2011 Poetry Theme Challenges

#11 Let It Rock

Hello Poets;

Some of us on Tir are fond of using music in our poetry postings, yeah I am one of them. I must admit my love of music is one of my inspirations even if her ladyship, the Muse, goes at a somewhat deranged angle at times so I thought a relatively free challenge this time using your own choice of music to inspire your write. Please remember to include a reference or link to the music you are using. (You tube is good!)

Happy Quilling and Blessings to All


Let It Rock Responses

Kathy Anderson

A Trip Your On

Divena Collins

Drums of Desire
Eighteenth Century Rock
Rock'n'Roll Crazy

Jem Farmer

Birthday Cake
The Language of Love
Sylvan Sunset
Where Lies the Peace

Ryter Roethicle

Poetry for nothing
Quaranta Miglia
We Will Rock You
Wonderful World
Yesterday and Tomorrow

Liz Rule

My Tambourine Man
The Unbreathing

Peter Willowdown

After the Rain

Kathy Anderson


The age came
And went away
From freedom

Time holds no breath
It swings a pendulum
Like a rockers drum

We take our steps
Higher visions
To the next cantata

Then hurry back
To the back beat
Of classic Perifidia

The new revolution
Is already squashed
In Rap sauce GreenPeace

So lets let our hair down
And take a step back
To Aquarius!


A Trip Your On

I'm just a trip you'vre on
from that last glass of wine
you had a dream of me
and I dreamt just of you
then when it was over
we are where we once were

Don't be too afraid
cause your hearts in me
racing with the sun
as shapeless as clouds
and just watcn it fly

I am a dream
you are my trip
to places loved
that are now gone

quiet now
know that love
is with you

A trip
our dreams


Divena Collins

Drums of Desire

Listen do you feel it deep within
That penetrating beat
Drums of desire.

Loud bass vibrations deep inside
To excite the senses
Of spirits higher.

Rendering souls within a trance
Of deep rhythmic moods
Drums of desire.

Meditation of the mind and body
That beats deeply within
Of spirits higher.

Can you feel it within your heart
Pulsating loud the rhythm
Drums of desire.

Releasing tensions deep within
Feelings never forgot
Of spirits higher.


Eighteenth Century Rock

I had a funny dream last night travelling back years and years
In an eighteenth century ballroom. and baby I was bored tears
There were women fanning fans,and wearing wigs and bustles
And men that were so pale they had hardly any muscles
As they lined up for a dance, so sedate and so demure
To something called a minuet very chaste and pure
It needed livening up a bit and I had nothing to lose
So I showed them how to rock and roll to the tune of `blue suede shoes`

They never enjoyed themselves so much, as they did that night with me
There`s much more fun to rock and roll as everyone there could see,
The Ladies retired to their boudois to take off their party dresses
While they were there they took off their wigs to free their flowing tresses,
Discarding their bustles before stepping out to rock in just their bloomers
Shocking Mamma`s to the point of a scream, for risking scandelous rumours.

While Grandpapa was standing by in his crimson stockings
Decided he`d join in the fun and rocked `til his knees were knocking
"I do believe" he did say"that this could be something great
But I don`t think even I can keep on going at this rate"
Just at the precise moment .when they played `heartbreak hotel`
I was awakened abruptly from my sleep by my battery alarm bell.


Rock`n Roll Crazy

Remembering days of rock and roll
When I was just a teeny bopper
`God Bless My Soul.`

How I loved those rhythm and blues
Lime green and shocking pink socks
`Blue Suede Shoes.`

A brand new era of rock and roll bop
`Good Golly Miss Molly`s`
`At the hop.`

`Long Tall Sally` said `Johny Be Good`
`Lucille` is wearing `Chantilly Lace`and
`In The Mood`.

`Run Around Sue``The Girl Cant Help It`
`All she wants to do is Shout Now`
Rhythm and Blues.

`Rock around the clock` dig that song
`Sweet Talking Guy` `Yakety Yak`
`Shakin All Over` all night long.

