2013 Poetry Form Challenge

#04 Rondeau

This is a very underestimated and sometimes a very challenging poetry form. It consists of three stanzas, a quintet (5 lines), a quatrain (4 lines) and a sestet (6 lines), giving a total of 15 lines.
The first phrase of the first line usually sets the refrain R it is admissible to use the whole line used as the refrain.
The rhyme scheme is: R. a. a. b. b. a .... a. a. b. R. .... a. a. b. b. a. R.
The meter is considered be open and the French style is not bound by a rhyming pattern and is also more of a light and buoyant even "flashy" form of poetry which uses short lines. The English style however, is much more dour and serious, even meditative and uses tetrameter or pentameter. Here is an excellent example of the English style of Rondeau.

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Lt. Col. John McCrae, M.D., 1872-1918

Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

I lose Myself
Ups and Downs

Terry Clitheroe

All Things Must
Bloody Crows and Parrots
Expediently Turning
Her Sexy Voice
In Brimbank Park
Lady Smile For Me
Karma of a Lemon
No Longer Filling the Glass
Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Unspoken Tears
Varying things
Vehicles I See Outside
X Marks My Spot

Divena Collins

Der Arme Poet
Dreams of Love
First Love (I Think)
He's Gone Fishing
In Slow Motion
Of Days Delights
Of Sacred Love
Restoration Society
Somewhere in Time
Spell of Love
Thou Shalt Not See
Twilight Zone
Voice Of Wisdom
Working Lass

Jem Farmer

Esbat Rondeau
Expressing the Inexpressible
Lesson in Love
Without a Clue
Zero Tolerance

Maryse Achong

I Lose Myself

I lose myself in You when I
Am feeling low, I won't deny
It, I lay my woes at your feet
And wanting them resolved ‘tout suite.’

And when I have good cause to cry
I raise my voice to You on high,
And as my troubles I repeat
I lose myself in You.

I know You are ever nearby
And hear my every song and sigh;
I realize I'm incomplete
Unless just like that grain of wheat,
I lose myself in You.


Ups and Downs

I rise and fall and rise again,
Sometimes with ease, sometimes with pain,
Like a second nature to me
I do it almost easily;
It's something that I can't explain,

And I'm not about to complain,
To do so would be quite in vain,
But thanks to the Powers that Be
I rise and fall and rise again.

Far better that than to remain
Out for the count, washed down the drain,
No wallowing in misery,
I stand albeit shakily,
And though not always right as rain,
I rise and fall and rise again.

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Terry Clitheroe

All Things Must Change

All things must change, it is the way
Do not expect the same each day.
Plan for things, but do not expect
That all that's good, Fate may reject
Remember, when you sow, you pay.

To find true love, we all will pray
Until we do, our lives are grey
Pain making some too circumspect
All things must change.

But Fate does not have a heart of clay
And has been known to turn away
Or perhaps she is the architect.
As two souls meet in her project
The story unravels as in a play
All things must change.


Bloody Crows and Parrots

Bloody crows and parrots listen to the buggers
Bludging, fruit stealing avian flappers.
They steal my fruit and then they shit
When the day's o'er they boast and sit
Sometimes I wish a corps of archers

Would loose their shafts at the freeloaders
See them fall and hear no more utters.
Then you'd see me shake and frown at it
Bloody crows and parrots.

The other day I had to laugh at the bludgers
I have new neighbours, innocent buggers
Underneath her tree for just a wee bit
Her Mercedes wagon was covered in shit
I felt sorry for her, they are simply monsters
Bloody crows and parrots.



There was no escape I'm finally free
To be what I wished I could be.
Beauty lasts only a short time
Where I looked naught but sublime
And for a while completely free.

I grew like a worm that wasn't me
Eating the leaves of plants and tree.
For a while that became my chyme,
There was no escape.

Time soon put an end to my spree
I was ready now for stage three.
I metamorphosed with time
My life cycle had finished its climb
I'm now this creature of beauty,
There was no escape.



Droning lawnmowers
Have replaced spring showers
And birds squabble in my trees
As well as hear the hum of bees
Visiting fresh new flowers

Quiet voices in sunlit hours
From lovers in the bowers
Hidden by densest leaves

Again mundane overpowers
From the neighbours lawnmowers
I revisit with my memories
But I remember times overseas
And our voices in sunlit hours


Expediently Turning

With the darkness, the skies close in
As if searching for the heart within
For in that heart it knows there's truth
That daytime only knew in youth.
Where does truth end and lies begin.

