2011 Poetry Form Challenge

#12 Triversen Poetry

This form was developed by the American poet William Carlos Williams, it is a variable accentual form of verse having between two and four beats in a line. The concept is to have a sentence with three phrases with each phrase a line.

The Triversen is an entire poem consisting of 6 stanza and there is no particular rhyme scheme with it.


trees in winter, dreaming
the dream of spring.

a seedling breaks through
the crust of earth.

seeking the sound of the sea
in a cowrie shell.

the change in pitch as I ponder
the ringing in my ears.

between the reverberating notes
of the cello’s melody.

between breaths as we tune
to one another.

Liz Rule

Triversan Challenge Replies

Kathy Anderson

All Gone
Sleeping Sun
Wild Children

Divena Collins

Book of Verse
Country Lover
Desirous Dreams
Drums of Desire
Fantasy Realm
Live Thee Well
Maiden and Unicorn
My Day Will Come
Of Nature
One Touch
Rock'n'Roll Crazy
Spy On The Ceiling
Wild Mountain Thyme

Jem Farmer

Beach Walkers
The Language of Love
Sylvan Sunset
Tigers Eye
Where Lies the Peace

Ryter Roethicle

Dreams of Paradise
Eclipsed Moon
I Raise My Glass
Lost Innocence
Objection Over-ruled
Quaranta Miglia
Right or Wrong
Wonderful World
Zona Pellucida

Liz Rule

What Good is a Day

Divena & Ryter

I Fly and Por Ti Sere

Kathy Anderson

All Gone

One day we were there
Holding hands in the sun
Watching clouds sing

Then along came a storm
Chasing away the sky
Sending sand into our shoes

Crumbling castles
Fell at our feet
With the sand on the beach

And now all that's left
Are two empty chairs
Beside a broken wind break.



The age came
And went away
From freedom

Time holds no breath
It swings a pendulum
Like a rockers drum

We take our steps
Higher visions
To the next cantata

Then hurry back
To the back beat
Of classic Perifidia

The new revolution
Is already squashed
In Rap sauce GreenPeace

So lets let our hair down
And take a step back
To Aquarius!


Sleeping Sun

Is it too much to ask
The sun to come out
Of the past

At last to be happy
Violins to play
Life free from decay

Of the better things
Release from trials
That never harden scales

For they only melt
In the moon glow
Or a touch



The clouds won't stay
In the present
But always chase tomorrow

Playing on the breeze
As nomads of time
Passing through the trees

Leaves weave silently
The thoughts once known
Now thrown away

The wind parries
With the hours
Never spent

Waves wash out the sun
Faster than chariots race
Pulling us closer

Now the days chant
To the drums beat
A whispered heat


Wild Children

I hear the robins at morn
The coyotes by night
Knowing all is well

Until news says otherwise
That wolves are unsafe
In the farmers pens

No gun is spared
Nor bullet gathers rust
As long as there are men

Man takes what's not his
To make space
For all his waste

Another pelt trophy
Or tossed on the scrap heap
Of slaughtered beasts

When will they ever learn
To make peace
With the wild children of earth?!

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Divena Collins

Book of Verse

To open pages gently legends start to unfold
My ancient book of verse
Pages are so old.

I never cease to wonder what may lie within
Each page tells a different tale
I cannot wait to begin.

All the precious pages I read thro` and thro`
But every time it is opened
I learn something new.

I treasure this old book and never shall I lend
In case it shall never return
Not even from a friend.

Pages are so fragile they need special care
For much loved poetry
I alone shall share.

It will never be fogotten words I do rehearse
I shall always forever treasure
My ancient book of verse.


Country Lover (Variant)

In a perfect world on a perfect day I went on my way.
For I did go a rambling upon my bike I have to say
I saw a field of cows the prettiest Jersey kind.

Climbed the fence to join them I didn`t think they`d mind;
So I peddled across the field just me and my old bike
The critters turned and chased me you never saw the like.

But I didnt really mind cause I`m a Country Lover.

Well I skidded on a cow pat and I landed on another
There really was no need to create a major issue
Oh my Kingdom my Kingdom, if I only had a tissue.