Jem Farmer


Delicious scents of cocoa tease the nose
While baking a cake for candles to crown
A tender greeting for a birthday treat
As brightly wrapped parcels gently repose
All chosen with care so my love is shown
Today it is her I shall celebrate.
My passion baked into morsels, sweet
My love declared with a scented, red rose
And breakfast in bed needs no dressing gown.
It is her love that made my life complete
From that first tender kiss on our first date
I’ve welcomed the warmth she placed in my heart;
Now love’s wants and needs can anticipate
As from her side I can never depart.


The Language of Love

I love you
Three words without reason
Or logical explanation!

Amo te
The ancient powers of passion
Bourne from coyly made glances.

Rwy’n caru ti
My Celtic heart surrenders
Enthralled by her tender soul.

Waking up in your arms
I find myself falling in love.

Kimi o ai shiteru
Trusting instincts overcome
The darkness of fear.

Taim i' ngra leat
A long lost beat of my heart
Rediscovered by you


Sylvan Sunset

Amid silhouette trees she stands,
Unseen and silent is her breath
While watching the sun go down.

Reflected rainbow skies recall
The ancient sylvan dream
While watching the sun go done.

In the stillness of twilight
The forest folk whisper their magic
While watching the sun go down.

The leaves answer on a breeze
Sharing their secrets of the night
While watching the sun go down.

And in the forest nymphs are walking
Hand in hand quietly talking
While watching the sun go down.

Beside the glistening waters
They sit beneath the willowy fronds
While watching the sun go down.


Where Lies the Peace

Another shooting in the Middle East
Yet tabloids focus on a footballer’s affair
Where lies peace in this stormy world?

The fall of morality
For financial glory and power
Where lies the peace in this stormy world?

A child starving in a rain starved savannah
While fat-cat politicians argue a penny
Where lies the peace in this stormy world?

Domestic abuse leaves a wife dying
Hidden from stray shafts of sunlight
Where lies the peace in this stormy world?

Homelessness and poverty swept out of sight
Unwelcome in the streets of a newly built city
Where lies the peace in this stormy world?

Wasted words engraved on tombstones
As no-one cares to hear a desperate cry
Where lies peace in this stormy world?

Ryter Roethicle

Poetry for nothing

Hey look at that yo-yo’s
That’s the way you do it
Writing poetry in the Tir nan G
That aint hard working
That’s the way you do it
Your money for nothing
And the Chicks and Me.

That aint hard working
That’s the way you do it
Let me tell you our girls aint dumb
Maybe get a blister on yer typing finger
Maybe get a blister on yer thumb

You Tube, Google, all we need
Lotsa music, colour picc eys

That aint hard working
That’s the way you do it
Let me tell you Willow aint dumb
Readn Willow better than a TV
Other websites aint no fun

Shoulda mentioned
Jemmy and Divena
Kathy, Peggy and Maryse to
Liz is a new one but she Ok
Then there’s others poppin day to day

You Tube, Google, all we need
Lotsa music, colour picc eys

Cummon Yo Yos
Lets see ya do it
Come along and join us
Throw away the TV
It aint workin it’s the way you do it
Having fun till ya gotta go an pee.


Quaranta Miglia

The way I feel right now,
I know we’ve met before,
perhaps a thousand lifetimes.

I feel myself drawn to you,
but is that good,
or like 40 miles of bad road?

Are we part of fates scheme,
and will we meet again
perhaps a thousand lifetimes?

Or have our paths just crossed
like two cars in the desert
covering 40 miles of bad road?

I cannot imagine
any time or any place
or a thousand lifetime without you.

I know each life we meet
and share our load together
to cross our 40 miles of bad road.


We will Rock You

After eating berries
From off’ve my tree
The birds thought of a way
That they could repay me

We will, we will rock you
We will, we will rock you

A huge purple stain
Of excrement
Runs down my shirt
I wonder what
What the bastards meant

We will, we will rock you
We will, we will rock you

Buddy you a dead bird
If I find you,
And if I do
Then you are mine
And I’ll shtick yer feathers
Where the sun don’t shine

I will, I will stuff you
I will, I will stuff you

Buddy stop yer singing
Yer a big disgrace
When I find you
As I’m bound to
I’ll smear yer shit
All over your face

I will, I will rock you
I will, I will rock you


Wonderful World

It’s winter
the birds are noisy
whilst the sombre sky look down.

