2012 Poetry Theme Challenges

#03 What Have You Learned Today

Blessings and love for 2012!

The other day in class I was listening to a young lad reading Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley. After the reading he then had to say what the poem meant to him. Now, as I am sure you are aware, the Poem is about Egypt and Rameses - and indeed that is what I always see. However, in class I saw a different meaning as the young lad described the imagery he saw of the world we live in today, the destruction of our planet by our own species. He didn't realise the poem is 200 years old. His thoughts made sense and yeah, made me look at Ozymandias in a new way.
Enlightenment means different things to different people. To some it is spiritual, to others it is physical and to others a combination of the two. As a theme challenge however, I see it as meaning something learned, something new to the awareness. So part of this challenge is to make us pay more attention to what is around us and happening and then writing about it. What is something new you have gained today and how does it relate to you.


I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand
Half sunk, a shatter'd visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamp'd on those lifeless things.
The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away".

Percy Bysshe Shelley
Happy Quilling!


What Have You Learned Today

Divena Collins

Sacred Tree
Some Day

Jem Farmer

And They Call It GQ
Midnight Dream
New Romance
Tiny Flower

Ryter Roethicle

How Stupid
It Started With a Kiss
Joy at Dusk
Life's Circles
Regalo di Amore
Surfing Time
Useful Advice
X The Secret Ingredient

Peter Willowdown

In Love's Seasons
To Raise High Towers

Divena Collins

Sacred Tree

Oh sacred tree where natures treasures lie
So sweet the golden sap that flows therein
Thou gnarled tangled boughs shall never die
Of ancient mystic charms that dwell within
Ever protected from the bleak winter sky.

What magical fantasies might thy now tell
Of dryads and faeries throughout the glade
Of maidens enchanted by their magic spells
That bades the bleak winter solstice to fade
Thy prophesy cast where wise wizards dwell.


Some Day

Some day Aurora`s shall form across the sky
Then we shall learn the secret of the universe
When angels of mercy spreads wings to fly
Their voices thro` winds taught to converse
Soft words to encourage tears not to cry.

Some day soon lovers shall unite together
Their love shall bloom within every season
Then this universal globe shall unite forever
For seasons may glow within loves reason
And intellectual minds shall not fade ever.

But some day when affections seem bolder
All they have learned this day remains fresh
Though memories fade as they grow older
Still shall remain the passions of the flesh
True spirits of love shall ne-er grow colder.

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Jem Farmer

And They Call It GQ

Inside the girl, I saw what shouldn't be,
Yet there it was as clear as darkest night,
The voice that softly whispered it’s not right,
The tears I cried while yearning to be free.
Inside the girl, I saw my destiny,
All wrapped in jeans with silver buckles bright,
A vision of life that set my world alight,
One single word that spoke 'Androgyny'.
Inside the girl, I saw another view,
A world I could begin to understand,
Although it is not what my dreams had planned,
It's something I knew this time I must do.
A way of life I know I can enjoy,
Inside this girl, there dwells her inner boy.


A Midnight Dream

Its warming glow says welcome home,
Sit in a chair and stop awhile
Meanwhile through the day gently roam,
Memories roam then softly smile.

An evening spent by the fireside,
Inside my mind of restless thoughts,
Old thoughts, new thoughts, I can't confide,
Bona fide thoughts so long I've fought.

By the fire a decision made,
Made while searching a midnight dream,
The dream that would not drift nor fade,
The faded self has found esteem.


A New Romance

A tune of sorrow played on fiddle strings,
Unanswered questions haunting midnight's hour,
The voice of melancholy softly sings,
Beneath the stars that light the lunar bow'r,
All waiting here for warmth that sunrise brings.

With dawn, the fluffy clouds begin their dance,
While chasing rainbows across the blue sky,
The breeze of early spring now takes its chance,
Just flirting with the budding twigs on high,
The coming of life that sings a new romance.


A Tiny Flower

O sweet white bloom blushing through snow,
You gently kiss the north winds as they pass,
Whispering to winter 'it's time to go',
From your bluey-green leaves like blades of grass,
Sweet drooping bells that mark the seasons flow.

A tiny flower sets the world alight,
And fills a wintered heart with deepest joy,
New life from bleakest days and long icy nights,
Through woods and fields, her bloom Brigid's envoi,
As spring returns into our mortal sight.

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Ryter Roethicle


Only in our dreams can we create our Heaven
But would that Heaven we've created be perfect,
Or with our basest thoughts be interwoven?
In time like other toys begin to show neglect
Then in time be cast aside for other things
Where instead of veneration show disrespect!
Some akin it to be like the palaces of kings,
With feasts and orgies and other forms of delight
Where servants pass around fluttering their wings
Whist! Listen! Can you feel that horrible draught
Of empty spaces created by those desires uneven?
Proving that on the whole what we want is daft!
Only in our dreams can we create our Heaven
Where with our basest thoughts be interwoven?



