2012 Poetry Form Challenge

#17 Awdl Gwydd

Each stanza is a quatrain of seven syllables. Lines two and four rhyme; lines one and three cross rhyme into either the second, third, fourth, OR fifth syllable of lines two and four. In the possible scheme for two stanzas below you will note that in the first stanza the third syllable was used and in the second stanza the fifth syllable was used. All four are in blue as "possibles"

It's important to state that Celtic poetry is based on sound structures to make them easy to remember, with rhyme not as important as repetition, alliteration and rhythm.

x x x x x x a
x x a x x x b
x x x x x x c
x x c x x x b

x x x x x x d
x x x x d x e
x x x x x x f
x x x x f x e

Awdl Gwydd

Love is such a heady drink
I do not think we are meant
To imbibe and also touch
Desiring so much it's sweet scent.

Dreaming throughout each long day
To find a way to spend each night.
Thus our plans given by Fate
Ending with the mate that's right.

Terry Clitheroe

Awdl Gwydd

Maryse Achong

Sweet Trinidad

Kathy Anderson

Eve Tides
Rainy Fall

Terry Clitheroe

Avian Feelings
Blue Moon
Broken Dreams
For a While
For Just a While
I'm Not a Shadow
Lost Within
This Wilderness

Divena Collins

Blissful Love
Book Mania
Computer Fatigue
Earth Mother
Gifts of Love
I woo'ed If I Coo'ed
Lost Within
Love in the Mist
Mirrored Image
Prima Donna
Silly Moments
Slice of Moon

Jem Farmer

Bard Sings
Elemental Woman
Give Them Water
Golden Trim
Welsh Pagan

Ivor Hogg

Sing Joyously

Leny Roovers

Autmn Shows
Dryad Asleep
If Only
On Friendship
September Skies
Signs in the Air

Sasha Walker

Poetry, A Smear

Maryse Achong

Sweet Trinidad

Sweet Trinidad, land of my birth
Your rich earth mingled with the sweat
Of my forefathers. My own heart
Yours from the start... there is no threat.

Who can forget your stately trees,
Your ocean breeze, your tropic clime,
Majestic mountains, rolling plains,
These chains that bind me are sublime.

No matter what is done to scar
You, blemish,mar, tarnish your name,
You'll always be my Trinidad
Good or bad, I'll love you the same.

My navel string is buried here
There's no where else I want to be
And ere I fin'lly close my eyes
They're your blue skies I want to see.

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Kathy Anderson

Eve Tides

When breezses touch the edges
Green hedges fill with birdsong
As along the bar sailing
Their voices in rapt wailing long

To find the open door of dawn,
On lawn pick forage and might
With lightest wings carry on
Feathered winds gone home tonight

To valley sun made its bed
Awed to moon again dreams
Lifting beams on zephyrs led
Nightingales fled days heat schemes.


Rainy Fall

Parched earth had weathered the storm
Whose form now creates puddles,
As mud will clog our shoes soles
And cold steady streams fill pools.

Overflowing now beyond
Brimming, black pond slowly seeps
To deepen water table
Even able fish shall sleep.

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Terry Clitheroe

Avian Feelings

Free as the birds join'd in flight,
Beneath white clouds long cold sheets.
Above the heavens are in sight,
Such delight, being where Earth meets.

I must lose height and return,
I discern that evening is nigh.
From life above I must adjourn,
Sadly turning from the sky.


Blue Moon

I saw the blue moon last night
Her yellow light lit the sky
Later that night walking home,
I saw the moon more on high.

Half the size but still a prize
Queen of the skies and love b'low
Her radiance lit up the night
Delighting all with her glow.

Constantly smiling so steady
She's ready for sleep come dawn
Smiles the new season meeting
The greeting for it newly born.


Broken Dreams (Compromise)

Sipping a glass of red wine,
humming, he sat at his table
looking at the computer screen,
waiting for her come online.

As he looked through his notes,
ideas and a couple of scenes,
couldn't say what he wanted to,
to tell her about his dreams

They must always be apart,
no part of life could she share
she admitted to loving him,
but could not join him and care.

Drinking and time passed on,
sat there withdrawn, waiting,
losing interest in poetry,
his spry heart started breaking.

He realised she'd said it all,
when they had met online,
"I'm busy with others," she'd said
"I cannot spare anytime."

Remembering before him,
of whom she refused to speak
sometimes spending time with him,
just two, or so nights a week.

