2012 Poetry Form Challenge
#14 Sicilian Sestet

Possessing similar origins, as the Italian Sestet, the Sicilian sestet had no set meter, but the anglicised version uses Iambic tetrameter or pentameter.

x x x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x x x c
x x x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x x x b

In my minds eye I see you everywhere
Each waking moment steals my time
In thoughts so different to what was there
Now so natural now to think that I'm
Thinking about someone for who I care
Someone to me who's become sublime.

Ryter Roethicle

Sicilian Sestets

Maryse Achong

Life Players

Kathy Anderson

Seeing Butterflies
Silent Rounds

Terry Clitheore

Adoro Che Cosa
Breathe Not
Clay of Life
Dreams Give Wings
Escape at Last
Hands of Time
Just a Kiss at Midnight
Just Goodnight
Now at a Distance
Out of a Void
Presence in my Mind
Soul Mates

Divena Collins

A Time For Us
Eternal Love
Fantasy Island
Flowers Amidst Stone
Fly on the Ceiling
Grandma's Attic
Linguistic Words
Melting Moments
Oh Joyous Love
Poetic Phantom
Truth Amidst Fantasy
World of Silence

Jem Farmer

This Poetry
Understanding Time
Who Else Is There

Maryse Achong

Life Players

The game of life is played out every day;
Participants, we're members of a team,
We have no choice we are on that grand stage;
We can give it our best shot or just dream,
Sit quietly or jump in, join the fray;
Whichever way we're part of one great scheme.

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Kathy Anderson

Seeing Butterflies

I've seen a lot of places
Been down a thousand roads black,
Along the littered highways there abode
Amongst the weeds wings slack,
Were the butterflies wrapped in spaces
Cocooned, awaiting freedoms they lack.

I've been a lot of places to rue
Got lost many a time to confusion
Seen nightmare faces in grassy meadows
Known darkness turned grey fusion
In the lightest cathedral steeple view
Evil eyes amongst the butterflies unison.


Silent Rounds

The silence of the rounds mesmerizes me
As the weave I leave shows upon my sleeve
In ever increasing and decreasing wefts
It never barricades the yarns of hearts bereaved
Where an ocean separates stitches of thee
And we that can never be wove.

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Terry Clitheroe

Adoro che cosa puo mai essere mine

Souls are easy guided by their lover's eyes,
Those windows betray what beats inside.
For that flash, that sparkle, cannot disguise,
An aftermath of love that cannot be denied.
So for a while there are just temporary ties,
And in that belief, other things are laid aside.

I worship what can never be mine,
Nor possibly ever pass for what is a dream,
But I believe that love is a gift divine
And not some silly little archers scheme.
Thus we will wait and bide our time,
Our love's real and all that it may seem.

Love is a silly state, that makes a fool of us all,
But fools are happiest in that state,
Ever satisfied whilst they hear souls call
And happier still when believed led by fate.
Believing it was inevitable what will befall
But in the end happiest with their mate.


Breathe Not

Breathe not so deep my love to sound like a sigh
Rather each breath shall be a tribute to passion
Realise that to lose thee, I would much rather die.
I want thee complete not in ways that're of fashion
Taking thee to heights above where angels fly
Each kiss given in pleasure rather than ration.

Touch not so wary my love, I am all thine
Waiting and wanting that confluence be it of hand
My only desire to make thee completely mine.
My lips or more you have only to demand
Your eyes conquered me wishing we combine
I repeat now, "My Lady I'm yours to command".

My heart responds in kind, likewise agreeing
And pounds in tempo like a marching drum.
Thy passionate lips are all that I am now seeing
Calling me, come to me, come to me, come!
You have won me, you control my whole being
I am yours forever, or until Eternity is done.


Clay of Life

Both you and I, are made of clay
Cast on the potters wheel of Fate.
Our hands mould this clay each day
Our deeds, good or bad are the weight.
Only truth, and likewise deeds are the pay
Politics and concession are illegal freight.

Fire the kiln and the clay will dry.
And look, what have you made, what use?
Are the cups you made a worthy supply
Or will they always leak and cause abuse?
Are they fit to paint and pleasing to the eye
I wonder, what will be your views.


Dreams Give Wings

Dreams give wings to my hidden hopes
Causing all my fantasies to take flight.
In my sleep I dare to dream not mope
And bring my deepest desires to site.
Life might be an ever upwards slope
But carefully planned there.s always light.

Yet swift as rain from thunderous skies
Pours sorrow into my proffered heart.
Seeing passion and wanting compromise
Hopeful that something may finally start
And in acceptance find a pleasant surprise
My dreams finally rewarded with a new start.

