2011 Poetry Form Challenge

#09 Mathnawi

Mathnawi or Masnavi is normally poetry written in rhyming couplets. It is believed it emerged from an Iranian form around the 4th - 10th century, and the name is Persian and is not Arabic as some claim. The subject is usually heroic, romantic, or religious. Some Persian Mathnawi are especially significant in Sufism, Rumiís Mathnawi-i-Maínawi is an outstanding example.

Most Persian Mathnawi are normally eleven (11) syllables, occasionally ten (10). There is no limit to the number of couplets.
It has a rhyme scheme a. a.. b. b.. c. c. etc as shown in the following example:


Each and every plant that pushes forth new leaves
Is well aware of the life that it conceives

Richly blossoming forth its symbolic scenes
That helps to procreate and pass on its genes

So reliant on symbiosis for the key
It needs the help of creatures like worker bees

And all the other creatures that pass on seed
Those creatures fertilize each plant and weed

And as the seasons each year wax and wane
With time we see one yearís loss is another's gain

We discover that Nature balances out with time
Making certain that nothing can eíre out-climb

All things are equal with Nature we must learn
And a balanced life must be our main concern.

Ryter Roethicle

Persian poetry also influenced other nations and whilst Turkish poetry also developed it was slightly later and influenced by Persian poetry and was popular in Turkey until the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
Early Urdu Mathnawi was at first religious in nature, but because of Persian influence included romance, and adventure and even secular stories.
Arabic Mathnawi (Also called Muzdawidj) has one major difference in that it is presented as a triplet; a. a. a. / b. b. b. / c. c. c.. pattern, rather than a couplet shown previously.

It went to my head what you said yesterday
And again the thoughts burn yet become doubts play
For whenever hearts are involved I must pray.

How goes these whispers into the heavnelies
To evoke imaginative displays, please
Me as much as the cello with bow glories.

Charms take me away as do the words we speak,
When there are clouds in our eyes they tend to leak
For far gone days and flung desires bespeak.

Kathy Anderson

Mathnawi Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Balancing Act

Kathy Anderson

Colored Thoughts
Sea of Love
Spirits Dwell
Srawberry Thoughts
What Happened

Divena Collins

All Alone
All Seasons
Amor De Hada Por Caballero
Conch Shell
Memory of Trees
Mystic Myth
Oceanic Love
Only a Woman
Perfumed Garden

This Is Love
Unrest Spirit

Maggi Cusick

Eros's Dart

Jem Farmer

At'r Bachgennes chan Caerdydd
Ignite the Flame
Pastor's Son
Rented Sun-beds
Where Bloom the Lemon Trees

Peggy Nelson

Day before Easter
Deer Emotions
Motherly Love
Threads of Our Love
What is the Greatest Gift

Ryter Roethicle

Beach Thoughts
Bush Storm
Final Curtain
Herbst Liebe
I Am The Wind
Kiss Flavoured Wind
Olfactory Presence
Presencia en mi mente

Dana Rowe

Ray Dee Oh

Maryse Achong

The Circle of Life

As long as weíre alive weíre always learning
Those wheels of life donít stop, theyíre ever churning.

We live, we love, we endure both joy and pain,
Not only once but time after time again.

We laugh, we cry, that is all part of living,
We quarrel but we learn about forgiving.

And when the end comes we can but hope and pray
Weíd have tried to live our lives in the best way.

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Kathy Anderson

Colored Thoughts

Cinammon sky and cyan sea marry night
To day in siver fingered rays of orb'd light

Tawny steeds pull galleon clouds east to west
Of where we wish to wander from our rest

Sallow summer rests in Autumns cool arms
Rather than linger in false romance charm

Burnished skin is warm against a thunder wind
Kicking up leaves as if it had it's own mind

Willow green is the whispers of passing doves
Taking messages to the one I once loved



It went to my head what you said yesterday
And again the thoughts burn yet become doubts play
For whenever hearts are involved I must pray.

How goes these whispers into the heavnelies
To evoke imaginative displays, please
Me as much as the cello with bow glories.

Charms take me away as do the words we speak,
When there are clouds in our eyes they tend to leak
For far gone days and flung desires bespeak.


Sea of Love

You Laird, are the one weeped for by the sandy shores
The sea painted sand trace footprints she adores.