After a couple of hours,
other poets began their day
his heart was too full to speak,
he slowly walked away.


For a While

For a while life had been bliss
Now each kiss is like poison.
The flames of love, burnt too well
Creating a hell neither had chosen.

Pleasure is always paid by pain
Yet again and again we pay.
Like roulette and its crazy odds,
like crazy bods, we hope and pray.

Can we not reverse our chances
Make advances along loves road
And find that perfect person
The one to share our abode.


For Just a While

For just a while she dreamed
when moons beamed on the ocean.
The dreams of previous scenes
memories screens raising emotions.

Times of love she would repeat
again, not beat by memories
A future just to recall
times and all of loves certainties.

She smiled remembering
loving on the beach in the rain.
Now they were so much older,
and no longer bolder teens.

But in truth what teens begin,
with some chagrin must maintain
Because of that each loving,
will not ever be the same.


I'm Not a Shadow

I'm not a shadow, I care,
I dare, that is my trouble
Defend ladies and my friends
Make amends, no redouble.

Never ever play mind games
No blames, I talk to your face.
If you need any help at all
I'm on the ball, the right place.

Remember right from the start
I took your part defended you
Everyone attacked my chum
And I was dinkum, true blue.

Believe whatever you want
Nonchalant, I could not care less
I've proved to many people
My principles and friendliness.

Do you want me as a friend
And remember it's your last say?
Remember the piper plays
And someone has to pay!



Once again I kiss your lips
Those sips cannot feel me
Nor feel again my touching
Remembering what used to be

Knowing there is no feeling
That feeling, was once your heat
Remember what used to be
And how strong our hearts would beat.

Because death has made us part
I cant part from treasured time
I will always feel your heart.
And those moments so sublime



What should I do with my secret,
Bet you know who it concerns?
Telling you, would it be discrete
Or should I wait til she learns?

The look on your face waiting
Now upon looking I can see
Wondering am I misled
I've piqued your curiosity.

I can see looking in your eyes
your smiles, you take my hand
You're not fooled by this disguise
And surrender as you planned.


This Wilderness

This wilderness, winter creates,
Its naked states, bereft of dress.
Is it a mess, this bland estate,
Where we await, seas'ns progress.

Or is merely a time of rest
To feel depressed live austerely.
Knowing surely, what is the best,
When flora dressed, arrives yearly.

The trees are never asleep
They don't keep their dormant state
The birds did not stop singing
Now trees ringing with calls for a mate.

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Divena Collins

Blissful Love

A love that I have never known
That has shown no shame to me
'twas all I could do but pray
That some day we shall be free.

His tender kiss shall ever stay
As we lay down upon the heath
I had never known such passion
In this fashion love bequeath.

Time shall tell how we both feel
Of how real this love shall be
To know that deep down inside
We take pride in what we see.

Where had he been all my life
For past strife love went amiss
Shall it be that we now know
Passions flow within utter bliss.


Book Mania

No more books, please no more
Upon the floor is their downfall
No bookends shall hold them still
And they will slant from the wall.

Wherever I go there are books
Some look old with signs of mould
Ancient pages read from the past
Were cast from an old household.

All over the house I withstand
Most second hand less a few
One space that is needed most
Display's with grace in the loo.

I have no time to spare other
Than when mother nature calls
Peace and quiet all on my own
Upon a throne within four walls.


Computer Fatigue

So weary I lay down my head
Upon a bed of feathery dawn
Soft as a whispers caress
As I suppress a weary yawn.

Sleep is what I really need
To feed if only a weary mind
There I shall sleep in repose
Who knows what dreams may find.


Earth Mother

Tales of spring shall sprout anew
Of blossom blue and yellow
Amidst shady leaves of green
With serene hue's so mellow.

Summer brings bridal bouqets
With days of love and laughter
Within heat of the solar sun
Both are of one forever after

Spent leaves of summer fades
Upon shades of autumns glory
That blends in for a reason
As every season tells a story.

When the winters cold winds blow
And the snow smothers the land
Trees are weathered and bare
In care of mother earths hand.


Gifts of Love

Gather thy buds while you may
Each day shall perish too soon
When autumn winds shall linger
Cold fingers upon winters moon.

Sweet the rose of blossom fair
That share's a breath of musk
Buds that shall bear no thorns
Adorns a maidens hair at dusk.

Roses of love a gift bestown
From her own precious lover
What pleasure roses can bring
Treasure's recalled forever.