What causes a greater harm than fancies
It lends power and strength to all feeling?
My frail imagination reigns suddenly dances,
My mind amazed and my senses reeling
Your look's told me I've more than chances
So I'll take my chances into your hearts stealing


Escape at Last

To learn to love, you must first learn to cry
Our bodies and minds are conditioned by life.
Offer your heart before love says goodbye
Show your emotions don't be stoic in strife.
Smile looking at her; let her see your eyes
Realise now lies are deadlier than a knife.

For too long now, my heart has been asleep
Now there are tears as my heart opens again
And slowly through joy, I'm learning to weep.
Not tears or sobs of a heart wrenched in pain
But that of a soul taking a great upwards leap
Where having achieved love desires to remain.

At last it has become the time for you to cry
I have looked in your eyes and I see your tears
As anger and frustration from inside you die.
You have held it inside you for all these years
Here beside you I wipe the tear from your eye
I'll hold you and kiss you, removing your fears.


Hands of Time

Would you turn back the hands of time
And live over again without mistakes,
To show to age a face without life's grime
Unscarred, living a life that's full of grace?
In returning to when in your youthful prime
Would you, most all your early events erase?

The scars we bear are souvenirs of a past
And the lessons learned, hopefully move on.
Greater heights of wealth or fame surpassed
Are they needed to help appreciate the dawn?
Rather they are millstones that cannot last
Then when faced with death, all is gone.

Sadness of Gaia - Josephine Wall


Just a Kiss at Midnight

I kissed you first a few hours before midnight
And as usual it all went on and on and on.
I fell into a deep sleep round about midnight
As all my senses were worn out or gone.
I awoke many hours later, well past midnight
You were making breakfast, woken by the sun.


Just Goodnight

It is now that special time of night
There is no time or need to think at all
The mood is softened by wine and light
I've seen the afternoon's colours fall
Driving home against the sun so bright
My muse has me now, taken o'er control.

She reminds me of the past and loves lost
And at last a love that makes me whole
Knowing thus, gladly will I meet the cost
One I know too well has touched my soul
Looking out I see the moon smiling over all
The aura round her means morning frost.

The music is softer now, thinking of you
Even more the wine has softened the mood
My eyes are ready to close it's the end of day
There is just one final act I have to do
Enough of life today I have viewed
My last thought "I love you" I have to say.


Metastasis: The Spores of Hell

Take good heed of the werewolf's bite
Those hellish creatures solid form
The Vampire and creatures of the night
Upon which this evil feeds upon.
There is one more that we need to fight
Have need also to fear more this one.

In Lucifer's pits there grows a spore
Ne'r was a war with more victims slain
Eating flesh, and needing nothing more
Than blood or guts or the living brain
The total in human life its score
It's evil devised by Satan's insane.

Tell me a loved one who has not lost.
The hero's prepared, does not fear the bite;
Painful wounds that aside he's tossed
From arrows or creatures of the night
He is prepared to pay what e'r the cost
Yet against this foe even he takes flight.

We watch as loved ones are eaten away
We watch as father, mother, husband or wife
Grow weaker, and more pained every day
And friends we watch painfully lose their life
Who were once strong in every way
Fall victim needing at least the surgeons knife.


Now at a Distance

Too soon time flies, then lover's part
And spend their time regretting waste
As they separate along a global chart.
Should wasted times together be replaced
By ones not thought of at the start
Should not those problems be erased?

But think, what did you really miss,
One extra coupling, one extra touch,
More time snuggling in heavenly bliss?
Were you not together very much,
Or do you just long for one more kiss,
Realising what is beyond your clutch

Consider only that you were there
Two lovers who for one short while
Shared and laid their souls out bare.
Where love and honesty the only style
Lasting promises were made to care
And although apart is still worthwhile.


Out of a Void

Out of a void my love has grown
Not even a cosmic speck, a minute grain
Existed before a seed was sown,
Now it is an infinite mighty domain
One in which you completely own
Losing you now would cause only pain.

Not of wood, nor steel, brick or stone
No roof of tile to shelter from harm
But a pulsing heart, inside flesh and bone
Made of love, to protect and warm
It's yours completely not on loan
Won completely by your loving charm.

From timeless space you've won my heart
A celestial being that has won my soul
That time or distance can never part
Two separate beings who've made a whole
My life and love I dedicate to thee
Wishing to be with you for all eternity



When I talk to you the words come easy
Yet inside the turmoil the excitement
Each syllable comes slipping out so freely.
Can my words cause you this torment?
My mind willing to speak so lovingly
Will you miss my love, my true intent?


