2012 Poetry Theme Challenges

#01 Islands In The Sun

Blessings and love for 2012!

It's January 6, the last day of Christmas and all. The trees come down and look lost on the compost heap, glass baubles are wrapped in tissue and packed away for another year - such pretty things that spend most of their existence in murky old attics - sad isn't it?
The winter festivities are over and I don't know about you but this is when I really begin to feel the chill of winter. The old fire is burning in the grate but it doesn't seem as warming anymore. This when many people start dreaming and planning of their summer getaway. Maybe like me you hanker for a remote desert island, sat writing on the beach, or maybe a walking holiday in the hills.
Therefore, to make ourselves feel a little warmer the theme challenge is that dream holiday. The ideal place, doing just what you want to do!


The holiest of all holidays are those
Kept by ourselves in silence and apart;
The secret anniversaries of the heart,
When the full river of feeling overflows;--
The happy days unclouded to their close;
The sudden joys that out of darkness start
As flames from ashes; swift desires that dart
Like swallows singing down each wind that blows!
White as the gleam of a receding sail,
White as a cloud that floats and fades in air,
White as the whitest lily on a stream,
These tender memories are;--a fairy tale
Of some enchanted land we know not where,
But lovely as a landscape in a dream.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Happy Quilling!


Islands In The Sun

Divena Collins

Sunset Island
Touch of Warmth

Jem Farmer

Dawning Glow
Mountain Retreat
Fairy Glen

Ryter Roethicle

Charisma Cottage
Eternity (Mist of Space)
Great Memories
Zerstorer Perhaps

Gert Strydom

An Island Holiday
Charisma Cottage
On an Island in the Sun
On Holiday on an Island
Sometimes I Loose My Words
Walk on an Island Beach

Peter Willowdown

Snowdrop and Bluebell

Divena Collins

Sunset Island

When sweet choral voices drift into song
Softly as the breeze of an angels breath
o`er riplets of an oceans calming quest
To dancing waves on a crystal blue sea
Upon a gentler rhythm of the tidal flow
Bright the sunset that paints the sky red
Where the skyline meets the sleeply ocean
Tranquil the song of the incoming wavelets
That ebbs and flows upon foam of the surf
To settle upon drifting seaweed and sand
Gone the cescendo`s of a restless ocean
Of turbulant waters and gale force winds
That settles down with the calm of the tide
Upon sunset Island that awakens to dawn.


Touch of Warmth

When lovers lay neath a desert sun
As one when they cherish true love
Spirits above this web they have spun
Whats begun they shall ever be part of.

A Prince of the golden desert sands
Long since she had felt his soft touch
For such the love within these hands
Commands warm affections so much.

Though storms are only grains that blow
That flow gently when happiness forms
Which informs true hearts that ever glow
To know a lovers touch forever warms.

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Jem Farmer

A Dawning Glow

Beneath the sullen sky the shore lies still,
The pebbles huddled as the moon takes flight,
A cooling breeze whispers its airy trill,
While breaking waves recall another night.
The night we lay speechless upon the beach,
Fragmented eyes reflect our passion spent,
The ways of love that once seemed beyond reach
had come to the tune of the sea's lament.
I heard you breathe within the ebb and flow,
As nubile fingers touched a gentle sigh,
And there, in that moment, we reached the sky
To see the sun reveal the dawning glow.
We saw it happen, we saw morning break,
As we lay quite still in the tidal wake.


Fairy Glen

The moss green walls rise high above,
As a poet sits down to dream,
In this place, I was born to love.

Cascading Conwy waters flow,
As a poet sits down to dream,
And old memories come and go.

When first I crossed the Beaver Bridge,
As a child who lived in dreams,
And clambered on the wooded ridge.

I fell in love with this place then,
As a child who lived in dreams,
Still, today it’s my Fairy Glen.


Mountain Retreat

The stars shone down upon the ground,
While I sat strumming my guitar,
And time stood still and gathered round.

O'er the mountaintop glazed the moon,
While I sat strumming my guitar,
And saw the rocks that gods had hewn.

The bacon sizzled in the pan,
While I sat strumming my guitar,
As trees whispered of nature's plan.

The pinewood burned in the campfire,
While I sat strumming my guitar,
My senses climbing ever higher.

So when I need to rest my mind,
While I'm sat strumming my guitar,
It is mountains I come to find.

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Ryter Roethicle

Charisma Cottage

I will meet you beyond my island
It will be a place where we can live
And enjoy life together and be as one.
We'll not be alone, we'll be with friends.
They will respect our need for solitude
And we will be left completely alone
Yet they will be there when we need them.
As companions we will drink and dine
And make merry as befits good old friends
Departing with smiles and laughter in their eyes.
This cottage is the place forever in our hearts
In our minds and in our fondest memories
I would love to spend a lifetime there with you
But we both know how short life is on Earth.


Eternity (Mist of Space)

Somehow I know that in the mist of space
There's a time and place where we'll meet again.
Souls will unite again and our hearts will race
Our loving embrace will then prove love’s reign.

You can see that it's written in our eyes
It's no surprise that bonds cannot be broken.
Not those of what is spoken for love will rise
Claiming the prize of a passion unbroken.

No matter where or what Fates bridge may be
What time what scenery, it's our meeting place.
We'll find a base for us for all Eternity
Somewhere you'll see, in the mist of space.


Great Memories

Do you remember our cabin in the woods?
Each year we celebrated our honeymoon
Away from it all and spend time together.
I love those times when we were ourselves
Two people who knew they were in love forever.
As we drove, did you look at the scenery we passed,
Or ignoring that just looked at me in that way
That said; "Get there,
I want you, put your foot down!"
And I slowed down, wanting to look after you.
But in the end our cabin was all we wanted
A place we could be alone to make love.
A place that was ours alone to be ourselves
And realise we had all eternity together.