And man soon forgot truths origin
Expediently turning it to sin
Till honesty only dares open its mouth
With the darkness.

Find truth and justice is in ruin
What chance is there for any loving?
It is with dawn one should renew,
Remove falseness like a rotten tooth
And love and hope will fresh begin
With the darkness.


Her Sexy Voice

Her husky voice, again beckons me
Across vast deserts and endless seas
Her magic is only seen in her eyes
My soul hears her voice inside
Her absence is not meant to be.

Thoughts of her invade my revelry
And I long to be in another city
From which I can hear her cries
From her husky voice.

Soon will begin a great journey
Across a world and then we’ll see
How love created such divine ties
And the ending of all our sighs
Silenced for all Eternity
With her husky voice.


In Brimbank Park

In Brimbank Park are shades of green
With hills and trees to perfect the scene
I remembered how we met that time
And from it grew a love so fine
I passed today where we had been.

A love grew that we did not mean
To cause others pain, or to demean
But hurt we did, and met one time
In Brimbank Park.

We sat and talked on a bank of green
Sadly knowing what should have been
I touched your face no longer mine
And we drove away that final time
Two lonely people left the scene
In Brimbank park.


Karma of a Lemon

When someone says "sour", think of a lemon
To some as horrible as a deadly snakes venom
And yet some favour a drink of lemon or lime
They're my favourite, I drink them all the time
When I drink then I could just go on and on

Grapefruit with me is a habit I could live on
All these sour tastes, never make me solemn
The addiction to these could never be a crime
When someone says "sour".

I might screw up my face as if a cacodemon
That's a habit, there's no help I need summon.
How many time must I say everything's fine
In truth as a drink lemon and lime's quite divine
And as a cordial drink I think of Heaven
When someone says "sour".


Lady Smile For Me

Lady, smile for me, that I see the light
Emanating, lighting even darkest night
Your eyes brighten the sunniest day
Driving the dourest of thoughts away.
One glance would be my eternal delight.

Your face becomes even more alight
Moods lifting, becoming more asprite
This mood makes me want to play
Lady, smile for me.

Yonder elfin look doth please my sight
Intending more my passion to ignite
Knowing that your intentions on display
Have meanings words could never say
And my deepest feelings you will incite
Lady, smile for me.


No Longer Filling the Glass

The glass is broken, time stands still
Sand can no longer the bottom fill
I need the time to rush by fast
Still it dithers and seconds last
No need to rush, time I must kill.

It's cruelty stands against my will
Because of this, life has no thrill
I'm forced to capture what has past
The glass is broken.

When we meet again see it overfill
In a time that's less than miniscule
Why is time so poorly miscast
When then we pray to see at last
No sand will fall and time stands still
The glass is broken.


The Piper at the Gates of Dawn


From the dawn of time he has played his part
His music has reached every mind and heart
And more times about how two lovers strove
Often telling a tale of war, but more of love
To stay as one even though many miles apart.

Did today exist when fate first wrote her chart,
Or care about how each would play their part,
Then laid it down, a record in heaven above,
From the dawn of time?

Or did she just cast them wild, hoping to start
A change of life, ideas, meanings to impart
That life and love changes, cognoscent of
Where you are and where has been your love
From the dawn of time.


As they listen to him at break of dawn
Feelings of hope revived greets the morn.
The world is still, the day is new, alive
As creatures from dreamy sleep contrive
To best hear the pipes, and then be gone.

As he plays, all creatures to him are drawn
An amnesty exists twixt the lion and the fawn
And all like creatures listen and survive
As they listen to him at break of dawn.

A ring is made on some dewy lawn
Where heavens music is daily reborn
There even the hardest heart must believe
And contemplate on peace and love
So for a time all animosity is withdrawn
As they listen to him at break of dawn.


See the Angels gather to hear him play
Each new sunrise, each new break of day
Each place, each hour a brand new morn
He is there for all, with each new dawn.
See every Angel, to his own God pray.

The Angels meet each morn this way,
The piper moves west each hour all day
In each new place, seeing each new dawn
See the Angels gather to hear him play.

