2012 Poetry Theme Challenges

#02 Mamma Mia

Blessings and love for 2012!

Over the last two weeks the theme challenge took you on holiday and so it is back to the work of poetics. I love the screenplay Mamma Mia hence I am running with that title. Just some songs have deep meaning to us so do some movies and the challenge this time is to share those special movies in verse. So grab your popcorn and pen and write!

Happy Quilling!


Mamma Mia

Divena Collins

Great Expectations
One Winters Night
Starry Night

Ryter Roethicle

Somewhere In Time
Somewhere In Time II

Divena Collins

Yellow Star

Divena Collins

Great Expectations

Of joy and sorrow love remains to me
For he shall ever stay within my heart
Far apart though we both seem to be
Love we seek together from the start.

One day soon he shall swim the ocean
His devotion never ceases thus I know
To go with the flow of waves in motion
His emotions shall be rewarded so.

So here I sit waiting for him to arrive
I thrive upon the feeling of his touch
So much depends on strength of drive
For alive he shall thrill me oh so much.

I call his name from across the deep
Dont sleep or you shall come to harm
Be calm remember I am yours to keep
To reap this passion whenever I charm.


One Winters Night

A liner once sailed upon the ocean wide
To America`s shores was bound
Technology grew, proud were the crew
Whilst her passengers all slept sound.

This ship was the largest to be built
Designed of the very latest
Proud were the crew,technology grew
They were assured it was the safest.

The journey was far, the ship sped forth
A race hurriedly started
Technology grew, proud were the crew
Upon that day they fatally parted.

the outcome was thus unforeseen
Mountains of ice submerge
Proud were the crew, technology grew
Until sunk by a huge ice- berg.

Passengers lost to the frozen ocean
A chosen few saved in boats
Technology grew, proud were the crew
Whilst life jackets kept the dead afloat.

Lessons may be learned by tragedy,
When lives forever have gone
Proud were the crew, technology grew
But the heroic band still played on


Starry Night

Hail all hail for thou great master of art
That nurtures thy wondrous images true
Painting fine portraits from within thy heart
Or to capture a landscapes sunlit hue
That shalt seek only truth from false apart.

Thy blends perfection with pallette of oils
Oh what pleasures thou portray to the eye
Thy graphic imgination so vividly recoils
Of oceanic waters that blend with the sky
As faded wild flowers contrasts with soil.

Of fields once green now changed unto gold
Bold autumn shades thou produce with flair
Delightful images of the young and old
Works of a genius with precision and care
How joyous to cherish thy treasures behold.

What merits this final artistic achievment
Deep in thy thoughts thou remain resigned
Within artistry thou hath found content
Of natures wonders in abstract design
Thy etchings hath become of heaven sent.

Starry Night. By Vincent Van Gogh



The silken robe she wore hung loosely bound
Neath` glowing silvery stars upon bales of hay
Silenced the green meadows of natures sound
Patiently waiting for her lover to pass this way
Whereby pleasure and lust shalt be unwound.

How envious of passion the stars shine upon
Of heavenly spirits that bathe upon this night
The Joys that follow love shall soon be gone
When dawn enters forth t`wards morning light
Blessing loves temptation the moon shone on.

Through the haze of a celestial morning dew
The silken robe she wore was then cast aside
Two swans from within bales of hay then flew
Let not their temptations ever be denied
Nor poisons of envious thoughts construe.

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Ryter Roethicle


We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by embracing one another.
--Luciano de Crescenzo

Only angels weep true tears
In sorrow as they watch us frail creatures
As we lead our frail lives thinking
Everything is so important
And means so much
Only love is important
Only love is carried on through death
And the soul that has been ignored in life
Carries on with that love knowing
We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
But an angel with one wing cannot fly
And so is reborn realising
We need the angels with the other wing;
And we can only fly by embracing one another.



Evening light filters into the darkened ballroom
As he walks slowly down the room to the kiosk.
Entering he looks round at all the disks
All carefully labelled title and rhythm.

He looks at the area marked special.
Carefully putting down his cane
As he puts the disk into the slot
And presses play.

As the music starts the years roll back
Quiet at first just like the music.
He switches on the spotlight
Walking to the centre of the room.

He finds it comfortable at first
His eyes closed as he feels the music
His age is able to match the tempo
Slow soft, easy, romantic.

As he gives into the rhythm
He sees her and no more is he old
Instead he is transported
Feeling in time with the woodwind.

His body young and vibrant
As once again he holds her close
A prelude before they make love
For her he dances his bolero

Eyes closed, but a memory so strong
Every detail of her body
Every touch, every taste
Is still within and part of him.

He sees her now, feels her
Hears her soft whimpering
Feels still the movements
Of her body lying under him.

He moves in time to the rhythm
Natural to him in the dance
Repeated as the memories within
As his body pick up the music.

Faster now, stronger now
The beat picks up.
His body transported again
He feels her, senses her, and sees her.

Together now they dance
The bolero of love
Their spirits united now
As they were ages ago

Now the ballroom is gone
Only the lovers exist
Their souls united forever.
With the power of the climax.

Two lovers look down into the room
All that remains below is the husk
The old man lying on the floor
Smiling in his final moment.

As the final echoes die away
The young man takes her hand
Together they walk off
Into the setting sun.