I Woo'ed If I Coo'ed

If I only had wings to fly
To soar in a sky so blue
But it was not meant to be
Shall not be a me like you.

I may Coo high in the trees
That should please me much
But I cant whistle a song
It is wrong and out of touch.

Maybe I can woo me a mate
But its late that I may be
I cannot build us a nest
So best I be alone with me.

I might be back next spring
To sing the same kind of song
I cant make any decisions
In visions I shant belong.


Lost Within

My love he has gone forever
I shall never forget this day
He has left my heart broken
With unspoken words at bay.

Why shall I hurt so this way
For always it feels the same
It's no joy being left so cold
I'm too old to play his game.

I shall never ever love again
For pain is not meant to be
Maybe better to be at one
All alone within myself free.


Love in the Mist

Held a posy unto her breast
So blessed this love within
Summer blooms shall ever be
Within free thoughts therein.

Blue petals of misted hue
Upon sepals of silvery white
Amidst cobwebs of filly green
Only to be seen in suns light.

Old of fashion thro' long years
Yet tears of wisdom shine thro`
For dew upon that gathers much
Shall touch a passion that grew.


Mirrored Image

An image in the looking glass
That shall pass a sideway glance
Was this real this image of she
Could it be a ghost perchance.

Her looks were that of the past
That had cast deep in her mind
Ghostly images of the same
Shall proclaim presence of kind.


Prima Donna

How pretty within her pose
Her toes position to dance
She learns the arts of ballet
To display postured stance.

How willing she is to learn
To earn her credits as such
A Prima Donna within rights
This night is dreamed of much.

Within her heart she succeeds
Her needs within were inborn
And dreams had all come true
Her name in lights shall adorn.


Silly Moments

Simons silly, sillier than me
Yet its he who says hes sane
But how does he really know
Who does know of the insane.

How do I know within mind
I find myself in thought
Maybe its just me thats wrong
I belong but trust him not.

There is but a very thin line
Of a twine betwixt the two
It`s just a fact to be found
Ill be bound if this be true.


Slice of Moon

A slice of moon fell upon earth
The rebirth of fantasy land
Floating across a deep ocean
No signs of erosion at hand.

As time went by buildings arose
That chose to be tall and wide
Abodes that were for mankind
Made to find homes to reside.

A crescent moon floated forth
T'wards north it had ventured
To the fair old scottish isles.
Sea miles frae an adventure.

Man wore skirts their women too
And few spoke in alien tongue
That no one could understand
Scots land had a lilt that sung.

Strange were their celtic ways
To rephrase every word spoken
It's time I think to move along
To belong was never a token.

Out of the ocean into the sky
To fly back in time once more
Gone was that slice of a moon
So soon from the oceans floor.

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Jem Farmer

Bard Sings

In the lands where dragons fly
And the skies stretch far and wide
The ancient mysteries sing
On the wings of magic pride.

A bard with watching eyes sits
As dreams flit from here and now
To the days when ancients ruled
As they tooled by hand and brow

The fertile earth that brings life
Despite the strife left behind
And bard sings his songs through time
From cadent rhymes in his mind.

The stories told so long ago
How did they know we'd forget
The needs of the Earth remain
In her pain we now regret.

We must learn to live once more
As before taking for need
And leaving no damage here
But I fear we act in greed

Listen close and hear her cry
The Earth will die before her time
Our kind will lose home and place
Our disgrace, a mortal crime.

I hear the men speak of shame,
Then lay blame at someone's feet
No need to change, it's a lie
As the Earth sighs in defeat.

And as the bard sings his song
I know he's not wrong to say
The danger is there, all can see
There must be change, now, today!


Elemental Woman

Her beauty is like the air,
A breath bearing pure delight,
Enchanting spell that love cast
And all the past fades to night.

Her eyes are the burning flame
Wild and tame, revealing dreams,
The vision of sensual lust
Courting trust in silver beams.

Her voice charms the vibrant song
And all along a heart sighed
Like an angel wipes the tears
Where hidden fears preside.

Her touch the warmth of the Earth,
A joyful mirth given free
And her beauty is mine now,
I wonder how that can be.



Crimson wings that chase the breeze,
Softly tease the summer sun.
Disturbing naught in the air
It is there a moment spun.

Through gardens and country fields
Vibrant wings yielding to flight,
With beauty and a brief sigh
The butterfly brings delight.