Made my bold escape underneath a barbed wire fence
Into the next field. Oh where was my common sense
For Its times just like this, I just know I am a fool.

But I didnt mind at all `cause I`m a Country Lover.

Way yonder in the corner was an Aberdeen Angus bull
He greeted me with a snort and stamped his beefy hoof
Like the bull on a corned beef tin, but this was living proof.

Now wearing strong cow scent was just a little bit risky
Aberdeen Angus hoof and horn was acting much too frisky
I made my escape once again from that field to another.

But I did`nt really care `cause I`m a Country Lover.

Found a nice clean stream, with floating water cress
To wash myself clean for I was a frightful mess
That lovely cool water was such a welcome sight.

When up jumped a frog and gave me such a fright
The moral to this story, take the good with the bad
I would never want to swap today not for any other

You see I did`nt mind at all `cause I`m a country lover.


Desirous Dreams (Variant)

Come softly unto to me my lover
Gently hold me closer to thy chest
I know there shalt not be another;

Thou my beloved art my quest
I dream in awe since we first met
This feeling inside my heart is set;

I dream in awe
I dream in awe
Thy tender love shall ne-er forget.

Come softly unto me my lover
Draw me closely unto thy heart
And we two shalt soon discover;

We shalt not ever break apart
The way we two are meant to be
Both close together thee and me;

The way we are
The way we are
Loving each other tenderly.

Come softly unto me my lover
Barefoot thro` the sands
Our love shall ne`er be over;

As we walk hand in hand
Within this destiny shalt retrieve
The spiritual guidance we believe

Within this destiny
Within this destiny
Thus desirous dreams receive.


Drums of Desire

Listen do you feel it deep within
That penetrating beat
Drums of desire.

Loud bass vibrations deep inside
To excite the senses
Of spirits higher.

Rendering souls within a trance
Of deep rhythmic moods
Drums of desire.

Meditation of the mind and body
That beats deeply within
Of spirits higher.

Can you feel it within your heart
Pulsating loud the rhythm
Drums of desire.

Releasing tensions deep within
Feelings never forgot
Of spirits higher.



Failure when you try and cant do it
Can drive you insane
But try again.

Failure when you try again and fail
Does it really matter
When you lose.

Failure to accomplish all you do
Life is not perfect
Nor are you.

Failure shall never mean the end
For living goes on
You must too.

Failure to know right from wrong
Was never a crime
You may learn.

Failure to please the one you love
Whatever you do
Bake a pie.


Fantasy Realm

Fields of patchwork whispering breeze
Perched on a bough high up a tree
Observing the realm below.

Happy and free as the birds she sings
If only the artist had given her wings
To explore the realm below.

To flutter above cotton wool clouds,
Beyond the hues of rainbow shrouds
To her fantasy realm below.

Created was she by strokes of a brush
Her only companion was that of a thrush
Who flew to her realm below.

Orange and yellow with pink and green
The palest of hues she ever had seen
So enhancing her realm below.

Where is the artist who etched her throne
Why must she dream here all on her own
As Queen of her realm below.

Artwork - Jamie Zollars



He rode at night throughout the woodlands
Thro`ghostly twisted tangled branches
Of ancient oaken trees.

Full was the moon that clothed his vision
Black the steed that haunted the night
Upon thunderous hooves.

This ghostly vigil of a lost highway man
Unrested spirit that plagues this forest
That shall never sleep.

Nigh unto this fate that he plundered
From a treacherous pillaging addiction
He could ne-er control.

Not in life nor death shall he lay to rest
His misfortunes of evils lay before him
That day he was judged.

He bears the marks still around his neck
When he hung from that old oaken tree
But his spirit rides on.


Live Thee Well

This day of which tomorrow
Shall soon be our yesterday
Will be lost and gone forever

So smile be happy and gay
It may be tomorrows memory
Live thee well on this day.

This day that turns into weeks
As do months turn into years
Like an old grandfathers clock.

Heartbeats shall also tick away
It may be tomorrows memory
Live thee well on this day.

These days, weeks,and years
If humans remain here or not
This planet could still revolve.

Man may then become history
And may be tomorrows memory
Live thee well on this day.

