2012 Poetry Form Challenge

#05 Wordsworth Sestet

Wordsworth uses Iambic Pentameter and a rhyme scheme of, a.b. b. c. a. c., in his Sonnet about London and being such a superb Volte it is capable of standing on it's own.

Thy soul was like a Star, and dwelt apart;
Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like the sea:
Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, free,
So didst thou travel on life's common way,
In cheerful godliness; and yet thy heart
The lowliest duties on herself did lay.

William Wordsworth

Wordsworth Sestet Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Cyber Life
Game of Life
Improved Vision
Independance Day
Let Me Sing

Kathy Anderson

Another Time
Her Call
Nights Music
Scoot on Over
Second Hand
Who Speaks
The Worst Poem

Terry Clitheroe

Brief Adieu
Golden Thoughts
I Conjour You
I Sense Your Spirit
Loves Dilemma
On My Own
Soft Voice
Te Adoro
Touch of Peace
Under the Moon
Vostri Occhi
Your Slave
Youth of Mankind

Divena Collins

Anwen and Aragorn
Dark Apparitions
Gifted Insite
Green Peace
The Haunting
Innocent Again
Lets Dance
Oh Joyous Passion
One Touch
Passion Vs Fatigue
Prince of Love
Refrains of Yesteryear
The Way It was

Jem Farmer

An Everyday Journey
In the Coffee Cup
Innocent Again
Magical Secret
Sweet Scented lavender

Leny Roovers

Between the Stars
Evening Play
Evening Storm
Friday's Rose
Morning Mist
Sleepy Sun
The Tree of Love
Yoga XIV Vriksasana

Dana Rowe

Days Ending

Dinah Sorritti

The Book
Long Ago Whisper

Divena and Terry

1 The Divinity of Music
Questions of Music

2 The Gods Gift
Gods Gift Received

Maryse Achong


No imitation anything for me,
The real McCoy, it must be genuine,
Not only on the outside but within.
No faux pearls, because what you sow you reap;
Too many counterfeits around I see,
High time to separate goats from the sheep.


Cyber Life

In cyber land we encounter a place
That not so long ago was quite unknown
I chat with family and friends, no phone
In hand...as of Skype's attributes I boast
But though I love the ease if cyberspace
It's nice to get a letter in the post.


Game of Life

Life throws curve balls we don't anticipate
And though sometimes we duck them, get away,
At other times we have to catch them, play
The game to our best ability,
Even as we try to stay on the straight
And narrow path, a feat that's not easy.


Improved Vision

Though rather late I came to realize
That people oftimes seek their interest first,
Survival of the fit, others be cursed.
It's 'I, myself and me' before the rest;
But it is gone that veil over my eyes,
And what I see I never would have guessed.


Independance Day

On August thirty first, nineteen sixty
Two, our islands gained their independence;
How proud we were it gave us such a sense
Of pride, people of this twin island state.
We now enjoyed a new found liberty;
Our cup was full but then so was our plate.


Let me Sing

I am singing my song no matter what,
Although I'll try not to offend the ears
Of others; but as my September nears
I want no unsung song inside of me;
And whether I sing out of tune or not
I'm singing en route to my destiny.

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Kathy Anderson

Another Time

Where roses scent the breezes for thee,
Sunlight dances on mirrored leaves numbers
Adding to the joy of awaked slumbers,
Oxygen to the soul and bodies glow.
A golden finch calling to its matey
As I'd call thee back to a time we knew.

Her Call

In new birdsong I've heard the goddess call
The call of Spring in renewal of life
A life reborn with the first chirp and whiff
Of unmistakable scents in air fair,
Winds blowing Coventina's blessings all,
For her well abundantly gives all there.

For this robins pluck their breasts for each nest
No rest until the last fledgling leaves it,
Till leaves turn red in Fall to fall amidst
The golden rays of suns last borrow'd heat
To complete the cycles before death bests
Even the immortals on throned seats.

All are kissed by dark and dreary forecast,
The days light again lengthens for to see
Coventina birthing her Sun as she
Has always done faithfully, so
Yet again gods rays bestow power fast
To bud and seed and all that need him to.


