2011 Poetry Theme Challenges

#12 CJay Challenge (Wildlife Preservation)

Hello Poets;

Over the weekend I was prompted to write a poem inspired by the need to protect the endangered species of our planet, even the Earth itself. I must admit I found it somewhat challenging but nonetheless I felt there is a need for such work. So the challenge, inspired by a young lady called CJay, is that of the endangered life of our planet be it animal, vegetable or the resources of our planet.

Or Will the Dreamer Awake, (Medora Chevalier)

Out in the East the jungle listens
The tigress, plaintive, growls in pain,
The great trees hear her breathing, shaking
Inside her still, the new lives wait.
These cubs could be the last ones ever
To freely live and roam and mate.
Our grandchild knows the tiger never
Or will the dreamer wake?

Far in the North the white bear snuffles
Down in her lair the gleaming snow
She waits for all the life she’s making
Outside the crashing glaciers grow.
These cubs could be the last cubs ever
To freely live and roam and mate.
Our grandchild knows the white bear never
Or will the dreamer wake?

There in the West the song thrush warbles
She weaves her nest to hold her clutch
A long wait now to find a partner
The eggs are laid, there are not much.
These chicks could be the last ones ever
The last to fly and sing and mate.
Our grandchild knows the song thrush never
Or will the dreamer wake?

Deep in Ocean South the whale swims
Her song of birthing fills the seas
Thousands of creatures wait the moment
The solemn birth that they will see.
This child could sing the final whale song
The last to make the oceans shake.
Our grandchild never hears its mystery
Or will the dreamer wake?

Here in the centre, four directions gather
The path ahead leads up or down
Is this our last bright new world birthing?
Is this our waving as we drown?
This could be our last true moment
Knowing the truth, our choices make.
Our grandchild asks "That was the moment!
And did the dreamer wake?"

Happy Quilling and Blessings to All


CJay Challenge

Maryse Achong

A Doe's Dilemma

Kathy Anderson

Wild Children

Divena Collins

Country Lover
Last Tree
Of Nature
Once There Were Lilacs

Maggie Cusic

Sweet Rain

Jem Farmer

Wild Voices

Ivor Hogg

Foolish Attempts

Ryter Roethicle

Nature Ascending
Objection Over-ruled
Wonderful World
Zona Pellucida

Liz Rule

Stealing Shells and Other Haiku
What Good is a Day

Maryse Achong

A Doe's Dilemma

"Doe a deer, a female deer,"
That’s me and Dottie is my name,
My ancestors once roamed these forests almost free from fear,
But that was long before the humans came.
They realized they were fair prey for larger beasts,
'Survival of the fittest', jungle law,
They had their place in the food chain, as someone else’s feast
Perhaps, but now the odds are stacked against us even more.
I hope that I shall live to be a granny doe,
But tomorrow might well be the day I die,
And you have made the chances of that greater so
I cherish every night with my mate close by.
Please giver me the chance to live ‘til Nature has her way,
My little one still needs a Mama’s care,
You wouldn’t want your baby’s mother blown away,
Don’t shoot me just because I am a deer!

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Kathy Anderson

Wild Children

I hear the robins at morn
The coyotes by night
Knowing all is well

Until news says otherwise
That wolves are unsafe
In the farmers pens

No gun is spared
Nor bullet gathers rust
As long as there are men

Man takes what's not his
To make space
For all his waste

Another pelt trophy
Or tossed on the scrap heap
Of slaughtered beasts

When will they ever learn
To make peace
With the wild children of earth?!

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Divena Collins

Country Lover (Variant)

In a perfect world on a perfect day I went on my way.
For I did go a rambling upon my bike I have to say
I saw a field of cows the prettiest Jersey kind.

Climbed the fence to join them I didn`t think they`d mind;
So I peddled across the field just me and my old bike
The critters turned and chased me you never saw the like.

But I didnt really mind cause I`m a Country Lover.

Well I skidded on a cow pat and I landed on another
There really was no need to create a major issue
Oh my Kingdom my Kingdom, if I only had a tissue.

