2012 Poetry Form Challenge

#11 Blues Stanza

The Blues stanza is poetry derived in the late 19th century from the Afro-American lamentation and sadness, it can however be sarcastic and ironic.

Its basic structure is with line 2 repeating the rhyme similar to line 1, and line 3 rhyming with the previous two, bringing the stanza to a climax.
There is no set length.

The Rhyme scheme is thus: A. A. a. . B. B. b. . C. C. c. etc.

Iambic pentameter was the language of the Puritan settlers and far from that of Afro-Americans who had no concept of "Proper English", and it should be left to the poet to "do yo thang".

Hillary Sings the Blues

This was the year for making history..
This was the year I'm making history. .
To get the people to vote 'Hillary' .

This job was mine, so Bill had promised me..
It's such a cinch, 'cause everyone loves me..
If there's a hitch, it's one I couldn't see..

My campaign style was sure to start a fire. .
This was a breeze compared to sniper fire. .
And of my tales, the folks would never tire..

The crowds went wild at every place I came. .
My eyes popped out at seeing how they came. .
The path was laid, and winning's just a game.

Yet my dreams into a chasm flew, .
Yet my dreams into a chasm flew, .
'Cause Obama came from out the blue..

Bruce Henderson

Blues Stanza

Maryse Achong

Blues Time

Kathy Anderson

Fool Hearted Woman
Not How It Is
Opportunity Crocks
Summer Has Come

Divena Collins

Aint Me Babe
Black Stockin's
Blowin a Fuse
Cotton Pickin Ho Down
Crazy Blues
Dang Blues
Elvis and Priscilla
Eternal Life
Hillbilly Blues
Mean Time Blues
Nursery Rhyme Blues

Jem Farmer

Lost and Found
Love is Light
Mirror, Mirror

Ryter Roethicle

How Slowly
I'll Get Over You Baby
Think Before You Drink
Three Blind Mice
Without Love
Yo Broke My Heart Baby

Maryse Achong

Blues Time (Dialect)

It seems de whole worl is singin de blues
No more happy songs, jus darkness and blues
Nothing positive on de evenin news.

Everywhere you turn dere's sadness dere's pain
Families and nations, wridin'in pain.
Is dis part of some sinister campaign?

Wha happen to peace an love an goodwill,
It seems de worl needs a dose of goodwill
Odderwise we'll keep on goin donghill.

We singin de blues, we singin de blues,
Man, woman an chirren singin de blues,
Buh at end of day is we have to choose.

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Kathy Anderson

Fool Hearted Woman

Yes Ima fool hearted woman
Cos I flirted with the wrong man
An ee walk an talked like sand

Full up with pretty lines I fell
Little romance but boy could he sell
An again ma heart fell in da well

Sure as sunshine in da mornin' sky
Made me glad of ma gender but why
Oh why did he deny and then fly?

To take dis heart of a fool for a ride
Never went for just the right side
An all dis gal has is nights she cried.


Not How It Is

Not how it is now but how it was
Yesterday I was a down trod cause
Blind trust in some people just because

When Summer youth fled so fast
The storms left a river in sky overcast
And I ain't young no mo but livin' in da past

Overshadowed in haunted mem'ry
All ma hopes dashed on rocks at sea
The roads converged endlessly

Dis crossroads won't eva leave
My furrow'd brow or less weave
The web is stuck in lines I'd heave.


Opportunity Crocks

Though it's only time that matters
When the boat you float is in tatters
Only this lonely heart shatters

Every time the next stone is thrown
The chin goes lower than an old gnomes
Beard upon the blackest earth in Rome

There is no chance to become sweeter
As all opportunities recur
Only for the rich dictators

Who says who is who's creator now
Freedom bought by the powerful crown
Or the mightiest arm in town

I drown in the debris
I scoff at upbeat decree
I blow the fuse, so you see!


Summer has Come

The heat come in at mid Spring
Fast on the foot of Jacks frosting
Humid spikes to keep us sweating

From bone cold nights to Summery
Ups and downs in manic ery
The seasons busting calendry

Are the gods full of anger
For our foolish human mingers
And others for being blighters?

Confusion pursues us on earth
Never mind the winds dirth
As clouds roll in spilling little births.

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Ryter Roethicle

How Slowly

How slowly do I walk today
Can't help but walk slow today
De love of my life's gone away.

She took everything from me
My heart she stole from me
'N' I don't care bout de money.

I wonder why did she lie
Yes why did she lie
All I do is wish I could die.

Whiskey won't drive dis mood away
Mo whiskey won't drive dis mood away
Fact de mo I drink de mo she stay.


I'll Get Over You Baby

I'll get over you baby in my own good time
There's no rush baby it's my own good time
This love you said we had, aint worth a dime.

Sometimes stead of cry, could just lay down n die
Sometimes stead of cry, could just lay down n die
You stole my heart and all the time lived a lie.

A need my love in da morning when I come home
A need my love in da morning when I come home
And den der was da morning when you had gone.

Seems like everything I do babe alus going wrong
Seems like everything I do babe must alus go wrong
You even ignore me when a singin dis song.


