2011 Poetry Theme Challenges

#23 Let It Snow

Hello Poets;

With Yule and Christmas just days away my best wishes with you all for the season's festivities. Weather forecasters in the UK have predicted snow and the community around me have gone into panic mode at the idea of a single snowflake - beggars belief doesn't it? Anyhow from my hobbit hole room where I write I like to look out at the weather and often use that in my writes. So the challenge to close of the year is to let the weather, be it sunshine, rain or the forecasted snow, be your inspiration.

Good Luck with your Quilling!


Let It Snow

Divena Collins

And Winter Came
Crystal Faerie Tale
Four Strong Winds

Jem Farmer

A Spear Through Cloud
In The Hurricane's Eye
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
One Foggy Morning
Yuletide Love

Ivor Hogg

Admission of Defeat

Ryter Roethicle

Family Dinner
Nature and Christmas
Realising Summer Love
X Factor

Gert Strydom

Coming of Spring

Peter Willowdown

Peaceful Wind
Snow of Winter

Gert Strydom

Coming of Spring

Divena Collins

And Winter Came

Oh Maiden of the snow whither do thy go
When snow is falling deep on the ground
Whilst winters light is fading fast around
Gusts of cold December winds doth blow
Packs of wolves are howling in the snow
Hunger reveals spirit thro` amber eyes
Maiden of the snow hear saddened cries
Gusts of cold December winds doth blow.
The rivers turn to ice that doth not flow
Nor the sun hath warmth enough to melt
Natives dwell in tepee`s, wrapped in pelts
Gusts, of cold December winds doth blow.
Oh Maiden of the snow whither do thy go
Gusts of cold December winds doth blow.


Crystal Faerie Tale

How pretty those wintertime icycles can be
Within a glistening crystalized faerie tale
So red those berries upon the leafless tree.

Acorn capped imps dancing `midst a gael
How wondrous was this a magical scene
Within a glistening crystalized faerie tale

Upon a throne of ice made just for a Queen
Sat Selena the beautiful Queen of the faes
How wondrous was this a magical scene

Within cobweb windows and frosted glaze
High on a hilltop within her palace of charm
Sat Selena the beautiful Queen of the faes

Blessed with serenity a saviour from harm
Safe in a fantasy from snow drifts and fears
High on a hilltop within her palace of charm.

There she remains thro` so many new years
How pretty those wintertime icycles can be
Safe in a fantasy from snow drifts and fears
So red those berries upon the leafless tree.


Four Strong Winds

Loud the thunder rolled through clouds
lightning streaked across the dark sky
While showers of mist formed shrouds.

Torrential rain upon the sodden roads
Of rainbow hazes streaked with oil
Within ripples as the floods explode.

Danger warns as the storm advances
Sirens sounding throughout the night
Impatient travellers taking chances.

Never drove in floods like this before
Sunken vehicles from four strong winds
Lose control within four locked doors.

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Jem Farmer

A Spear Through Cloud

As voices call aloud
Bring it forth through the crowd, young men,
Amid the tales of then,
Through valley and wild glen we call,
Bring light and love to all,
Lift winter's icy shawl from earth,
To celebrate a birth,
With our laughter and mirth, inspire,
All that we should desire,
To light the Pagan fire of Yule,
One log that is the fuel,
The Sun King shall soon rule the year,
An end of darkness, near,
And dawn's first ray, a spear through cloud.


In the Hurricane's Eye

The swirling wind to touch the ground,
A sudden energy outbursts,
Yet its eye cannot see the found.

Above, a beauty to behold,
As it blindly wends its path,
Its wake of destruction unfolds.

Listen! A child’s voice speaks of love,
Calling out to the angels there,
Mercy’s prayer to powers above.

Surrounded by a violent rage
A child knelt in a calming peace,
Winds holding life within their sage.


It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

A flash lit up the sky,
As thunder grumbled by the rain,
My heart lay gripped with pain,
My mind going insane this way,
Hot and cold air at play,
While dreamings drift and sway around,
The wayward thoughts abound,
Where love dared not be found instead,
The dreams came in my head
And in this storm to bed I'll go,
For wonderings I know
Allow not love to grow within,
For fear that would be sin,
Yet thunder, my chagrin, still roars
As lightning kissed rain pours
Cleansing the muddied floors of why!


