2011 Poetry Theme Challenges

#03 A Little Bit of Love

Valentine's day is just a few days away and we can wear our hearts on our sleeves to show our loved ones how much we care for them. So let's find the romantic hidden inside us all and share the love.
The form challenge is a sonnet, traditionally songs of love, so I challenge you to give a little to poetry.

Happy Quilling


A Little Bit of Love

Divena Collins

A Bond Within
Dearest Valentine
Little Love Pats
My Breath Away
One Touch
Rhapsody of Spring
Spirit of Love
Words of Wisdom

Jem Farmer

Different Sunsets
Distant is the Music
Divine Image
First Light Shadows
Lady's Finger
No More Alone
Without You

Ryter Roethicle

Common Sense
Duty First
Fair Winds
Fellow Travellers
Somewhere In Time
Unworldly Love

Bill Topper


Peter Willowdown

It is Not
Old Wizard
A Poet Leaves
Your Love

Nia Wynne

Fauvist Case
In Loves Light
Near in Heart

Divena Collins

A Bond Within

How deep is this bond of love we shared
Passion lies deep within a lovers hold
Finding peace and pefect harmony within,
Loving hearts shalt not e`er be compared
What spirits were once in past days of old
How canst these feelings be cast as a sin;
As time passes by love shall grow stronger
Each loving day so much more than before
Forever both together until time stands still,
Ours is a love that shall linger much longer
This bond shall be cherished for ever more
And dreams of the past we shall both fulfill;
How precious this love of heavenly bliss
How sweet is the dew of a morning kiss.


Dearest Valentine

Within thine eyes thy love shines through
And Oh how I long to be close to you
I cherish your smile which warms my heart
It is you my love that I yearn to be part;
When you touch I feel shivers down my spine
And Oh in my dreams I wish thy were mine.

Come hither my darling if we should make love
And soar with elation to the clouds up above
I pray you are feeling the same as I do
For I know I could make your heart beat anew;
I feel in my heart you were meant to be mine
Oh please in my dreams, be my dear Valentine.


Little Love Pats

When lovers become so mutually attracted
And being so close they can have some fun
Teasing each other with cute pettish names
Sometimes silly, playful, and fondly reacted
It is part of courtship an extremely vital one
Not always serious but with fun loving games
With little love pats, and playful participations
Proves that both are at ease with each other.
Which banishes their thoughts of encertainty
Togetherness is the key to perfect relations
And still they shall both for ever be a lover
Within love they shall both share a certainty
For in fun and games as in love and in play
Both shall then be lovers forever and a day.


My Breath Away

Oh how the joys of love doth enthral me so
Thy linger`d kiss press`d nigh upon my lips
Whilst gentle tremors ignite my heart aglow;
When Spirits of love enjoys a total eclypse
Thus inner passions shalt then forever grow
All my love for thee, shalt I treasure this day
With thy blissful passion thou doth me show;
I shalt now and forever love thee this way
This love in my heart I shalt always portray
I do tremble with passion only for thee;
Oh my love thy doth taketh my breath away
Loving spirits united `neath an oaken tree
Both names etched forever, together shalt be
My sweet sonnet of love thou art tenderly.


One Touch

I can feel him in my dreams each night
And know his love shall always be right
For I hear his voice whispering sweet love
Soft echos through rainbows high above;
When his voice tells me he loves me much
He awakens my senses with just one touch.

And oh how this touch means much to me
It opens up hearts where spirits reign free
A foreverness betwixt both he and I
Written in scriptures from days gone by;
For love everlasting has shown us such
And all it ever took was just one touch.


Rhapsody Of Spring

There are signs already spring hath sprung
After winters snow fresh shoots hath begun
Awakens the cuckoo,the lark, and the dove
To hail the dawn chorus rhapsody of love;
How fresh the posies that bloom in spring
Welcome this seasonal love it doth bring.

Spring is the season lovers doth flourish
When gentle kisses the heart doth nourish
This warmth inside gives that certain glow
Reflections in eyes where desire doth show;
Rhapsodies of spring they share together
While telepathy of spirits remain forever.


Spirit Of Love

To look into the eyes of a wolf
is to see your own soul.
(Aldo Leopold).

Oh spirit of love come look down upon me
I was borne to this land for an eternity
For I had once loved deeply with grace
Pledging this honour to my Indian race;
Let there be not of sorrow nor of pain
That we may begin soon to love yet again.

Oh spirit of love come now take my hand
Lead us onward that we may understand
The spoils of this memory can we forgive
When news from drums say now it may live;
If blue the spirit wolves eyes from above
It is then once more we shall learn to love.