Give Them Water

A simple glass sparkles bright
In the light of the dawn sun
Taken for granted it stands
But in some lands it's not done.

The water that cleanses me,
Seems to flow free, clear and pure,
Yet out there the kids don't know
How it can be so much more.

So poets take hold your pen
And tell of when all can drink
Water, give life with your words
It's not so absurd, I think

One village needs just one pump,
So what's the hump, get in there,
Save a life, one life, a child,
Be wild and show you care!

Written in aid of WaterAid


Golden Trim

I see in the falling leaves,
A time to breathe in the dreams
Of songs of the autumn breeze
To ease the fading sunbeams.

The longer nights, drawing in,
A golden trim below feet
Rustles in every skip
Then slip to the slower beat.

For as the leaves softly fall
I see it all before me,
The gentle touch in a kiss
I daren’t miss the love I see.


Welsh Pagan

O land of beauty calling me,
Your valleys and your mountains high,
Deep in my heart in pride of place
Your graceful dragons freely fly.

I close my eyes and feel the beat,
Retreating into Celtic ways.
Old spirits come as is their will
Fulfilling dreams of better days.

There's no shame in national pride,
That guides the soul to seek to dwell
In the realms of divinity's love
Above, below, beyond the veil!

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Ivor Hogg

Sing Joyously

Autumn the harvest season
It's the time for gathering
in the crops to safely store
All we need and more: So sing

Praises to the creator
The crops we store are his gift.
A reward for the hard work.
We did not shirk nor ignore.

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Leny Roovers

Autumn Shows

Autumn's auburn colouring's
in swing with mother-of-pearl;
enfolded in lustrous shawls
she shows fall's frocks in a swirl.

In soft shades of creamy grey,
waves of bright rays form a sea.
As rows of crests break and drift,
clouds on wind's breath shift, break free.


Dryad Asleep

I saw a dryad this week,
next to a small creek she hung;
I came upon her by chance,
in sleep's trance she gently swung.

Her body was close to mine,
a single vine held her feet
to keep her from falling down;
her face was dark-brown and sweet.



Each night at seven o'clock
comes the knock of my new friend;
she's a little turtle-dove
that used to rove without end.

One day when I stepped outside,
she didn't hide or fly up,
but let me come close instead;
wings half spread, willing to sup.

I brought her a few crushed nuts,
she proved her guts by waiting
with tilted head, her eyes keen,
from that day we've been dating.

Each evening after dinner
my little winner flies in,
she is always punctual,
on her call, my clock falls in.


If Only

If only I could grow wings,
I'd fly and sing with the birds,
rise above all worldly pains
like chains of hurt fell in words.

As planes above clouds' white layers,
my prayers rise up to Sun's face;
in her blissful grace I'm healed
by yielding in her embrace.

Drifting on cloud-filled down,
deep frowns are eased from my brow
as zephyr's soft fingertips
remove old grips anguish plowed.


On Friendship

Old friends are life's real treasure,
with them pleasure increases,
in fact is doubled at least;
meetings a feast-stress decreased.

No matter how long between,
rapport is keen, words abound;
yet even silence feels good,
understood, in friendship found.


September Skies

As August weds September,
fiery embers enlighten
sky's soft watercolour hues,
clouds and sun fuse, brighten.

Vivid and bigger than life,
colouring rife, well designed;
in slowly changing slide-show
come Van Gogh's paintings to mind.


Sign in the Air

Across a clear blue heaven
wind puffs leaven in white clouds,
whipped cream on the horizon -
blowed up mizen overcrowds.

Planes white tracks draw foamy lines,
writing X signs in the air;
used by lovers as a kiss,
bringing bliss that I can share.

Moments of sudden rapture
that capture creation's wealth,
divine artistry unfolds -
heaven's gold amends soul's health.



Bright spirits of the air dress
up and bless night’s sky with pink
and strips of gold, bold fire-drakes
explore new lakes, dive in sync.

As rosy waters fan out,
dragons spout in fiery streams
melted light across pink shores;
my heart soars, watching their dreams.

All too sudden sky turns black,
closing last cracks, stops light's play;
visions of colour remain
as heaven's domain ends day.

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Sasha Walker

Poetry, A Smear

billowed scrim graced crystal dreams
ghostly screams sound in lament
as flaking paint peels love's skin
drifting sin to basements rent

love's death is manifest...here...
poetry; a smear of dust,
embellishment a crime,
broken hearts in time will trust

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