Nights Music

Chirruping chorus greets on nights breezes
Like a world song to bring peacefulness,
The way nature gives music is no guess.
Her creatures great and small lend her request
Unique harmonies, voices to please
In symphonious sound, nights choral best.


Second Hand

Dreams seem faded like old photographs do
That don't really belong to you only,
Perhaps not yours at all, cast offs, plainly
Someone else's, mirages of thought
Thrown away by the madding crowd, not you,
For you can wonder then what you've been taught.


Skoot on Over Closer Dear

When the trumpet plays songs for thee
For thee it is the wine of truest love,
Of love that beckons come, show your white gloves,
The gauntlets you accepted when we spoke,
I spoke to your heart and it did not flee
Then scooted closer beside me and woke..


A Star

Chittering outside my window I hear
Field sparrows hopping over dried up earth,
Cardinals chipping and flitting in mirth
From simple joys only they know, that are
Here today, gone tomorrow, like you dear,
Always shining in skies, a true day star.


The Worst Poem in the World

The worst poem in the world could sure contain
All the errors of a lifetime in rhyme,
Not capture the rhythm of hearts sublime
Ecstasy between two souls and bodies
Though all words known be used in perfect strain
The joy that one single vowel would ease.


Who Speaks

To whom do you speak when apples fall?
What touching gives and words inspire thee
Are naught but arrogant pieces you see
Through a glass opaguely blind to a heart
That blooms at your spoken voice down the hall,
Beside castle walls, orchards of loves all.

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Terry Clitheroe


I awoke this morning to the sound of rain
Instead of the chatter from the avian chorus.
The monotonous pitter-patter doesn't bore us
After the ten year hell of an Australian drought.
Only an idiot would want that to happen again
With the hellish life of having to do without.

Lip service to law meant offending a neighbour,
Who, like you had to behave and do without;
It took a while for some to realise there was a drought.
Culpable ignorance is always a selfish misuse
They know nothing about selfless labour
And every statement is just a stupid excuse.


Love's Dilemma

We only said goodbye, it was not forever
Nor me thinks will it ever be so long
For what we have is much too strong
And destined to last what e'r we think
When asked about love you said never
Yet I have seen tears and seen you blink.

Tell me that there is no feelings inside you
Smile, and look me straight into my eyes
When you turn away, I know they are lies
And I see the tears and know they are pain
This is only farewell, not we are through
Rest assured we will soon meet again.


Golden Thoughts

The scent of a woman pervades the room
Silver shafts of light heighten the scene
Highlighting spots of loving bodies sheen
The smiling moon has served her purpose
Aided by love has driven away all gloom
And laid to rest finally all the old ghosts.

A golden thought, a gentle touch
And diamonds sparkle in lovers eyes.
With kisses bringing passioned sighs
Our souls will soon find heavens track.
Too soon will be felt your rapturous clutch
Our way is set now, no turning back.


I Conjure You

I conjure you more beautiful than night
And trembling rush into summer streams
Dancing in the flashing residue of dreams
This fantasy that flowers easy in my mind
Takes me once again to pleasured height
Springs from desire, and grows wild in kind


I Sense Your Spirit

I sense your spirit in the wind
And taste your essence on my lips
I feel you now at my fingertips
Requires me to make no excuse
And see you smiling in my mind
Oh such passioned flowing juice!

I am the bee and honey drips
So sweet a special nest doth grow
The white hot heat of Heavens snow
Your trembles to my touch say please
The heavenly dust of passion grips
A passionate clutch forbids me tease.


Love's Dilemma

Should you step back, or even walk away?
Friends you'll always be, but would know
There was something you wanted to grow.
It would not hinder, but you would wonder,
The decision you made on that fateful day,
May well have been your biggest blunder.

Take one step forward, it needn't be great
And with arms open welcome her to you
It is the wisest thing that you will ever do
You've answered a question before asked
And in doing so found your lifelong mate
In retrospect it was your easiest task.


