2011 Poetry Form Challenge

#04 Sestet Couplets

The use of couplets in poetry is so well documented it is not proposed to go any further, except to mention that Heroic couplets are those written in Iambic Pentameter. This gives a suggested pattern shown below and "Nature" is a standard sestet:
x X x X x X x X x a
x X x X x X x X x a
x X x X x X x X x b
x X x X x X x X x b
x X x X x X x X x c
x X x X x X x X x c


As the seasons wax and wane
One years loss is another's gain,
Because Nature balances out with time
So that nothing on Earth can e'r outclimb.
All things are equal we must learn,
A balanced life is our main concern.

Ryter Roethicle

Sestet Couplets Challenge Replies

Divena Collins

Deapest Yearning
Dearest Valentine
Dearest Valentine
Ghost of a Rose
Moonlight Shadows
Natures Anger
Of all Seasons
One Touch
Rhapsody of Spring
Spirit of Love
Whatever Wichway
Words of Wisdom

Jem Farmer

First-light Shadows
So This Be It
Tossing Cat

Peggy Nelson

What Does much Serenity

Ryter Roethicle

Autumn Love
Coming of Age
Fair Winds
Human Nature
To Learn To Love

Sestet Crown

Nia Wynne

In Loves Light
In Vain

Divena Collins

Deapest Yearning

Canst this be love betwixt thee and I
This feeling of warmth sun in the sky
Which maketh me yearn for thee each day
Whilst love forever shalt be ours I pray;
Dost thy not see love deep in mine eyes
Which portray`s truth and reveals no lies.

When I glance at thee thy dearest one
I see love, warmth laughter and fun,
So thus our love we shall both now share
And I for thee shalt forever be there;
I doth count the hours when I shalt be
Locked in thy embrace alone with thee


Dearest Valentine

Within thine eyes thy love shines through
And Oh how I long to be close to you
I cherish your smile which warms my heart
It is you my love that I yearn to be part;
When you touch I feel shivers down my spine
And Oh in my dreams I wish thy were mine.

Come hither my darling if we should make love
And soar with elation to the clouds up above
I pray you are feeling the same as I do
For I know I could make your heart beat anew;
I feel in my heart you were meant to be mine
Oh please in my dreams, be my dear Valentine.



Forever a dreamer I was at school
Punished often for breaking a rule
I did not hear what my tutor had said
For I was lost in my dreams instead;
`Twas then I suffered grief and pain
Held out my hands for a belt yet again.

Every day I was punished the same
I lost once more with nothing to gain
Why was I treated so cruel this way
Why was I then just a creature of prey;
I was filled with both dread and fears
Unhappy I was with eyes full of tears.

It had left a scar and I rebelled
At times I wished to be expelled
And escape from this den of eniquity
To my haven of dreams and humanity
A far cry from a life based on dread
Images of precious dreams instead.

I had known back then I was not alone
So many others with problems unknown
Two of them had once refused the belt
It was taken to court, the hurt they felt;
Images of dreams inspired their brain
So they shall never be punished again.


Ghost Of A Rose

Of whom do thee belong thy book of prose
Thy showeth such visions, my interest grows
Were thee a precious gift from her belov`d
And was her heart and soul longingly moved;
Thy leaves of parchment showeth love much
So fragile with age such a treasure to touch.

Such beauty to behold within thy rhyme
Thy poetic phrases of a bygone tyme
Letters within these images of floral art
Once had endeared of thy beloved`s heart;
Though much forsaken and much of thy best
Hath faded the leaves of thy written quest.


Lost Empire

Oh ancient coin of an old Roman land
Ye who hath passed from hand to hand
What tales do ye tell of thy past domain
For Augustus Caesar was then thy reign;
Art thee the coin of a poor soldiers purse
Perished in battle from a warriors curse.

Or maybe a part of an emperors wealth
Which was cast aside while ailing health
A gladiator who braved the arena back then
Who had met his cruel fate in the lions den;
I feel great worth here within my fingers
For as I touch thee my memory lingers.


Moonlight Shadow

In the silent shadow of the moons light
When all is asleep throughout the night
All that is heard is a barn owls scream
His eyes miss nothing so it may seem;
He in his wisdom can outwit his prey
For natural instincts survive that way.

He shall haunt the wooded forests deep
And restless mortals shall dare to sleep
When the evening shadows begin to fall
It is then we shall hear his woodwind call;
But what if the owl was caught for prey
Would mother nature have the last say.


Natures Anger

So distraught can be the outcome of men
When a natural disaster strikes yet again
And the earth doth quake one final warning
All could be lost with the land in mourning;
Who shall be left then to suffer this plight
When the reaper calls and there is no light.