Think Before You Drink

Your breath smells of cheap wine,
It alus smells of cheap wine
You is drinkin all the time.

Take a break a long, long break
Take a break a long, long break
If only for your kidneys sake.

I like a drink, and I can drink
But like I said, I like a drink
And I don't like my breath to stink.

In the morning how do you feel
I know in the morn how I feel
It's time you woke up, get real.


Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice
Three blind mice
Wasis about blind mice?

See how dey run
See how dey run
Theys blind, how can dey run?

Dey all run after de farmers wife
Dey all run after de farmers wife
Who cut off der tails wid a carving knife.

What kinda woman is she
What kinda woman is she
That mutilates creatures that can't see?

Have you ever seen such a thing in yo life
Have you ever seen such a thing in yo life
As a woman armed wid a carving knife?

Chasing three blind mice
Three blind mice
Wasis about blind mice?


Without Love

No love, no money, no house, no car
I lost my love, and I crashed my car
Now I stuck cant go nowhar.

The roads too long, happiness too far
Yeah much too long, much too far
Without it can't go nowhar.

No hope in site, can't get a job
'Bout a car I'm just nuther yob
Just a hopeless, jobless slob.

The Sali Army how do I call
Don't have a phone so I can't call
N' can't go out and end it all.


Yo Broke My Heart Baby

When yo left me baby yo broke my heart
Oh when yo left me baby yo broke my heart
Let's get back together, n'make a brand new start.

Ever since yo left the sun don't ever shine
A sayin since yo left the sun refuse to shine
But'll be orrite agin ifn I can make yo mine.

I can't eat, I can't sleep since yo went away
Can't do anything but cry since yo went away
Please come back baby, please say yo'll stay.

Was always good to yo baby, tried to treat yo rite
Gave you what yo what you wanted treated yo rite
I never argued, an we nebber had a fight.

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Divena Collins

Aint Me Babe

Got no lovin no more no more
No I aint got no lovin no more
Nobody left in ma life to bore.

I kin talk yea forever I kin talk
Bein a dame I was born to talk
But now he gone and took a walk.

A guess he had to hit the sack
Upon ma head he placed a sack
Jest to smother the yakkety yak.

He dont go for much talkin apart
Aint ma fault for him bein a part
Of what ended that never did start.

Yea man he got real moody blues
Steerin` away from moody blues
It aint me babe whose gonna lose.


Black Stockin's

Ma mamma done told me to be good
Yea ma mamma she tellin me good
Ma black stockin`s just fits his mood

Ma baby he give me the big blue eyes
Yea seen befo` in his hazy blue eyes
Black stockin`s sure am a surprise.

Drives him crazy teasing in the night
Yea driven crazy ma man in the night
Mamma done told me she done right.

Got me a man and hes doin real fine
Yea all that mamma say turns out fine
Arts of seduction he knew the sign.


Blowin A Fuse

Mamma dont go cookin no mo catfish
No dontcha go cookin no mo catfish
Coz all dem bones dun amakin me wish.

Wish I never see him swimmin day afore
Yea ah wish I never seen him swim afore
Sure as hell am gonna see him no more.

Plenty more fishes in the deep blue sea
Yea plenty more fishes in that there sea
If it wasnt for you he be swimmin free.

So dont go no more ablowin your fuse
There aint no sense in blowin your fuse
You maybe win but it's them that lose.


Cotton Pickin' Ho Down

Gonna chase dem moody blues away
Near wore out ma fingers clear away
Ah dun apickin`cotton all de day.

But ah aint gonna pick more no more
No sirree ah aint gonna pick no more
Steppin`out, on the barn yard floor .

Funky rhythm goin`wild at thee farm
Moonshine drinken at thee ol`farm
A lettin`loose wont do me no harm.

Gonna chase dem moody blues away
To jitabug and boogie the blues away
Ah dun apickin`cotton all de day.


Crazy Blues

Aint got no call to be singin the blues
Aint got no call to be the singin blues
Am tellin you I dont need bad news.

Everything in lifes gonna be alright
Ah got me a honey and he's alright
Coz hes all mine on saturday night.

He loves me good well thats no lie
Aint complainin aint never gonna lie
Coz I aint got no other fish to fry.

He drives me crazy and thats insane
But he kinda likes it me bein insane
Coz he's acomin home to me again.


Dang Blues

Aint gonna sing no mo dang blues
Aint gonna sing no mo dang blues
Coz sad is sad `n happy I chose.

Aint gonna cry sad tears no mo
Aint gonna cry sad tears no mo
Gonna be smilin`like I woz afore .

Aint got troubles or feelin`low
Aint got troubles or feelin`low
If`n I did be pretty dumb show.

Aint got no heartaches no siree
Aint got no heartaches no siree
Coz sad is sad let happy me be.


Elvis and Priscilla

He could`nt help but fall in love
She was his first and only love
Now he sings them from above.

He stopped loving her today
He knew this was his final day
It had to end for them this way.

It was`nt easy to say goodbye
As tear drops fell from her eye
She never wanted him to die.

She was always on his mind
Now a memory in her mind
A heartbreak is hard to bind.