On My Own

A few lightening flashes and technology's gone.
No power, no phone, a lantern's my only light
So much for civilisation, so much for mans might.
The radio's become my contact with the world
Because of the storm I have no TV to draw on,
And the radio speaks of rain and floods and so on.

And now the planes fly low over my house
The flight path tells me the main runways closed
We are all victims of what nature has imposed.
The pelting rain, even though the storm has gone
And other problems make me feel less than grouse
Probably its very lucky that I'm on my own.


A Soft Voice

We take for granted there will be a tomorrow,
Do something today to make life worthwhile.
Perhaps something simple like giving a smile,
Too many young souls have little time left to stay.
Too often lost in desire and our selfish sorrow,
Take time out to help them along their way.


Te Adoro

I worship you, and shall love you ever more.
I see you smile, not in humour but humility
For I offer you the gift freely that is me.
I see your look as so willingly you take
The smile on your face I cannot ignore
As though from a dream I now awake.


Touch of peace from a forest pool

In the soft, silent lush green forest
See the sunrays flickering through
And insects like smoke invade the view
With sprinkling pillars of golden air
Then disappear like any Will O Wisp
That leaves the pool to the morning glare.

There is silence as night life goes to sleep
Mist shrouded fern and grass with dew
The next shift needs takes on a life anew
So for a while there is a deep silence
As beast and plant this balance keeps
Peace reigns here with co-existence.


Under the Moon

Come to me love, if only in our minds
Surrender to me in passion and lust.
Your needs I will sprinkle with stardust
I will pleasure you, if only in dreams.
Our souls, our secrets we will unwind
Sharing love with stars and moonbeams.

Under the moon we'll meet each night
Come to me my love just take my hand
And I'll hold you forever, in wonderland
When dawn appears, we’ll open our eyes
If the sun doesn’t rise there is still moonlight
What e'r the clock we need never rise.


Vostri Occhi

What do I see when I look into your eyes?
I see my future spent forever looking into them
And nothing on Earth could e'r condemn.
There is no crime in possessing a simple love.
There is never any need for me to disguise
Or need to whisper what I speak of.

Instead I should shout out to the world
In loudest voice my desire of thee
And hold it plain for all the world to see
That I love thee, and will forever more.
With thy compliance souls will be unfurled
And our love like flags seen on distant shore.


Your Slave

I wish you'd hold my hand against your heart
And hear a declaration of your love for me.
Is this a dream of something never to be,
Or can I hope and wish for better things?
Two questions with answers miles apart,
Must be asked to see what the future brings.

I see your eyes and know I have my wish
With looks like that there's no need of words
What e'r was said would make truth absurd
There's no higher language than that of amour
Leaving me feeling, willing to be slavish
To see that look more, and more, and more.


Youth of Mankind

I ponder for a while upon the youth of man.
He is new upon this planet, compared to beast
Although their presence known their impact least.
Since he came on the Earth and with him greed
Few have done anything except grab all they can
Plainly ignoring what is man and what is natures need.

God made us, and then tortured us by giving us free will.
Imperfect and ignorant as we are he gave us this gift
But most men are greedy and ignore what some call thrift.
Children are like this, they want and they must own
Knowing that their parents will pay their every bill
Some must get a different perspective when their grown.

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Divena Collins

Anwen and Aragorn

It is shown betwixt both loving eyes
Their passions so beautiful to see
But this affection was never to be
For they were both of imagination
Legend has it, it is he that dies
Stars in the sky his transformation.

Heart broken was Anwen from Valinor
And returned to her home Rivendell
There she remains within a sad spell
Amidst the kingdom of middle- earth
Becoming Queen of her realm Arnor
With no Aragorn love became dearth.

It is shown betwixt both loving eyes
Even although the story was fiction
Within fantasy there is no restriction
imagination takes over with no amiss
You can only be the ones to surmise
Shall spirits return again to utter bliss?


Dark Apparitions

I felt a strong presence of a spiritual kind
Within the silence of the darkened gloom
Hazy was the mist that shrouded the room
Spreading images of a black ghostly form
That still remains embedded in my mind
A delayed reaction from an electric storm.

