2011 Poetry Theme Challenges


Hello Poets;

They say silence is golden, least my teachers at school would repeatedly say that. Now as a somewhat more mature person I like taking time out to be quiet and absorb what is around me. Those moments can truly be golden indeed. So to the challenge - poems about those golden moments of silence, when you heard a bird sing or a stream rushing on its journey.

Happy Quilling and Blessings to All



Kathy Anderson

Silent Smiles

Divena Collins


Tranquil Dreams

Maggi Cusick

Desired Destiny

Jem Farmer

Amber Pink
In Silence
On the Silent Breeze
Spring Cleaning

Peggy Nelson

Sheer Silence
Silent Leaf

Ryter Roethicle

Distractions Begone
I am the Wind
Perky Words
Silent Tears
Softly the night wings settle
Toying with an idea

Liz Rule

In Memory of Sarah
Silence of the Deep

John Willowdown

In the silence
On the Hill of Silence
Silent Cathedrals

Kathy Anderson

Silent Smiles

In silent storms of the heart there is an eye
That watches the winds of times we now decry.
Such silence may destroy what love could deploy
As seeds once planted wither from lack of sun,
When thunderous rains came they still found no joy
For too much warmth dried and desiccated one,
Caused to run with floods what was left of fields
Where silent footed does did paw for want of
Grasses green and mellow birches giving yields
Forever lost to but always needing love.

Divena Collins

Shhhhhh!! - Saraband

Do not utter a word not even a sound
To awaken my pooch from her nap
Tired was she from running around;
Must always let sleeping hounds lay
After all `twas her took me for walks
And I who chased the squirrels away
Yet she who slept around the clock.

She sleeps with one eye on her dish
Whilst her nose is twitching for food
I wonder what Madam would wish
On the menu for your dinner today
Loyalty never comes in half measure
She just knows I will spoil her this way
For she shall forever be my treasure.


Silence - Du Ku

She who look short walk tall
She who speak less say all.


Tranquil Dreams

What does she dream of so high in the tree
Perched on the boughs on top of her world
So deeply within herself completely alone
Perusing the leaves of a book on her knee;
Lost in her haven of contentment unfurled
A far cry away from the maddening crowd
What does she dream of there on her own
Up high in her fort where all she does see;
Through ancient boughs of buds uncurled
A vacated nest where a song bird had flown
Her endless haven of tranquility she vowed
Was the only place she had yearned to be;
Within these wishes of pleasure unbowed
She dreams peacefully within her fantasy.

Maggie Cusick

Desired Destiny

Tossing wishes to stars
listening through silent winds
echoing on woodland canopy
carrying to a far place.
Gentle smile flickers on velvet fringe,
dreams intertwined, feeling the
breath of a sigh at merging
awareness, eyes seeking immortal truths.
Trembling through lucid fantasies, feelings
silken fingers tracing contours.
Tender lips murmur of ancient rites,
producing blessed harvests.
Together we move in rhythm
towards desired destiny.


Summer - Pleiades

Sharp crystal
so unexpected..dazzling
stunningly magnificent
standing in spleandour
sending prisms of many hues
straight and true
suddenly silent in admiration

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Jem Farmer

Amber Pink

As golden rays defer to purple sky
And vibrant hues of amber blend to pink
Reminding me of nights I spent with you.
Yet still I sit and wonder how, and why
The seas mutate to mellifluous ink?
So can my dreams end so love can begin
Reflecting moonlight in silver white dew,
As I recall your last silent goodbye,
That left me here with only thoughts to think,
No words to say, and nothing left to do,
But feel the pain within empty chagrin.
I ask if the sun will see tomorrow,
Releasing the darkness that I am in
So my heart may know no more this sorrow.


Early One Morning

I watched as the last star of night faded out
And sunlight filtered over the distance
The horizon simmering on amber seas
I watched from the shore.

The gentle ripples of dawn tide awaken
A sleeping world and here on the silent beach
My hushed eyes observed the rainbowed unicorns
As they came to play.

Tentative hooves tasting the chill of the sea
As sparkling silver horns enraptured my gaze
While frolicking in my vision unaware
Of my staring eyes.

The magical realm of a unicorn dream
Cantering over sands of reality
A sweet cornucopia of illusion
I could clearly see.

Sprites deftly weaving garlands in flowing manes
Enhancing the serene ethereal beauty
That gazed out from within your liquid brown eyes
Had I then been seen?

My fingers reached out gently into your dream
To slowly caress smooth satin rainbow hair
And touched briefly the regal silver spiral
Your imperial crown.

Your soft quivering muzzle whispered a breeze
And I was enchanted by magical sighs
Taking me to a world where I longed to be
I saw in your eyes.


In Silence

Here in silence there is no single voice;
No sound but trees that whisper to the ground
And touch the soul with spiritual embrace.
Here in silence a heart can sing, rejoice
In beauty that shines from natural ground
And echoes love we share with Mother Earth,
In evíry flower eyes can glimpse her grace.
Here in silence a prayer can make its choice,
A soul that lost its way at last is found
Because I saw the beauty in her face,
Here in silence the moment of rebirth,
My heart began to beat, I came alive.
Itís in her love I feel both joy and mirth
And know there is nothing Iíll not survive!