Live Well, Live Much, Live Often


Maiden And Unicorn

Deep in a forest where fantasies reign
Way back in the midst of medieval times
There dwelt a maiden with hair of gold.

Her beauty known throughout the lands
But her only love was a mythical beast
That only she being a virgin could tame.

A mythical unicorn had roamed the earth
This beast of beauty with untold grace
With the finest coat of the purest white.

But alas was hunted for his magical horn
Once believed to have medicinal powers
Led by her father the King of the realms.

For only a pure virgin could tame the beast
And he had used her for the beast to lure.
Unbeknown of this his most deceitful plot.

One stormy day in this time of great myths
Deep in the heart of the forest clearing
In the wind, the rain and dense mystical mist.

Sped a magnificent white tamed Unicorn
With the virgin maiden sat astride his back
To carry her far beyond the wild geese cries.

Oh how they sped through the starlit skies
Past whirlwind holes towards the milky way
Breath of foam from his nostrils he blew.

He paced the universe to reach their goal
Thro` comets fireballs and shooting stars
Leaping over orbes of mystic moon bows.

Within another galaxy to a World unknown
Far from her father and hunters of horn
To planet Auriga, where the Unicorns roam.

The beautiful maiden held tight his mane
As she entered his world of myth and lore
Where Unicorns dwell within a land of love.

Wild and free within their magical fantasy
Mystic moons surround the vast domain
And cool rivers flow with crystal waters.

She knew in her heart that she did belong
To this haven of love and of peace within
Far away from her fathers hunters of horn.

And remained there upon the planet Auriga
Within peace and tranquility in her domain
A mystic wonderland she now calls home.

Now when earths clouds float gently by
You may pick out shapes within your eyes
Then you shall see the maiden and Unicorn.


My Day Will Come

The day I write a classic and give the heart of me
I will be a whole new person just you wait and see
To put my pen to paper and let the words flow out.

The day I surprise me, will happen without a doubt
My day will surely come, it wont be too soon for me
As sure as little apples, are plucked from a pear tree.

So wait for the critics, I`ll be watched with eager eyes
And be in all the newspapers, wont that be a surprise.
I shall now be remembered amidst the classic poets.

To think that I was famous and I never really knew it
I am busy signing autographs, before you all can blink
But you better get in fast, `cause I`m running out of ink.


Of Nature

here shalt be earth, water wind and fire
Upon this planet where humans shall live
Where natural elements shall transpire.

Along side nature with strength of hand
There shalt be earth water wind and fire.
Nothing on this earth shall they deprive.

For laws of nature are all they require
Understanding rules bound to survive
There shall be no greed or no demand.

No ill feelings nor threats to conspire
Nature shall give all the help she can
There shall be earth water wind and fire.

All that is needed for earthings to thrive
And all shall dwell with love and desire
There shall be earth water wind and fire.

For the seeds of life shall soon revive;
And new borne shall then be spawned
Yet again humanity once more shall sire.

For thus mother of nature had planned
There shall be earth water wind and fire.
A new morning shall then be dawned.

Along with the elements they require
For all the nutrients here and beyond
There shall be earth water wind and fire.


One Touch

I have felt thee in my dreams each night
And know thy love shalt forever be right
I heard voices whisper unto me of love.

Soft echo`s through moonbows high above
When soft words caress feelings so much
To awaken my senses with just one touch.

And oh how this touch means much to me
It shalt open hearts as spirits reign free
Deep emotions blessed betwixt thee and I.

To savour thy kiss of grapes from the vine.
Dewdrops of nectar from thy lips unto mine
`Midst the rhythmic chants of lovers sighs.

Written in scriptures from days gone by
For love everlasting of pleasures us such
And all it had taken was just one touch.


Rock`n Roll Crazy

Remembering days of rock and roll
When I was just a teeny bopper
`God Bless My Soul.`

How I loved those rhythm and blues
Lime green and shocking pink socks
`Blue Suede Shoes.`

A brand new era of rock and roll bop
`Good Golly Miss Molly`s`
`At the hop.`

`Long Tall Sally` said `Johny Be Good`
`Lucille` is wearing `Chantilly Lace`and
`In The Mood`.

