambi again,
Clearing memories covered in dust and grime.

The beings there were awake somehow
Uncared for, ignored, yet alive and warm.
Yes! aware and alive and still with form
Bringing back memory of a previous norm
We sat and talked and things are alright now.


Leaving the Toybox

The music being played is sad now,
Swiftly Kanga wipes away a little tear,
And even Wambi has a little sniffle.
She has gone away and they miss her,
Even toys have souls and feelings you know.

It began that first day they saw her with me
I knew they were also under her spell
But I didn't mind they had fallen for her.
Now this sad little band is just a shell
Each one lost, and sharing the misery.

The bright colours of the toybox
Look drab, lifeless and insignificant.
Eeore has found his tail in a corner
And just cast it away as unimportant
Owl is sad and speechless with shock.

An hour is too long without her concern
And days have far too many hours.
They must wait until cloth hearts can heal
But my heart does not have those powers
Will it heal if she should ever return?

Toybox Epilogue

Are farewells ever bittersweet,
Or simply roads to another place?
Someone has emptied their eyes
I know something will fill the space
But sad words can never be a treat.

I am still mindful of Wambi's sighs
Casting his dour advice as he does
As he sat on the back of the futon.
The wall his backdrop, getting his buzz
As he posed and gave his soliloquy.

Most of the others had moved on
They did not need this tale especially
And I, watched by Kanga and Possi
As we sat in the office feeling awry
Violin music enhancing my disposition.


Busta Sonetto

Busta Sonetto 2

Neither wealth nor power has ever wooed me
Instead I prefer to live a more sedate way
Love will never be a poor and paltry thing
And it makes living more enjoyable every day
For wealth and power have no value you see.
Love's lantern rising makes all lovers sing
As Dianna's light awakens amore once again
From dusk to dawn the air is alive with magic
Hear soft words spoken twixt maid and swain
And with the dawn hear what love doth bring.
Apollo the sun god takes o'er the day and logic
And cast aside, the normal day begins again.
The love that night created will often remain
And ignoring wealth and power was not tragic.


Thoughts and Questions

How lonely is the night, without a companion
She shares her life with the day, now asleep
Yet whilst she sleeps, he opens half a world
And during her vigil has been unable to peep,
Covered with a blanket, and a different opinion.
With the first sign of day you hear welcome calls
And all forms of life burst forth with joyous sound
That night has done her best to see unfurled.
So some politics would claim the same around
That only day should grace their hallowed walls.
I wonder how long they would last without a night
And the pleasure that a short hibernation creates;
Lying in bed asleep sharing your time as mates
A comfortable partner, sharing beliefs and rights?

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Divena Collins

After The Rain

Come summer seasons warmth of the sun
That nourishes woodlands after the rain
When leaves of the trees are green again
Within natural harmony of sweet refrains
Changing of seasons may forever be sung.

Butterfly wings within the mornings light
Flutter amidst shades of a filigree green
Unto forest sage within a wild life scene
That within winter seasons were unseen
Yet this woodland charms mirrors delight.

Come child of nature patron of the earth
Open your heart unto all that may flourish
Within change of seasons all shall nourish
Come forth celebrate and make thy wish
Embracing all within the forestries girth.


Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid when darkness descends
Nor the forest with long dark shadows
When you have nowhere you can hide
There is no escaping to open meadows
Nor the spirits of the night that defends.

Be not afraid when an owl doth hoot
When the bats fly low upon the wings
Night creatures that hunt for their prey
Shall devour whatever the menu brings
Whether a predator or forbidden fruit.

Be not afraid of a fox that runs loose
Scavaging for all the food she can find
There is nothing much,that she can do
For hunger is so she is out of her mind
Much the delight of old mother goose.

Do not be afraid of all living creatures
For like us they have to eat to survive
Some are more desperate than others
Who have to hunt more if only to thrive
Upon a natural environment of future's


The Celtic Harp

At stroke of midnight commences to play
plucked alone, in an old medieval square,
a most haunting tune with a saddened air,
angelical soft notes, of feeling, and with flair,
Oh ancient, celtic harp, of a bygone day.