The wind kissed her once and how his spell has won
Her heart, she now makes her palette, colors run.

No exception her art is made by his breath
In harmony with her own heart beats eath.

As it swirls in oceans depth true romance comes
For neath Lairds skies unfolds canvas epistome.


Spirits Dwell

There is a jealous spirit following me
She isn't an aquaintance but an enemy.

She wishes you were here just as much as I
Wish you were here when the blues cause me to sigh.

This green schemer wishes to destroy this life
Take away on pains of death by steely knife.

Wishing you were the one to break this bad spell
With good and light far from the madding crowds swell.

The sea rushes into the cove I dreamt of
Washing away all the old, bringing new love.

The sky rains all my tears wishing you were here
To come to me and hold me for a million years.


Strawberry Days

Just as April showers bring May flowers told
So comes the June bugs and the fireflies gold
All creatures great or small renew in each wold

Deer wander far and wide no matter the land
Even where the city dwellers make their strands
Of houses, shops and businesses they think grand

Nature has the toughest hold we can't deny
Though as Summers go it always seems to fly
Too brief a season, too brief as lovers sky

Today there is a Milk Moon, tomorrow Rose
For many are the names under skies we know
So may the strawberry scented days ne'er go


What Happened

We used to talk about the sun and the sky
Perhaps share thoughts we cannot recall now why.

The question of an us did not become us
But lay there on the ley lines of faith and trust.

Are these memories of the future from past
Or present ponderings never meant to last.

Such magics that minds can create from one thought
And birth so many more from what was first sought.

Caught in cross hatches of indigo ink'd lines
Fate follows roads we laid not all our designs.

Past follows close on heels traveling todays
Canter fields of clover luck and loves true way.

We used to spend time in idle speak or fun
Bantering away the muse blues, you now shun.

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Divena Collins

All Alone (Variant)

I in my youth a mere shadow in a room
Alone in a corner in my darkened gloom

For not a word I had dared to converse
But how I wish I had been the reverse
Oh why as a child I had been so terse.

My inferiority was so very complexed
It pained me much and left me vexed.

Painfully shy of strange company around
If noticed my heart shrunk to the ground
I just longed to hide and never be found.

But many years on I changed completely
Although at first I had changed discreetly.

It took some years to retrieve what I lack
As I got older I had learned to fight back
And happy to say I am now back on track.


All Seasons

Green are the meadows which thrive in the spring
We harken the Cuckoo`s sweet song on the wing.

Now all of earths nature shall soon spring alive
For woodlands in springtime yet again to survive.

Summer hath awakened the dense woodland green
Such perfection portrayed within natures scene.

An artists brush flows his inspiration with flair
Capturing this moment with precision and care.

As the dusk descends changing all that is bright
Leading the skyline towards the darkened night.

Come Autumns new colours of crimson and gold
Shedding thy leaves brightest colours to behold.

Thou who hath then withered with ne-er a sound
A brown and red carpet autumn winds blew down.


Amor De Hada Por Caballero

Oh ye thy fair spirit of the woodlands sage
Who had writ her oath on an age old page.

To hath pledged then her promise of love,
Unto a knight from the Kings realms above.

Who had treasured the joys of loves delight
Entranced in fantasy `neath a full moons light.

Until the dawns crystal dew drops shall dance
Within their spiritual and most mystical trance.

How sweetly this love they hath now bestow`n
For complete inner warmth within hath shown.

Together they both now so lovingly share
This love that is cherished with tender care.

Now this their bond of true love hath sealed
With a vow that promises shalt be revealed.


Conch Shell

Conch shell, conch shell part buried in the sand
Washed inland from the sea to settle upon land.

Come blow your great horn across the deep ocean
That mermaids sweetly sing of love with emotion.

I shall hold you to my ear I may listen to waves
Come whisper to me softly, of shores and caves.

Play to me haunting notes, echo`s from the deep
Awakens spirits of the sea from a calming sleep.

In ancient mythical lore King Neptune rules the sea
He still survives in fantasy that only mermaids see.

The magic of the dolphins that play above the foam
Their mystical song of lore and the sonic call home

Conch shell Conch shell I would take you home with me
But you are not mine to keep you belong to the sea.