`Run Around Sue``The Girl Cant Help It`
`All she wants to do is Shout Now`
Rhythm and Blues.

`Rock around the clock` dig that song
`Sweet Talking Guy` `Yakety Yak`
`Shakin All Over` all night long.


Spy On The Ceiling

This Spy stands upside down on a ceiling
Where the ceiling joins the end of a wall
Dazed on this wall he recalled with feeling.

The feeling that he got when he did fall
While he tumbled his head started reeling
From a poisonous spy spray fumes and all.

The Spy on the ceiling saw and heard all
Stored in the depth of large black eyes
His wings opened wide ready now to fall.

So engrossed he was caught by surprise
`Twas a shock as he slid down the wall
Echo`s are forever heard from his cries.

He learned a thing or two thus I know
You are sworn to keep his secret well
It seems such a pity that he had to go

But few could he trust now he cant tell
I warn you of this be careful please do
For he never survived to bid us farewell.


Takuskanskan (Dakota Indian Wind Spirit)

Oh great spirit of the wind come blow
The sadness in our tribes hearts grow
Our land we called home is no more.

Silenced are the drum beats of lore;
Harken Takuskanskan and maybe then
You will hear our drum beats loud again.

Oh great spirit of the wind come blow
Across our rivers with rapids that flow
Over black hills and wide open plains.

Help us to salvage what ever remains
HarkenTakuskanskan and maybe then
You will hear our buffalo return again.

Oh great spirit of the wind come blow
Over this land in a blanket of snow
Desolate now but for wild wolves cries.

Through hungry spiritual amber eyes
Watch Takuskanskan and maybe then
You will see our tribes return once again.


Wild Mountain Thyme

My land is in Scotland I lived back then
Amidst wild mountain thyme
And heather in the glen.

My land is a white land all winter long
High up in the Highlands
Where I was born.

Once a land where clansmen roam free
Who battled for freedom
For their old Country.

The Flowers of Scotland bloom so wild
Ancient ballads can still be heard
I sang as a child.

The pipes now are calling me back home
From high in the hilltops
I listened alone.

My home now is England that I adore
But I shall always remember
The clan folk and lore.



Only a teenager she had been at the time
But still she recalls tho` way past her prime
Within green fields by the cool waters edge.

`Neath the sweet scented honeysuckle hedge;
Within her dreams strange feelings took part
Oh how these fantasies, awakened her heart.

Where was her Prince she now could not find
`Tis none but the breeze caressing your mind`
Where is the kisses he bestows upon me.

`Tis none but a dew drop `neath the oak tree`
Why must I weap in my sorrow once more
`Tis not of sad tears but rain on earths floor.`

Mother natures voice whispered tenderly
She spoke with a wisdom which was to be
Love with your heart, and not just your mind

And never be impatient but always be kind
Her words was remembered for many a year
Words of the wise she hath spoken sincere.

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Jem Farmer

Beach Walkers

There’s whirling foam gathering sand
Bathing over pebble stones
As we walked hand in hand.

The salty breeze to cut the air
Of intense anticipation
And eyes linger just too long.

Wispy clouds float lazily by
Towards the shadowy horizon
Where destiny awaits a moment.

White trainers crunching over shingle
Tempting the rhythmic tide
To ebb a little closer than sense would dare

Amid the echoes of suckling waves
Beneath the moon strolling feet
Pause as lips kiss and question.

Now arm in arm we walk on
Inhaling oceanic fragrances of love
To greet our future


The Language of Love

I love you
Three words without reason
Or logical explanation!

Amo te
The ancient powers of passion
Bourne from coyly made glances.

Rwy’n caru ti
My Celtic heart surrenders
Enthralled by her tender soul.

Waking up in your arms
I find myself falling in love.

Kimi o ai shiteru
Trusting instincts overcome
The darkness of fear.

Taim i' ngra leat
A long lost beat of my heart
Rediscovered by you


Sylvan Sunset

Amid silhouette trees she stands,
Unseen and silent is her breath
While watching the sun go down.