One Foggy Morning

A dreamy state in morning mist,
As curls of cloud, recline on earth,
The walking feet dare not resist.

The pathway fading just ahead,
Recoiling into the low clouds,
A mystery remains instead.

Wandering feet know their own way,
Whilst striding on without time to pause,
And dwell upon what comes today.

Old footsteps echo on the breeze,
Through dreams of love that time forgot,
Yet still it whispers through the trees.


Winter's Snowy Season

The blue turned grey turned to blankets of white,
Midwinter’s shroud that mantled field and town,
A breath of north resounds across the night,
To leave a frosty sparkle on winter’s gown.
Beneath the moon the fairies come to dance,
While dreamy eyes rejoice upon the scene,
As bow and fiddle strike up their romance,
The mind recalls this place where love had been.
I watched them dance an elfin jig or two,
My heart, meanwhile, languished in years gone by,
When you and I would dance all dressed in blue,
Then share a kiss beneath the winter sky.
Those wistful times that never fade away,
Return to bed and there beside you lay.


Yuletide Love

Gentle flakes, flurried flight,
Float in the last light of the sun,
Just before skies are dun
For Yuletide has begun with bells
Ringing out across the fells,
Once again, the story tells of birth
Amid the festive mirth
So life all o'er the Earth returns
Upon the ground fire burns
The goddess never spurns her child,
A Pagan heart beating wild,
In darkness, she has smiled tonight.

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Ivor Hogg

Admission of Defeat

The roads across the windswept moors.
Fresh falling snow quickly obscures.
Any signs there might possibly
be a road. Nothing you can see

but fallen snow and falling snow
Which drifting in the winds that blow
will close the roads effectively.
There is no possibility

you can continue on your way.
Today is not your lucky day.
You turn your car and drive back home.
Where you will get a warm welcome.

From your worried family
Who were afraid that you might be
freezing to death trapped by the snow
in temperatures below zero.

But you survived because you knew
Exactly what you had to do
By driving slow and carefully
to where the roads were trouble free.

It's obvious you understood
When Natures in angry mood
The high moors aren't the place to be.
Only a fool would disagree.

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Ryter Roethicle

Family Dinner

There is no snow just heat
Winter admits defeat for now
So birds and pig and sow
Purchased with a sweaty brow today
On the 25th make its way
To families who will stay awhile
And to each other smile
Dining in a happy style and eat
Far more than what's normal
In a manner less formal this time
Family together is fine
Talking'n eating's no crime today
Everyone wants their say
It's the other form of gay and normal.


Nature and Christmas

The floods are now starting to recede
One hour of hammering hail and rain
Was another of natures Christmas deeds.

Receiving flash floods and damaging hail
Destroying roofs and breaking glass
Certainly made a mockery of "Wassail"

But unlike the country that bore that song
Nature moved on causing no more strife
And blue sunny skies will be here ere long

Barbeques'll fill the air with meaty scents
Laughter and banter will be the sounds
As copious cans're relieved of their contents.


Realising Summer Love

I promise that you will be my summer love
And all our years there will only be one
You are the only one that I will think of.

We do not need a spring for love has grown
Now here we are with the fullness of it all
Fate has done her best with the seeds sown.

What of autumn is there any need for it?
A perennial love like ours has no need
Our love goes for as long as we permit.

There’s no winter where we’re concerned
This is a marathon and do not need to rest
We’ll reap the benefits of what we learned.

There is no season for us except summer
Our love has grown and it will not fade
For like a great wine it can only get better.



And she said to her beloved what is snow
He replied.

Snow is a picture of Christmas
A picture of a white bearded man
Dressed in red
On a sleigh pulled by 6 reindeer
Delivering presents to children throughout the world.

Snow is coldness, where water is frozen
Yet snow is the place where friendships are made
And soul - love is discovered.
Later the fruit of that love,
Born in the warmth of Australia
Is introduced to snow.

Snow is the death of summer
And yet promises spring.
Knowing that deep within her frozen Earth
New life sleeps and waits for its time of birth.