This disaster angered great mountains high
So volcano`s erupted towards the dark sky
Spewing molten lava within an acrid breath
On mountain slopes to valley`s of death;
This earth that is poisoned shall not grow
All has changed this World that we know.

And all the fish that has nurtured the sea
All disappeared they are nowhere to see
The World we live in is just not the same
Whither we go shall we part then in shame;
How on this earth shall this anger we pause
Shall it be us or mother nature the cause.


Of all Seasons

Green the meadows which thrive in the spring
Follow the Cuckoo`s sweet song on the wing
For all of earths nature shall spring alive
Woodlands in springtime again to survive;
Spring awakens the dense woodland green
Prettier pictures has ne-er yet been seen.

Summer adorned the dense woodland green
Flowers now boast natures magical scene
An artistic brush shall inspire with flair
Captures moments with precision and care;
As dusk descends changing all thats bright
Shades the skyline gently towards night.

Come Autumns carpet crimson and gold
Shed thy leaves bright colours to behold
Thou who hath withered with ne-er a sound
A host of leaves fierce winds blew down;
To haunt a bare woodland with thy grace
Oh sceptre of death with thy palid face.

Pretty is the picture of winters scene
Sprinkles of snow adorns pines of green
This page from a magical fairy lore story
Transforms a dense forest to all its glory;
Praising each year this change of seasons
Blessed be to nature who has her reasons.


One Touch

I can feel him in my dreams each night
And know his love shall always be right
For I hear his voice whispering sweet love
Soft echos through rainbows high above;
When his voice tells me he loves me much
He awakens my senses with just one touch.

And oh how this touch means much to me
It opens up hearts where spirits reign free
A foreverness betwixt both he and I
Written in scriptures from days gone by;
For love everlasting has shown us such
And all it ever took was just one touch.


Rhapsody Of Spring

There are signs already spring hath sprung
After winters snow fresh shoots hath begun
Awakens the cuckoo,the lark, and the dove
To hail the dawn chorus rhapsody of love;
How fresh the posies that bloom in spring
Welcome this seasonal love it doth bring.

Spring is the season lovers doth flourish
When gentle kisses the heart doth nourish
This warmth inside gives that certain glow
Reflections in eyes where desire doth show;
Rhapsodies of spring they share together
While telepathy of spirits remain forever.


Spirit Of Love

To look into the eyes of a wolf
is to see your own soul.
(Aldo Leopold).

Oh spirit of love come look down upon me
I was borne to this land for an eternity
For I had once loved deeply with grace
Pledging this honour to my Indian race;
Let there be not of sorrow nor of pain
That we may begin soon to love yet again.

Oh spirit of love come now take my hand
Lead us onward that we may understand
The spoils of this memory can we forgive
When news from drums say now it may live;
If blue the spirit wolves eyes from above
It is then once more we shall learn to love.


Whatever Whichway

I am meant to be loved not understood
I wish you could when I feel you should
Sometimes I`m sad and I dont know why
I feel so dejected hard done by and cry;
Just want everything to go my own way
Why should I wait I could have it today.

When I fall in love I love with passion
Never know love may go out of fashion
When I state my facts I argue whats right
But never give up this could last all night;
If truths be known then you are my man
Come treat me gently I`m only a Woman.


A Woman

I am meant to be loved not understood I wish you could when I feel you should Sometimes I`m sad and I dont know why I feel so dejected hard done by and cry; Just want everything to go my own way Why should I wait I could have it today When I fall in love I love with passion Never know love may go out of fashion When I state my facts I argue whats right But never give up this could last all night ; If truths be known then you are my man Come treat me gently I`m only a Woman.


Words Of Wisdom

Only a teenager she had been at the time
But still she recalls tho' way past her prime
Within green fields by the cool waters edge
'Neath the sweet scented honeysuckle hedge;
Within her dreams strange feelings took part
Oh how these fantasies, awakened her heart.

Where was her Prince she now could not find
'Tis none but the breeze caressing your mind`
Where is the kisses he bestows upon me
'Tis none but a dew drop `neath the oak tree;`
Why must I weap in my sorrow once more
'Tis not of sad tears, but rain on earths floor.

` Mother natures voice whispered tenderly
She spoke with a wisdom which was to be
Love with your heart, and not just your mind
And never be impatient, but always be kind;
Her words were remembered for many a year
The words of the wise she hath spoken sincere.

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Jem Farmer

Different Sunset

Each morning before the early sunrise
I wait to see the light in heavenís skies
Impatient like a child wanting a toy
I wait to feel the new dayís tears and joy
And though I know the dawn must surely come
I fear it wonít and I will be undone.

The incense clouds that spiral where I kneel
Intense my senses finely tuned to feel
In words of prayer that linger in the haze
First-light shadows that begin all my days
So silent is this time of sacred space
Alone yet not, as he kisses my face.


