2011 Poetry Theme Challenges

#09 Summer Madness

Hello Poets;

Tomorrow is the 1st May, May Day or Beltaine here in the UK. It is the beginning of summer, and the heat is on already. The rose bushes in my garden are heavy with tight little buds ready to burst into a glory of colour and fragrance. Evenings are scented by the aroma of barbecues and jasmine, a heady combination indeed. The constant chitter of a nest of chicks keeps me company while I work while mum and dad frollick in the bird bath.

So to the theme challenge - yeah you guessed it summer!

Moonlight, Summer Moonlight

‘Tis moonlight, summer moonlight,
All soft and still and fair;
The solemn hour of midnight
Breathes sweet thoughts everywhere,

But most where trees are sending
Their breezy boughs on high,
Or stooping low are lending
A shelter from the sky.

And there in those wild bowers
A lovely form is laid;
Green grass and dew-steeped flowers
Wave gently round her head.

Emily Bronte
Happy Quilling and Blessings to All


Summer Madness

Kathy Anderson

Srawberry Thoughts

Divena Collins

Cummen O Summer
Silken Threads
Summer Blossom
Summer Fantasy

Jem Farmer

Stuff the Lettuce Leaf

Peggy Nelson

Keep Dreaming Love

Ryter Roethicle

Beach Thoughts
In My Garden
Toying with an idea

Liz Rule


Willowdown & Trinimade

Summer is Comming

Kathy Anderson

Strawberry Days

Just as April showers bring May flowers told
So comes the June bugs and the fireflies gold
All creatures great or small renew in each wold

Deer wander far and wide no matter the land
Even where the city dwellers make their strands
Of houses, shops and businesses they think grand

Nature has the toughest hold we can't deny
Though as Summers go it always seems to fly
Too brief a season, too brief as lovers sky

Today there is a Milk Moon, tomorrow Rose
For many are the names under skies we know
So may the strawberry scented days ne'er go

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Divena Collins

The Cummen `O Summerr - Early Englysh - Redondilla

Oh thee summerr ys a cummen
Wen they flowres bloom soe fayre
Huney bees shalt bee a hummen
A swete gentel mornynge prayere.

Oh ye gentel breezes blowen
Hydes thy dewdrops gentel teares
As thee buds of love art growen
They shalt banysh all thy feares.

Oh ye dawne shall nowe awaken
Ande thee song byrdes shall chatter
Love shalt not e`er bee forsayken
Dreames remayne for e`er afterr.


Silken Threads

Caught in a web within a silken thread,
This woven death trap her perilous fate
With not much time left to contemplate
Her final moments now filled with dread
What wonders these spiders then weave
To lure their victims in anguish to grieve;
Of Dewdrops on lace as her woven nest
Intricate patterns designed to impress
Tangled imprisonment a victim to injest
Awaiting her chance to escape no less.


Summer Blossom - Rosarian Sonnet

Too soon thy tiny buds of may shalt but bloom
To awaken from the darkness within thy womb
Thy shalt feel the sacred sun now upon thy face
Nurtured fragile petals throughout this glade
Protecting scented blossoms within thy shade;
How serene they droop gently from the boughs
How this gift of heavenly blossoms doth arouse
This seasonal summer solstice within thy grace
Thou who lay dormant within cold winters frost
Awakened and flourished with ne-er a bud lost;
Of pretty pink flowers that blossom and grow
When birds nest within thee to sing their song
I would sit and listen this whole summer long
What pleasure you bring and charm you bestow.


Summer Fantasy

How calm the breeze of warm summer days
Sweetness is the scent of a perfumed rose
She lay down her head there in sweet repose
By the still of water within mists of haze;
What dreams are within a restless mind
She may wish for a lover gentle and kind
Within a floating mirror of the lily pond
It is there her image of him should appear
For her cherished love now and beyond
Awakens in a fantasy so true and clear.

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Jem Farmer

Stuff the Lettuce Leaf

I’m counting calories each time I eat,
Trying to reduce the size of my bum,
Been touching my toes to a rhythmic beat
And masticating on sugar-free gum
To ease the burden of choccy delights
That beat my will power on winter nights.
In the summer the rule is to be thin
The bikini clad figure can’t be fat,
When will I learn to say ‘to hell with that
I am content with the skin I am in.’

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Peggy Nelson

Keep Dreaming Love

Everything you have done, even the slightest touch
Be it here with me or in splendorous dreams to blush
Summers colorful array of soft flowers drift and fall in
Making fragile forces of your love inserted deep within
I confess the tender loving ways you have held me close,
Keeps me shinning and always longing more to transpose
No thunder nor lighting will ever erupt, keeping us apart
Taking fondest memories of our passions from the start,
When your love smiles and eyes of wants broke the silence
We knowingly drifted and fell into blissful hypnotic trance

Slide into your imagination baby and invade my dreams
Come to me with your gentle breezes and help toss out fears
Encase my soul, bring onto me timeless treasures with you
Paint magical overflowing designs upon my every dream
All dreams shared with you excite me through and through
I pause remembering monumental hours of your laughter
That happened with powers held within your heart and soul
As darkness covers the day and heavens candle lights glow
I’ll drift into another world beyond earthlings humiliations
Till tomorrow; I’ll caress the marvelous dreams with you

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Ryter Roethicle

Beach Thoughts

Will you walk with me tonight along the beach?
Warm summer walks are well out of reach

Wear something warm, it is growing chilly.
Autumn is fast approaching winter really.

And though more north and setting early
It shouldn’t raise any feelings that are surly

The suns setting is worthy of a look or two.
And still provide a more than Heavenly view.