On the Silent Breeze

Oh gentle soul that speaks romance
Who whispers on the silent breeze
Thy witterings bring my heartís ease
Pray sing to me and make me dance
Dear gentle love that speaks romance
A softened bow upon violin
Thy desire is where I begin
Again pray sing my heart its dance
Dearest queen of my heartís romance
As thou draws close and holds me near
Thou art the love I shall not fear
Pray sweetly sing my heart its dance
Oh gentle soul that speaks romance
Pray sing to me and make me dance


Spring Cleaning

To neatly fold the clouds that hide the Sun,
And keep the chill of winter far away,
These are the things I hope, and often pray
As I kneel alone in midwinter dun.
For a lonely heart cannot know of joy
If it hides behind clouds playing it coy.
Let silent whispers touch a dear loved one,
And lead them to the warmth of summer day
To feel delight beneath a brighter ray
So I may know my act of love is done.

Alfred Gockel - Shades of the Heart
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Peggy Nelson

Sheer Silence

Silence presides above and below
Silence of peaceful comfort divine
Silence to remanence a casual flame
Silence consuming silent waters flow
Silence entertaining pleasures so fine
Silence for loving illusions I concede
Silence to endeavor without blame
Silence comes softly, ever so slow
Silence has erupted my written line
Silence drifts helping others be tame
Silence no more; music suits my need
Silence was immensely to long for me
Silence! I need no more this day to feed
Silence I plead; after crash, bang of reality


Silent Leaf

Oh how I wish I could be a fallen leaf
One to caress your innocence of belief
Calm you on the balmiest nights for relief
A silent leaf to follow you along the reef
A beautiful color for only you at your request
To tenderly caress and hold gentle to your chest
Oh how wonderful it would be to float about
Without listening to unkind forces to gross out
To be blown far away and lay in silence in route
Until end of time when I am crushed and opt out

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Ryter Roethicle


Spring is when Nature comes alive
The air is clear and all life is new
Blossoms bloom on bush and tree
With worker bees rushing from the hive
On their daily task to help life renew
And for this task each plant gives in return
A drop of honey to this busy bee
Just rewards for helping to survive
Knowing for every task a fee is due
Never holding back Nature pays the fee
Nor is there any need for concern
This is the simple way that all life knows
Every year this way new life returns
Begins to procreate and so life grows.


Distractions Begone

I must write these words whilst they are alive
I need to frame the smile you make in my mind
That passes without so much as conversation.
For those words would no longer survive
They would escape and be impossible to find
In the sanity and sobriety of what is today.
Curve of lips and brows fill my collection
That is impossible to never want revive
Yet to verbalise, words are difficult to find.
So in haste I bid all distractions, "Begone!"
In your eyes is a place, I remember yesterday,
A sacred place, in which I would often relive.
I will allow not anything to get in my way
Your indulgence and my absence please forgive.


I am the wind

I am the wind breathing on the land
Each breath freshens, brings new life,
Or a bitter wind cutting like a knife.
See how the spirals twist in the sand
Or wave upon wave on the strand
A dead, brown sea that comes alive
Blown by the wind.

I am the wind playing on the water
Scattering waves into foaming spume
Turning the brightest day into gloom
Or calm on which waves lightly scutter
I AM the wind.


Perky Words

Your perky words what do they suggest
Am I to wait here with this question?
Or act on it, and perhaps regret later?
To forward with my wish that you digest
The truth, you have become my one obsession
Am I too forward and thus driven you away?
Must I admit that my desire is greater?
Iím not prepared, unready to take the test
To face the entire world, make my confession
Do not leave me, do not become bitter!
My intent is such that you would bid me stay
And in staying seek an answer to our dreams.
But reality has hit me with the break of day,
And walk away to concentrate on lesser things.


Silent Tears

My lover is silent when she speaks
Her eyes say all telling of her plans.
Muted gifts from heavens peaks
Her words of love are with her hands.
My lover listens with sparkling eyes
Which reply to me in volumes
Sometimes mouthing her replies
Her words of love are with her hands.
My loverís tears are silent gems
Seldom now are they sadness cries
But happy ones from where love stems
My lover listens with sparkling eyes.
My lover is silent when she speaks
Her words of love are with her hands.


Softly, the nights wings settle

From my lofty tower on high
I can see the whirling, twirling,
And the spinning of the stars.
I felt the explosion of the day
And watched the sun speed
Across heaven towards night.

Softly, the nights wings settle,
Easily settling itself to look down
On the patchwork quilts below
Softly blending with the lights
Into the white scarred blackness
That in the day becomes the sea.

On the horizon the evening sun
Sends out its final reddening rays
As if it is welcoming the night
And kissing the day farewell.
Your kisses like feathers touch me
My eyes open and slowly I descend

Sadly leaving the tall, grey pillars
Highlighted against the evening sky
Slowly earthly vision returns
The feel of our loving is still upon me
My arms are wrapped around you
And we are united, still are one.