Everyone is on a journey
Travelling through life
We choose our fellow travellers
Our companions on the way
Seeking solace in our caravan

A friend says to a friend
Share your way with me
So a friend becomes a lover
And the shared gift grows
Because of giving.

Be my friend and share
Be my lover
Let the seeds of love grow
Continuing through Eternity
Sharing and growing and loving.



If I were not in love with you would I need an excuse?
If I were to touch you, what would you feel?
I know that answer because I have touched you
And seen your eyes light up and your response
You are my excuse for loving you.

If I were not in love with you would I need an excuse?
If I were to kiss you, what would you feel?
As we have kissed I have felt your response
There is nowhere we have not kissed
And your kisses are my excuse for loving you more.

If after we have touched and kissed what then?
Would you walk away and forget me
As another notch on your belt;
Or would you snuggle closer
And make me want you all the more?



I'm jealous of midnight's moon glow
Its soft rays kiss you while you sleep
In absentia I wish each one from me
I wish I were there beside you now
As the hours so slowly forward creep
And those languid eyes I long to see.
Those balmy days when we were close
Make me resent midnight's moon glow
I'm jealous of the night skies closeness
For my fingers ache to touch your face.
It's day here and I must be dreamless
But in my distant bed, memories race
And I remember our nightly nearness.
I'm jealous as the moon takes my place.



No more the time of magic, it’s now that of man
Merlin and his kin have left the stage and sleep
Slumbering in their caves awaiting until when
Once more they must emerge from sleep so deep
Working spells, until once again magic governs

And once again in battle we will see the way
Strength of arm with sword, or axe and shield,
The mighty kings must field and fight the fey
With blow for blow, or spell for spell, or yield
And in the end, weaker magic will lose the day.


Somewhere In Time

Somewhere in time, two people met,
And fell in love and shared a dream,
Somewhere in time.

Somewhere in time, two people touched,
And then kissed and became that dream,
Somewhere in time.

Somewhere in time, two lovers kissed,
And opened their hearts, as time stood still
Somewhere in time.

Somewhere in time, two lovers made love
And shared their souls, for all eternity
Somewhere in time.

Somewhere in time, two lovers had to part
But in truth knew they shared their souls,
Somewhere in time.

Somewhere in time, two lovers met again,
And now know they'll be together evermore,
Somewhere in time.


Somewhere In Time II

Somewhere in time two lovers kissed
Fate looked down and began to smile.
She is not heartless and never cruel
But recognised that true love exists.
And so time stood still for just a while
Seeing that this was indeed a jewel.
Somewhere in time the lovers wished
Separate upon the fullness of the moon
They wished that they could be united
Thus creating a mood of supreme bliss
And even more that it would be soon.
So fate stated they would not be parted.
The moon and stars all witnessed this
As somewhere in time two lovers kissed.

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Peter Willowdown

The Yellow Star

Wishing on a yellow star
I was trapped in a tear of amber
when the wind changed...

As aeons passed and continents shifted
I became many things:
the eye of a great cat
hunting beasts in a jungle,
the pommel of a blood-drinking sword,
a cryptic word in a sacred text,
the blemish on a fire-bird's wing,
a topaz lusted after by druids and wizards...

Finally, after great travail and suffering
I became a tear of amber again
suspended on a young girl's breast
and slowly, slowly,
the beating of her young heart
and the song of her warm blood
broke the ancient spell upon me
and seven years later
I was reborn as a child in her womb,
growing up to be a dealer
in rare silks and curios,
voyaging over many seas
and beneath strange constellations
but ever was I wary of the Yellow Star
although I could not fathom why

until one evening
on the cusp of twilight
an ancient wish arose
unbidden to my soul
and the Yellow Star
answered me at last...



Valeraine rides his horse upon the misty plain
through windows of air and doors of soft rain,
past pale pools and fens where phantom lights gleam;
and away in the distance
the Forests of Dream.

Sharaleen weaves a garment of spiderwebs and stars
and as she sits and weaves by day great armies are a’gathering,
and as she sits and weaves by night she sees the fires of war
and hears the drums of dark things roll
in the hills this side of Morning
before the Forests of Dream.

O Lady, cry her courtiers then,
will you not put down your loom,
for enemies gather at Midday’s gate
and prophets speak of doom.
But Sharaleen keeps on weaving
and sings she then a tune,
of moonlight on a silver stream
and fair folk in tall castles
deep in the Forests of Dream.

The Lady weaves her garment fair
as fires ‘round her rage
and all of her soldiers have fled,
save one brave little page,
who plays upon a hand-held harp
until the day turns dark
and follows then by hidden routes
his Lady and his Queen,
past pale pools and marshy fen
where phantom fires gleam,
until they hear the beat of hooves
come from the Forests of Dream.

Through windows of air and doors of soft rain
they came with bright spears and words,
and with them on griffins and horned and winged steeds
pale warriors from other worlds,
and when they had taken the scent of the foe
they harried them through all the land,
from mist-hidden crags and desolate moors,
broad valleys and far ocean strands;
and on their pale lips the name of their Queen
Sharaleen of the Forests of Dream.


I saw Valeraine upon his great steed,
behind him a handsome young knight
and slung at his back a bright golden harp
that the air seemed to pluck with fey fingers of mist
and soft silver fingers of rain,
that it played of itself as the twain went their way
and were lost in the Forests of Dream.

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