Reflected rainbow skies recall
The ancient sylvan dream
While watching the sun go done.

In the stillness of twilight
The forest folk whisper their magic
While watching the sun go down.

The leaves answer on a breeze
Sharing their secrets of the night
While watching the sun go down.

And in the forest nymphs are walking
Hand in hand quietly talking
While watching the sun go down.

Beside the glistening waters
They sit beneath the willowy fronds
While watching the sun go down.


Tiger's Eye

Amber and black stripes adorn the floor
A proud cat of India is no more
How can Man be so cruel?

Head mounted in a distant land
Trophies of ungallant triumph
How can Man be so cruel?

So many creatures are now extinct
Over-hunted they could not survive
How can Man be so cruel?

Natural beauty shines in the tiger’s eye
In its habitat where it’s supposed to be
How can Man be so cruel?

Yet still animals needlessly die
By bullet or on huntsman’s knife
How can Man be so cruel?

If we are to learn the path of glory
We must find it within nature’s love
And stop Man being so cruel.


Where Lies the Peace

Another shooting in the Middle East
Yet tabloids focus on a footballer’s affair
Where lies peace in this stormy world?

The fall of morality
For financial glory and power
Where lies the peace in this stormy world?

A child starving in a rain starved savannah
While fat-cat politicians argue a penny
Where lies the peace in this stormy world?

Domestic abuse leaves a wife dying
Hidden from stray shafts of sunlight
Where lies the peace in this stormy world?

Homelessness and poverty swept out of sight
Unwelcome in the streets of a newly built city
Where lies the peace in this stormy world?

Wasted words engraved on tombstones
As no-one cares to hear a desperate cry
Where lies peace in this stormy world?

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Ryter Roethicle

Dreams of Paradise

I wake up each morning happy
Hearing many voices singing
They have helped me dream of Paradise.

I wonder who wakes them happy
But I hear them wake and sing
For sure they know all about Paradise.

I know soon we will awaken happy
Then there will be different voices
And we will be in paradise.


Eclipsed Moon

An eclipsed moon hides the night
the path up to the monastery
can only be seen by torchlight.

Soon the fog will settle
and all will be dark anyway
then my torch will be useless.

Suddenly the fog clears
as the moon emerges again
and once again Heaven is visible.

As I reach my car,
the lights in the monastery go out
and I feel the silence in the fog.



In silence,
only a friend and I
sitting on weathered cliffs.

As we watch
seeing the world
turning a multitude of hues.

Then we see
the world stirring
in these early hours.

in reverence to the cycle
of darkness and light.

My heart rejoices,
the choir of rising life.

is hope
for the world.


I Raise My Glass

I raise my glass to you
You who has stolen my heart
And my mind.

I raise my glass to you
You who I worship
Above all others.

I raise my glass to you
In salute of our love
And hope that it lasts forever.

I raise my glass to you
Simply because I love to see you smile
And my heart you beguile.

I raise my glass to you
To see the look in your eyes
And the love you can’t disguise.

I raise my glass to you
Because it’s a great tasting wine
But you taste better.


Lost Innocence - Innocence

Pulling back the shadows
I can look
into your mind.

Reflections in it's pools
rippling into the works
makes it grind.

I crawl across the space
that fabrics
between you and I.

A soul caressed
does it's best
as a raven sets to fly.

Then looking back
your words
brush my spirit's core.

Hearts imbued with passion's pen
breathing up
from the floor.


Lost Innocence - Lost

Through the air
I can feel your lips
with my hand.

Too many questions to answer
and gentle sighs
create strands.

Personal transfer
through an image
created on once blank screen

Agreement against beliefs
in feeling
the so many grey tones.

through the pages
of an ink-stained pad.

In quotation
posses the stirred
passion had.


Lost Innocence

Reading key strokes
that pleasures
my eyes.

Enjoying sensations,
tracing the edges
of whispering cries.

on the thoughts
of finger tips.

Heated in passion
upon this soul

through the mirror
I see.

Looking at what used to be
a fragment
of my reality


Objections Over-ruled

Japanese ships
looking for whales

Mankind thou art sick
to witness this death
in silence.

Perhaps Nature replied
and her tsunami
was revenge.