Geronimo The Brave

An Apache brave once stood proud and tall
He was to be the greatest chief of them all.

For love and loyalty for his Indian race
He had ridden to war with painted face.

He fought for Arizona his tribes own land
His name was Geronimo who led the band

There were plenty wounded blood did flow
But he rode right on with his arrow and bow.

It was to be their home and was their right
But still they had lost their relentless fight.

Conditional surrender to a General Crook
Saved for reference in the great log book.

They had taken him from his dwelling place
Geronimo along with his Chiricahua race.

To obey strange laws of the generals men
Signed and sealed by a feather quill pen.

They promised he`d return within two years
To peaceful reservation with no more fears.

Promises were broken the white man lied
A prisoner for twenty years before he died.

It is said that was how the west was won
With bow and arrow against a fearful gun.

But Geronimos spirit shall still stay alive
For the Apache nation that now survive.


Memory Of Trees

Somewhere there were trees, swaying in the breeze
They would often speak to me rustling autumn leaves.

I would listen to their grief how their dwindling away
To make much more space for the humans of today.

What about our life here in this forest looking bare
What about the wildlife does no one really care?

Where do all the birds go if they cannot rest
When there`s no trees to build their cosy nest.

Trees are getting rarer to make room for mankind
So much room they want are they out of their minds?

Where is the green belt they promised us forever
Those words that were false broken, or whatever.

It sadly breaks our hearts making all us trees sigh
For what was once strong shall now most surely die.


Mystic Myth

When King Neptune became ruler of the waves
Upon an island with darkened mystical caves.

On the calming of the deep oceanic water
A mermaid had held her newborn daughter.

She sang a song which was delightful to hear
Within the midst of a red sky`s celestial sphere.

Of magical moons and a bright floating star
And fading rainbows which arched from afar.

Of beings that moved on land with no tails
With skin covered bones with no silver scales.

They had walked on Earths land for evermore
From strange shipswrecks that drifted ashore.

Mermaids were once to be borne of the sea
But was this a myth were they meant to be?


Oceanic Love

Oh come gently ye breezes from the ocean
Touching softly with waves of warm devotion.

I feel the pulse of passion arise from the deep
Where strong flowing currents shant ever sleep.

The wildness of the oceans turbulant storm
With gigantic surfs from their abundant form.

I can hear only madness of this angry ocean
And the cry of the seagulls lost within motion.

Oh come thee now thy lost spirit of the night
Shalt thou not return from this dark unto light.

For I feel thy ripplets of sweet love divine
That promises true you shalt soon be mine.

When the tidal surf flows inland from sea
Oh come then my lover return love to me.

So warm thy kisses and calmer thy charms
With passion now spent I remain in thy arms.


Only A Woman

I am meant to be loved not understood
I wish you could when I feel you should.

Sometimes I`m sad and I dont know why
I feel so dejected hard done by and cry.

Just want everything to go my own way
Why should I wait I could have it today.

When I fall in love I love with passion
Never know love may go out of fashion.

When I state my facts I argue whats right
Do not dispute for this could last all night.

Dont ever give up on me If you are my man
But handle with care for I am only a woman.


Perfumed Garden

Sweet scented gardens are a perfect bliss
To lay where the honeyed dew drops kiss.

Upon soft moss beds of sweet campion lace
With a lovers warm and tender embrace.

Contented are we beneath the blue sky
Watching the fluffy white clouds float by.

Lost in a dream then enclosed in his arms,
Of sweet caresses so soothing and calm.

Whispers of love oh those sensual sighs
Endearing kisses bequeath misted eyes.

Intoxicating perfume of scented blooms
As the sun goes down and darkness looms.

A perfect haven for romance and bliss
To lay where the honeyed dew drops kiss.



So deep in the heart of a green wooded glade
With his hand on the hilt of a long sword blade
A revengeful knight sped to his true lovers aid.

Beneath the boughs upon a soft earthy loam
His fiery stallion snorting hot breaths of foam
In his plight to fetch his true loved one home.

For kidnapped was she and then stolen away
By a dark knight upon this her most fated day
To be tethered and bound, and forced to obey.

It was a full moon waxing betwixt those clouds
Shadowing the path beneath the tree`s boughs
For tonight he shall find his true love he vowed.