A Woman

I am meant to be loved not understood I wish you could when I feel you should Sometimes I`m sad and I dont know why I feel so dejected hard done by and cry; Just want everything to go my own way Why should I wait I could have it today When I fall in love I love with passion Never know love may go out of fashion When I state my facts I argue whats right But never give up this could last all night ; If truths be known then you are my man Come treat me gently I`m only a Woman.


Words Of Wisdom

Only a teenager she had been at the time
But still she recalls tho' way past her prime
Within green fields by the cool waters edge
'Neath the sweet scented honeysuckle hedge;
Within her dreams strange feelings took part
Oh how these fantasies, awakened her heart.

Where was her Prince she now could not find
'Tis none but the breeze caressing your mind`
Where is the kisses he bestows upon me
'Tis none but a dew drop `neath the oak tree;`
Why must I weap in my sorrow once more
'Tis not of sad tears, but rain on earths floor.

` Mother natures voice whispered tenderly
She spoke with a wisdom which was to be
Love with your heart, and not just your mind
And never be impatient, but always be kind;
Her words were remembered for many a year
The words of the wise she hath spoken sincere.

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Jem Farmer

Different Sunset

In dreams, I see a different sunset
And in the dusk, I see you softly smile
Before I feel the touch of moistened lip
Reminding me should I dare to forget
Love is real as long as I dream awhile
And let my pious inhibitions slip.
In dreams I am with you every day
Each night I fall asleep inside your arms
And yet each morning I find you are gone
If only dreams would permit you to stay
And feed my love with your impassioned charms
So we two once again could be as one.
Not just for the night, as I lie asleep
But through the day so I no longer weep


Distant is the music

How can I not love you? Each day I see you smile
But cannot hear the joy your laughter brings
So distant is the music your voice sings
Yet it is your love that makes my life worthwhile.

My loyal dreams for you my mind beguile
With simple visions of those wondrous things
That can't be granted by any royal kings
Still my heart's yearnings remain in denial.

Say it! Say you love me - three little words
My heart would render its passion as yours
So love could fly as free as soaring birds.

Your silence leaves me broken once again
All around me I hear the closing doors
Yet just three words could ease my heart of pain.


The Divine Image

In gardens of beauty walks moonlight
I feel her presence on a gentle breeze
As I surrender to her sacred will
In pathways darkened by the mortal night
In supplication I fall to my knees
And slowly lift my face upward until
I feel her loving beam of silver reflect
Inside me; her majesty on my breath
As I learn the wisdom within her ways
Beneath her lunar light I shall respect
The mystery of life as found within death
My new found voice at last chanting her praise
Ancient Mother once more I hear your call
To the lunar lady I give my all.


First Light Shadows

Each morning before the early sunrise
I wait to see the light in heavenís skies
Impatient like a child wanting a toy
I wait to feel the new dayís tears and joy
And though I know the dawn must surely come
I fear it wonít and I will be undone.

The incense clouds that spiral where I kneel
Intense my senses finely tuned to feel
In words of prayer that linger in the haze
First-light shadows that begin all my days
So silent is this time of sacred space
Alone yet not, as he kisses my face.


Ladies Finger

beneath the ground
life in darkness slumbers
and snowflakes fall

vernal birth
amid death's icy grip
the sun returns

and lady's finger
gently stirring tender tip
of melting heart

for love to grow
when we know it
we sow the seed
nurture love and watch it feed

now in my heart
set apart by
the dart and bow
as shot by love in Cupid's arrow


No More Alone

Her smile is that which guides my eyes to see
a beacon flame that leads my heartís pathway
to destinyís dream where only lovers lay
and seek delights beneath a cherry tree.
For in this love we are finally free
beyond the reach of deathís immortal clay
and like the moon that follows summerís day
I know that she is I and I am she.
Who could have told of such a pure delight
When simple words were shared beneath the sun
We did not see the power of loveís might
A simple journey to this had begun
No more alone falling asleep each night
As two hearts bound together beat as one


Without You

Without you I am incomplete; alone
A mere shadow of the whole that we are
Without you to lift my heart it cannot beat
In fear of breaking never to be one
For love has taken its hold from afar
Without you I am alone, incomplete.
My eyes see only hazy reflections
No shape nor form, just like in early light
The world waits to be gently awoken
My mind lingers in this introspection
Waiting for whispered senses to ignite
And fuel my fire in your words; unspoken.
Without you, I am incomplete today
Yet, still I love you in every way.