Black was the eve of the ancient sabbath
Of flightless spirits that reeked of mould
Of withered flesh that lay rotten and cold
Buried deeply within the bowels of earth
That had arisen this night for an aftermath
To stave off misfortunes from days of old.

I felt a strong presence of a spiritual kind
As I bore witness to the awakening dead
Who had arisen from an ancient death bed
Dank were the airborne spirits of the past
Of sunken eyes and deteriation of mind
Spiritual awakenings of apparitions cast.



Let he who I place my joy within loves pleasure
Sharing with me deep affections of lasting love
That we may cherish this love we are worthy of
For I seek only the passion we longingly share
Forever within my heart I would gladly treasure
A presence of an eternity together from above.

Let this love we cherish return through the ages
As everlasting lovers like we were once before
That our spirits shall be together forever more
It is you I place my joy within loves pleasures
Sweet promises within whence passion engages
And so lovers shall inherit the kingdom of lore.


Gifted Insite

They say love is blind and cannot see
Beating of the heart from deep within
Of passions that lovers share therein
Nor the thrills of being closer together
Both hearts where affections flow free
It was then love saw the clearest ever.

How should it be true lovers are blind
When truth shines within two loving eyes
Or tears that flow from sudden goodbyes
Should explain what they already know
Given to them both a presence of mind
When the gift of insight shall truly show.


Green Peace

Once in my life I was a healthy oak tree
So slow was growth yet so proud and tall
Who would know in the future I would fall
Strong my boughs that spread for shade
When the birds built their nest within me
Lived for a century upon a forest glade.

The forests had changed a lot since then
When a clearance was opposed by the laws
So along came humans with cruel chainsaws
We knew all along they were up to no good
Now we have perished man was the cause
And all that remains, are piles of firewood.


The Haunting

Darker are the clouds that gather closer
Bleaker are the thoughts within my mind
Shadows of darkness within eyes so blind
That cannot see the dark bleakness ahead
Should it only be I that shall be the loser
Bleakness of the night fills me with dread.

Horrors that haunts a nightmares dreams
Bitter is the evening when darkness falls
So eerie is the echo`s of the ravens call
Denser are the mists of autumns shrouds
That haunt my memory to a low esteem
With visions of spirits upon mystic clouds.

Terror within the heart of the beholder
Panic stricken upon outcomes unknown
That only awakening shall ever pospone
For they are the victims so readily led
Not so with the braver who are bolder
For they are all fast asleep in their bed.


Lets Dance

The moon is bright on a starlit night for you and I
What more can bring us close together than dance
Let this be the nearness of a passionate romance
Of rhythmatic timing that blends within the mood
Intimacy of passions that whispers a gentle sigh
For dancing shall never do lovers harm but good.

Such fun performed within a boogie woogie jive
Of war time memories brought to life once more
No more shall lovers be strangers on the shore
Happy memories shall be within their latin theme
For tango rumba and samba`s shall forever thrive
While we dance through the ages within a dream.


Oh Joyous Passion

When you are away I shall close my eyes
And dream of you constantly in my mind
For is there in my heart beat I shall find
The passion of love that I have for you
I bare no other false hearted disguise
And I trust you feel the same way too.

When you are close I love you so dear
And all of my dreams of love come true
if only to share the same points of view
That pleases us the same within reality
Finding deep within a love so sincere
To be blessed with passions sensuality.


One Touch

When love hath touched thee just one time
Oh what enchantment this wonder canst be
Hypnotic glances only loving eyes can see
It is then thou shalt remember that glow
Tenderness of affection shalt be sublime;
Oh how much then thy were cherished so.


Passion Vs Fatigue

Aroused In sleep I dream of love in languish
Of deepest thoughts that shall not go amiss
That can only quench my desires with a kiss
Within the heat of intimacy my eyes awaken
Wrestlessly disturbing the fires of anguish
Only then do I find I must of been mistaken.

Where Oh where was my lover when needed
Did you not hear my sighs of internal passion
Since when was the delicacy of love on ration
But wait, was that a flicker of an eyelid insight
The very moment I had thought I succeeded
You rolled over and then bade me goodnight.