The world stock market
affected by their

Thousands of Japanese die
Then and after
Justice or revenge

When taken to task
Nature’s reply


Quaranta Miglia

The way I feel right now,
I know we’ve met before,
perhaps a thousand lifetimes.

I feel myself drawn to you,
but is that good,
or like 40 miles of bad road?

Are we part of fates scheme,
and will we meet again
perhaps a thousand lifetimes?

Or have our paths just crossed
like two cars in the desert
covering 40 miles of bad road?

I cannot imagine
any time or any place
or a thousand lifetime without you.

I know each life we meet
and share our load together
to cross our 40 miles of bad road.



I wonder why
we wish away our lives
and then get anxious and impatient.

I wonder why
we wish away our lives
because all we have to do is wait.

In a little while it arrives
And then we realise
the energy spent depends on fate.

And yet we still wait
and like idiots,
still wish our lives away

I wonder
if they’ve discovered a cure
for stupidity yet?

All these brains,
and yet,
not an gram of common sense.


Right or Wrong

of what we know in life
from all we’ve heard and seen.

Each of us
does things right or wrong
and so glad it’s where I’ve been.

we never forget our yesterdays
the good past held inside.

we like to remember
the right times I have pride.

The wrongs
we never forget
we keep them hidden away.

Those wrongs
taught a lesson
we never want to replay.

either right or wrong
each person has two sides

that they are proud of
and the other that they hide


Wonderful World

It’s winter
the birds are noisy
whilst the sombre sky look down.

It’s winter
some trees are bare
but some still have their leaves.

It’s winter
but Lorikeets still play
and the trees seem happier for it.

It’s winter
and they are hiding again
as winter rains belt down.

It’s winter
and the rain’s belting down
hear it pounding on the roof.

It’s winter
and the birds are back
it's still a wonderful world.



Going to and from work
I am amazed
at all the activity.

All over the campus,
new buildings
are being erected.

Unfortunately all this activity
is disturbing plant life,
animals and regular staff.

Car parks are taken over,
replaced by
architectural works of art.

These works of art
cost three times the cost
of conventional buildings.
But when academia has money
they seem to cast aside
common sense.

Practicality goes out the door,
functionality takes second place,
and "shit" it looks nice.


Zona Pellucida

In the mountains
the snow is falling
creating a cold blanket.

The ski season is starting
and four wheel drivers
will challenge themselves.

The plant life sleeping
is disturbed and violated
by their machismo behaviour.

At least the skiers
stick to their patch
and do minimum harm.

The symbolic showering
of ice, snow and mud
is a symbolic ejaculation.

A true indication
of their alleged masculinity
and sexuality.

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Liz Rule

What Good is a Day

"What good is a day?"
I asked the snail
I met on my path.

He was heading
toward my vegie patch
to nibble on leaves.

"Don't touch my turnips"
I cried, "or lettuce,
cabbage, zucchini."

He eyed me with disdain;
an earth dweller
knows naught of title.

Leaves are his world,
his food, his shelter,
the garden his workplace.

Everything that lies
on his path is
his day's purpose

... even slime.

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Divena and Ryter

I Fly

I fly on wings of silk
created in a night of hope
and promises of love.

I fly in dreams with you
unspoken thoughts now known
giving hope to even more dreams.

I fly on loves warm winds
that carrying me aloft
and heaven is within my grasp.

I fly too late
and now I’m lost
but in such a happy state.

I fly and now know heaven
but it’s only heaven
when your with me

I fly whenever you touch me
or when you laugh
because you make me laugh also.


Por Ti Sere. (You Raise Me Up)

You raise me up with whispers of love
Towards the dreams we speak of
That we shall always share.

You raise me up from land across the sea
When spirits fly and you are with me
And forever care.

You raise me up when I am feeling low
When we are apart I miss you so
Until you are there.

You raise me up when we are together
With promises of our love together
So sweet and rare.

You raise me up thro` clouds of sorrow
Knowing we both shall live for tomorrow
To breathe a clearer air.

You raise me up so with your gentle touch
It is then I know that love means so much.
Te Amo Por Ti Sere.

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