2011 Poetry Theme Challenges

#06 Have I Got News For You

Hello Poets;

We all follow the news in some shape or form whether it be on the TV, a daily paper or internet news service. Sometimes these stories are deeply moving and tragic as with recent events in Japan. There are stories that make us laugh, cry or just think. So to the challenge take a headline story and write a poem capturing the emotions it has stirred in you. In light of recent events I have been moved not by the tragedy in Japan but the brotherhood that is evident in people trying to help each other. Perhaps even use the current form challenge - the Italian Octave


Mother exploding
While destruction dictates fate
Hand in hand they stand

Jem Farmer
Happy Quilling and Blessings to All


Have I Got News For You

Divena Collins

Neighbourhood Watch
This Day Of Fools

Peggy Nelson

Indians Blazing
RIP Elizabeth Taylor

Ryter Roethicle

Blessed Heaven
Creatures of the Night
Pan Am 103

Nia Wynne

Southern Strides

Divena Collins

News At Neighbourhood Watch

I only joined neigbourhood watch
For a shiny new badge to wear
They gave me a pair of binoculars
Which around my neck I do bear.

Never been one to stick in my nose
I only joined neighbourhood watch
But I peep behind my lace curtains
And I shone my big battery torch.

Oh my goodness I have got to go !!!
Someone is screaming over the road
I only joined neighbour hood watch
But I have never been a one to goad.

Looks like they are having a rave up
Binoculars lens steaming with scorch
Maybe I had better go `join` them
Like I only joined neighbourhood watch.


This Day Of Fools

Back in medieval asylum school
Elders were strict and cruel
On the first of April this day of fools.

Sent on silly errands for jest
Inmates tried there very best
On the first of April this day of fools.

This, we all still practise today
But in a very much kinder way
On the first of April this day of fools.

When midday be gone and done
You be a fool for making them one
On the first of April this day of fools.

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Peggy Nelson


For the first time in my years I have
Understood the mean thoughts you posses
Canít see why you would not revert back to
Kindness, you once had at birthbr>

Years and years ago.
Okay lets get this straight,
Until you lighten upbr>

For the sake of
Others you seem to
Razz withbr>

Your ugly language and rude
Objects that are in fact
Unkind, you look
Rather childish

That others have noted and
Have plans for you
Everyday till you lighten up or explode.

Sincerely you
Can not get any one to
Unravel the abuse that come out of your
Mouth, perhaps, we will help and

Offer you the end to your

To bombard the people
Here and
Everywhere on this planet

Aggressions of your
Rudeness shall be holt after
Thousands or more toss you the
Hydrogen bomb on your lap!


Indians Blazing

Indians blazing fires on fields of hay
Disrupting inhalation, taking in debris
Swarms of beeís scatter swarming me
Strong Winds swirling whisking at bay
Clouds gloomy grays encase the valley
Humans, bugs, animals crawling aimlessly
Wishing to escape homes on fire, I flee
Leaving miles torched by Indians pep rally.


RIP Elazabeth Taylor

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Ryter Roethicle

Blessed Heaven

Blessed Heaven pour down your tears,
Youíve washed away past summers ash,
In gentle drops that will now soak in,
And bring nature back to life once more.

Grey clouds are welcome with their gifts,
Blessed Heaven pour down your tears,
Constance pray, with easy labour
Pick the spots where rare you called

Oh welcome with your blessíd relief,
Shimmering plants are glossed by thee.
Blessed Heaven pour down your tears,
And see all life here supping with glee.

The scorched earth once brown with thirst,
Parched and cracked at last feels relief,
All those savoury scents gather whilst
Blessed Heaven pour down your tears.


Creatures of the night

Cry loudly now, creatures of the night
See leathered wings beat in the moonlight
The maidens open window comes in sight
Changing quietly he moves into her sight.

Hair askew in slumber on her bed she lies
Cry loudly now, creatures of the night
At first there is fear, then loves surprise
Her throat, her soul she offers, invites his bite

Bodies joined in passion their flesh ignite
With vows exchanged in hellish might
Cry loudly now, creatures of the night.
A Queen created of Darkness Flight

Together each night seeking a bloody prize
To feed their habit their perpetual rite
Eternal life, but death to see the sunrise.
Cry loudly now, creatures of the night.


Pan Am 103

One has to ask why after Lockerbie?
Why after 243 passengers died
Why after 16 crew and ten residents?
Muamar Gaddafi personally ordered the Lockerbie bombing.
Why is he still alive?
Why is he still murdering people?

What reason did the English Govt have
For persuading the Americans to lift sanctions?
Why is he still alive?
The United Nations punish war criminals,
Donít they?
Donít they?

Why were the French the first
To condemn and attack?
And the rest merely waffle?
Why did they take out planes and weapons
And NOT Muamar Gaddafi?
Is the old boys club protecting him once again?
Will he live to tell another tale?
Will he be allowed to buy a Mansion,
Retire to England
And have drinks with other members
Of the old boys club?

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Nia Wynne

Southern Strides

Come to the plate is Chile's free trades
As Obama bee lines to the south climes
Brazils beehive is now 5th, without limes,
Just nuts, wax and acai get diets made
In the shade, but what of new oil finds,
Could they be the next oily barons
Or will the drug cartels fuel more cron
Where rainforest used to be nature's rind?

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