Prince of Love

Oh come my Prince and lie with me
Upon vast deserts of sun baked sand
Unto exotic tones within a desired land
Of Arabian delights and desert songs
Come release my deep emotions free
Where desires of passion shall belong.

The language of darkened misted eyes
Are more than desirous love shall show
Hence affectionate fantasies shall flow
For eyes are the windows of the soul
Which mirrors passions that tantalise
While dreams of ecstasy become whole.


Refrains Of Yesterday

Within modern times past life has gone
A trip through the light fantastic years
Upon musical notes that fast disappear
Dance changes rapidly through the ages
As do refrains of music find a new dawn
Past lyrics of ballads fade within pages.

Much speed the tempo of timing does fly
Without orchestra`s would be incomplete
Shall romance of dance now be so discreet
Like times gone by when it was once so tame
The music shall change of the days gone by
So be it our future shall be the same.


The Way It Was

Bring ye to me my handmaidens fair
That I may be draped in the finest silk
Come bathe me within sweet asses milk
Sweet essence of oils infused within
With scents of musk adorning my hair
'Fore confessions of my suitors begin.

This day to be judged of my character
I shall make sweet innocence be known
For it is they that shalt seek my throne
I was the victim that hath been forsaken
To hath loved them all was my disaster
The sacredness of pleasures mistaken.

Bring hither my asp that I shall be free
Of this torment that prevails so unjust
That I may be free of torture thro`lust
I who hath once given pleasure untold
Shall ne-er be forgot throughout history
Who cursed her suitors rejection of old.

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Jem Farmer


Those early days of chalk on blackboard scrawl,
While passing notes between the desks unseen,
In coded words our thoughts were so unclean,
Where, and when, and who, the same youthful boast,
In summer haze we talked where waters fall,
Before heading on home for tea and toast.

The joys of love and pain of heartbreak shared,
In tears of laughter while strolling through town,
A glass of wine to pick up feeling down,
The solace of friendship I need the most,
Those times no one else dared to show they cared,
It's you and me drinking tea, eating toast.


An Everyday Journey

In childhood innocence learning to walk,
A journey begins on open pathway,
And the minds seeks the beauty in a day,
Embracing joy and facing problems strife,
Open the ears now to hear nature talk,
The guiding hand on this journey of life.


The Beginning

In darkness, creation begins with love,
The radiant light that reveals her pow'rs,
And time began with its minutes and hours,
From light the hunter came, and wooed her heart,
Their love that gave us life below, above,
For such is the beauty of Nature's art.


A surreal love we share in written word,
Unseen a touch to reach beyond a cloud,
Emotions sailing as Floyd plays aloud,
Her beauty calls my ship to come back home,
The heart delights in what thoughts call absurd
As my wandering dreams no longer roam.

Picture by Vladimir Kush


In the Coffee Cup

A morning looking in a coffee cup,
My soul is asking questions of the heart,
As destiny reveals itself in art,
Should inquiry find truth in crumpled dreams,
And bring the eye to look so gently up,
The heart must be ready to flow soul streams.


Innocent Again

Amid the scented purple fields I see
My soul; in circles of a love divine
Reborn in sacred sips of blood red wine
Uniting the soul above and below
These lavender fields bring a mystery
Innocent again beneath lunar glow.


Magical Secrets

Behind closed doors our secret dared to be,
A love beyond what words express,
All senses lost in one caress,
As dreams fulfilled those things until we kissed,
In that one touch our longings set us free,
A secret magic found where love exists.


Sweet Scented Lavender

The beauty of woman shone in her eyes,
And sweet scented lavender called my name,
As silent kisses began another game.
My mind so lost where her beauty is found,
As whispers trailed into those plaintive sighs,
Revealing her breath is the only sound.

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Leny Roovers

Between the stars

I hear your calling in the deepest night,
you speak of love and lust and all between.
As sparkling stars surround the Moon, their Queen,
your voice envelops me with love's warm words.
In dreams our souls and secrets will take flight,
till dawn will change them into morning's birds.