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Ryter Roethicle

Common Sense

You talk to me of pretty things and such.
And in return I ask, "Is a Van Gogh pretty?"
It is considered by many to be a work of art!
I'm not guided by critics thoughts very much.
There's more beauty in the wild than the city
And there's a different meaning to being smart.
Pretty is only based on today's scraggy model
A thin young bag of bones is no more than that
Realism's a lusty wench to hug and to hold
I'd rather there be flesh when I have a cuddle
Someone to laugh with rather than laugh at
And fashion model types leave me cold.
A mature woman is a very different thing
When you love her she makes the heavens ring.


Duty First

Need words be said when looks can say it all
Actions speak louder, and say much more as well.
Is that why when I touch you, you smile and look,
Making me desire you, no matter what may befall.
There's no way I can deny you even one morsel
Of my heart, I know you can read me like a book.
Yet I know its time to let go for quite a while,
And for that while we must live very far apart.
Consequences of our time together's only dreams
And only in dreams will I be able to see you smile.
You have mine yet I can never own your heart
And you'll only be concerned with others schemes.
I could never live in your world so I must agree,
But in the future only time will be able to see.


Fair Winds

Fair winds and good fortune beckons us all
When love in her glory finally makes her call.
But things we see around are images, no more
The relentless sea a mere drop upon the shore.
Sailing on the seas which life in constant pours
Fair winds like storm, or calm, just other doors

A soul is the vessel with which love doth haul
Doors which once opened there is no recall.
We make each life, each love a port of call
A constant search each life in fates dark hall
Not just a journey in life, but a reason to explore
Meeting for a long time, always wishing more

Sometimes like this one our time will be short
With each minute together of such great import.
Knowing sand in the hour glass does not climb
When it comes to love, weíll give it our all
Together for Eternity when comes the final call


Fellow Travellers

When I'm with you, we do not exist,
At least not on these Earthly plains.
Our souls merge and become as one.
The mortal remains are left to assist
As soul partners not as heavy chains
Showing we're there for the long run.
We transcend above this Earthly sphere,
And stand watching the Earth below.
We know in time there must be a call,
As bodies weaken from year to year.
Yet being together see our spirits grow.
Always together no matter what befalls
In time we'll walk towards the gates,
Holding hands, like true soul mates.



Love's gift cannot be given, it waits to be accepted.
- Rabindranath Tagore

I want you my love, my princess of the night
Your beauty, the allure in the full moons light.
Deep dark blue skies, forming a stars back drop
A stampeding heart my breath wants to stop
Moonlight enhances the dampness of your skin
Warm soft wet lips, draws my soul within.

No movement at first, savouring the moment
The waltz begins, building such sweet torment
Our dance of love looking in each other's eyes
The words, the bites, the kisses, the heavenly sighs
The feeling of you sends shocks down my spine
Then those final moments are your gift divine.


A Kiss

Reaching out I can feel your lips with my hand
I can feel the sigh as you inhale again
And hear the purr as I lightly stroke your cheek.
Stroking your hair, so lightly strand by strand
Your head softly moves in time to some refrain
Eyes closed, you kiss my wrist in lovers speak.
Head moving in ecstasy as I stroke your neck
I feel you arch as nibble and kiss your ear.
I hear your breathing now telling me things
Things like you wish to kiss me, I give a peck
Followed by a kiss with the intent to sear
Finally a kiss that makes all the bells ring.
It started with a touch all those years ago
And it will never end, Fate told me so.


Somewhere In Time

Somewhere in time two lovers kissed
Fate looked down and began to smile.
She is not heartless and never cruel
But recognised that true love exists.
And so time stood still for just a while
Seeing that this was indeed a jewel.
Somewhere in time the lovers wished
Separate upon the fullness of the moon
They wished that they could be united
Thus creating a mood of supreme bliss
And even more that it would be soon.
So fate stated they would not be parted.
The moon and stars all witnessed this
As somewhere in time two lovers kissed.

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Bill Topper


I see thee and a twinkle in thy eye
A curl of lip as it hides a gentle smile
Nervous touches as your fingers graze mine
I long to hold you, hear my fervent sigh
You are my dream alive to linger awhile
It is on your heavenly charms I wish to dine
Be my love and forever hold me tight
What we have found is forever and a day
You light up my love with all the things you do
Always in my eye you are true beauty's sight
It's by your side the place I want to stay
You know my darling, how I do love you
Our lives entwined to halves to make a whole
Beyond eternity shall be out one true goal

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Peter Willowdown

It is not for me to give you sparkling droplets of rain.

It is not for me to give you sparkling droplets of rain
on an over-warm summer's day
and place them on your hair like tiny diamonds
reflecting all the colours of the rainbow.