Presence in my Mind

You have become a presence in my mind.
I do not like it, for no longer is it free
My thoughts once controlled and simple kind
Now wander off in space and back to thee
And the way our souls around each other wind.
Now thinking of things that could just be.

In my minds eye I see you everywhere
Each waking moment steals my time
In thoughts so different to what was there
Now so natural now to think that I'm
Thinking about someone for who I care
Someone to me who's become sublime.


Soul Mates

Loving, sleeping sharing life's rich plate
You and I are together as we should be.
Dream time together our senses sate
In the halls of waiting you and me
In spite of distance, you are my mate
Spending forever together in eternity.

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Divena Collins

A Time For Us

"Oh where art thou my dearest lover I pray
Dost thy not love me like I do thee now
Am I to have lost my true honour this day
When I shareth vanity alone without thou
Why dost thy treat a poor maiden this way
My forsaken chastity taketh a final bow

Harken 'twas a broken twiglet I didst hear
Hidden 'neath the olde sweeping willow tree
My trembling body now shaketh with fear
Mayhaps 'tis my lover most precious be he
Was that thee my love oh my dearest dear
With all of my person I trembleth for thee."


Eternal Love

When two hearts are so complete
There shall be no distance apart
For one day soon we shall meet
Within infinity love shall restart
Distance apart shall be obsolete
For eternity lovers never depart.


Fantasy Island

Somewhere in time we have met before
That forever remains deeply in our mind
We stroll hand in hand like we did before
So much closer together for love to bind
Peaceful and tranquil on our islands shore
Of eternal spirits that return to mankind.

With special needs once more to explore
Of lovers so affectionately entwined
How shall these passions we both ignore
When greatest needs shall be to unwind
Somewhere in time we have met before
That forever remains deeply in our mind.


Flowers Amidst Stone

How high the mountains that reach above
A joy to behold that mother nature gives
The prettiest flowers she sends with love
Amidst hard stones of the mountain lives
That shatters the scene of nature thereof
Upon a barren scene this beauty survives.

As waters flow down a riverlet stream
Natures wonders work in magical ways
Gurgling waters that flow within a dream
Working their way through the final phase
Down mountains tops with a high esteem
From the alpine flowers glorious blaze.

Flowers of beauty cannot be reached
That are protected by the laws of nature
A mother`s words cannot be breached
Nor shall her wisdom harm earths stature
To be harmful or so wrongly beseached
Within floral stone or of living creature.


Fly on the Ceiling

A fly slept upside down upon a ceiling
Where the ceiling joins the end of a wall
Dazed on this wall he recalled with feeling
The feeling that he got when he did fall
Down he tumbled his head started reeling
From poisonous fly spray fumes and all.

The fly on the ceiling sees and hears all
Stored in the depth of large black eyes
His wings opened wide and ready to fall
For he was caught unaware by surprise
What a shock as he fell back down the wall
Echo`s are forever heard from his cries.

He learned a thing or two thus I know
And had sworn to keep his secrets well
He was not well aware that he had to go
But few could he trust Oh how he did fail
So if your like a fly keep wide awake do
For he had never survived to tell his tale.


Grandma's Attic

Pictures placed up against the wall
Covered over with an old bed sheet
A gilt edged mirror six feet tall
And an old oaken sea captains seat
Dusty black telephone no more on call
All forgotten in a darkened retreat.

Little boxes made of tin from the past
Leaded soldiers placed carefully within
Wooden ship bearing one broken mast
A long skipping rope wearing quite thin
Old doll with no arms made of plaster cast
Next to clown with a most impudent grin.

Lost kaleidescope of diamonds and stars
Of silver moons and crescents of blue
A wonder of shapes my favourite by far
The hours of pleasure I had from you
Now I have found out just where you are
I shall now relive my pleasures anew.


Linguistic Words

Linguistic words lie within a dream
Where accent of phrases are spoken
Reason of rhyme is what it may seem
When their stanza`s remain unbroken
Hail to the poet whose works redeem
For the muse of a dreamers awoken.

Plans of a scripture that dwells within
Weaving of minds unto his final spell
Within rhythmical strings of his violin
Captures poetical movement so well
Dreams within music shall then begin
Linguistic words of dreams still dwell.


Melting Moments

Within sunlight upon a warm summer day
As gentle breezes weave thro`the shade
It shall be said seed pods come out to play
Where scented lavender bathes the glade
Beneath tree tops where leaves gently sway
To rhyme and rhythm of natures charade.

Gardens in summer connoisseurs delight
Of picnic and barbeque foods for thought
Time to abolish garden tools on this night
As time is nigh where lovers are sought
In an old garden shed hidden from sight
Where wood panels shall speak of nought.