Where is the bard, that plucked of the strings,
that played sweet refrains, both happy and sad,
who abandoned his harp, when times were bad
did he perish of age, or was he just a lad.
does he now play his harp, wearing angels wings.

The celtic harp, now stands there on its own,
a memory of olden times, thats never forgot,
when it plays at midnight, right on the dot.
plucked once before, in that very same spot,
each time, with that beautiful, haunting tone.


Forbidden Fruits

Oh I yearn to be held in your loving arms,
feeling the warmth from your body in mine,
when we snuggle real close, it feels just fine,
to savour such forbidden fruits divine.
infatuated by lovers endearing charms.

How may a loving like this be so wrong,
when it feels so beautiful deep inside,
what if we can never turn back the tide,
when what seemed so right, our feelings inside,
this love we possess may be ours life long.


Earths Truths

The power and stench of autumn leaves
High upon a heap of rot that vegetates
Reverts to goodness the winter long
Within the heat that nature generates
That earth worms this compost weaves.

Nothing within nature shall go to waste
It shall revert back as loam within spring
A much richer nutrient than e-er before
It is all according to the gardeners taste
If he can endure such a smelly old thing.

Where there is muck heaped up so high
The rotting process shall soon take over
Much to the disgust of the bearers nose
Within spring his sun shines in the sky
Come summer knee deep in the clover.


Grandma's Wedding Gown

A long time ago when my grandma was wed,
They didn't have much then, and times were bad
She told us this tale that made us feel sad,
Appreciate, all of the things that we had
Made us take heed of the words she said.

Both she and grandad fell deeply in love.
Had the bans called in church to be wed,
Had to be cancelled it had to be said,
For the only gown she possessed, was red,
She would be shamed to the great Lord above.

This was the way of the old folk back then,
White was the colour for a virgin bride,
And grandma would not ever lose her pride,
It was how she was raised and felt inside.
And so the bans were to be called again.

Not to be beaten though money had none,
Needle and thread three weeks and a night,
Made of satin and lace, from curtains of white
A beautiful gown that fitted just right.
Wedded in church both their lives were as one.


Journey Of The Soul

How sacred is the journey within the soul
That nurtures dreams and fantasies anew
An unsuspected love had blossomed forth
Of a spiritual mantra that bore a heavy brew
Lovers sip and yet again become as whole.

Blue is the moon that shines upon the earth
Bearing shadows within great mists of time
A blue atmosphere filters through a cloud
Transforming our planet unto another clime
Fantasies of mystic rains. creating a rebirth.

Trees sprouting from three different levels
So bare of boughs that had withered within
Whilst above cliffs remain much the same
Ghostly scenarios appear hidden therein
Whether past or present a future unravels.


The Love Of Misty

She is beautiful, faithful, loving and kind,
the most loyal, devoted and best of friends,
for her love, honour, and trust she defends
in return, affection and care she depends,
and another like her would be hard to find.

She is loved so dear, it would hurt to part,
a beautiful companion, she will always be,
her playful spirit, running wild, and free,
to rest by the shade of the willow tree.
blessed forever, for the good in her heart.


Morning Song

To arise in the morn' to a hazy blue sky,
birds sing sweetly, to welcome the new dawn,
and a doe, softly nuzzles her baby fawn,
as dew drops gently settle on the lawn.
flocks of geese in perfect formation fly .

The bay of a vixen, when her cubs are born
hidden in a den, of soft moss, and leaves,
in the swell of a refreshing gentle breeze,
hails the screech of an owl, under the eaves,
while mice forage, in fields of ripened corn.


My Secret Garden

I once wandered far, to be on my own,
A long time ago when I was a child,
I found a garden, that was left go wild,
`twas in an orchard and I was beguiled,
as I munched ripened apples, there alone.

I would return once again most every day,
`twas my secret place I yearned to be,
to find a perfect spot that suited me,
from the outside world I would be so free
my secret garden, where I had come to play.

It was there, I would sit and quietly peruse,
lost so deeply, in magical fantasy dreams
sailing paper boats in a puddle down stream
where inner imagination reigned supreme.
secret garden, where I returned to muse.


