2011 Poetry Theme Challenges

#19 Things That Go Bump In The Night!

Hello Poets;

Hallowe'en will soon be here. Witches, ghouls, reapers and vampires will soon be knocking on our doors yelling "Trick or Treat". Not the same as when I was a young one. So bah humbug to trick or treat, I fancy we all have at least on tale of ghostly deeds and happenings to tell. That is the challenge!

Spooky Quilling!


Things That Go Bump!

Kathy Anderson


Divena Collins

Ghost Galleon
Hounds of Hell
Nightmare Fantasy
Tinkers Creek

Ivor Hoggr

I Can't Decide

Peg Nelson

Care To Join Me
Happy Halloween

Ryter Roethicle

Ballad of the Night
Beware the Beast
Humpty Dumpty
Vampire Moon

Kathy Anderson


In the deep night in your own green backyard
Shadows fall where no moonlight ever touched
Instilling a deadly cold, thus fevered
Imagination taking on its canard.
The shape of these thoughts trails icy eyes
Across the skin of limbs exposed to the bise
Then travels to the heat upon your scalp
Making every hair charged with pure palp.
Such dread leaves frost upon the air you breathe
As the beast captures your heart in hands raw sheathe.

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Divena Collins

Ghost Galleon

A Galleon sailed to the America`s,
With a cargo of slaves to be sold
All chained tattooed and tethered
Deep within the dungeons hold.

For this Galleon it was a live ship
Flying the skull and crossbones
The only crew escaped the planks
Were dirty bloodthirsty old crones.

The Captain stood alone on deck
A scarred faced cut throat was he
Wearing his three cornered hat
With his cutlass hung by his knee.

Being such a very long voyage
With fever and death all aboard
The slaves were chained up tightly
Couldn`t move of their own accord.

The stench down below was horrific
And disease had spread to them all
For the dead were left their rotting
Whilst the living were ready to fall.

Not a man had reached America,
A ghost ship that sailed on it`s own,
With the figure head still out front
And a cargo of skull and bones.


Hounds Of Hell

Call off thy hounds that gnarl my bones
Thou starving fiends of viscious breed
Thy beasts of the devils hybrid clones
That when in hell did fester with greed
To tear out my flesh for a bloody feed
Howling canines that reaks of death
Render their prey with ne`er a breath.
Without recognition to perish unknown
Nobody heard my last prayers of need
Cast off carcass that was left all alone
No one had heeded my final death moan
Laid betwixt earth, fire, and brimstone
Gone from slethering jaws of misdeed
Unto earthly mounds of devils weed.



Ancient trees stood gnarled with age
Branches that whisper to their host
Treading quietly not to make a sound
In case I'm heard by intruder or ghost.

I was drawn to this forsaken forest
By some kind of strange source
Calling me, enticing me deep inside
By a weird unnatural force.

I listened with each step I took
For a twig to snap underfoot
Frightened my breath was loud
Maybe for the best to stay put.

For I heard tales of this place
Strange beings half creature half elf
But curiosity just had to unfold
To discover the truth for myself.

Fearing the worst I ventured forth
After hearing a screeching sound
Alas my courage was fading fast
As I found an old grave mound.

There by the foot of the grave
Was a creature-like hobbit kneeling
With an owl perched on his shoulder
Reslessly, blood curdling, squeeling.

Oh I wanted to run the way I came
And be safe in my little home
But my legs were rooted to the ground
I was seen by the owl and the gnome.

Now the elf and owl were angered
I had ventured their sacred place
With some kind of alien language
And a bony finger towards my face.

Then a blinding beam of light
Flashed straight towards my head
Sent me speeding through the forest
Sweating profusedly in my bed.

Outside was still black as night
And I wanted to sleep yet again
But a tap, tapping kept me awake
'Twas the owl by my window pane.


Nightmare Fantasy

The creaking floorboards around midnight
Coupled with the howling winds outside
No wonder she was terrorized with fright
The phantom within her mind shall not hide
A victimised terror of frankensteins bride
How imagination can haunt a fearful mind
Stricken by nightmares of a horrific kind.
Hiding beneath her bed covers out of sight
Listens intent for screams demons cried
Something in her room was not quite right
She never dared peep and she never tried
Come the dawning she awakens sleepy eyed
Evidence of nightmares are but hard to find
Lost within fantasy dreams then left behind.



I tippytoe`d to my bed but I could not sleep
Fearing a monster would hide underneath
Re-occuring nightmares haunted my mind
I have see him deep in my restless sleep
He creeps underneath with big hairy arms
I have felt him oft` times grabbing my leg
His claws are sharp and could hurt me much
If I have let my leg hang out the bed I mean
I Within my nightmare scream out loud again
And look once again for one more last peep.

Every dark night it has always been the same
Shadows play havoc on my childish mind
Of ghosts and phantoms that haunt the night
'Neath my mattress he`s watching and waiting
One false move and he will gobble me alive
I reach for my teddy, he is no longer there
Not even he cares to share my dreaded fear
When he does not even comfort me I mean
Could it be he the monster `neath my bed
Do shadows play tricks within a tired mind?