There is no rest for him, he cannot stay
One rapturous melody then on his way
To where angels wait and thus adorn
All manner of things, not just a lawn
There as the sun rises to greet the day
See the Angels gather to hear him play.



Drip! Drip! Drip! Rains' droplets fall.
Listening to the rain against the wall
Creating a constant sensuous beat,
Movements, feelings, inhibition's defeat
Somehow making us feel completely whole!

A warm sensuous mood pervades all
You smile, your eyes light up in thrall
With loves sweet juice we toast our feat
Drip! Drip! Drip!

We’ve no concern about what may befall
To keep this love, we both give our all.
For what we have created is so sweet
Each touch, each kiss makes it complete,
Love will survive now, what err befall.
Drip! Drip! Drip!



Tomorrow belongs to no one
Yet we plan our dreams upon
Such a fickle thing as fate
And smiling kiss our mate
Then see it all is gone.

Instead of that Fate's won
And what as two begun
Is beaten at the gate.

So no longer two is one
What ere they dreamed upon
Has been cast aside by Fate
Saying farewell at another gate
What was two is one, just one


Unspoken Tears

Unspoken tears have been shed many times
Perhaps too often playing games
And so with time we build a wall
To stand behind and hide from it all
And miss our soulmate ofttimes.

But if we take a chance sometimes
Walking a path that upward climbs
Dare at time to look over the walls
Unspoken tears have been shed

Fortune favours love most times
Do not judge on past bedtimes
Do not judge on what befalls
Love o’ercomes the worst pitfalls
And into the most joyous climes
Unspoken tears have been shed


Varying Things

Varying things, what would you do?
Would my face be changed to another's view?
Just thoughts that wander around my mind
In absence of you I try to find
Stupid settlement of a thought, I need a clue

You've moved on I gleam from knowing you,
And cast aside the past, inside you grew
The past you knew would be declined
Varying things.

There are no regrets, you've bid adieu
Welcoming thoughts and dreams anew
Thus I find hope, no longer blind
Hoping our future will be combined
For now I trust what you would do
Varying things.

The Deceitfulness of Riches - Eleanor Fortescue brickdale


Vehicles I See Outside

They work the vehicles I see outside
SUVs here are a functional ride
They never take their kids to school
At seven they are working as a rule.
Weekends they are cleaned with pride.

Back in the city see a different stride
The driver's raised so that the road's vied
Usually ignorant of safety and road rules,
They don't work like vehicles I see outside.

They have no judgement of speed and wide
If they overtake they're on the wrong side
However smart in a car they are fools
They sit slow in the fast lane breaking rules
They only use with fear and not pride
Unable to work the vehicles I see outside.


X Marks My Spot

X marks my spot until you to come
Wondering what has love become
The candle casts a soft warm light
Flickering in the winds of night
Dreading the possible outcome

The music plays the crowd has gone
Unconsciously I begin to drum
As fear makes my insides tight
X marks my spot.

Save for the staff now I'm all alone
I feel their looks, my mind has gone.
Once I was your shining Knight
Now your look's pure frostbite
What is it? What have I done?
X marks my spot.

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Divena Collins

Der Arme Poet

So sad but true of a poet within need
That lives in poverty no muse to feed
He who lies alone within dire torment
For all he once wrote was heaven sent
And all he can do now is silently read.

In past times he was poetical indeed
Within his years he did once succeed
But all to soon good fortune relents
So sad but true.

But fate had served him a misdeed
How on this earth could he proceed
Within failure and much discontent
In the past long hours had he spent
Why now must this muse go to seed
So sad but true.


Dreams of Love

This love she feels that cannot hide
For words that linger deep inside
Remains clear within misted eyes
All too often sad tears she cries
The sea may part from far and wide.

Sweet the memory love shall provide
Upon the tidal waves time shall ride
Loves fortune may show in the skies
This love she feels.

Sweeter the shore on the other side
Shall not lovers have need to divide
For whats ahead shall be no surprise
When temperatures of love shall rise
Deep within shall confess with pride
This love she feels.

In Love - Gabriel Cornelius von Max

First Love (I think)

Was this not love upon that moonlit night
If not the first maybe the second sight
The moon was full was that maybe why
Did I see the stars shine up in the sky
Was it really you that held me so tight.