Sheer Will Power

The power of will upon a weakened mind
Shall be as bold and strong within training
Thats if they should go on a merry chase
It shall not in the least be as entertaining
As if they were when so friendly and kind.

Instincts befell them from a by gone birth
If anything runs they are ready to pounce
Upon victims that tease and annoy much
For German Shepherds are full of bounce
Cats to them are no more than an ounce.

It is magic what a little training shall do
When they work as close to their trainer
All it take`s is the strength of will power
Nothing can follow his master as plainer
If they can all do it then so can we too.


Silent Words

Nobody was prepared for what became
Such emotions remain within the heart
Of silent words for her soldiers return
'Twas so long they had suffered apart
When spoils of war caused much blame.

Thoughts remained both happy and sad
Emotional tears that had brought relief
Of a safe return within welcoming arms
The suffering he saw was beyond belief
Yet the joy that she felt was never bad.

No pride was greater than bearing a son
Within itself was a blessing in disguise
May the heartaches of war soon be over
Ignoring the statements politics belies
This unity of love may never be undone.


Sleeping With Words

Words that linger within a poets mind
Haunted refrains of a rhythmic verse
Deep within a dream stanzas coherse
Yet when awake the muse maybe terse
When poetic finesse is no easy find.

Several idea's haunt this restless night
Feasting upon the nightmare of a muse
An image within a trance shall confuse
Silence is the voice their mind reviews
It is then they arise in haste to write.

Within haste they copy words they find
While remaining as a newly found token
Words within dreams had then awoken
Subconciously the muse had outspoken
As the completed task enters the mind.


Summer Of Love

A summer love, that was, to be warmly true,
sweet kisses, and soft whispers in my ear,
the first time, that we both became near,
memories of that moment will always be dear,
as our love through that summer, then grew.

As time went by, it could only get stronger
until both of us found it hard to resist,
in the midst of a morning summer mist,
both together, in our most passionate bliss,
could then, not contain ouselves any longer.

Seasons may come, and the seasons will depart,
cold winters wind, with the deepest of snow,
autumns of colour we cherish and know,
Spring is loves season, when passion will grow,
but summer remains, most dear in our heart.


Tree Of Destiny

Within the past ancient scripts of lore
When signs were writ within the earth
Of a future that was ever meant to be
That runes did forsee of a trees worth
That was never thought as true before.

Here was a tree that had bore another
Though twisted and gnarled within age
Yet stood the strain of life within time
Nurtured by the forests greener sage
That clings closely together as lovers.

Yet still the tree stands aged but strong
Depicting the runes that were ever true
That survives to this day within harmony
As proof that it happens to only a few
Where fantasies of lovers e-er belong.


Twin Stars

Twin stars I saw upon the start of a dawn
No other planets within close proximity
Could they have been the sign of divinity
Of two lovers that shared and an affinity
That they had both now depended upon.

I know within my mind that this was true
Tho' there was nothing that I could prove
When stars remain still they shall not move
Yet there was nothing else shown above
Not a flying object to appear upon view.

Yet I was intrigued by what I had seen
Or there may be a simple explanation
Though I know it was not imagination
I have never studied a stars formation
But what I encountered had felt serene.

Keen-eyed observers can tell that the bend in the Big Dipper's handle is actually marked by two stars, Mizar and Alcor, very close together. Seen through a telescope, Mizar and Alcor appear to have a third companion. And Mizar is itself a true binary system, that is, two close-together stars orbiting each other.
Richard Tresch Fienberg


Ultimate Love

Only within passion shall both lovers yield
Upon the instincts that dwells deep inside
That was once in their dreams of fantasy
Until within their hearts they soon confide
When the joys of love shall ever be sealed .

Bathed within warmth of sheer ecstasy
From the heat of a bright eternal flame
A blending of love that moulds together
That ever within desires love shall claim
To remain forever within close intimacy.

For here is a love that shall last forever
Swathed within human natures ultimacy
Feelings for both may not be concealed
Trust within each other holds no privacy
Internally these emotions shall not sever.