It is not for me to bring the full naked glory of the
shimmering silver moon down from its seat in the heavens
and place it on your delicate brow.
I cannot command the convoluted rose to open
its tightly clustered petals as you pass
charming the air with the very scent of heaven
- I can only offer you this beating heart.
It is not for me to compell the rivers and streams to
follow your feet, seeking to catch a glimpse
of their own reflections mirrored in your beauty.
It is not for me to instrucy the leaves on the trees
to softly whisper your name to pasing zephyrs and sylphs.
I have no power tosilence the chirping birds
so that they might learn the speech of angels from your song,
nor to cause the living stars to gaze in envy at your eyes
- I can only lay this humble heart in the duust at your feet.

I cannot compell the thunder to silence; it deafens my heart and ears.
I have lost my footing in the monsoon waters of my love for you;
my garments are soaked in the warm soft tears of the sky,
I stumble blindly from dawn to dusk, seeking onlt to follow you.

It is not for me to offer you precious jewels and gem-stones;
they would turn to dull stone on the warm, soft cinnamon of your breast.
I cannot increase your natural wealth or beauty by a jot or an iota,
nor add to your mystery and charm by a single atom or quark.

Your self-sufficiently is unique,
I cannot give you what is alreay yours.
I would gladly give you my love
but You have already stolen it from me;
I would offer You this beating heart
but you have already taken back
what was never mine to give.


Old Wizard

Starry -gowned, the Wizard frowned,
the sky impaled upon his hat,
his willow-wand as heavy as iron,
the pages of his grimoire blank,
his mind quite empty of all spells,
for he had scried within a glass
a pretty maiden that surpassed
all Majicks of his ancient Art
and all of his philosophy was quite undone
- as useless as a current bun
with all the fruit picked out.

Alchemy and sophistry:
naught but worthless vanity, he cried
and rolled his eyes towards the skies.
seventy years growing a beard
and wrestling with the strange and weird,<
br> when I might have kissed fair lips
and gleaned enchantment, sweet as honey,
not from books and musty tomes
but with my own warm fingertips,
pressing scarlet lips to mine,
bruised fruit giving heady wine,
dove-white breasts like hills of snow
and deep within the fiery glow
of flowering desire.
But foolishly I scaled the peaks of erudition,
gaining only aching feet
and sought instruction in the forest
where but wild delusions roam
and will-o-wisps sing haunting songs
that lead men to the ghastly mire...

Seeking knowledge, I excelled only in foolishness;
scorning the ephemeral,
I banished Beauty from my door
thinking her a tricksy gypsy
but now I clearly see infact
She is the Goddess of High Love
and Priestess of True Mystery.

'Meow', spake forth the Wizard's cat,
which roughly translated from the feline tongue,
in this instance and with its subtle inflection, meant
'Desist your ramblings, O addle-pated Master.
Truly, you have erred but all is not yet quite
a complete disaster.
Yonder maiden's own sweet puss is not unknown
to your good servant
- perk up your tail and follow me at a briskk pace
and I will introduce thee.
Unsquint your eyes, smooth your whiskers if you will,
matters might still come to fruition
and end not altogether unpleasantly.
Yon maid is no ordinary female
but an apprentice witch of sorts.
Speak to her gently of astolabes and geomancy,
of divination and artful conjunctions
and she might overlook your malodourous looks
and agree to tickle thine fancy...
Love's foolishness is as good as any other,
although methinks that from its potent spell
you might well never recover...


A Poet leaves the City of Seven Hills

The Poet was walking all day in that southern German city of Stuttgart, built, like Rome, on seven hills, climbing terraced staircases alive with pink and carmine flowers, alive with birdsong, alive with the forlorn songs of hopeless love. He had walked past the Church where he and the woman he had come he to see had sat and listened to a choir sing; he had walked through a sucession of small parks leading into larger parks, through the great echoing hall of the busy Hauptbahnoff or main railway station which, for all its crowds, was as empty and as silent to him as a mausoleum. A little further on he had come to the Zoological Gardens and wandered there awhile, observing the animals and the couples and families walking, running, laughing, eating ice-creams, kissing. Tiring eventually of this he walked back towards the city centre and climbed its hills again at dusk, waiting for the hour when she would be free from college. For an hour or so he sat on a small hill watching buses and strassenbahn come and go at the small terminus beneath him.

When the hour came he called on her again but, as he knew it would be, her heart was still turned against him and they made their final farewell.

With the first stars of the evening in the sky and his eyes and heart full of tears he retraced his wanderings of the day, down the gorgeous steps full of flowers, through the little parks, past the Railway Station and the now closed Zoological Gardens until eventually the city began to grow thinner and thinner and eventually, when he stopped and turned and looked back it was a thing of small yellow lights on the horizon.

