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#07 A Kushy Number

Metaphorical Voyage
As we are coming into NaPoMo, a challenge all of its own, the theme challenge is a little different this time. Instead of set theme I am going suggest an artist and his work as different prompts for a write. That artist is already popular on Tir and I think a few tributes to his work would be appropriate. So who is this guy, I think you can guess from title of this challenge it is Vladimir Kush!
Vladimir's hompage can be found at http://vladimirkush.com/

Good luck for NaPoMo!


A Kushy Number

Kathy Anderson

A Beautiful Life
Bright Blue

Divena Collins

Crazy Land of Nod

Ryter Roethicle

Earthy Thoughts
Fire of Love
First Moon
Unwanted Love
Zen Conversation

Kathy Anderson

A Beautiful Life

Into its warren dark and soft
Cotton tail down no need to keep aloft
Brown eyed doe nests safely with young,
Green glade door no predator has yet sprung
Under canopy of beautiful leaves
Each animal may there sigh with no heaves,
Quietly dozing or preening its hair
None could find better a niche from despair
Below the moon fair and fully glowing
True loveliness reflected from suns shining.

A Beautiful Life - Vladimir Kush


Bright Blue

It was no accident I saw bright blue stars
Somewhere in southern skies,
Homeward bound a heart you'd hold
Could claim the same dreams
Dare to hope that hope will stay.
It was no accident bright blue stars
I saw within clouds in your bright gaze,
These days would pass from grey
To bright blue azure above green waves
Great swells washing away fears instead.

Bright Light - Vladimir Kush



Wounded spirit seeks succor by babbling,
Oh naive troubled soul your words blathering
Over a mug of deep golden brewed ale,
Speak no more to the wind of thoughts set sail.

Find yourself a bonhomie to spill to
To rest your passionate voice from the spew queue,
Take the beaujolais cup without quail,
Speak no more to the wind of thoughts set sail.

Flown with the wind - - Vladimir Kush



Paint me a field of poppies in the hour
Of my awakening to deaths power,
The power of life clinging memories
A token of the past, preserved fresco's
Taken down with time whose colors I lost
The lost reconstructed in thoughts embossed
Like the fabric of a thousand more lives
Relived in imagination that gives
Credence to old ages yellow'd pages;
Even roses live on in new stages.

Daisey Games - Vladimir Kush

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Divena Collins

The Crazy Land of Nod

Part 1; How It was.

In ancient times in the land of Nod
Druids slept in the forests of Dod
Mystical mists engulfed tall trees
Water nymphs swam seven seas
A magical sun shines only by night
By day moonshine was burning bright.

Wild life left for the golden sands
Fish decided to live on the lands
Grew legs to stroll along with ease
Walks this day in woodlands breeze
A magical sun shines only by night
By day moonshine is burning bright.

The trees in forest told all the news
Opened with ancient leaves to view
Barks peeled back to an open book
Only the wise can take a good look
A magical sun shines only by night
By day moonshine is burning bright.

Atlas of Wander - - Vladimir Kush

Part 2; The Love Shell.

The druids travelled from far and wide
Mounted dolphins that swam the tide
Made their way through water spray
Way past where the mermaids play
The book of trees ne`er told lies
Truth was found betwixt loving eyes.

On the sea shore of golden sands
Two lovers sat both holding hands
An evil sea serpent from the deep
Woke up suddenly from his sleep
The book of trees ne'er told lies
Truth was found betwixt loving eyes.

He then conjured up a wicked spell
And turned them both into a shell
The druids found them eventually
Entwined together for all eternity
The book of trees ne'er told lies
Truth was found betwixt loving eyes.

So back they went to the Land of Nod
Back with the druids to the forest Dod
For this magic spell shall be broken
Within the book the tree had spoken
The book of trees ne'er told lies
Truth was found betwixt loving eyes.

The Shell - - Vladimir Kush

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Ryter Roethicle

Earthy Thoughts

A falling star streaks above the Earth
The trail behind it heralding its death.
The scent so strong speaks of its decay
And smells of all that winter takes away.
The ending that started the beginning
Is merely Fate sat at a wheel spinning
A rising star awakes across the Earth
A sight of wonder as the day gives birth.
The scent of freshness and new born life
Gives man hope for freedom from strife.

Comethalley - Vladimir Kush


Fire of Love

I am the smith and our love is the fire
Kissing stirs the coals and makes the flames higher
There are times when the heat becomes white hot
What it heats is oft times placed in a tempering pot
This often causes me to heavily perspire
A love that always gives us all that we require
Even when tamped there is still that warm glow
That leaves a feeling others vainly seek to know
What we have, others work hard at to aspire
I am the smith and our love is the fire.

Fiery Dance - Vladimir Kush


First Moon

When she said "Love" the first time
There was trembling in her words.
I wished, "If only time came and went
Spent forever with her in my arms".
Looking at the beauty of the moon,
Kissing for always those tasty lips.
This peace and wonderment attained
I feel connected through space and time.
It is made all the more wondrous
Because I'm sharing it with her.

Astronomer - Vladimir Kush


Unwanted Love

What memories of spring do I recall
Too few to sate my desires at all
Or perhaps regret, and ignore the liars,
Early spring is when love lights her fires.
New found life is the same everywhere
Experiment, experience, find then care
And then forget or perhaps regret it all
Because of pain, not tried new love at all.
Now comes unhappy and a wish to forget,
Next is summer and a time for regret.

Articol - Vladimir Kush


Zen Conversation

The dark abyss of a soul is never empty
It's the part of your soul no one should be
Your private thoughts echo there
And afraid that there may be sharks

Just undiscovered thoughts through ages
Hidden secrets waiting there avoiding sages
Thoughts, feelings and precious moments
And afraid that there may be sharks.

Looking with eyes that see in the dark
Listening with ears that hear in the silence
That may betray, revealing what you're not
And afraid that there may be sharks.

Using sense, realising everything is nothing.
That can be found by searching the mind
Except temporary wafts of a good idea
And afraid that there may be sharks.

As though we stood at the edge of the ocean
Questioning whether to wade into the water
Its ok as long as you stay between the signs
But still afraid that there may be sharks.

Eating wild fruit, learning how to fly, what more is there to live for?

Confession - Vladimir Kush

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