Harken now unto the darken'd night
Canst thou hear the call of the wild
The screams of an owls fated prey
As pain gnaws thro' an open wound
And blood runs freely upon the heath
Strained veins within reddened eye
As he tore at flesh with open beak
And stripped the bare bones of flesh
With not a morsel or carnage found
For hunger pained his gizzards so.

Pain of hunger versus pain of death
Named survival of the very fittest
What was seen to be running free
Venturing forth so precariously
Caught unawares in a bated trap
Of an owl swooping down on him
There is no certainty of escaping
'Tis the laws of nature to submit
The weakest never stands a chance
With ne'er the strength to survive.


Tinkers Creek

There`s a mist by the graves at Tinkers Creek
Where unrest spirits arise from their casks
And a musty cloud floats within the breeze
From the depth of the dank clodden earth
Ghosts that have spoken from silent tongues
Amidst the bleakness of their darkened tomb
Arisen to haunt and bring fear to the living
Who in years gone by had pointed their finger
And had dared to accuse them of witchcraft
They who hath now risen to seek their revenge.

There`s a mist by the graves at Tinkers Creek
Where no living soul had dared to venture
Fearing the worse for their minds of sanity
Of haunted dreams throughout their lives
The hurt experienced, nagging deep within
Revenge they wanted and revenge they got
From the spirits of those they had tortured
Ghostly shadows that walked the dark night
That had suffered then the tortures of death
Shalt not rest for evermore silent in the grave.

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Ivor Hogg

I Canít Decide

Oil lamps burn on either side
Of a polished stone centrepiece.
Its only purpose is to guide
The task performed by the high priest

The celebrant is crimson clad.
He speaks a language long since dead.
The strangest dream I ever had
Which filled me with a sense of dread.

I knew I dreamed but it seemed real
I tried to wake to no avail.
Held in a trance as strong as steel
My puny efforts doomed to fail.

It was as if against my will
I was transported to the past
By some magician with the skill
The bonds of time to overcast.

I could tear my eyes away
Beneath the altar though unbound
The sacrificial victim lay
Willing to die: His faith profound.

His death would bring fertility
Ensure the future of his clan
So they could thrive successfully.
Thanks to the courage of this man

The priest despatched him with one stroke
The young man died without a sound
The priest turned to the crowd and spoke.
The words he uttered echoed round.

Although I could not understand
a single word .Somehow I knew
That he obeyed his Gods command
As he was duty bound to do.

Then I awoke quite suddenly
The sacrifice had set me free.
But was it fact or fantasy
I cannot say positively.

Perhaps some racial memory
embedded in the D.N.A
My forebears had passed down to me
Had been triggered in some way.

That vivid dream still bothers me
It is a dream I shanít forget
I choose to call it fantasy
But I have doubts that linger yet.

Alternative reality
Or just a dream about the past
It could be neither possibly.
But I was glad when it had passed

I think about it frequently.
But find that I cannot decide
If it was fact or fantasy.
It seems my doubts will long abide.

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Peg Nelson

Care To Join Me?

Horrifying witches and goblins are meeting tonight!
Witches are stirring wicked blood and guts brew!
Heard them say: goína be a horrifying sight tonight!
Dracula waits in alleyways, to grab and bite you!
He canít wait to say in his frightening voice: Boo!
Careful crossing bridge, ugly trogs will devour fast!
Black cats ready ta claw till you die youíll wonít last!
Donít stare at the chainsaw man, but watch his hand!
He aint goína give ya a chance to hide behind trees!
'cause black spiders can poison ya from foot to hand!
Watch out if your wearing brown and green leaves!
Youíll be tossed into a dump truck as fast as can be!
Splattered with your own blood and guts, take heed!
Run as fast as youíve ever run, before your their seed!

Around the corner Hannibal, Friday and the horseman!
Hannibal has eaten all of your friends from toe to heads!
Friday told Hannibal share or Iíll grind you for my fans!
The headless horseman slashes Hannibal and Friday heads!
Licked sword cuts tongue; dropping scores of bloody heads!
The whole town of Oz is covered with blood from a friend!
Bringing this awful Halloween story I write to a bloody end!
As you exit this nightmare of Halloweens from years past!
Iíll tell you, Iím feeling sick from my own headless muse!
Say all your prays before treating; it just might be your last!
'Cause it could be youíll be chopped to pieces as you cruise!
My bloody red pen said: Iíll write no more; I refuse, I refuse!
Laying down my talking red pen, that wrote this scary poem!
I run to toilet and heave my guts out after reading this poem!


Happy Halloween from Hellion Ghost

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Ryter Roethicle

Ballad of the Night

Introduction (A Sestina Sonnet)

And on the last day the word created flesh
and in its madness the flesh created fear,
but the flesh could not fear itself or fear alone
and so the flesh created fear of the night
and from that fear was created nights creatures
The horned bloodsucking slavering creatures
red eyed beasts their talons seeking your flesh.
You waken and remember your fear of the night.
The creatures awaken and remember your fear,
and stealthy movements in the house all alone
The creatures sense your fear and know you're alone
It makes no difference, you made these creatures
Your breathing hardens, your eyes widen in fear
But tis no use your, flesh is feeding the night

Part 1

Now the creature you created
Is clawing at your door,
Its tasted blood, its tasted flesh
And now its seeking more.