So This Be It

So this is it, I come to die,
ask no questions of how and why?
As the life ebbs from my being,
I get the sense of worlds fleeing.
I make no pretence of the facts
This is my swan song's final acts.

I chose this moment for farewell
No sympathy will this life dispel.
Do not add to my confusion
this is no sweet love illusion
It is time to say my good night
this time I vow to get it right.

If you must recall me by name
let it be with a burning flame.
The chick who gave her all to die
has at last made her final sigh.
My soul lays worn out in tatters
words showing nothing now matters.

A heart so dark it must be slain
It can never give love again.
Life is nothing in voids of hate
As death is served lines on a plate.
One-way trip to the end of time
And to the end, I close in rhyme.


Tossing Cat Among Pigeons

An argument between poets exists
as whether metric verse should still persist.
The use of sound to bring a rhythmic beat
each line in its own place must follow feet
Accented meter poesy as art
from this regime I will never depart.

The words that form a most beautiful rose
are never the same written as plain prose
with iambic rhythm sonnets sing love
as sweetly as the birds that fly above
or starkly utter the most vibrant curse
you simply cannot do that in free verse.

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Peggy Nelson

What Does much Serenity Bring?

Magnificent winters serenity
Cause multiple layers of reality
Bringing life to chills or comforting bliss
Outside flights of unexpectedness
Leading back to living a comfort zone
Settled and satisfied inside alone

Etching brighter schemes of tranquility
Amused pleasures lost, reclaiming witty
Although sluggish days do pop lifeís bubble
Inside paints flow over taunting trouble
Inserting peacemaking rainbow colors
So peaceful...I now lay dead on the floor!

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Ryter Roethicle


Searing deserts hot and bare
Teeming jungles of flora rare
Rolling plains a sea of wheat
A land of thongs or naked feet
Listening to Kookaburras cackle
Inside your yard as barbies crackle.


Autumn Love

Come take my hand my autumn angel
Lush summer colours are no longer visible.
No longer in spring or summer bright
The days share equal time with night.
Our legacy the colours of red and gold
The harvest gathered, the crop are sold

Winds from cooler seas now chill the air
Evenings sat by a fire in a comfy chair.
This time is ours in our own private nest
What we have earned, time alone is best.
Our future life stretching out forever
This time is ours in our own private nest.

Letís walk this path and stay together
Our future life stretching out forever.
Although uncertain thereís no need to worry
We can also take our time no need to hurry.
Lush summer colours are no longer visible
Come take my hand my autumn angel.


Coming of Age

Those treasures carefully locked inside
An almost empty mind, human outside
See her sitting there quietly smiling still
Originally placed there, against her will
Is the loss of wisdom worth the cost,
What is the value of age if memoryís lost?

No attention span and the words are gone
Mind formatted by fate, the body lives on
There are so many things I still need to ask
But now itís become an impossible task
Sometimes duty can be too heavy a cost
What is the value of age if memoryís lost?


Fair Winds

Fair winds and good fortune beckons us all
When love in her glory finally makes her call.
But things we see around are images, no more
The relentless sea a mere drop upon the shore.
Sailing on the seas which life in constant pours
Fair winds like storm, or calm, just other doors

A soul is the vessel with which love doth haul
Doors which once opened there is no recall.
We make each life, each love a port of call
A constant search each life in fates dark hall
Not just a journey in life, but a reason to explore
Meeting for a long time, always wishing more

Sometimes like this one our time will be short
With each minute together of such great import.
Knowing sand in the hour glass does not climb
When it comes to love, weíll give it our all
Together for Eternity when comes the final call



Love's gift cannot be given, it waits to be accepted.
- Rabindranath Tagore

I want you my love, my princess of the night
Your beauty, the allure in the full moons light.
Deep dark blue skies, forming a stars back drop
A stampeding heart my breath wants to stop
Moonlight enhances the dampness of your skin
Warm soft wet lips, draws my soul within.

No movement at first, savouring the moment
The waltz begins, building such sweet torment
Our dance of love looking in each other's eyes
The words, the bites, the kisses, the heavenly sighs
The feeling of you sends shocks down my spine
Then those final moments are your gift divine.


Human Nature

We all travel through life like wagon trains
Wagon wheels rolling on fresh virgin plains
Leaving our tracks where we go on the grass
Making our presence in life felt as we pass
Or perhaps footprints in the fresh beach sand
Each tide will wash away what we planned.

The once lush fields again become dirt.
In the depth of winter there is another desert
And the seasons come and go, as do we
Nature has decreed it so and we must agree.
From her for a while man has just thieved
Forgetting Natures balance must be achieved.