Elvis and Priscilla

One day soon I shall be in my shroud
Yes very soon I shall be in my shroud
Looking down from a heavenly cloud.

Brightly the stars shall shine upon me
Bright the moonlight shines upon me
For I shall be born again you will see.

Look for me not on the oceans shore
I shant be there on the oceans shore
I shall be with you forever once more.

Soon a rainbow shall arch in the sky
If you look upwards towards the sky
Yonder amidst the rainbow shall be I.

This lifetime of mine shall never end
All I once was before shall never end
A life borrowed once more shall lend.

Look for me now within wind and rain
For I may revive in the purity of rain
From shadows of death I return again.

Artwork by J Waterhouse -----

Hillbilly Blues

Got no shoes singing the blues
Never felt like singing the blues
Fo all I dun was livin bad news

Aint got money gotten no soul
Mamma say lordy bless ma soul
She need so much self control.

Pappa he says I be big enuff
lordy he knows I curses enuff
I been raised up mighty rough

Big old pigs gits plenty afeedin`
All night long they bin afeedin`
Cum morrow they be abreedin

No cash for high heeled shoes
Never cause to wear them shoes
Just singin`a song of hillbilly blues.


Mean Time Blues

Jest got them real mean time blues
Aint nuthin' gonna fix mean ol' blues
No luvin` left can ever light ma fuse.

Now yo bin and left me thats no lie
Dont need me now 'n thats no lie
Lonesome me got tears in ma eye.

Once when happy we was both laffin
Tears ran down ma legs wid laffin
Before our love had taken a bashin.

Jest got them real mean time blues
Say ya love me baby thats ol'news
No moa luvin`can ever light ma fuse..


Nursery Rhyme Blues

Climbin`that ole beanstalk there
Gonna find him a giant up there
Jumpin Jack he done past care.

I dont mean that ol`Jack Horner
Every one knows ol`Jack Horner
Hes the one that sat in his corner.

Mary once had a tiny little lamb
Never had desires for a little lamb
Was quite contented with a ram.

Not mary contrary in the garden
With cockle shells in her garden
Would not do as she was bidden.

Willie Winkie runs thro`the town
Shocking all the folk in the town
Wearing a ladies frilly nightgown.

All the kings horses and his army
Never saw the likes in the army
He was sectioned off as barmy.

Things aint wot they used to be
Nursery rhymes they wont let be
When false pretences reign free.



Well he's ma honey an we got no money
An life aint rosie but it sure am funny
He bin teasin from monday to sunday.

A swiggin the booze he sure gits flirty
One too many an he's mean talkin dirty
Five too many he say yo lookin`purty.

Talkin bout love well thats all right
He been alovin most all of the night
Need him bad, keepin him in ma sights.

Well hes ma honey an we got no dough
Ah kin only say yeh cos a caint say no
He's ma honey never gonna let him go.

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Jem Farmer


It all seems a long time ago,
These memories of long ago,
Of children running to and fro.

The laden tables on the street,
A party time on our street,
For kids like us it was a treat.

The Pistols sang "God Save the Queen"
Even punk rock toasted the Queen,
Seems like a dream that might have been.

Those days now are so far away,
Now I watch thoughts from far away,
As we party again today.

As sparkles of glass mix with wine
To my Queen a toast in white wine
May the future be blessed divine!

Artwork: Cecil Beaton


Lost and Found (Blues Sonnet)

She rushed away and left me here last night,
Upon the steps she left me here last night,
Because the clock was chiming she took flight.
I saw her gown disappear into rags,
The sequined silk was now scullery rags,
A servant's dress she made with veggie bags.
The Prince of charm was looking high and low,
He looked here and there, above and below,
But no one knew where the pretty girl go.
His quest to find the girl to be his bride,
The only girl that could e'er be his bride
But first on her foot I must gently glide.
Ev'ry girl tried and tried to make it be,
But Cinders is the one who'll step in me.


Love is Light

Your holy book says do not judge me,
Who the hell are you to judge me?
I don't need your consent, you see…

Your god made me wrong, so you say,
But I do not believe a word that you say,
For love has shown me a different way.

Your voices preach nothing but hate,
What is it about love you really hate?
No longer is freedom prepared to wait.

I'll stand tall and defend your choice,
I may not agree but it is your choice,
But you in your righteousness deny my voice

The devil's toy, in me you see sin,
I know no devil or concept of sin,
But I know that love will surely win.

So don't tell me your way is the right,
Don't try to tell me that hate is right,
For hate is darkness and love is light.


Mirror, Mirror

My looks are fading into age
Once young and fair, now it’s old age,
I sought wisdom from mirrored sage.

The words of glass cut like a knife,
In days before the surgeon’s knife,
I couldn’t accept this new life.

The glass said she was fair of face,
A girl with a beautiful face,
She put my looks in second place.

Enchantments cast for her to bite,
A poisoned fruit for her to bite,
To bring an end to that Snow White.

A magic curse within a spell,
She bit the fruits touched by a spell,
It all seemed to go rather well.

There was nothing that could go wrong,
With Snow White dead, what could go wrong?
But then that damned prince came along.

My looks are fading into age
Once young and fair, now it's old age.

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