A touch of peace - Alfred Dorn Sonnet

See the sunrays flickering through
In the soft, silent lush green forest
With sprinkling pillars of golden air
And insects like smoke invade the view
Then disappear like any Will O Wisp
Leaving the pool to the morning glare.
Lily-pad laden borders fingers spread
Blooms tint the pool from white to red.
Mist shrouded fern and grass with dew
Are silent as night life goes to sleep.
The next shift needs takes on a life anew
So for a while there is a silence deep
And peace reigns here in this bayou
As beast and plant this balance keeps.

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Liz Rule


the chain saw
. . . . . . . . . . silence

the bees silent
in their wooden hives Ė
January chill


In Memory of Sarah

the touch
once again of dew
on fallen leaves
quilting the silence
of your ever-sleeping child


Silence - Triversen stanzas

trees in winter, dreaming
the dream of spring.

a seedling breaks through
the crust of earth.

seeking the sound of the sea
in a cowrie shell.

the change in pitch as I ponder
the ringing in my ears.

between the reverberating notes
of the celloís melody.

between breaths as we tune
to one another.

in the space between the two of us,
no need for words.

in the pause between the beats
of your drumming heart.

listening to the night sounds
as the world breathes out.

the void between the worlds
of dreams and daylight.

oceanic darkness, the moment
before birdsong.


Silence of the Deep

I never dream when Iím asleep
But fall into oblivion,
Swallowed by a self-created stillness
And a velvet-textured blackness.

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John Willowdown


A soft blue haze in the undergrowth
calling me with the song of its nodding bells.
Leave the gleaming mica of the winding ribbon road
I enter the emerald gloaming,
my eyes adjusting to the diminished light,
the pores on my skin opening to drink in
the thicker, ancient air.
Birds and crickets, silenced by my abrupt intrusion,
apparently deem me to be harmless
and take up their timeless symphony again.
In the bright afternoon outside
a lone car passes on the road
towards the silver rainbow of the Severn Bridge.
Inside this small secluded copse
Arthur and his knights quietly sleep,
awaiting the time when their blades
will be needed again.
In an interval when the birds and insects
all fall silent once more
and even the bluebells cease to ring
I imagine I can hear the deep
sonorous breathing of dreaming dragons
across the estuary in mist-hazed Wales.


In the silence

In the silence flowers wait,
listening for the rain;
seeds of corn rest in the earth
dreaming of tall grain.
I sit and watch the river flow
- where does it go?
I do not know.

Over the hills and far away
some other mirror version of me
is sitting beneath a chestnut tree,
whilst in a nearby valley
another subtle self is walking
down a furrowed field
picking wind-blown apples,
wrinkled and red.

At the edge of a meadow gleaming with dew
a dozen deer graze and sniff the fresh wet air,
careful of the softest footfall
and the scent of man.
When winter comes the deer disappear
into the heart of the wood.
A White Princess walks the land,
singing songs to her absent lover...

I saw her once as blizzard winds
piled up great drifts of snow
against the Hampshire hedgerows
and felt her fey, incurious gaze
upon me momentarily
- but then she had passed,
searching, searching the pure white fields,
starlings nestled in her hair
dreaming perhaps, like me,
of summers long past
and bright green summers still to come.

In summer the fields are full
of bees and butterflies;
content cows contemplate
the philosophies of grass
and the fox goes about his
clandestine business with impunity.
Summer is a drowsy Queen,
her belly full of promise.


On the Hill of Silence

On the Hill of Silence
A thousand happy birds chirrup and sing
on the Hill of Silence
a thousand leaves flutter to the ground
a thousand ants crawl at my feet
a thousand butterflies flit from flower to flower
a thousand bees buzz lazilly;
a thousand clouds form and vanish in the everchanging sky
a thousand thoughts come and go
a thousand worlds are brought into existence and die
a thousand beings live and perish behind closed eyes
on the Hill of Silence.

Beneath the Hill a thousand cities and empires
stretch off into the distance beyond a thousand hills
and thousands upon thousands of men and women
wander their sunlit labyrinthine streets
unmindful of silence and peace
and the souls eternal retreat;
a thousand prisoners are locked away from the sight of day
a thousand victims groan beneath the instruments of torture
a thousand children die needlessly of hunger, disease and neglect
beneath the Hill of Silence.

A thousand happy birds chirrup and sing
a thousand leaves flutter to the ground
a thousand clouds form and pass
across unchanging skies;
a thousand butterflies flit from blossom to blossom
a thousand songs of love and pain drift up to heaven each hour
a thousand flowers open their throats to receive the dew and rain;
a thousand thoughts come and go
a thousand beings live and die
behind closed eyes
on the Hill of Silence.


Silent Cathedrals

In silent cathedrals of the mind
I watch the birds fly over the rath.
Where are they going, beyond
the rim of the western sea,
to what strange shores and forests
unknown to man?

In the colourful cathedrals of the mind
there are a thousand undiscovered countries.
I listen to the great bells chime
until their silver echoes fade
and blissful silence returns again.
Through the windows of the Sun and Moon
light illuminates the ancient aisles.
I can see for miles and miles.

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