To Learn to Love

To learn to love, you must first learn to cry
Offer your heart before love says goodbye.
Our bodies and minds conditioned by life
Must show no emotion and be stoic in strife.
For too long now, my heart has been asleep
And slowly through joy, I'm learning to weep.

But now there is tears my heart is open again.
Not tears or sobs of a heart wrenched in pain.
Now at last itís become the time for you to cry
As anger and frustration from inside you die
I have looked in your eyes and I see your tears
You have held it inside you for all these years

Beside you I wipe those tears from your eyes
I hold you and kiss you, am building close ties.
I see with those tears your now learning to trust
The prime lesson to learn if deciding you must
Stay with that person through out all Eternity
You must realise thatís how things have to be.


Zeitgeist (The Spirit of the Times)

Every plant that pushes forth new leaves
Is aware of the life that it conceives,
And blossoms forth its symbolic scenes
To procreate and pass on its genes.
Reliant on symbiosis for the key
And it needs the help of worker bee.

Or other creature that passes seed
To fertilize each plant and weed;
And as the seasons wax and wane
One years loss is another's gain,
Because Nature balances out with time
So that nothing can out climb.

All things are equal we must learn
A balanced life is our main concern.
What we remove we must replace
And that way remain in Natures grace.
This should always be in mans mind
Or one day he may wake and find


Mirror of Senses
A Crown of Sestet Couplets

Sight: the first sense:

Your reflection as we pass that window
Curious, is it you I see, what do you allow?
What lurks behind your enigmatic smile
Is it your love, and that me you so beguile?
Each time we meet I believe you recommit
Iím still aware I see only what you permit?

You turn and look at me, two more mirrors
I see again do your eyes hide your sorrows?
Are there feelings inside I should not know,
Or are my feelings something Iíll outgrow?
The inquisition of my eyes they do not admit
Iím still aware I see only what you permit!


Sound: the second sense:

Your reflection as we pass that window
I wonder whatís it saying what do you allow?
It turns to me, still with that loving smile
No sound from your alter ego to beguile.
It does not speak, nor will it say, "I commit";
Iím still aware I hear only what you permit!

I wish youíd say those three exquisite words
I wish, "If only your spirit could be heard".
If only youíd tell me what your feelings are
Instead of raising this impenetrable bar.
The acquisition to my ears they will not admit
Iím still aware I hear only what you permit!


Smell: the third sense:

Your reflection as we pass that window
There is no scent, where is your odour?
So clean and showered and freshly soaped
This reflection of you doesn't bring me hope.
Your sweet scent, more fragrant than any bluet
Iím so aware I smell only what you permit!

This glass image of you has no essence
Which can compare one bit to your presence.
The tangy bouquet that is your own perfume
One sniff and you doth my soul consume.
There is none of loves sweet aroma to it
Iím so aware I smell only what you permit!


Taste: the fourth sense:

Your reflection as we pass that window
What delicious flavour does it endow?
Will my lips savour and treasure every kiss
But there is nothing at all this is so remiss.
My lips so sad at what the windows omit
Iím so aware I taste only what you permit!

The salty taste of kisses in the afternoon
To taste them again can never be too soon.
The nibble of the ear, I really miss that taste
Too see and not bite, will always be a waste.
The flavour of love has gone I must admit
Iím so aware I taste only what you permit!


Touch: the fifth sense:

Your reflection as we pass that window
I wonder, how can I make its heart grow.
This mirror image is an imposter, how dare
It try to imitate someone for whom I care?
Where it possible I would be unable to touch it.
Iím so aware I touch only what you permit!

It holds your shape and form but not your soul
What good is that I ask, I want you whole.
I tell you now how well I know your softness
Your warm wet lips so familiar and soft to kiss.
Memories of trembling flesh willing to submit
Iím so aware I touch only what you permit!


Soul: the sixth sense:

Your reflection as we pass that window
Are you my Juliet and am I your Romeo?
What mysteries do lurk behind your smile
Am I truly the lover you wish to beguile?
I can sense the love light that your soul emits
Iím so aware I sense only what you permit!

You are my Mona Lisa, looking so enigmatic
Your outside appearance that looks so chic.
Your inside feelings are what I want to know
So that by knowing, I can help our love grow.
Itís your love for me I want you to admit
Iím so aware I sense only what you permit!

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Nia Wynne

In Love's Light.

Under a hot blue sky began a drum
Beating, whispering like guitar strums,
Mellow lutes play in our ears presently
Pleasant we drift together ardently
Seeking lips, softly breathing in and out,
In and out in rhythm with loves route.


In Vain

Never love in vain, they say, but I say
Being alone is worse than waiting days
Or years for just the right one to show up.
While youth tarries not over the tea cup
But leaves on the wings of promised care
For at least days are less grey, and shared.

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