Having nothing else to do he kept on walking, the distance between him and the city getting slowly greater but the flood of sorrow in his heart increasing with every footstep that he took.

Perhaps he went into a roadside restaurant at some point and had something to eat and drink; not so much because he was hungry but simply because it was there. Perhaps he wrote a hundred poems of love and longing but if he did their words were all carried away by the night and wafted to the stars.

At one point he turned and looked back again and this time he could no longer see the city. Only one or two cars still passed him on the road, lone travellers making their way home. The Poet no longer had a home nor any destination - he kept on walking as their was nothing else to do.

Towards dawn he came to a field of corn and lay down in it to rest for a while. Gathering up a handful of the clay of earth and sky he fashioned a small human figure, a small girl-child and he bathed her in his tears. It was not his intention to thus baptise her but that was the way of things.

When he was finished he stood her up and set her free. The little figure took a few steps away from him then turned and looked back, a little uncertain.

"Go," said the Poet,"this is your world now. You are fully equipped to live and survive in it - I am not."

The figure of the small girl cocked her head on one side as if measuring his words and, finding them truthful, waved to him and ran off into the nearby woods.

The Poet never saw her or the city of Stuttgart ever again.

*** PS
I said none of his poems survived. That is not quite true. This is one that was written many years later.

City of Seven Hills.

In the city of seven hills
I wandered for hours along the flower-hedged terraces,
up and down old crumbling steps
speaking your name in my mind
waiting for the sun to set
and the stars to light the heavens.

Ah! intense short-lived bliss of youth,
fragile hours in joys foreign country
before my blind love clutched too tightly at her dreams
and the guardian thorns of the earth
rose up to protect her.

All night long the nightingales sang
as I walked the long road of sorrow away from that fair city
never to return.
Farewell lovely Fraulein of the Gardenias
- friend of small animals
and muse of callow poets.


Your love is a delicate blossom.

Your love is a delicate blossom of frost
burning in my mind
a star
a scar
a fairy apple leaking the juices of vision
and madness into my brain.
I have no peace from your beauty
I have no rest from your radiance
I am caught in the web of your glamour
a victim of enchantment
a prisoner of illusion
a hostage to hope
your shadow, your fool
a pale reflection in a muddied pool
a broken prism
a fractured crystal
a shattered jewel
a lover of darkness and light
a voyeur
a suitor
a loving father to a strong-willed child
a brother
a stranger
a voice in the wilderness
a poet
a packet of air
a box of rain
an empty chest
a burning heart
a flower adrift on the sea
a leaf on the wind
a spark of consciousness
a candle's flame
a drop of water
a snowflake
a scarlet ribbon in a young girl's hair
a secret locket next to the heart
a song heard on the radio
a prophet nailed to a tree
a subtle vibration in the mind of God
a movement from darkness to light
a rose in infinity
a harsh word in the heart
the soft promise of love
a mirror, a mask
the flash of lightning
a shooting star
desire, forgetfullness
an intoxication, a vision
a leaping fawn
the bright salmon of wisdom
a mother's tears
bright foam of the seventh wave
an arrow, a thorn
an aching fullness, a desolate void
an antichrist
a bodhisattva
a delicate blossom of fire and frost
burning in the cosmic mind.

I love you.

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Nia Wynne

Fauvist Case

The pure bright colors of a wild beasts heart
Are tempered by the brush strokes cortex,
Civilized a dull neutral brown palette
As is impasto of love uncharted
On the canvas of two immortal vortex,
Where souls collide and conflict round atte
Center of the sun as dances will do.
Now the trust in fate carries little weight
While atlas holds up our blue marble world
We are wont to wait, not to exchew
Matters of desire but build the state
Of our fire, not as andirons curl'd
About the branches of our universe
But as worlds hurl'd together, inverse.


In Love's Light.

Under a hot blue sky began a drum
Beating, whispering like guitar strums,
Mellow lutes play in our ears presently
Pleasant we drift together ardently
Seeking lips, softly breathing in and out,
In and out in rhythm with loves route.


Near in Heart

Confession is good for the soul they say
So I must say, dear, you have my heart so
Bound that it flies like a bird in heaven
Whose only tie to the ground is the way
You speak my name so tender and so slow
It makes my pulse that flutters a given.
Disclosure comes none too soon for true love
So let me tell the world this blossoms fate
That it may not fall before we embrace.
Let this admission release loves good dove,
Dear, for all my hearts desires are your gate
To open, your sea to swim in with grace.
Now let me fly into your arms again
And let this bluebird sing a new sweet strain.

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