2012 Poetry Theme Challenges

#13 The Silent Voice

I apologise for being late with this challenge, but personal affairs kept me away from the internet for a while. It has also given me chance to think about this challenge as I was going to run with living with a disability and in a way I am still doing that but I want to focus on the unseen people who, daily, live with the problems of caring for a loved one who is less able. Carers frequently put their own needs aside to meet the needs of the ones they care for, even neglecting their own health and emotional well-being. So my poetic friends I want to run with poems about caring and thoughts for the people who are never seen or heard, the people who care.

Happy Quilling!


Aromatic Dreams

Kathy Anderson

Silent Rounds

Divena Collins

Quiet Corner
Silence Chill Out
Silent Voices
World od Silence

Jem Farmer

Not Today
Who Else Is There

Ryter Roethicle

Sonnet to Charlotte
Where are you Mum

Kathy Anderson

Silent Rounds
The silence of the rounds mesmerizes me
As the weave I leave shows upon my sleeve
In ever increasing and decreasing wefts
It never barricades the yarns of hearts bereaved
Where an ocean separates stitches of thee
And we that can never be wove.

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Divena Collins

Quiet Corner

To sit and peruse until hearts content
When not disturbed without consent
Where sunlight shines thro'a window
Silence in thoughts shall evenly flow.

Lost in a haze of imaginative glory
Poetics converting dreams to story
Emotional words of fantasies show
Silence in thoughts shall evenly flow.

A world apart from a future unknown
Within active minds of memory shown
Caught in whirlwinds images that grow
Silence in thoughts shall evenly flow.

A quiet corner is where they shall seek
Where perfect rhythm share no critique
It is there they shall reach a plateau
Silence in thoughts shall evenly flow.


Silence Chill Out

So quiet is this day of perfect silence
No birds are singing in the trees
Something must be wrong
Even the breeze dare not whisper
It breathes of death.

There is not even a murmur to be heard
Of open mouths that cannot speak
Something has happened
Waves of the sea are without sound
And ebbs in silence.

There is but a haunting calm in the sky
Throwing shadows of deep discontent
That feels so strange
World with out sound may be heaven
Perhaps that is why.


Silent Voices

She heard a voice no one was there
Softly were the words it had spoken
It had come from I dont know where
For the trees behind her were oaken
But their spell of silence was broken.

So gently flows an incoming breeze
With whispers of a history to be told
Wild flowers grew beneath the trees
For a young maidens eyes to behold
Who crept through undergrowth bold.

Silent the voice that spoke in her mind
Visions took over and had told her so
Imagination was never very hard to find
Where the rhythm of breeze`s shall blow
A childs fantasy has much room to grow.

She answers her images within herself
Completely lost in her world of dreams
Faeries goblins, and that of a wood elf
Yet silence pravails to high extreme`s
But within play it is more that it seems.


World of Silence

A world without sound of a birds song
Or the gentle music of rustling leaves
Raindrops dance from clouds belong
Within a cloud bursts summer breeze
A vision without sound a lifetime long
Inflicted on the deaf is not a disease.

The sound of music they cannot enjoy
Nor the sweetness of a mothers voice
Sign language only they shall employ
For speach there is no varied choice
But still have feelings sadness or joy
Tears of sorrow and laughter rejoice.

For theirs is a world made of silence
With a gift of companionship known
Strength of will with a built in defence
With a love and affection not unknown
Never had any need for false pretence
For love within their hearts are shown.

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Jem Farmer

Not Today

Sorry I can't come today,
He's got a social worker calling
I must be there.

Can I raincheck lunch?
His leg gave out on the stairs
And no one else is here.

Another time,
But time is not my own
I have his lunch to prepare.

My career can wait
His needs come before my ambition
And now I am too old.

Doctors appointments missed
Too busy hanging sheets out to dry
My own health left to decline.

A pitiful sum
Replacing a livable wage
Duty of love keeps me there.

My life
Saved the government millions
Yet my voice shall never be heard.


Who Else Is There

Don’t ask me why I give the time to care,
When only love can tell the reason why.
I am the one, who stays when no-one’s there,
And hides the tears a daughter has to cry,
Her loving heart must have the strength to dare,
When all the rest have said a fond good-bye.

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Ryter Roethicle

Sonnet To Charlotte

How long have I known thee, happily many months
Rather than a few dark miserable days.
The minute I see thee my spirits lift in happiness
And you make me happy in so many ways.
Your eyes light up brighter than a million candles
When all I can do is look at you and praise.
I praise all those that are working around you
A sisterhood known only to a lucky few.
My soul is lifted each time I'm within these walls
My heart is at peace listening to the banter here
To me it is merely another one of heavens halls
The welcome, the advice helps all, lifting all fear.
I see angels where most can only see a need.
And I see you Charlotte, Queenly in your deed.


Where Are You Mum

Where are you now the mother I knew?
You know me not and break my heart!
Rather you know the carers than me,
I'm not jealous, though my heart breaks.
You spent a lifetime teaching me to love
And proved it the way you loved my dad.
Where are you now the mother I knew?
You know me not and break my heart!
You cannot hear my words of love
You see me as a stranger who smiles
I kiss you and see your face of doubt
Not knowing, or caring who I am.
Where are you now the mother I knew?
You know me not and break my heart!


X is for Absence

What good is love when there is only silence
And the return sometimes is a look and abuse.
The nurses look and smile at me in sympathy
And I can only cry knowing what used to be.
But sometimes there is a look and there is love
Then for a moment or a while things are good
And just as quick there is nothing all is gone.
What good is love when there is only silence
And the return sometimes is a look and abuse.
That lady that nursed me and often cursed me
And loved me beyond reason without doubt
Bonding the minute her breast was in my mouth.
What good is love when there is only silence
And the return sometimes is a look and abuse.

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