2011 Poetry Theme Challenges

#13 Summer

Hello Poets;

The longest day, in the Northern Hemisphere, makes the beginning of summer and the season of fruits and crops ripening, tennis and cricket, music festivals, holidays, ice cream, carnivals and high pollen. The theme challenge therefore is for your reflections on summer, including the sneezes of hay-fever.

Happy Quilling and Blessings to All



Divena Collins

Summer a Cummen
Summer Blossom

Maggi Cusick

Unlasting Love

Jem Farmer

Cicada Waltzes
Coffee and Toast
Echoes of Wind Chimes
Postkart zu einem Freund
Village Fete

Ryter Roethicle

Echoes of Wind Chimes
Grey Gums, Hagley Rd

Liz Rule

Seven Summer Haiku
The Park Keeper Takes a Sickie
The Sign
Trip To Williamstown Beach

Divena Collins

Summerr A Cummen - Early Englysh

O` thee summerr ys a cummen
When thee flowres bloome soe fayre
Huney bees shalt bee a hummen
A swete gentel mornynge prayere.

O` ye gentel breezes blowyn
Hydes thy dewdrops crystel teares
As thee buds of love art growyn
They shalt banishe all thy feares

O` ye dawne shalt nowe awakyn
Ande thee song byrdes still chatter
Love shalt not e`er bee forsakyn
Dreames remayne for e-er afterr.


Summer Blossom - Rosarian Sonnet

Too soon thy tiny buds of may shalt bloom
To awaken from the darkness within thy womb
Thy shalt feel the sacred sun now upon thy face
Nurtured fragile petals throughout this glade
Protecting scented blossoms within thy shade;
How serene they droop gently from the boughs
How this gift of heavenly blossoms doth arouse
This seasonal summer solstice within thy grace
Thou who lay dormant within cold winters frost
Awakened and flourished with ne-er a bud lost;
Of pretty pink flowers that blossom and grow
When birds nest within thee to sing their song
I would sit and listen the whole summer long
What pleasure you bring thy charm to bestow.

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Maggie Cusick

Unlasting Love

Here in the valley just beyond the rushing fall
so long ago when first we met
a time of rash youth and madness
a time when our true love was born
which would last for eternity

Through the long golden summer we clung as we danced
lingered in softness of moonlight
bathed in the newness of romance
no one but you and me on earth
to enjoy the beauty of love

The coming of autumn brought shadows of your past
as slowly our music ended
at coming of night I waited
through the lonely dreary darkness
but knew in my heart you were gone

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Jem Farmer

Cicada Waltzes

As the sun rises, animals and trees
Rejoice the season of life
Deer are dancing in the forest glade
To cicada waltzes played in the meadowland
And the tawny owl hides in the viridian leaves.

Rainbows of colour ripple in rivers
Trout and salmon, swimming upstream
In celebration of the summer,
In celebration of living,
In love.

Yet one place remains dark,
Encased in frosted ice and snow,
A gnarled oak tree with no song to sing,
Excluded from the sun’s living rays,
A place untouched by love.

Steely eyes staring from the darkness
Seeing nothing but wars of sorrow,
Yielding to the fates of destruction
A gateway to nothing:
Where I end my days.

Coffee and Toast

Carbon casing
Aromatic grinds echoing thunder
A wake-up call

Remains of last night
Waiting in stainless steel
And water streams

Lavender smiles
As candlelight recalls
A savoury morsel

Empty glasses
Gleam in the sunshine
A shared bottle of wine

Hands warmed in lather
Swirling white china
Left to drain

Graffiti grey shell
Enwrapped ice-fuelled core
Declares I love you

Orbs of citrus fruit
Drained of juices
Refresh the mind

White crumbs scatter
Across the pine
Of churned milk’s caress

Summer mornings
Of alfresco breakfasts
And all I need is you..


Echoes of Wind Chimes

On the summer breeze echoes of wind chimes,
Inspire love as purple hues of sunset
Lead the roaming our hearts never forget,
And we recall so many summer times,
In romantic words and Shakespeare’s old rhymes,
While we share another glass of white wine,
In a sensual touch of that love divine,
Eyes tell more than a body gesture mimes.
When the air of night upon Earth descends
With starlight singing a different tune
We shall dance once again beneath the moon
Into the night as lunar light ascends
And should we dare to dream and take a chance
We can find the realms of summer romance.


Postkart zu einem Freund

A post card sent to you, my dearest friend,
As azure skies now blend into twilight,
An end to this another sunny day,
And I can feel the scent of Black Forest trees
Relaxing aches within my hiking limbs.

Those limbs that climbed upon the mountainside
Then stood to hear a yodel for a goat
My camera captured the snowy peaks
So we can share the view when I get home
Until then dearest friend I say adieu!