The sounds of the captured city wakens me
Even before dawn, slaves hasten to the wills
Of invisible masters that state what shall be.
But I ignore that noise, and slumbers skills
Erase what pain they caused, and eases my mind
Finding myself again among Avalon's hills.
I appreciate how my dreams are being kind,
But will cast them aside and join the slaves
That are considered to be normal mankind.
Now I hear the traffic going past in loud waves
As I go about my morning rites feeling free
Realising that they are digging early graves
The sounds of the captured city have woken me
But I have no masters that state what shall be.


How Stupid

How stupid! What kind of fool am I
That when I tell you that I love you
I should expect a movement of your eye
Your heartbeat to give a single clue
When I tell you what you need to hear
A few simple words to lift my blue
Commit to love there's naught to fear
To tell my lover of my love so strong
Oh that moment waited will never near
Faint heart in love was ever wrong
To stand and wish and merely sigh
In my foolish mood I wait too long
How stupid! What kind of fool am I
I should expect a movement of your eye.


It Started With a Kiss

It started with a kiss, two pairs of lips
Eyes shining, looking into each other
Two sets of hands reaching out fingertips
Knowing now there can't be another
All other loves you now eclipse

Together through eternity your soul trips
Reborn, certain as in loves cup you drink
A never ending series of relationships
In the dusk of time you lie back and think
It started with a kiss, two pairs of lips.


Joy at Dusk

As I sit here, the day is ending for me
The sun has gone behind the hills to sleep
The day's been all and more I wanted it to be.
As it settled I watched the shadows creep
Hearing the birds settle in each cosy nest
Watching the moon over the eastside creep.
It makes me certain how well we are blessed
This cool, late summer night bringing respite
From working days where some are stressed
Too soon suns rays will show again his might
For now leaving us with subtle mental energy
And for a while sleep comfortable at night.
Because finally the day is ending for me
And it's been all and more I wanted it to be.


Life's Circles

Time grows in rippled rings, spreading out,
Circling round the things that you first did
Sharing something you cannot be without
Words and music your mind can never rid
It is now part of your soul, there is no doubt.

The food, the places you dined are all there
That first night, and the splash you created
Are those ripples of love formed with care
And all that is your love can never be dated
These memories are there for you to share.

As time goes on, those ripples spread more
Events happen, the memories accumulate
Then one day you cease to count the score
Happiness surrounds you and you mate
Smiling, as together you close life's door.


Regalo di amore, (Gift of love)

Given to the light, is a gift of love
I search the heavens to thank the stars
But all I see are reflections from above
That tells me that this gift alone is ours
What is love but wealth undreamed of.

I see a flight of angels delivering this gift
One who has oft-times drawn his bow
And rarely has his arrow flown adrift.
His victims all possess that special glow
Gained sometimes sneaky, oft-times swift.

I do not question anything about you
You offered your love, I willingly took
If I'd my druthers, I wouldn't change my view
Nor would I ever need a second look
You are the lover that I always knew.


Surfing Time

On the seas of time we will always be,
Board bound to the tides of thought
Awaiting the wave for you, and for me
This board, experience's dearly bought
Those waves of time surfing for eternity.



On and on it goes, on through endless time
Never ever letting go of the person we love.
Two souls are searching for the path sublime
Connected yet apart, and always cognisant of
That to others they will always be, a paradigm.

They do not challenge love, they merely live it
Awake to each others ways and sharing joys
Welcoming changes never fearing to commit
Knowing that secrets in love, always destroys
Smiling as at the end of time Heaven admits.


Useful Advice

Like a candle your love burned too bright
In your passion, you tasted too well, too soon
Senses never sated until far into the night.
Lust's fires extinguished, by loss of gloom
With day, love sped away, into the light.

Wisdom relit the gloom with second breath.
An athlete may start hard but steadies the pace
To do otherwise would be akin to death
Causing you to drop from an important race
Simply because you were out of breath.

When you love take your time, and you'll be fine
Consider love to be like the Tortoise and the Hare.
Love is like good food, served with good wine
Savour and chew, drink slowly enjoy the fare
By the end of the meal thy lover will be thine.


X The Secret Ingredient

I have lived a long and full life
I’ll tell you what I've learned.
There are many days I've faced strife
Every scar I bear I have truly earned
Fate is ever a two edged knife.

One thing I learned was to smile
In spite of all the overwhelming odds
Giving you the edge, things pause a while
Sometimes putting twilight to the sods
It's like an antidote to all the bile.

Happy is the only way to live
It's so much easier being this way
You always receive more than you give
Feeling blessed at the end of each day
Falling asleep with nothing to forgive.