A stallions hoof prints now clearly to be found
On a pathway that twisted round and around
And her golden trinket lay near on the gound.

The trinket she had dropped most purposely
So he tethered his steed to the nearest tree
Treading furtively for his true lover to free.

The darker Knight now stood bravely in front
Already anticipating a most needed affront
Brandishing his sword, in a show to confront.

They came both together in this deadly duel
Swords were aflashing like priceless jewels
Which one shall meet the bitter end so cruel.

Then souls of rage had screamed unto the night
Like an unrest spirit that was lost within flight
Now haunting with vengeance until they reunite.

When a sharpened sword thrust through his chest
The dark knight then slain, was laid down to rest
And a bold black raven took flight from her nest.


This is Love - Arabian

A couple fell in love, one fine day they wed.
Happy both together in all they did and said
Until one day their lives were filled with dread.

Called as a soldier for war he had to fight
They both lay together for only just one night
A future on hold was neither fair nor right.

So off to the middle east they sent him afar
Wrenching loves emotions and leaving a scar
Without much warning and really quite bizarre.

A couple of years went by with very little news
She felt in her heart that she would he excuse
Knowing it was with her he would rather choose.

Time came to pass when a note was in the mail
To say he would be coming home without fail
But not quite complete and most extremely frail.

He arrived in a wheelchair never to walk again
His legs just a memory he once had back then
But he had survived more than most other men.

He had thanked his guardian angel from up above
For the grief left behind to return again hereof
Unto his beloved of whom shall treasure this love.

For nothing could change the love that was there
Understanding affection and tender loving care
Their love had grown stronger a life time to share.


Unrest Spirit

Come unrest spectre of this darkened night
Ye who floats thro` castle walls by tallow light.

Thy haunted palid face with ne-er a breath
What aileth thee to bequeath thy early death.

Shadowed image of thee who once was whole
Visions of passion engraved within thy soul.

Ere trapped betwixt life and heavenly source
A saddened presence void of spiritual force.

To have sadly perished from a broken heart
Thou were not prepared for thy life to depart.

Broken in two thy heart hath been shaken
Thy life and thy love with sorrow hath taken.

Deep inner vision thy gracious spirit beholds
Unto thy beloved in whose arms thou enfold.

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Maggie Cusick

Eros's Dart

Here beside you in the dim twilight hours
lying entwined among grasses and flowers

watching the moon dance between distant cloud
myriads of stars glittering and proud

the throb of your heart echoing with mine
the deep tender kiss utterly divine

night holds us close as desire fills our heart
where clouds cover all hiding Eros's dart

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Jem Farmer

At'r Bachgennes chan Caerdydd

There is a picture that lingers inside my mind,
Like a fingerprint that someone left behind.

I see it in the dawn of the morning light
And through the day Ďtil I fall asleep at night.

It is the face that set my heart to a fire
In those wanton flames that called upon desire.

My racing pulse that missed a beat, yet I wait
As words fall and fears begin to dissipate.

Inviting joy to touch me where I have lain
Beneath stars I whisper her name once again

Through the long night I seek a different place
As beauty is only found within her face.

And while I hold her from deep within my heart
No time or distance can dare keep us apart.

Although we both may feel loneliness and loss
We both know itís just one bridge we have to cross


Ignite the Flame (Variant)

To pray is to open my soul to desire,
And ignite the flame of my spiritual fire.

It is the heartís whisper carried on the breeze,
It is the rustling leaves that jostle in trees,
While in the silence I rest here on my knees.

To pray is to open my soul to desire,
And ignite the flame of my spiritual fire.

The solitary chime of the altar bell
Release my mind so I can hear the gods tell
The way my journey through life will lead me well.

To pray is to open my soul to desire,
And ignite the flame of my spiritual fire.

As I watch the dancing of the candle flame,
I see itís in Nature that the gods proclaim
In Earthís bounty there can be no living shame.

To pray is to open my soul to desire,
And ignite the flame of my spiritual fire.

If I open my eyes and take time to see
The beauty of the gods is all around me
In my prayer I am able to set myself free.

To pray is to open my soul to desire,
And ignite the flame of my spiritual fire.