I felt that our future was looking bright
With no get up and go why should I fight
For I never went out of my way to try
Was this not love.

The dress I wore was of a virginal white
I dont think you looked but it felt alright
You seemed impatient when I was so shy
That was the reason that I began to cry
Maybe one day I shall get this thing right
Was this not love.


He's Gone Fishing

I who felt love oft'times before
Maybe I shall say the word amore
It definately sounds much better
When sent within his love letter
As he fished upon the sea shore.

It shall be me who reads his lore
He maybe think its just his chore
While my feet are getting wetter
I who felt love.

I maybe visit the clothing store
For my confidence to restore
To appear within fine fetter
And buy a plunge neck sweater
One he shall never try to ignore
I who felt love.


In Slow Motion

In slow motion I ran towards you
In a floating gown of chiffon blue
Your arms were open so tenderly
I felt what you needed was ecstasy
It can only be your dream come true.

I think when you saw me you knew
Whatever was in my passion to do
But it all went wrong so drastically
In slow motion.

I tripped over the heel of my shoe
It could only of happened to a few
I fell in front of you practically
It all had gone wrong so radically
To reveal all you could have anew
In slow motion.


Of Days Delights

Of days delights are all but a few
I waken too soon to morning dew
Which alone shall please me much
Within warmth of a lovers touch
That shall awaken pleasure anew.

All too soon strange feelings grew
Twas not of pickle or yeasty brew
I never forgot how I felt as such
Of days delights.

All I had known this love was true
Oft' we slept within an open canoe
There were no brakes nor a clutch
'Twas that or nap in a rabbit hutch
Upon ocean wavelets dappled blue
Of days delights.


Of Sacred Love

Of sacred love 'twixt wild and free
Touched with affection tenderly
There is no other within the tribe
That would dare to hinder or bribe
Within falsehood of their destiny.

Spirits of freedom they shall be
That follow the ancient ancestry
Which is carved within a scribe
Of sacred love.

For theirs is the tribe of the Cree
Upon a reunion both shall agree
Within a mutual spiritual vibe
That only lovers shall describe
As they share the touch of ecstasy
Of sacred love.


Restoration Society

That which was an old farm gate
Long years of abuse past its date
Had once sadly remained broken
Silent words remained unspoken
For such was the result of fate.

Over grown meadows left too late
A wilderness that could not wait
For the pasture had been a token
That which was.

What was one time left to deflate
Once had featured a grand estate
Restored once more a past taken
An old farm gate carved of oaken
May then be on debate to create
That which was.


Somewhere In Time

So sweet a kiss so softly bestown
Cherished love I hath never known
Or was this to be within dreams
Tho' it was real enough it seems
For this affection had been shown.

With angels wings my heart had flown
But fantasy had known I was prone
Was it for me that love redeems
So sweet a kiss.

A love that had within time grown
Shalt be floating on clouds not alone
Dreaming of once such high esteem
Of what may be of loves extreme
Somewhere in time winds hath blown
So sweet a kiss.


A Spell of Love

A spell of love shall hither you forth
If it be East South West or of north
It shall still venture have you no doubt
For this is what telepathy is all about
Hypnotic powers have so much worth

Magic shall work if you figure it out.
Anything is better than being without
Herbal remedies of potions unearth
A spell of love.

They say that love gains a new rebirth
That herbal remedies tighten the girth
It maybe that magic is not your shout
With human nature you remain devout
To give all and indulge upon a hearth
A spell of love.


Thou Shalt Not See

Thou shalt not see a double rainbow
Nor springtime flowers that grow
The freshness of meadows green
Where the morning dew has been
Nor winters seasons frost or snow

The gift of sight shall not be so
Thou shall not see the rivers flow
For thee it simply shant be seen
Thou shalt not see.

But you can hear the winds that blow
Talk to the trees about all you know
Touch the hearts of the wild serene
Of the birds within trees that preen
There is love within you can show
Thou shalt not see.

Blind Child - John Millais


Twilight Zone

The drip of a tap may mentally harm
Only to violate a feeling of calm
When peaceful silence lies within
Annoying when temper runs thin
Dripping water is a curse of alarm.

