2011 Poetry Theme Challenges

#08 Easter Parade

Hello Poets;

In the Northern Hemisphere spring has well and truly sprung and the human celebrations of life and rejuvenation are at their height. A few weeks ago there was the Vernal equinox of Ostara and Easter is this weekend. So the challenge this time is celebrating life, its beauty, its wonder and if you want to its less than beautiful aspects too. Life is glorious let’s shout it out!

Happy Quilling and Blessings to All


Easter Parade

Divena Collins

Easter Fast

Peggy Nelson

Day Before Easter
Deer Emotions
Eggy Just Laid
Vase for you

Divena Collins

The Easter Fast

Chocolate Easter eggs are so sublime
While fondant rabbits can taste Divine
Hot cross buns are just an easter joy
There to tease me in my dreaded ploy
Easter has been and no more treats
Chocolate buttons or fondant sweets
For now I`m afraid I just have to fast
And a few more pounds I need to cast.

Allowed some fruit and all good things
Plenty of veg and some rabbitty food
I have salad falling out of my ears
And plenty of water to drink I fears
Instead of eating a fine easter roast
I shall just have to eat beans on toast.
No more sugar in all of my drinks
Nor even on cereal they say I think.

Must do excercise just to keep me fit
My computer mouse here is part of it
I can swing around sitting on my chair
And move around fast with zest and flair
I sway to fast music whenever I type
To keep myself active extremely hype
Lost a few pounds but thats no good
Only from my purse for comfort food

No meatless fat, only fatless meat
There is nothing else I enjoy to eat
No more puddings I have to say no
Even cakes and biscuits too must go.
And when I now hear a musical van
I must say no, to the ice cream man
If I could only have just one wish
I`d say no more, for I`m sick of fish,

When I reach my goal what then?
Plenty of room to binge yet again.

Peggy Nelson

Day before Easter

Day before Easter old dog lay still on floor She’s our dog love her after she does her chore family Mom needs help with eggs for company Josh drew on eggys bright for guest of many Looked in room at josh and dog, Mom thought funny Saying to Josh, meant basket eggy’s honey thought you said color Eggy for tomorrow Look Mommy! Eggy our Dog is pretty now


Deer Emotions - Mathnawi

Emotions pouring down like a blue raindrop
Watching muddy Bunny Rabbits cleanse, then hop

Emotions carried to a land of wonder
Why, alone and melting away like a deer?

Wondering what In the world did she did wrong
Forsaken, melting like an old time blues song

Dwelling where devils color emotions red
Red, blue flames bringing deer to fight psyche dead

Those with no care on Easter Day be haunted
Each Easter Day from flames of deer not wanted


Eggy Just Laid To Easter Eggs


Happy Easter

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