Each time we kiss achieves a height
An incredible journey across lofty peaks
No reason why things should change now
We met, we kissed, and we fell in love,
Except for decisions from above
Or is it sideways, or below
Perhaps we are destined to know
Only when.

And lay on it your own
This body that so aches for you
Thus fuel the heated passion there
Liquefied in your desire

But no, I earnestly beg
Do not call retreat
Ignore tormented cries
For only in you, I find rebirth
That love has now awakened

So don't back away
It would be my death
As your breath is now my own
And our hearts joined that beat as one
Hold me strong to you
In the Darkest of times, hold on to the light
That burns from within, and brightly shines.
As long as one heart realizes what's right,
In the darkest of times.


Zerstorer Perhaps

Each day to me is like a holiday
And that is because I enjoy life
Each one becoming one of play.

Why should I be miserable, I'm alive
As healthy and happy as I can be
Despite whatever shit, I will survive.

I've been closer to death than most
And better men than me have died
But I'm here, stead of saying, 'Adios!'

It has made me question all beliefs
And found with very few exceptions
Most religious leaders are simply thieves.

I'll climb down from my high horse.
I've said too much, upset too many
Realising the truth is a matter of course.

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Gert Strydom

An Island Holiday Might Be More Than Just This

The sand is splattered by crabs, shells,
living things that washes out with the swell
that the mighty ocean spreads on the shore
while it rush in and out forevermore,
tanning oil scent is on the ocean breeze
while it catches sand and coconut trees,
the shimmering water has a beauty
while gulls swerve on the wind, totally free.
The color of the sea comes in various hues
from light green right through to the darkest blue
while the sun sparkles in white loveliness
and on the beach you did lie in sheer bliss.
A holiday might be more than just this,
full of sweet passion and kiss upon kiss.


As we walked upon the unspoiled island beach

As we walked upon the unspoiled beach
the sea touching our feet swept in and out,
rushing water swept our tracks out of reach
and we laughed and splashed and did shout.
Around us little crabs rushed with their shells,
while the waters was rushing higher in the bay,
we were caught, captured in the sea's magical spell
but with the rising water could not any longer stay
as the water in splashing spray did rise and swell
to escape the rising danger, to much higher we went;
as the sea was coming in, its salty odor we did smell
while we did wander in the surf to our heart's content.
we found some tranquility, did our love renew
on rocks surf splashed, falling on us like dew.


On An Island In The Sun

You said that we would have a lot of fun,
even send me a picture where you laid
on a island, somewhere in the bright sun,
you said

I should immediately come to your aid
as your intense longing had begun,
even if I had to leave bills unpaid.

On the beach into my arms you did run
and your hair was knotted in a French braid,
of my hungry kisses you were not afraid,
you said.


On Holiday On An Island In The Sun

The ocean was clear as cobalt blue glass
while we swam far out in the greater key,
playing in the warm pleasurable sea,
some colorful small lonely fishes did pass
and no nasty predators did harass
while we both were very happy and free,
the ocean was clear,

some fish swam slowly in a schooled mass
while the small waves rocked only gently,
you teased, played and smiled with me,
there was nothing that did us embarrass,
the ocean was clear.


Sometimes I loose my words (after Pablo Neruda)

Sometimes I loose my words,
sometimes they just disappear
while we walk on the island beach
see gulls flying away, flying off

but there is something in the silence
of touching mouths, in meandering steps
that leaves lonely tracks at the sea,
while words become more yours

are like morning glories waiting,
climbing over walls growing,
constantly growing and stretching
but always waiting on the summer sun

while my silences get some own distinct words
as you understand me to the depths of my soul
as your are filling every part of my life and body
but I want you to hear my voice in bliss and pain.

Troubled winds, of past heartaches, of a past war,
still blows right through me, while you bring
a new kind of hope, new dreams and joy to life
and a new understanding of how things can be

and I want you to be my companion in everything,
to stay with me while the storm still roars in my life
to be constantly the only one that really knows me,
to follow me on every step in this ravaged world

but you constantly are in everything,
filling my life, my body, my mind
with your kisses, a kind of strange bliss
and that is the way that everything it is.


A walk on an island beach (after Robert Browning)

The dark blue sea and the yellow-white sand
and the golden moon hanging somewhat low
is romantic where we walk hand in hand
while eternally in and out the ocean flow,
we walk and talk, everywhere lights appear,
the sand is soft on the salt-scented beach
and the lingering moments we hold dear,
as the stars feel near, as if in our reach,
where we are falling in love each to each

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Peter Willowdown

Snowdrop and Bluebell

There is a stone on a hill
where a god once lived
- but he is not beneath the heather;
there is a hole in a rock the size of a pea
and out of it flows a great river...

Snowdrop, Snowdrop
and mad Attacop,
dance all night long
and don't want to stop.

Bluebell, Bluebell
and hawk on the wing
- teach all the mountains
and forests to sing!'

There is a well in the woods
of which no man may drink
and a rock at the edge of the world's great Abyss
where mermaids sit and comb their hair
and cast golden coins out to the Great Brink.

Daffodil, Daffodil,
won't you be still
or play me a tune
on some mythic bird's quill?

Chrysanthemum, little man
with silver plate and golden pan
with knife and fork of pine and fir
playing catch-as-catch-can!

There is a stone on the hill
where a God was once slain
- once he had a hundred wives
but now he wanders the land without any Name.

Above men's small beds
the great stars unwind
the elegant mysteries
of creation and time.

Snowdrop and Snowdrop
and mad Attacop,
dance all night long
and don't want to stop.

Bluebell, Bluebell
and hawk on the wing
- teach all the mountains
and forests to sing!

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