Pastor's Son

The dark eyes that look out on a summerís day
Know twisted pain that can carry life away
When no one wants to understand words you say.

In the blue distance lie the grey shadowed hills
With pencil-marked trees where the lonely tear spills
As depression and fear weaves the heartís tendrils.

The violet clouds swirl in the violent skies
When an artist finally lies down and dies
And no voices dare to ask the íhowsí and Ďwhysí.

Spiritual essence of nature on artistís knife
Powerful strokes reflecting mental strife
Instead he used a bullet to take his life.


Rented Sun-beds

I feel the sand flittering between my toes
As the sun gently eases my worldly woes
And rented sun-beds all neatly placed in rows.

A crowded beach where the happy children scream
As licking tongues catch drips of melting ice creams
Yet still my mind can drift to the silent dreams.

Of summers past, when we would slowly walk
Along the soft shore line while our whispers talk
But we couldnít hear the lonely seagull squawk

Distant days when love knew of no earthly bound
And only we knew where such love could be found
In melted kisses, without a single sound.

So sweet the kisses scented by oceanís wave
That fuels the senses as they begin to crave
For the heart to be bolder, a little brave.

We dared to make impassioned love by the see
On a beach that once belonged to you and me
When we were both young and truly living free.


Where Bloom the Lemon Trees

There is a realm where fantasy and life combine
To be captured in a poetís written line

Where blooms the fragrant blossom of yellow-green
And the scent of lemon trees is often seen

In this land he seeks his brightly feathered quill
As into story-tales time and magic spill

The pen that captures the ever youthful heart
While recounting sagas that reveal his art.

As Isambard created worlds powered by steam
So Will captures the imaginationís dream.

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Peggy Nelson

Day before Easter

Day before Easter old dog lay still on floor
Sheís our dog love her after she does her chore

family Mom needs help with eggs for company
Josh drew on eggys bright for guest of many

Looked in room at josh and dog, Mom thought funny
Saying to Josh, meant basket eggyís honey

thought you said color Eggy for tomorrow
Look Mommy! Eggy our Dog is pretty now


Deer Emotions

Emotions pouring down like a blue raindrop
Watching muddy Bunny Rabbits cleanse, then hop

Emotions carried to a land of wonder
Why, alone and melting away like a deer?

Wondering what In the world did she did wrong
Forsaken, melting like an old time blues song

Dwelling where devils color emotions red
Red, blue flames bringing deer to fight psyche dead

Those with no care on Easter Day be haunted
Each Easter Day from flames of deer not wanted


Flaming - Arabic

Flaming tales of war, war; how can we learn love ?
A book teaching man the cruelness of past shove!
A book warning NOT to cause war, find the love!

Too many religions each with point of views
Some men follow malicious ways in church rules
Have you established true wisdom of cruel doís

Is there one to express love instead of war?
Read book maybe youíll be drawn to war floor
Does world have pleasures in ill-use to score?

Fathom Bible as betraying all false sages
Drop book, if you canít relate to love pages
itís up to your muse to find loving stages


Motherly Love

She held me closely in her tender loving arms
She protected me from discomforting harms

She loved me with her devoted loving heart
She nurtured me and adored me from the start

She helped me walk and at times watched me fall
She held my hand caringly when I was small

She passed on to me her most gentle love
She taught me mystical wonders up above

She was always there in my deepest of hurts
She kissed my scares; washed away the dirtsí

She was my nurse at times when I was sick
She was my guardian angel God's grand pick

She was always deep within my soul and heart
She remained there at times so very far apart

She understood I loved her through all years
She and I shared many years shedding tears

She was indeed the best Mother love could bring
She was my Mother she meant everything


I Loved Mother all she did for me
I shall love her throughout eternity

Iíve written many poems for her to know
I know she knew how much I loved her so

I gave her one last kiss her life came to an end
I know she and I had been the best of friends

I thank God for his gift bestowed upon me
A most cherished gift on earth; my Mommy



Did you notice the smile on a childís face?
Did you hear humans laughter in crowded place?

Did you see gold, blue; red colors on the leaves?
Did you see the sparkling sun across blue seas?

Did you hear soft music and wanted to slow dance?
Did you dream lead you to your perfect Romance?

Will loving feeling cover world with fresh start?
Did you fell warming thoughts from soul and heart?