Made my bold escape underneath a barbed wire fence
Into the next field. Oh where was my common sense
For Its times just like this, I just know I am a fool.

But I didnt mind at all `cause I`m a Country Lover.

Way yonder in the corner was an Aberdeen Angus bull
He greeted me with a snort and stamped his beefy hoof
Like the bull on a corned beef tin, but this was living proof.

Now wearing strong cow scent was just a little bit risky
Aberdeen Angus hoof and horn was acting much too frisky
I made my escape once again from that field to another.

But I did`nt really care `cause I`m a Country Lover.

Found a nice clean stream, with floating water cress
To wash myself clean for I was a frightful mess
That lovely cool water was such a welcome sight.

When up jumped a frog and gave me such a fright
The moral to this story, take the good with the bad
I would never want to swap today not for any other

You see I did`nt mind at all `cause I`m a country lover.


Last Tree

When the last tree is severed from the land
And all wild fruits are gathered from the field
Creations have perished with a fruitless yield
Then and only then shall people understand;
Whilst snatching wild berries from their stalk
Like us they live and breathe with sap within
To destroy this wonder shall surely be a sin
Still they desire these forests in which to walk;
There will come to pass when they will know
They cannot take and still watch them grow
How much more shall nature then withstand
It would take too many long years to restock;
Of mans destruction when can growth begin
To ignore this tragedy shall surely be a sin.

Art Work by Vladimir Kush -----

Of Nature

here shalt be earth, water wind and fire
Upon this planet where humans shall live
Where natural elements shall transpire.

Along side nature with strength of hand
There shalt be earth water wind and fire.
Nothing on this earth shall they deprive.

For laws of nature are all they require
Understanding rules bound to survive
There shall be no greed or no demand.

No ill feelings nor threats to conspire
Nature shall give all the help she can
There shall be earth water wind and fire.

All that is needed for earthings to thrive
And all shall dwell with love and desire
There shall be earth water wind and fire.

For the seeds of life shall soon revive;
And new borne shall then be spawned
Yet again humanity once more shall sire.

For thus mother of nature had planned
There shall be earth water wind and fire.
A new morning shall then be dawned.

Along with the elements they require
For all the nutrients here and beyond
There shall be earth water wind and fire.


Once There Were Lilacs

Once there was a lilac tree next door
Heavenly scent floated in the breeze
Today their existence was taken away.

The flowers no longer bloom in May
Oh why must people cut down trees
Once there was a lilac tree next door.

Heart shaped leaves a sweet bouquet
Perfect strong and free from disease
Today their existence was taken away.

Gone is the beauty of a lilac sachet
Thro` ignorant know it all`s expertise
Once there was a lilac tree next door.

For mother nature betrayed this way
Protected land they cannot foresee
Today their existence was taken away.

Why cant they meet nature halfway
And lightly prune not to hack it free
Once there was a lilac tree next door
Today their existence was taken away.


Takuskanskan (Dakota Indian Wind Spirit)

Oh great spirit of the wind come blow
The sadness in our tribes hearts grow
Our land we called home is no more.

Silenced are the drum beats of lore;
Harken Takuskanskan and maybe then
You will hear our drum beats loud again.

Oh great spirit of the wind come blow
Across our rivers with rapids that flow
Over black hills and wide open plains.

Help us to salvage what ever remains
HarkenTakuskanskan and maybe then
You will hear our buffalo return again.

Oh great spirit of the wind come blow
Over this land in a blanket of snow
Desolate now but for wild wolves cries.

Through hungry spiritual amber eyes
Watch Takuskanskan and maybe then
You will see our tribes return once again.



Only a teenager she had been at the time
But still she recalls tho` way past her prime
Within green fields by the cool waters edge.

`Neath the sweet scented honeysuckle hedge;
Within her dreams strange feelings took part
Oh how these fantasies, awakened her heart.

Where was her Prince she now could not find
`Tis none but the breeze caressing your mind`
Where is the kisses he bestows upon me.