Gentle raindrops shall always charm
Almost akin to soothing of balm
Nature sweet song shall ever outwin.
The drip of a tap.

A problem solved shall be no qualm
A washer it needs within your palm
Perhaps you will need it thick or thin
Then use a spanner to insert it in
If all fails words of abuse becalms
The drip of a tap.


Voice of Wisdom

It hath come to pass many moons ago
The voice of wisdoms words did flow
There shalt be light come from the sky
Beam down to earth upon thee and I
Where the tree of liberty shall grow.

This light shall be a blessing to show
For freedom of the winds that blow
May bequeath angels tears that cry
It hath come to pass.

Our earth shalt not be ready to go
No matter what planets may throw
It shalt not be Earths time to die
A voice of wisdom speak from high
All life upon this earth shalt know
It hath come to pass.


A Working Lass

A working lass within her grace
That had earned respect of place
She was her fathers pride and joy
There was nobody else to employ
But comings and goings he'd trace.

She would not her father disgrace
Though she fared a beautiful face
There is never a man shall destroy
A working lass.

Tho' her father prayed for a boy
Fate was not with him in his ploy
She was never one for pearls and lace
And knows she, he will never replace
In his wisdom he could never annoy
A working lass.

Farmers Daughter - John Millais

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Jemm Farmer

Esbat Rondeau

My Mother moon, I pray to you,
Bless this night with your silver hue,
Reveal your light in words I say
And deeds I do along the way
I seek the path that leads me through.

I feel your love in all that’s true,
In lunar light, a clearer view,
To calmly soothe the darkest day,
My Mother Moon.

Giving thanks and blessings too,
For gentle love in which I grew,
And though I often walk astray,
I know you love me anyway,
As I return to be with you
My Mother Moon.


Expressing the Inexpressible

Inside my mind, there burns a fiery hell
Insolent voices chime the torment bell
A raging war that tears apart love’s dream
While feuding thoughts throughout the night just scream
Like lifeless echoes in an empty well.

Ideals and dreams are lost in silent swells
That linger before the thundery knell
Beyond the beauty of the sunshine beam
Inside my mind!

I look at you as senses deftly fell
My joy in love with doubts I cannot tell
I sit and watch my fading self esteem
It floats away upon a distant stream
Oh please hold my hand through this living hell
Inside my mind!


A Lesson In Love

Love hurts actually when kisses turn
To tears as old passions no longer burn;
The tender words are gone in screams of hate,
And patient feelings pause in nervous wait
For the next time love turns to mock and spurn

The heart that sees all, continues to yearn,
While hoping dreams of forever return
Yet knowing it's already far too late,
Love hurts actually.

The envying eyes that curl like a fern
With lying lips that voice a fake concern
To strip the senses as the dreams deflate
The broken heart has naught to compensate;
If only it could simply start to learn
Love hurts actually.



Look in the mirror, dude, what can you see?
Mismatched promises of the things to be
Unanswered questions of reason and rhyme
Lost in the crevices of passing time
While battling against calls of destiny.

Unethically crude cuss names maybe
The strain of living in reality
But being yourself is never a crime,
Look in the mirror, dude.

See the warrior who fails to agree
Denying others the right to live free
Is the true path to the righteous sublime
See the warrior who knows that's the crime
And stands with pride for all humanity
Look in the mirror, dude.


Without a Clue

It's complicated, what does that mean?
I cannot see what cannot be seen
How can my heart understand you
If left to die without a clue
Yet it dreams of what might have been.

Like bad movies on silver screen
I am left tainted and unclean
The answers hidden in what's true
It's complicated!

Thinking over a mug of caffeine
Vivaldi brings a sense, serene,
My eyes look out upon the view
Now I must do what I can do
And find myself while in-between
It's complicated!


Zero Tolerance

My brother rests in deepest sleep,
While by his side we stand and weep,
The goddess called to take his hand
And lead him to the Summerland
Our sense of loss runs ever deep.

A change in law too slowly creeps,
Desperate needs and talk is cheap
Zero tolerance they have planned
My brother, rest.

To the heart the grief is too steep,
Through emptiness the anger seeps,
In your name we make our demand,
Enforce the laws that they have planned,
The joy of life is never cheap
My brother, rest.

In Memory of Jean-Pierre Chastain, 28 July 1957-20 February 2013

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