Walking On Air

I am walking on air, because you are near,
my dear, for you are now everything to me,
I see the love shine upon your face sincere,
to revere this love, knowing it will always be,
and for that smile, I wander near and far,
far across deserts and the deep blue seas.

I will be there for you, my love one fine day,
and pray one day soon, we both shall meet.
to greet with a loving hug, our special way,
this day when true lovers become discrete,
so sweet the taste of love that we display.
this day when we both walk on air complete.


When Love Runs Deep

Why did they feel, love had come to an end
the ending of love, of which bloomed so fair,
is it fair, broken hearts may not ever mend,
when in the end, true lovers really do care,
both shared the sorrow, like best of friends
for friends like lovers, mostly always share.

Would it be right, to say they were wrong,
wrong, to have broken hearts in this way,
and to say, that forever they both belong,
belonged to each other, forever and a day,
when one day on, their love was still strong,
not wrong, but closer in love, after the delay.

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Jem Farmer

Celestial Love

As dusky clouds assemble evening's glow,
I want to fly beyond the stars tonight,
with you beside on love's inaugural flight,
to watch the world from darker sides of light
and feel the swathing silks of rainbows flow.

I'll wrap you in a comet's silver tail,
each night your smile would be my milky way,
by day our love a warming sunny ray,
my celestial lover lights my day,
across the skies, we fly on lunar sail.


Revealing Secrets

The distant dream of all that might have been
Before the doubts destroyed the thoughts of trust
And love declined to see another day
As to its end love drifted as it must
Before the light of day could fall in sin

Beliefs inside that love will find away
Hide fears denied by truth within the heart
While haunting dreams that come from long ago
To plant the seeds of doubt where they start
The thought of trust have nothing left to say

But self-esteem must learn to live and grow
With faith in self to do the thing that's right
A sense of worth within the outer skin
For truth of self will lead the soul to light
Revealing secrets the heart needs to know



The final farewell hurts the most,
but always should be said clearly,
no room for close, even nearly
does not suffice. I pay dearly
for art, but words no longer cost.

A picture forms a thousand words,
but no image appears in letters,
I'm tired of being in fetters
restrained by form and post setters,
in ink I fly free with the birds


Shadowed Maze

Our talking is done, my heart is dead,
the words you said let feelings die,
your love shattered, I say good-bye,
and walk away without a sigh,
my steps forever weighed with lead.

I wanted to hold you close to me,
to guide your path to better days,
instead you struck my soul sideways,
and left my mind a shadowed maze
released to fear and never free.

A vampire feeds on blood but you,
an emotional parasite,
you stole my will to stand and fight,
my soul weakened by demon's bite,
now walks alone with no value.


Teagan De Danaan


He came through luxuriant redwood trees Bamboo groves set among hills A temple half hidden in the green clouds Its entrance was a ruin

Anchee Min


He came through luxuriant redwood trees
an old warrior with his tales to tell
with his mellowed voice like a chiming bell
as he sets the stage to cast ancient spell
mystery of ages on eastern breeze.

Bamboo groves set among hills
whispering as a warrior sighs
his eyes follow where the eagle flies
among the clouds and azure skies
as he ponders upon hunters skills.

A temple half hidden in the green clouds
offered sanctuary's peace to his heart
the bloody tears of war stained jambart
replaced by fine-spun words of poet's art
forming the vitality of vibrant shrouds.

Its entrance was a ruin
where warrior poet told his story
of the old world honour and glory
now revealed with tales of history
to the clans of Everliving kin


Upon the Mat

A gentle hum of rock -a -bye,
the thoughts that flow inside my mind,
relax they say, let go, unwind,
the words are there for you to find,
upon the mat, a silent sigh.

Inhale the world, let it mingle,
then breathing out, release the junk,
with closing eyes the mind sunk
to see another floating monk,
as aged limbs start to tingle.

And later thoughts shall jar to life,
as stabbing pains begin to creep,
between the smiling flowers, weep
as eyes open from peaceful sleep,
upon the mat, no words are rife.

So swap the pen for coffee pot,
rejuvenate an ancient heart,
then sneak upstairs to study art,
and leave the words where minds depart,
and pictures fill my vacant spot.

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