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#05 Signs of Spring

Firstly, Vladimir is most impressed with the response to his challenge and purrs 'thank you' and he'll do it again sometime. As he sprawls on top of my monitor most of the time he gets to hear a lot of poetry and his little grey ears did perk somewhat when I read feline poems to him - I am certain.

As February is drawing to a close, Spring is not that far away. What signifies the arrival of Spring for you? Is it the first yellow and purple crocus, a daffodil or tulip? A bird appearing at the bird table for the first time this year maybe? As a child I knew Spring was here when chocolate eggs appeared in the shops - by that Spring comes before Christmas now though. The challenge, poems that celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Spring Quiet

Gone were but the Winter,
Come were but the Spring,
I would go to a covert
Where the birds sing.

Where in the whitethorn
Singeth a thrush,
And a robin sings
In the holly-bush.

Full of fresh scents
Are the budding boughs
Arching high over
A cool green house:

Full of sweet scents,
And whispering air
Which sayeth softly:
"We spread no snare;

"Here dwell in safety,
Here dwell alone,
With a clear stream
And a mossy stone.

"Here the sun shineth
Most shadily;
Here is heard an echo
Of the far sea,
Though far off it be."

Christina Rossetti
I know you were all expecting William Wordsworth but I rarely get chance to list Christina so she won out!

Happy Quilling!


Signs of Spring

Maryse Achong

Welcome to Warmth

Divena Collins

Beauty of Spring
Little Princess
Springtime Rhapsody
Woodland in Spring

Lorainne Dafney

Taking Turns

Jem Farmer

Gently Wakes

Ryter Roethicle

Green Beast
Lark Ascending
Non Vederemo Mai
Unwanted Love
Your Spring

Nia Wynne

Candied Dream
Say Yes

Maryse and Will

Beneath the Hill

Maryse Achong

Welocome to Warmth

Primrose, you seem to be saying
With every pretty bloom,
A long awaited fare thee well
To winterís drawn out gloom.
So long to shortened, bleakish days,
And lengthy, freezing nights,
To layered clothes, and heavy coats,
To Jack Frostís nips and bites.
Can you understand then Primrose
Why youíre a cheerful sign
That spring will soon come dancing in
As winterís chills decline.

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Divena Collins

Beauty of Spring

How gentle doth this breath of Spring sigh
Within light hazy mists, morning dew drops fall
Like tiny tear drops descending from the sky,
Forming tiny rivulets running down the wall,
To evaporate in warmth of the morning rays
A repetition to enliven natures ways,
Nurtured sprouting bulbs, burst into bloom
Displaying colours, and fragrant perfume.
Past winters snow hath blown from the north
New growth of Spring repaireth with zest
Natures surroundings now at her very best
Essence of love, and fantasies blossom forth
Seeking a seclusive place amidst the trees
Hosts of cherry blossom peep thro`leaves.


Little Princess Of Spring

As fresh as the daffodils that bloom in Spring
Prettiest little Princess that I have ever seen,
Playing in the meadows she bursts out to sing
Spreads a little sunshine over fields of green.

Smiles at the tree tops to birds on the wing
Peeps thro` tall blades to find a fairy queen
As fresh as the daffodils that bloom in Spring,
Prettiest little Princess that I have ever seen.

Deep in her heart she is kind enough to bring
Love and affection where ever she has been
Adorable and sweet with nothing in between
This make believe faerie, within a faerie ring
As fresh as the daffodils that bloom in Spring.


Springtime Rhapsody

Spring has sprung, the harp is strung
My hearts now alive once more,
When tulips glow in a floral choir
And the birds sweetly sing an encore.

Ballerina Daff`s petticoats adorned,
Dancing to whispering leaves.
Cowslips sway gently towards the sun,
Harmoniously to delicate breeze.

Freshly borne lambs in fields of green,
Singing soft bleating tremelos,
While the Ewe stands on guard close by
Proudly listening to Spring solo`s.

A babbling brook is flowing nearby
Where frogs croak deep bass sounds,
To amorous, rhythmic, mating acts
Where a magical crescendo is found.

Spring has sprung and love awaits,
For a spiritual guide and fantasy,
Young love to flourish and take a bow,
In a beautiful, springtime, rhapsody.


The Woodlands in Spring

Oh lets go down to the bluebell woods
On this lovely Spring day,
When Spring is here, Easter is near
And summer solstice is on its way.

Oh lets all take a look around us,
As ferns unfurl their fronds
Easter is near, when Spring is here
With wild flowers in glades beyond.

Come take my hand and walk with me
To the woodlands we shall go.
When Spring is here, Easter is near.
And fragrance of musks gently flow.

We shall rest amongst the primroses
To harken the sweet birds song.
Easter is near, when Spring is here.
Harmony above all remains strong.