Did you grin, laugh in dreams of peaceful world love?
Will the whole world grin, laugh and ever feel Love?


Threads Of Our Love - Arabian Mathnawi

I felt safe with your warmth, the warmth you freely gave me
A mere glance you gave me meant so much to me
Images inhaled of you, you where everywhere protecting me

You always melted away restless views that were twisted and bent
I never worried, you had the abilities to succeed and being content
I never once doubted your tender loving ways you being my present

Never felt so free be with you Our expectations came easily
for our beliefs of every aspect of our desires of our family
dreams of love come true, Never thought you would leave daily

Never in wildest dreams, dreamt you leaving so abruptly
My love for you I held within my heart shining brightly
Today my mind is restless, I'll I can do is cherish you continually

Every moment of each day memories shared with past actions
being loved and cared by your precious compassions
of unconditional Love and glorious beautifications

You amazed all with your knowledge in quieting anger
When our nations rivals tried casting unkind, ruthless danger
Yes, we had failures at times yet we shared them together

All the lows at times carried well and released the burdened
Times suffered yet we survived the bad times that were assigned
Till that day; that day of haziness we never dreamed nor imagined

No one could tear the threads of our hearts apart until that day
Our bonding was exceptional until all future dreams leaped away
That Day when you were murdered and God took you away


What Is The Greatest Gift Given To You

What Is The Greatest Gift Given To You,
An expensive gift to hold and cherish true?

True gifts are not measured in terms of money
A gift that brings tender love from your honey?

Many gifts you could possibly receive
Thereís only one that stands out if you believe

The gift is not comprehended well today
A gift tossed and replaced with despise each day

Four horsemen will appear with worldwide warning
Apocalypse weeks away, millions morning

Mother of all conflicting wars will erupt
Nuclear horror; prepare it will corrupt!!!

Will you get down on knees Easter and pray
To a gift from God, Jesus Christ Easter Day?

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Ryter Roethicle

Beach Thoughts

Will you walk with me tonight along the beach?
Warm summer walks are well out of reach

Wear something warm, it is growing chilly.
Autumn is fast approaching winter really.

And though more north and setting early
It shouldnít raise any feelings that are surly

The suns setting is worthy of a look or two.
And still provide a more than Heavenly view.

The moon extends her fingers into the waves
Giving her everything that she really craves

Intimately uniting the Heavens with the sea
Touching her nightly where the sun should be.

The sea doesnít regret the suns desire to leave
Nor in the morning does she the moon bereave.


Bush Storm

Scarlet waves of clouds madly drifting by me
Gravity rolling them noisily to infinity.

A dingo howls on the distant grassy plain
Before retiring to the shadows once again.

Then flashes of light crash down from the skies
I see it reflected in that wild creatureís eyes.

Not stalking me, but genuinely afraid
I realise for protection towards me itís made.

Lightning flashes again in its dazzled eyes
And fear overcomes its desire for a prize.

As nuzzle meets palm and friendship is made
Permanent under that heavenly cascade.

He sits close to me as I stroke and I talk
I step from our shelter and to my tent walk.

He hesitates, looks at me, then walks away
Things are different between us; perhaps, one day...


Final Curtain

Finally thereís no time left for us to weep
Itís become instead a time when all must sleep.

Thereís no way possible that we can pretend
With certainty as darkness comes it all will end.

Then watch as one by one the stars fade and die
Ultimately leaving a vast, empty sky.

Thereíll be no sun to rise and no wondrous dawn
Because the moon and stars will all soon be gone.

On the stage of life no-oneíll be left to play
All the actors will be gone, no lines to say.

The final curtain falls, all of life is through
And with the dimming lights I bid "Adieu"


Herbst Liebe, (Autumn Love)

Come and take my hand my autumn angel
The lush green colours are no longer visible.

We are no longer in spring or summer bright
The days are now sharing equal time with night.

Our legacy is now the colours of red and gold
The harvestís been gathered and the crops are sold.

South winds from the cooler seas now chill the air
Evenings sat by a fire in a comfy chair.

Time at last is ours in our own private nest
Itís what we have earned, time alone is best

Our future life is stretching out forever
Let us walk this path now and stay together

Come and take my hand my autumn angel
The lush green colours are no longer visible.