It feeds on pain, it feeds on fear
It needs to taste your throat.
You have created this dreadful thing
Your fear so cheaply bought.

And now the moon and the night
Helps to feed your fear.
This creature that you alone made
Seeks the life that you hold dear.

Now the clouds cover the moon
The night becomes more black,
You cannot now call back your fear,
There is no turning back.

The sounds of night, the noisy night
Now help to feed your fear
Then you hear it, something's changed,
Silence, loud and clear.

You listen close, you listen hard
The silence is complete
Your breathing stops, you start to sweat
You hear your hearts loud beat.

Then the wind picks up and blows
Black clouds across the sky
In that moment in time you realise
That you or it must die.

Now fear takes o'er, its icy touch
Sending shivers down your spine
You see your bloody body stripped
Laid out on evils shrine.

Part 2.

You hear a creature outside your room
And can smell its fetid breath
Its hideous stench now fills the air
With promises of death.

The charnel house from which it spawned
Cast off from evils womb
Now seeks to feed on your human flesh
And drag you to its tomb.

The stench grows great as rotting graves
Eject their hideous content.
Seeking your body, seeking your mind,
Your eternal soul to torment.

The final stench, that of hell itself
Now pervades the room.
Your eternal soul is now at risk
And with it, eternal doom.

Now moving shadows torment you
And play upon the wall
The hungry creature of the night
On your throat will seek to fall.

Stalking, it moves about the room
Teasing you with its presence
Its muzzle high, sniffing the air
Savouring your essence.

In the freezing air circling round your bed
You see its panting breath.
Soon, very soon you begin to realise,
That you'll be facing death.

You cannot move, you cannot scream
Your paralysed with fear.
Your mind is making frantic sounds
That only you can hear.


"Oh God" you pray "my God please help
And save me from this beast"
And dive beneath the covers warm
Hiding from its hungry feast.

But God is day and this is night
He cannot hear your cry.
You smell the stench of countless graves
Where the rotting corpses lie.

The covers are drawn you are exposed
And then you smell its breath
Your screams for help are pointless now
As you see the face of DEATH.


Beware the Beast

The Moon is full, now hear his cry
Beware the beast beware his bite
Hear the ghosts cry, hear itís sigh
There is every reason for your fright
Soft padding sounds hear them nigh
As hellish beasts now fill the night
The Moon is full, now hear his cry
Beware the beast beware his bite
Too late your life slipping by
Your muscles tensing out of fright
As evil forms take oíer the night
Finally realising your going to die
The Moon is full, now hear his cry
Beware the beast beware his bite.

Part II

You hear, you smell its fetid breath
You see two unblinking yellow eyes
Unprepared totally, taken by surprise.
You know that you are near to death
You have no gun, to late for stealth
You draw your knife in adrenalin rise
You hear, you smell its fetid breath
You see two unblinking yellow eyes
Your bother, a curse of blooded ties
Betrayal by blood on the way to wealth
That final hand that Satanís dealt
Wealth and power a pack of lies
You hear, you smell its fetid breath
You see two unblinking yellow eyes.

Part III

The Moon is full, now hear his cry
Beware the beast beware all this.
And now at last itís come to this
Fates single card you canít deny
To keep your life your bound to try
One brother must feel Deathís Kiss
The Moon is full, now hear his cry
Beware the beast beware all this.
You sense his strike feel it fly by
The slashing paw, you feel the hiss
Your knife strikes you dare not miss
As it strikes home you feel him die
The Moon is full, now hear his cry.


Humpty Dumpty

I was not meant to sit on a wall
But it was you who put me there
I did not wish to have this fall
I believed when you said you care
My shell is broke beyond repair.
There is no help in which to turn
Another lesson I have to learn.
Any knowledge that I can gather
Curious about life and love and all
Is so uncertain, like the weather.
I was not meant to sit on that wall
I did not wish to have any fall.
But fall I did and down I crashed
And all hopes of love ever dashed.



In the blackest night of twisted dreams
On a wrought iron holder black and bent.
There is the melted wax of candles spent
Now feel the paralysis of silent screams.
There...Shadows where no light shone
Dark movements on a wall all alone!
Causing shivers now this hot spring eve
For there are certain dreams we weave
That makes evil webs of midnight lace
Reflect menacing upon a sleeping face.


Vampire Moon

Mine is not to pursue, nor is it to entice,
But realise a realm exists not of human
Where life is not measured in your span
And drinking human blood is the rule.
Hear the subtle beat of leathered wings
And see the silhouette against my light.
Too late, you have ventured in my world
For up here I can see what misery it brings.
Looking down after I see an empty shell
One more soul is added to the ranks of Hell.

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