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Lorainne Dafney

Taking Turns

swings provide rides
for cold gusts from winter's
wrath, then cease, as spring approaches

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Jem Farmer

Gently Wakes

A kiss of warmth is not far away,
the hope of life shall return
with annual joy, Spring is born again,
when daffodils bloom in garden urn.

As the dormant Earth now gently wakes,
awash with colour she sings,
Spring is born again, with annual joy,
we see the hope in these simple things.

The spritely vigour of nascent life
is found in the floral beds
with annual joy, Spring is born again,
crocus and tulips, showing their heads.

And hearts too, turn to new horizons
seeking love's desiring glow,
Spring is born again, with annual joy,
and Winter knows it is time to go.

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Ryter Roethical

The Green Beast

I watched them as they plant the bush
Ignorant of the beauty there
Nature is green, itís man thatís obscene
When any thing needs real love and care.

In spring like man, everything is born
Emerging from winterís womb
Itís man thatís obscene, Nature is green
As lifeís mantel begins to resume.

Assuming man will destroy all things
Greenies tell lies, to get their way
Nature is green, itís man thatís obscene
Because of their lies firemen must pay..


Lark Ascending

The lark ascends into the blue sky
See her joy and watch her play
See the lark ascend, all else transcends
So close to Heaven most of her day.

The lark ascends over green clad hills
Her sound, her song, echoes back
All else transcends, see the lark ascend
Flying straight up oer mans winding track.

The lark descends as the night draws nigh
Her song a little subdued
See the lark ascend, all else transcends
But with the night comes a change of mood.


Non Vederemo Mai

We will never see the spring
We will never see the fall
Our hearts will always sing
With hardly time for love at all.

We have so much love to bring
It's the way loves dice will call.
We will never see the spring
We will never see the fall

You can never wear my ring
Or dance with me at a ball.
But my heart you have enthral
And it is my heart I bring.
We will never see the spring.


Unwanted Love

What memories of spring I recall
Too few to sate my desires
Or perhaps regret, and then forget,
Early spring is when love lights her fires.

New found life is the same everywhere
Experiment, experience
And then forget or perhaps regret,
Because of pain, loveís only tried once.

A half empty nest is a poor state
Thatís not intended by fate
Now comes regret, and a wish to forget,
Then comes summer and you have no mate


Your Spring

In my home autumnís now three days long
Whilst for you, springs not begun
Ours is months away, just another day
And winter has no snow just sun.

With no worries about storms of snow
Our big concern is only rain
Just another day, ours is months away
But what good is it going down the drain?

Too long in neglecting what to do
Missing the showers of spring
Ours is months away, just another day
Because without rain, spring is missing

Be thankful for spring and rain in May
Worship green and budding life
Just another day, ours is months away
Without rain youíll find nothing but strife.

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Nia Wynne

Candied Dreams

Altered by sleep spring sweetly seeps in
With gumdrop stars sparkling
Violet taffy skies, not high,
All become indigo pond swirling.

Curling ribbon candy along trails
Flower dappled lime frosting
Not high, violet taffy skies
Above frosted fields fleeing.

Where rivers of lemonade run pink
Into oceans now rainbows,
Violet taffy skies, not high,
Painted by marshmallow clouds that glow.


Say Yes

Someday the spring will be ours
Someday loves dice will fall for sure
Our hearts to find just the right hours.
Some summer when time waits to lure

No brook shall steal away the cure
Nor pull up the last bright flower.
Someday the spring will be ours
Someday loves dice will fall for sure.

Fascination becomes the tour
For springs trumpets are not lour.
We quietly search the towers
Where first we discovered allures.
Someday the spring will be ours.

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Maryse and Will

Beneath the Hill

Beneath the hill something is stirring,
tightly packed in green-furled dreams
as Winter's cold white sleep continues
over all the entranced World.

Spring is still a thousand miles away,
on some other continent,
playing his mischievous flute
and lingering in fragrant meadows
with boisterous lads and rosy-cheeked girls,
a thoughtless fellow who lives for pleasure
and the passing moment...

Even as the cold is biting
Freezing hands and ears and feet
People are already dreaming
About sunny days and heat.

Fickle though the spring is sometimes
Hot or cold, you never know,
And though he comes with bright sunshine
Oftimes he still brings the snow.

But he is a charming fellow
Melting hearts as well as ice
Although heís full of surprises
Everybody thinks heís nice.

Beneath the hill pixies are busy,
painting petals and perfecting leaves
even goblins lend a hand,
teasing out young roots' packed strands
directing hungry bugs and slugs
watering the deepest seeds
with thimblefuls of melted iceÖ
and snowflakes carried in their sleeves.

Elves are running helter-skelter
Checking work done everywhere
Brownies polishing and dusting
As mortals sing ĎSpringís in the air!í

Winter coats are put in storage
Long johns a thing of the past
Tiny flowers peep out shyly
Proof that Spring is here at last.

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