Here's my well known, well proven tip
Wear a smile as you walk out each day
Make sure on your shoulder there's no chip.
Perhaps even hum a tune whilst on your way
And pain and misery you’ll easily outstrip.


Zeberucht...(Eternal Flame)

Tonight as the music plays I remember
Later I will sleep and perhaps dream
Thinking about what lit this fiery ember
That heats my soul to hot extremes
I wonder tonight if you will remember.

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Peter Willowdown

In Love's Season

In youthful Love's season pedestrian reason
is supplanted by emotion,
no more infatuation but a joyful dilation
and exultation of the senses
by means of which all things are raised,
mind and heart are moved to praise
the formerly unperceived perfection of things,
each minute and each hour seems to grow wings,
the soul soars in a lofty expanse
of high regard and benevolence
towards all men and voiceless beasts,
the forest gleams with emerald vitality,
even the starkest mountain peak
seems to bear a rose in his teeth,
his gullies and valleys rumbling with deep laughter,
inviting even storms and thunder
to inundate him and swell his streams and rivers
that he might sing all the louder
and proclaim to the universe that he too knows love.

humble sparrow chatters extravagantly in his tree,
the golden eagle contemplates great things
from the fastness of his aerie,
the poet permits his mind to be still,
lost in rapturous contemplation of his beloved.
the drunkard has momentarily had his fill
of wine and vice
and listens to the heavens for cheerful advice
on how he best might live his life
and clean his eye's dimmed windows.
rain of love washes all things clear,
save perhaps the despot and the vile arms manufacturer;
in his cell the condemned prisoner weeps
in j
oy at news of his unexpected release,
the suicide takes second thought,
his desperate scheme revealed as naught
but passing clouds upon a limitless horizon.
The murderer stays his deadly hand
as he hears the ethereal strains
of some far off madrigal
taking him back to childhood days
before each pure intention was warped
and a gentle smile comes over his face.

O Master of Love, O Master of Doves,
spend your mystic benison over the world,
not just to each boy and girl, youth or maid
but above all created things made in His image:
the spinning electron, the deadly nightshade,
the typhoon and the tranquil hour,
the massive elephant and the tiniest flower
-- all are yearning for your touch
and holy benediction.
Illuminate the shallow personas of our self-wrought
and self imposed fictions
and elevate them to some higher station,
uniting feuding towns and states
into one greater,harmonious nation
beneath the Sun and softly silvered Moon:
not next year or in two hundred years
but just as soon as thought can pass
from Heaven to Earth,
to little spirit from great spirit.
Love itself knows no limits,
it is only the fear, ignorance and self-interest
of small men that seek to circumscribe it,
building dikes and dams to control it
and passing laws to ban it.
Before the primal darkness broke
Love cried in the wilderness,
yearning to know itself;
it is crying still within the hearts and souls
of women and men,
crying but to be released.

In older Love's more stately pace
he runneth not as in a race
but moves in a more thoughtful manner,
contemplating each newly revealed facet
of his treasure carefully,
yet though not driven by youthful fire
he does not lack a subtle grace
reviews each passing hour fully,
cognizant it may be his last.
Ah, but catch his reflection
in the moonlight's shimmering mirror
and you will see that despite his somewhat
serious demeanor, he is actually grinning.
Is that a cloud passing over the Moon,
or is the cosmos simply winking?

Whatever the season, Love cannot be fathomed
by the calculated guile of the scientist,
tax collector, or government inspector.
If he has a task to perform
he will do it at his own pace,
as measured as the winged bringer of passing pleasure
or walking leisurely to accommodate and listen
to the conversation of the wise old tortoise.
A playful porpoise, a chorus for frogs,
an insect sleeping in a log
-- Love assumes many forms
to trick and circumvent Satan.
For his part, Satan plays the game quite willingly,
for he knows that nothing is certain
and that he who laughs last
sometimes laughs loudest.
God tested Job,
Iblis was cast down from Heaven.
When at last all days have run their course
he shall separate the foolish from the wise
by His own inscrutable standards.
At last, perhaps, Love shall shed his rainbow disguise
and be enthroned in all men's souls.


To Raise High Towers

To raise high towers to view the sun,
to sit by quiet lakes and hold your hand,
to lay with you in the silver moonlight
and thread fallen leaves on cotton
to make a garland of autumn;

to put flowers in your hair
and bathe with you where waterfalls
splash into clear bubbling pools,
to walk with you beside golden streams
with the hot sun falling off the overhanging trees
like flakes of Eternity,
and all the air alive with burning youth and summer.

To watch the sinuous fish
play beneath the surface
and listen to the chorus or birds,
the hum of bees and insects,
the lowing of cattle and far-off bells.
To make love to you
in secret quiet places,
temples of nature and the open heart
- my lover, my companion and friend.

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