I am the wind

I am the wind breathing new life on the land
See how the spirals twist and spin on the sand.

Each breath refreshes you, and brings forth new life,
Or can be bitter and cut you like a knife.

I am the wind that happily plays on the water
A calm and gentle wind making waves scutter.

Or turning the brightest day to murky gloom
And scattering waves into foaming spume.

Making wave upon wave crash onto the strand
A dead, brown sea that comes alive at my hand.

Respect me humans thereís much blown by the wind.
For with too little respect you may well find.......


Kiss flavoured Wind

Kiss flavoured winds consume my every thought
Over mounds of passion so easily brought.

Silk draped subtle and yet so easy to find
With lips brushing skin, naked in my mind.

Like a brush giving flesh form in pastel strokes
Those kiss flavoured winds are my very thoughts..

Hear wind off an ocean as it whispers and calls
Light guitar strum sounding echoes from walls.

Matching heartbeats that throb with sensing ends
Embracing thighs, once again loving transcends.

Movement and touching and sounds that enthrals
As a kiss flavoured wind whispers and calls.


Olfactory Presence

The dogís been walked as the evening draws nigh
And I smell the sweet roses as I pass close by.

Iíve stopped for a while to sniff in the view,
Thereís Roses, Jacarandas and Lavender to.

The front of the house is where the day began
It was the first place to see and feel the sun.

Long shadows now cover the front of my place
As if it was now some kind of evening race.

Darker and darker and now my gardenís hid,
But of the scent the night will never be rid.


Presencia en mi mente - Arabian Methnawi

You have become a presence in my mind.
My thoughts once controlled and of a simple kind
Now wander off far into space and leave me blind

I donít like it, for no longerís my mind free
Instead, my waking time is taken with thee
And thinking of things that could perhaps be

In my minds eye I see you everywhere
When thinking about someone for whom I care
Willing in every way my life to alter.

Each waking moment of my time is brought
So naturally for you to invade my thoughts
In things so different now my life is wrought.

All this I obtained for such a simple fee
Of the future, of love and of you and me
Someone to share my life with so easily.



I wonder was man not created in the womb?
See him emerging from the Stygian gloom

That is his birthplace here on Earth each time
And the body is washed to remove the slime.

In time the eyes open and the vision clears
Beginning the time to rise and face all fears.

What is Fear? It is simply a man made thing
Created in his mind by his imagining.

What happened to lessons previously learned
Why cannot they after the birth return?

Instead we learn and grow, and then in time
We shrink, forget and finally return to slime.

Is this the plan of what life is meant to be,
I wonder is this whatís meant by Destiny?



A time of life - Summers Mathnawi

This period in life is all of natures own
A time of life for all and all that is grown.

Its splendours surround as new life abounds
As flowers awaken and spring up from the ground

Fresh fruit is lush and begins to ripen
The swelling leaves colour and widely open.

All around life is thriving, growing with zest
And every plant and every beast is at its best.

It can be worn for a while this summerís crown
A time of life for all and all that is grown.

A time of rest.........Winters Mathnawi

All plants are stripped not at all like their best
For this period of time itís a time of rest.

Beneath the earth all are asleep and still
Bulbs lay dormant and seeds await natures will.

The kernels of trees lie protected in the ground
Waiting the time they can at last be unbound.

The earthís energy also needs time to refill
The fields lie fallow, gladly paying their bill

So for three months nought will disturb Natures rest
Because everyone knows the old farmer knows best.

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Dana Rowe

Ray De Oh

Newton Minnow once called T. V. a wasteland
but I have a better candidate at hand

this medium has made itself quite foolish
employing pundits all who are quite churlish

political chest-thumping louts and bozos
inspire audiences of brain-dead dodos

don't consider, inquire or even think
the orator's anaesthesia interlinks

odd ideas with unproven assertions.
idiots follow their aual exertions.

rapid jargon repels consideration
divergent ideas receive conflation

outright lies laid down with contrived points of proof
rebuttals meet with interruptions and spoofs

talk radio merged to constant politics
announcers who are animatronics

gone is the source of happy entertainment
bringing the train of state into derailment

there is one way to run them into the ditch
carpe diem, reach over and turn the switch.

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