Blessed the sun and the warmth it yields
Inspirations desired to cherish forever
Of natures values upon soft green fields
Where promise of true love flow together
As an evening shade the sun light shields
Shall they feel a change in the weather?


Oh Joyous Love

I can see love deeply mirror'd in thine eyes
I see it in the stars and know thou art mine
My heart beats fast as I harken to thy sighs
It is then that I feel your love shall be divine
For within this depth of passion fantasy lies
Towards loves pleasure's as limbs entwine.

Precious the delights of a passionate touch
That explores and caresses unto the night
Soft sighs and tremors that speak of much
Dreams and ecstasies of touch shall excite
Encouraging passions of this love as such
That promises forever shall soon reunite.


Poetic Phantom

He guide's my quill gently upon an empty page
What words shalt escape deep within my mind
Composed by telepathy from a bygone sage
Of an olde English verse that he wrote in kind
How canst this be his spirit hath chosen me
For I am ne-er the most poetical one to find.

I knoweth not what his composure shall be
Or what muse hath scattered within my brain
Yet within my heart I know he shall be free
To release those poetical passions once again
Frustrations of a master perished from age
Who predicted his final works ever remain.



Where oh where will the polar bears go
When the snow and ice caps melt one day
Their habitat once a home they did know
To be flooded and sources washed away
Within deep waters of the oceans flow
Where shall the polar bears live and play.

Salt seas shall spread thoughout the land
How then will the white bears stay alive
Could we perhaps help them to understand
And maybe to help them adapt to thrive
Or shall they refuse a kind helping hand
In the hope that winters snow shall arrive.

Or move to the mountains withinTennessee
Where the kingdom of brown bears belong
To hunt in the Smokeys so wild and free
With no knowledge they might get it wrong
And fight to the end if they both disagree
The survival of the fittest shall be life long.

So what of the brown if the white takes over
When they are used to the laws of their land
Whoever`s left shall be four paws in clover
For this land shall be harder to understand
They shall face the dangers of a cattle drover
Who withholds the power of a gun in his hand.

So maybe its best they stay where they are
To face challenges that may come or may not
For they shall be so much better off by far
And used to problems they have already got
To leave the north now would be so bizzare
Survival may not be as hard as they thought.


Truth Amidst Fantasy

She wept an ocean of salty tears
From the depth of clouds above
What was once dry land for years
Parched the dessert unworthy of
A land that suddenly disappears.
Brought back to life through love

Tears bore floods that hid the land
So they named her tears an ocean
And all that was left was one island
That she nurtured within devotion
Twas infringed with desert sand.
That all came about with emotion.

Time passed the island had grown
Some which had parted the waves
So many islands then were shown
And had all seen the light of days
Winds from the ocean had blown
Seedlings upon islands of maize.

Survival of beasts and humans too
That nurture and cares for this land
An ocean of fishes more than a few
From mother of natures caring hand
Her laws that follow for me and you
Shall never be hard to understand.

All that is taken must be returned
For the land and ocean to flourish
No acts of greed shall be spurned
Let everything survive and nourish
All within life shall be transformed
To end mother of natures anquish.


World Of Silence

A world without sound of a birds song
Or the gentle music of rustling leaves
Raindrops dance from clouds belong
Within a cloud bursts summer breeze
A vision without sound a lifetime long
Inflicted on the deaf is not a disease.

The sound of music they cannot enjoy
Nor the sweetness of a mothers voice
Sign language only they shall employ
For speach there is no varied choice
But still have feelings sadness or joy
Tears of sorrow and laughter rejoice.

For theirs is a world made of silence
With a gift of companionship known
Strength of will with a built in defence
With a love and affection not unknown
Never had any need for false pretence
For love within their hearts are shown.

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Jem Farmer

This Poetry

This writing needs the will of self-control,
Against the call of doing other things,
Ignoring pokes and strange Facebook polls,
The fun and games must wait while poet sings
The lines of pain that love in rhyme consoles
Until a thought breaks as the phone now rings.

Rekindled pen begins to ebb and flow,
A gentle touch of grammar held in verse,
And inky words trail where they want to go
Compelling thoughts to bribe and then coerce
The random lines into the form they know,
Ah! Is poetry fun or cunning curse?


Understanding Time

Often we dish the blame with ruffled brow
And lashings of guilt as a soul’s torture
Yet if we look within we can see how
The things that hurt are of our own nurture
Events of yesterday reflect the now
And what we do today is our future.

Salvador Dali - Clock -----

Who Else Is There

Don't ask me why I give the time to care,
When only love can tell the reason why.
I am the one, who stays when no-one's there,
And hides the tears a daughter has to cry,
Her loving heart must have the strength to dare,
When all the rest have said a fond good-bye.

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