`Tis none but a dew drop `neath the oak tree`
Why must I weap in my sorrow once more
`Tis not of sad tears but rain on earths floor.`

Mother natures voice whispered tenderly
She spoke with a wisdom which was to be
Love with your heart, and not just your mind

And never be impatient but always be kind
Her words was remembered for many a year
Words of the wise she hath spoken sincere.

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Maggie Cusick

Sweet Rain

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Jem Farmer

Wild Voices

Each day Man’s progress takes their homes away,
Ignoring the voices of those that care,
Greed is leaving the land bereft and bare,
Surely we can find a different way.
Another mother lost her young today;
Without a mention in the evening news,
Just an animal unable to choose,
She has no voice unless we dare to say.
And the lonely wolf howls into the night,
No longer knowing the land he called home,
The place he was once safe to freely roam,
Wanton destruction brings a world of fright,
The wild voices of nature can but cry,
Can we ever give them the reasons why?

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Ivor Hogg

Foolish attempts

Man interferes with Natures Laws
Without a thought to consequence
Because he’s sure he’s right of course
He fails to use his common sense.

Man’s interfering guarantees
Demands for food exceed supplies.
Allows the numbers to increase.
This is a fact we can’t deny.

Too many mouths; too little food.
A recipe for violence.
That is the reason why we should
admit that Natures Laws make sense.

Because the land cannot sustain
Such overpopulation.
Nature must cull the herds again.
Apply her own solution.

Achieve the balance needed to
Correct the situation
Though most will die she’ll save a few.
A breeding population.

Although intended to relieve.
Man’s interference does no good
He cannot possibly achieve
an adequate supply of food.

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Ryter Roethicle

Nature Ascending

Knowing that soon its time will come,
Each plant lives and dies, and sows
Its own nourishment to help it grow,
The next generation it then becomes.
Verdant bush abounds and hums
When woken up from winters doze
And sight and senses become exposed
To mountains blue from haze of gums.
The same happens with all the beasts
Nature’s balance keeps species alive
Mutating in order that all survive.
Whether it be hunter or it be feast
Each creature will guiltless connive
To ensure that it’s species thrives.


Objections Over-ruled

Japanese ships
looking for whales

Mankind thou art sick
to witness this death
in silence.

Perhaps Nature replied
and her tsunami
was revenge.

The world stock market
affected by their

Thousands of Japanese die
Then and after
Justice or revenge

When taken to task
Nature’s reply


Wonderful World

It’s winter
the birds are noisy
whilst the sombre sky look down.

It’s winter
some trees are bare
but some still have their leaves.

It’s winter
but Lorikeets still play
and the trees seem happier for it.

It’s winter
and they are hiding again
as winter rains belt down.

It’s winter
and the rain’s belting down
hear it pounding on the roof.

It’s winter
and the birds are back
it's still a wonderful world.


Zona Pellucida

In the mountains
the snow is falling
creating a cold blanket.

The ski season is starting
and four wheel drivers
will challenge themselves.

The plant life sleeping
is disturbed and violated
by their machismo behaviour.

At least the skiers
stick to their patch
and do minimum harm.

The symbolic showering
of ice, snow and mud
is a symbolic ejaculation.

A true indication
of their alleged masculinity
and sexuality.

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Liz Rule

Stealing Shells and Other Haiku

"albatross flies
over blackened feeding grounds -
oil slicked ocean

red on black feather
the currawong's last warble
drops from the cat's claws

long silken tongue
probes for salty nectar -
on my hand a moth

stealing shells
the tide tossed ashore
unhurried... no worries


What Good is a Day

"What good is a day?"
I asked the snail
I met on my path.

He was heading
toward my vegie patch
to nibble on leaves.

"Don't touch my turnips"
I cried, "or lettuce,
cabbage, zucchini."

He eyed me with disdain;
an earth dweller
knows naught of title.

Leaves are his world,
his food, his shelter,
the garden his workplace.

Everything that lies
on his path is
his day's purpose

... even slime.

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