Each sunset, when the blackbird sings its song,
our thoughts grow wings and rise to meet half-way;
as side by side we drift in gentle sway,
bright stars will light our path beyond night’s reign.
The rhythm of life's breath sings sweet and strong,
till pulsing blood is trilling in each vein.


Evening play

As Evening Sky is dressed in mauve and pink,
a playful wind reveals her underskirt
of golden satin- entrancing and pert.
Before the Sun gives her his goodnight kiss,
he softly touches her and gives a wink-
enveloped in his warmth, she sighs in bliss.


Evening Storm

As storms abate, my windswept garden sighs;
each tree and flower bowed with bellowed blast,
while shivering leaves were shattered as breath passed.
Across the sky, clouds ran in frenzied haste,
they tumbled in big heaps of swift surprise-
at last the wind grew weary- end of chase.



I wrap my hands around an unseen sphere,
my fingertips reach out, yet do not meet;
as nerve-ends tingle, mind’s orb feels complete-
in visualization, spirit soars.
With upturned hands I raise my ball of tears-
surrendering old sorrows opens doors.


Friday's Rose

With rosy cheeks sweet Friday went to bed;
she wept herself to sleep, she couldn't stop,
when in her dream a rose appeared- it dropped
right on her pillow, velvet petals touched
her cheek, it tickled and she smiled instead.
Her hand then brushed the thornless stem she clutched.


Morning Mist

Young Morning wears a flimsy negligee,
it's cut from frozen breath by autumn ghosts
that swirl around her body, clinging close.
Behind soft veils of drifting clouds Sun sleeps,
his waking kiss soon ends sweet Morning's sway -
her dress swiftly dissolves in Sun's warm sweeps.


Sleepy Sun

As sleepy Sun pulls up his eiderdowns
of lilac clouds, a string of rays in chase
creeps up along the edge that hides Sun's face.
They tease now silent Earth and shine on planes
etched in the sky as sharply penciled frowns-
blown by night's breeze, till just a dream remains.

Blue night sky is aflame with Sun's embrace,
too soon his gentle snore will rock the Earth,
while in the velvet night, full Moon gives birth
to shooting stars- they have a wish to grant.
As light illuminates each upturned face,
enchanted wonder rises up in chant.


The Tree of Love

I listen to the rhythm of my heart
and try to understand its hidden words
that vibrate in my chest like nestling birds.
The tree of love has roots in many layers,
some branches wither, others freshly start-
they're reaching out to answer whispered prayers.



Arachne chooses yarn for patterned weaves,
she samples strings of soul-spun silver thread
in search for tendrilled twines of tears once bled.
Each ribbon that she finds is scrutinized
as perfect cloth can only be achieved
when standards are set high and duly prized.

She takes her loom and runs the silver spool
while golden thread adorns her nimble weft-
in patterns' growth, her fingers' flight is deft.
Each filament is chosen to fulfill
souls' vows, she blends them in with shining jewels;
in token of new love, she shows her skill.

When challenged once by Athena's bold call,
Arachne wove her spell into cloth's thrall.


Yoga XIV Vriksasana

I spread my toes and feel my feet connect-
bright filaments of energy then flow
between the earth and each now rooted toe.
I raise one foot; it rests against my thigh,
my body is a growing tree, erect;
my arms are branches, reaching for the sky.

I gaze beyond the outside world- inside
my center I feel each breath being born,
it blossoms through my body, to adorn
my fingertips with specks of aural bliss
I gladly offer to my spirit's Guide,
as on my brow I feel his tender kiss.

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Dana Rowe

Day's Endings

A Mason locomotive stood on the track,
its steam rising over the round house behind.
the main track was open, all switches aligned;
it backed to the waycar, tired conductor on board.
weary engineer whistled and took up the slack:
caboose-hopping home, may their lives be restored.

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Dinah Sorritelli

The Book

Place me on the shelf as a classic book
A masterpiece that will bear well my name.
Lasting words to read again and again
That express a certain gentility
Bind me in leather…for I like that look
And second rate's not good enough to be.