The moon extends her fingers into the waves
Giving her everything that she really craves

Intimately uniting the Heavens with the sea
Touching her nightly where the sun should be.

The sea doesn’t regret the suns desire to leave
Nor in the morning does she the moon bereave.



She has no fear of four wheel drives
Or young boys being silly on trail bikes
Her only problem is during the day
When birds are hunting for their food.
Each warm evening at dusk I watched
As she carefully rebuilt her silky web again.
Each night a different pattern across the path
Twixt tree and house, a mighty task for her,
And each morn gone, save a few strand’s left
That bridged the largest gaps of all.

I have no fear of her, why should I?
She eats the bugs that pester and annoy me
And gives me pleasure each time I see her,
I am full of admiration for her diligence.
But now she has gone, her work is over
And winter approaches oh so quickly now.
I can only hope the progeny she’s left behind
Will prosper and grow as well as her,
So that once again on warm summers eves
I can watch her daughters perform their art.


In My Garden

In my garden, I watched the last apple fall
And saw a solitary bee still working there.
I was amazed that there was any life at all,
That there were still creatures left to care.
I would have thought by now they’d gone,
Barren, with nothing left alive to carry on.
Then I looked again, and suddenly realised
That there was life and fresh green leaves,
Also certain that winter will take its toll
And then I felt the scent, THAT was prized.



A time of life - Summers Mathnawi

This period in life is all of natures own
A time of life for all and all that is grown.

Its splendours surround as new life abounds
As flowers awaken and spring up from the ground

Fresh fruit is lush and begins to ripen
The swelling leaves colour and widely open.

All around life is thriving, growing with zest
And every plant and every beast is at its best.

It can be worn for a while this summer’s crown
A time of life for all and all that is grown.

A time of rest.........Winters Mathnawi

All plants are stripped not at all like their best
For this period of time it’s a time of rest.

Beneath the earth all are asleep and still
Bulbs lay dormant and seeds await natures will.

The kernels of trees lie protected in the ground
Waiting the time they can at last be unbound.

The earth’s energy also needs time to refill
The fields lie fallow, gladly paying their bill

So for three months nought will disturb Natures rest
Because everyone knows the old farmer knows best.


Toying with an idea

Victoria’s Summertime Ends

Know that soon here time will stop
For one hour we ignored the clock

And all too soon Autumn returns again

Bringing with it just a slight respite
So we can drive to work in morning light.

On Sundays spend time to become sane again

Whilst walking along the esplanade each day
We are wishing to see nature’s wild display

With crashing surf and howling gales

Where madness rules with vivid hues
Lashing seas scarred with whites and blues.

Dashing, crashing on beaches like a sea insane

And now the nights are cold and dry
With days of warmth and cloudless sky

Where whitish sand welcomes timid hues

Seagulls boldly scrounge at the tourist’s feet
A scene repeated at cafes along the street.

And because of boredom makes amusing views

There are signs of fall in eastern forests
But no throne of flaming colours rustles

Instead we see only the Earthy whispers

Pining over sweet summer memories
And adagios instead of lively rhapsodies

Waiting impatiently for Summery vistas.

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Liz Rule


the smell
of new-mown hay...



hot dust-laden winds
sweep across the Mallee plains -
summer storms

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Willowdown & Trinimade

Summer Is Coming

Summer is coming,
young birds are singing
- they can't wait to see
all the bright flowers
and leaves on the trees.

Bees are a'buzzing
in meadow and field,
eager to plunder
the sweetness they yield.

Long days sees children
playing til late;
no need for Grandma to dress up warm
and huddle by the fire-grate
- she sits and warms her frail old bones
in the afternoon garden
and watches the bright sunset,
marvelling at all she sees
in the flaming West...

memories of by-gone days
rise up to greet the stars
and speed a gentle prayer from her
to where out dear Grandpa
is telling tales to Angels
- that's why they are so late;
but here they come, one by one
and with them the great Moon,
to watch over the sleeping World
and little children in their swoon...

Summer comes with all her madness,
With birds and flowers everywhere;
Cotton clothing, strappy sandals
And picnics in the open air.
Young ones running in the sunshine
Under their mothers’ watchful gaze,
Lovers hold each other closely,
As gramps thinks of the ‘good old days'.
Everybody’s tanned and healthy,
The sun chases the blues away,
Flagging spirits now soar blithely
Responding to a summer’s day.

Winds are gentle, the sea is calm
everything seems safe from harm.
In the Land of Eternal Summer
Autumn and Winter are pale ghosts
and even sorrow may not linger
without a lessening of her frown.
Gentle Summer in your colourful frock
and flowers wove into a crown
- the maiden of Spring has become a young woman
and in her belly new life is stirring,
the seasons are no longer separate souls
but mere expressions crossing Her face.
With maturity comes wisdom
and sorrow yields at last to nobility
as men perceive that darkness and light,
joy and pain, are just two threads
the Lady weaves between her fingers
to produce her wonderful tapestry.
Beneath her sure touch even death and parting
eventually achieve a subtle harmony
though mens eyes oft grow weak
and cannot see so far...

Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer:
all are woven on her Loom
- movements in a greater tune
to which the whole world dances.
But Man need be no mere puppet,
constrained by birth and circumstance.
Gazing far beyond himself
he sees the unity if all,
rejoicing in subtle glories of the Fall
as much as full-blown Summer,
relishing the hope of Spring
returns anew each kindled year;
Winter holds no dread or fear.
Summer is coming
and with it, Summer's Lord
radiant of feature,
with shining brow and flaming sword.
Rejoice, O World, and sing his name
treasure each and every moment
for though each one is wrought of gold,
none shall ever come again...

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