It’s winter
some trees are bare
but some still have their leaves.

It’s winter
but Lorikeets still play
and the trees seem happier for it.

It’s winter
and they are hiding again
as winter rains belt down.

It’s winter
and the rain’s belting down
hear it pounding on the roof.

It’s winter
and the birds are back
it's still a wonderful world.


Yesterday and Tomorrow

Should I roll away time from my mind
And make love to you as we did then
It will easily roll away the centuries.
Shall I play and tempt you till you find
Memories return to those other times when
We played and touched so many times before.
It will easily roll away the centuries
To events and fruits of so many kinds
Awakening your mind and mine ye ken!
It will easily roll away the centuries
When first your voice invited me explore,
To sip the wine and taste the fruits of love.
Now across the centuries I want you more
Sharing the bounties we know so much of.

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Liz Rule


electric guitar's
screaming metal overtones -
Hendrix' singing soul

skipping pebbles
across the river -
rock dance.


My Tambourine Man
Come to me, my Tambourine Man,
find me in the hush of morn,
pipe for me your wildest magic,
dance with me at the gates of dawn.

Strum your guitar, my Tambourine Man,
sing to me your sweetest song,
I hear your ankle bells a-jingle,
love me while the day is long.

Cast your breath upon the wind,
I will inhale your fragrance deep,
take me aboard your rollicking ship
and rock me in your arms to sleep.

Take me far beyond night’s curtain,
show me the secret ways of rhyme,
drum me the rhythms of the ancients,
skip with me into a vortex of time.

There we will sip, from wells of darkness,
primeval thoughts from before first dawn,
there we will cast our lines of gossamer,
fishing for galaxies not yet born.

Come to me, oh, my Tambourine Man,
your music has me in its thrall,
pipe once again your ancient magic
and I will dance till evening’s fall.


The Unbreathing

We are the unbreathing,
We followed where you led,
The unthinking, the unknowing,
To the hungry cannons fed.

You told us we’d find glory,
That our families would be fed;
"Dulce est pro patria mori"*
Were the last words that you said.

But we didn’t know our Latin
And you lulled our minds asleep
With your voice as smooth as satin,
While you herded us like sheep.

And we didn’t know that glory
Was another word for dead,
That your Cause was just a story
To justify the blood we shed,

While you counted up your profits
And watched your millions grow,
And labelled us as misfits
If we ever dared say no.

We fought for Jehovah,
We fought for Genghis Khan,
We’ve fought the whole world over
And through every age of man.

Your wars we’ve either won or lost,
According to your schemes,
Sacrificial pawns in mass graves tossed
While you plundered all our dreams.

But from the grave we’ll haunt you,
For at last we’ve learnt the truth,
That wealth and power for the few
Spring from the blood of slaughtered youth.

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Peter Willowdown

After the Rain

Birds sing after the shower of rain,
briefly forgetful of hunger, territory
and life's little pains,
delighting only in the vibrant wetness of leaves.
without thought of loss or gain,
raising their voices in joyful song,
no agrieved or estranged individuals
at traditional odds with each other
but a united and harmonious throng,
feathered paladin's of Heaven's bright blue Grail.
Even the little snail sleeping
on a post in my garden
lifts his antennae to see what all the fuss is about.
Words spring up as naturally as sun-seeking water
in the poet's care-laden heart;
he forgets the wounds and travails
of the day's journey
- like the birds rejoicing in the nature of liberation
and the vouchsafed glimpse that life
is not a constant tourney
but a dance of deft delight.
All the world thrums and thrills
to the tune of an invisible Piper
and even in the vault of Night
when the light of the Sun is absent,
the stars all twinkle, remote and bright,
leaves upon an invisible Tree
only those possessed of the gold
and silver keys of the pure
and open heart can see.

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