Long Ago Whisper

I am no more - a once upon a time and long ago whisper
An essence which you seek, but can no longer find
A memory of what was, you’ve kept nourished in your mind.
But know you don’t need a touchable me to be whole,
If I was able then into your ear I would gently murmur
"I might seem elusive yet I am a part…of your soul."



Choirboys sing in unsullied agreement
Clothed similar in robes of black and white
Hymn books held steady in their visions sight
Sunday morning praise and glorifying
The organist plays accompaniment
To those virgin voices harmonizing.

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Divena and Ryter

The Divinity Of Music

Musical symphony`s play in the breeze
Orchestral notes that float gently by
Sentimental music which breathes a sigh
Natures sweet melody together combine
Thro` quavering boughs of ancient trees
Expressing emotions through music divine.


Questions of Music

I listened quietly to you breathe
As the night wind outside plays its song
The music it has played for oh so long
Yet still has meaning to love everywhere.
But only lovers to this music cleave
Loves heartbreak tempo showing they care.

But now you stir within your dreams
Are they of me and important things
Or mundane thoughts of cabbages and kings?
Does loving music play each note,
Or its mood not fit with your schemes?
Whatever, as long as I am in your thoughts.

The Gods Gift

For shame thou cannot deny thy desire of me
No more than I can of thee and will ever so.
Stars will pale and the sun will lose it's glow
Before my love will reach its heavenly peak
And other loves will point to us saying, "See,
There is the love that even the Gods shall seek."

Then modestly you dip your head in pride
Knowing that that love is their precious gift
And they are not worthy because of their rift
So two humans were selected, you and I,
Then muses were chosen to be our guide
In time we met and fell in love through poetry.


Gods Gift Received

Thou spake of love that only Gods shalt seek
As heavenly mortals this love shalt e`er arise
For celestial stars glow bright within our eyes
Together we hath cherished this love divine
And it is ours only as heaven on earth speak
That I shalt be yours and thou shalt be mine.

So precious are the gifts of love endowed
That thro`the ages hath oftimes returned
Everlasting love that shall ne`er be spurned
Both muses that shall linger deeper within
Chosen both together once more to enshroud
To be composed within prose love shalt begin.

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Leny & Terry


As sweet words trickle in receptive ears,
their spark ignites an answering flow within-
anticipation trembles tender skin.
Slowly my body quickens as blood streams;
it’s shaking off old bonds of once shed tears,
while nerve-ends tighten in excitement’s dreams.

My Dreams

My dreams and fantasies are inspired by you
Sometimes a gentle candle that lights my way
Becomes a roaring fire when you bid me stay.
Those tears of sorrow replaced by cries of joy
As older thoughts are pushed aside for new
And there is nothing of the past left to annoy.


Hold me

Hold me to your breast till your trembles cease
Wrapped in each others holds till passion subsides
Knowing it’s not an end but merely when love bides
Its time and builds slowly eternally on its strength
And for a while four glistening eyes are at peace
Discovering with love, its depth that gives length.


As heartbeats find new rhythms in love’s wake,
now ebbing waves bring peace as force abates-
soft ripples bear us closer to dreams’ gates.
My ear against your chest hears music’s call,
while we float gently on our starlit lake.
In time we’ll waken to seek passion’s thrall.


What do you seek?

What do you seek above all else
The end of a dream or the start of reality
That could be where you want to be
Take my hand and make your wish
Look into my eyes, know I’m not false
And just see what we will accomplish.

I seek

I seek my true love’s heart to be my guide,
his hand will lead me towards our dreams come true.
With all the shooting stars, I wish for you
to join me on a journey, yet unknown;
we’ll walk our path like children, starry-eyed-
to find the biggest gift- in love full-blown.


Yet More Questions

Shall I look into your eyes and wish for more,
Will I again feel your body next to mine?
Will you be as hungry savouring all you find,
Or much more temperate in your ways,
Sample each morsel until you realise
That you have earned each word of praise?


When you look into my eyes, there will be you,
immersed within my lake of dreams foretold;
above, pale Moon awaits our mirrored souls.
She casts her rays upon soft blushing skin,
enfolds entwining limbs in silver hue,
then blows on glowing embers- deep within.

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