Village Fete

Humming bees and lavender define
A summer’s day as children play upon the green
Building daisy chains of forget-me-nots
And cicadas sing among the grass
That grows wildly in the park.

Foaming froths of ginger beer
Cheer the child while mum and dad sip tea
Cream teas in the marquee for one and nine
Spin the wheel for a penny
And win a bottle of wine

Tombola turns the raffle prize
A jumble of clothes for sixpence
Find a treasure with a threepenny bit
The joy of bric-a-brac has no measure
With memories of times gone by.

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Ryter Roethicle


Noisy children dance and play in the leaves
Whilst I am locked here inside my glass jar
The life outside seems so far, far, far away
And the cool, morning air will soon turn warm
I envy the Rosellas; they always seem so alive,
As each morning their chorus greets us
So we may begin our more humdrum existence
Whilst they will swoop and play in the heavens.
I believe if I were a bird I would become sane
Able to feel the pleasure of beautiful things
Taken for granted in mans impatient search
For physical release and mental gratification.


Grey Gums, Hagley Rd

Approaching sunset
birds return discussions nesting

Motorists unaware
traffic lights duff duff verses tweet tweet

Yank tourists listen
watching with cameras snap and movies
creating memories.

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Liz Rule

Seven Summer Haiku

crows squabble
over the golden wheat -
gathering storm

into the sun ...
mountain lake

pecking birds -
brown leaves skip and settle
in a gust of wind

road work
everywhere I go...
it must be summer

sunset moonrise
walking at dusk
with two shadows

the heart of the flower
deepening pink

watching parched trees
walk out of the water -
heat haze

First publishing rights Notes from the Gean vol 2, issue 4, March 2011


The Park Keeper Takes a Sickie

Warmen up a bit today -
perfect summer weather -
the worst kind!
They’ll be out in their droves -
"enjoyen the sunshine" they call it;
"annoyen shit out of me" I call it.

I can see it now -
mothers with their flippen lids
picnicking on my lawn -
mind you... some of those sheilas
are real lookers -
I might get a chance
to take a bit of an optic
if I’m not kept too busy
cleanen up their mess.

Now who invented frisbees?
Every kid has one
and they always end up
in the damnedest of places -
high in a tall tree
or in the middle of the lake -
and who do ya think they expect
to fetch it for them?

On second thoughts,
maybe I’ll take a sickie today -
come to think of it,
I’m feelen real crook -
me ticker’s not what it used to be -
just the thought of climben trees
to extract those frisbees,
gives me the palpitations -

And I’m sure to get wet
fetchen them outta the lake -
those little monsters
throw them in deliberately,
just to get me goat -
I could catch me death of cold!
I’ve always had weak bronichals, ya know,
and me doctor tells me
I have pulmonary lungs,
and a gastric stomach.
I’ve suffered from that
most of me life...

And what if one of those kids
wades into the water
and drowns?
They’ll sue me!
Sue me for all I’ve got!
It will be the ruin of me!
No...I’m just goen to have
a good lie down for the day -
safer that way, I think.
That sun could give me heat stroke.

"Luv, couldya bring me
a nice cuppa tea and a Disprin?
Yes... here on the couch -
I might be gunna have a stroke, ya know.
Oh... and wouldya
run down to the pub for me?
Yes, and buy me a dozen tinnies -
I’ll need them to keep me strength up...

I have to work tomorrow, ya know..."

Flippen lids rhyming slang kids
Sheilas Australian slang the female of the species
Optic rhyming slang = optic nerve = purve = to look at sheilas
Sickie Australian slang leave from work taken due to illness
Get me goat slang annoy, infuriate
Bronichals = bronchial tubes
Disprin = a brand of soluble aspirin
Tinnies Australian slang cans of beer


The Sign

I'm often asked how I lost my leg,
the tale is strange to tell;
strolling the beach one summer day,
I saw some stumps, and a sign as well
on the furthermost stump many yards from shore;
I waded out to see what it said;
"Watch out for crocodiles" I read.
Chomp! I guess I wasn't tasty
'cos he never came back for more.


Trip to Williamstown Beach

As the sun rises through red and orange to yellow,
the temperature climbs to 100 degrees in the shade;
we take our new Austin to Williamstown’s esplanade
to join the crowds that wade in the waters shallow,
or recline in the sand under cover of coloured umbrella,
quaffing bottles of ale and lemonade;
we kids build castles of sand with bucket and spade,
and in the cool of blue-green waters wallow.
We laugh as seagulls squabble and squawk over scraps,
and watch as ships sail by on the rim of the world;
we chase each other with pungent seaweed, curled
and dried by the scorching sun into leathered straps.
Reluctant, we leave, as the sun dips and colours the foam,
To the strains of Dad’s favourite song "show me the way to go home".

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