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#Welcome to the World...

Its no great secret I will be a grandma in the next few weeks when my son's first child makes an appearance. So this is a challenge with a difference. I am asking for poems not just to post on the site but to make into a one off book of poetry to give to both the baby and parents. Both parents-to-be love poetry and I just want to make this a something little different to the usual silver plate beaker. I will need a release note even for a one-off print, copyright of course remains with you the poet.

In advance I thank you all


Welcome to the World...

Maryse Achong


Divena Collins

Bless Them All
It's In The Genes

Reason A Poteet

Naptime Music

Maryse Achong

Conversation with an Unborn Babe

Sweet babe I pray your world will be
One in which love will reign supreme,
A cocoon of security.
Sweet babe I pray your world will be
One where you’ll always be happy,
And where you will be free to dream.
Sweet babe I pray your world will be
One in which love will reign supreme.



Welcome, welcome little one,
Waiting time at long last done,
You were loved before you came,
Long before you had a name.

Little mouth and little nose,
Little fingers, little toes
Eyes as bright as shining stars
Papa handing out cigars! (or chocolates)

Baby clothes and booties too,
In white, lemon, pink or blue
Such a precious little face,
Mem’ries time will not erase.

Home now filled with baby scents,
Smiles and coos, all big events,
Lots of photographs to show,
Basking in the afterglow.

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Divena Collins

Bless Them All

There was two kids who dwelt on fun
Who did not tell what they had done,
A well kept secret, never let out
No one should know what its about.

The silent two were known by name
Mischief makings their claim to fame,
Something is lost and cant be found
The atmosphere is quite spellbound.

You bet your life the family tree
Had no warning that this would be
A broken trinket now hidden away
`Twas all in one piece yesterday.

It may seem strange you will agree
If it wasnt them who could it be
You may think your kids are saints
Beware when they open emulsion paint.


Byrdes Of A Feather

I see my eyes, my lips, and her smiles
A miniature image of me, when young
I was looking back at me for a while.

But wait then a hint of her father,
His hair, his frown, when she wept
For a moment it was he when young
I was looking at him as she slept.

Images repeatedly return to us
Families forever looking the same
Like father like mother so they say
It`s all there in the genetic frame.

And so on it goes with each generation
Looking almost the same as the last,
What we now inherit for the future
Has all been once before in the past.

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Maryse Achong

Naptime Music

naptime music
springs squeak in rhythm
but the glider's out of tune
steady tempo
granny sets the cadence
for a baby-bottom drum
sleepy ole MacGranny sings -
while cows quack and ducks moo

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