With the final melting of snow
Is the promise of new life,
And hope for all creatures
As long as man pays heed and his dues.



There is a season for everything
For birth, for youth, for love, for death
The seasons carry on ever circling.

The pain of birth is the pain of life
Some have it easy without problems
Some have it hard and full of strife.

This strife will carry on into youth
High spirits does not mean conduct
Nor is quietness a proof of couth.

Some can love only themselves
Others like you and I, love forever
No need to put our lives on shelves.

Like all else there is the time of all
Rich man poor man, beggar or thief
It’s how you respond hearing that call.

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Peter Willowdown

Peaceful Wind

A peaceful wind blows in from the sea,
fragrant with salt and a hint of spices from exotic lands,
fragrant with the songs of seabirds
and the symphonies of the deep
murmuring of seamaids where the
shallows bid farewell to the sun
and ancient steps lead down to sunken
palaces, weed-grown and steep.

Tired wanderers walk the shore
and breathe in respite from cares and woes;
children collect coloured shells,
fine gold sand between their toes.
The old fisherman stares out into the distance,
remembering days gone by
and girls he has kissed
- despite the hazy, opalescent mist on the horizon
he can see beyond the curve of the waters
to far-ff lands and continents
where smiles and gentle gestures
are the currency of love
and the days pass like honey
pouring from a bottomless pot,
sweet and only slightly cloying,
as translucent as moonlight
or thick with ten thousand sanctified flowers
transmuted by the alchemy of angels.

The young baby knows nothing of ships, horizons
or the storms and tempests that sometimes arise
to fill the skies with clouds and thunder
- he reaches up for the bright,
round bauble of the sun and laughs
and so too does his mother,
shadows momentarilly forgotten,
as spectres by pure joy are shriven.


Snow of Winter

Snow of winter
heaven's splinter
sting the soul
lest we forget
scent of summer
river running
love's bright laughter
ever after.

Cold bees of January
build your nests
in frozen trees
glittering statues
with spiked diamond leaves.
Soon Spring will come
and your molten honey
will run over all the land
bringing sweetness to dry earth
recalling birds from distant lands
with the bright green
promise of rebirth.

Snow of winter
stardust falling
all the world is caught
in the dream of
your fine white powder
entranced, but do not linger
such beauty is perilous in excess
to frail mortality and flesh
we do not have the strength to bear it
but must tear ourselves away
from the gorgon stare of eternity
or else are turned to brittle stone
and snapped as easily as a twig
beneath the foot of some dumb beast
searching for some hidden feast.

Subtle song of secret spring
even in the dead of coldest February night
your invisible bells call to my soul
and all the blustery rains of March
and mischievous April
cannot carry their melody away
but only make me yearn yet
stronger for the day
when the Green Lad steps lightly
over the hill
a pot of gold in one hand
and a sackful of jewels in the other,
freely distributing his wealth and colour
or else plays quietly on his flute,
coaxing to life the shy and dormant flowers
and proclaiming the coming of his hour.

Snow of winter
heaven's splinter
sting the soul
lest we forget
times that have fled
and times yet to follow,
days like bright sparrows
and weeks like high swallows.

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Gert Strydom

The Coming of Spring

When everything is awakening in spring,
when a myriad of colours are displayed,
when God does to many things, new life bring,

there is a great kindness at the begin
of the season that replaces winter
when blossoms, many plants are flowering,

when everywhere some insects are buzzing
in a quest to propagate their own kind
when many butterflies are fluttering

when birds have very happy songs to sing
during the bright day and in the dark night,
when everything is awakening in spring.



Some deep red roses bloomed in the rain,
the rain sieved down for days without end,
an end to winter brought the spring again;

while again roses at a time would be send,
be send as messengers of a love that’s true,
that’s true in all things that had happened.

I held red roses wrapped in a big bunch,
a big bunch to make up for being apart;
after days apart we did meet for lunch,

after lunch a sweet kiss would test her heart,
her heart would respond with some kind of bliss,
or bliss would be absent in our own art.

Nothing could love remove, her eyes did shine
as I saw her face, hurried to embrace;
the depths of love did prove that she was mine.

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