2010 Poetry Theme Challenges

#01 Blue Moon

A happy 2010. I hope your new year has started well and so far all your resolutions are holding strong.

The start of a new decade was brought in by a rare lunar event - the blue moon. This occurrence is brought about by there being two full moons in a month. Therefore to get the pens flowing at the start of a new year an decade the theme challenge to tickle your muse is - A Blue Moon -

Happy Quilling and Season's Blessings to All


Blue Moon

Divena Collins

Blue Moon Rising
Mystic Moon
Theory in Fantasy

Lorainne Dafney

Chunky Blue

Ryter Roethicle

Blue Moon
Indigo Moon
Indigo Scenes
Out Of My Head
Unfinished Love
Zant a Liver

Nia Wynne

Partial to Words
Twin Moons

Divena Collins

Blue Moon Rising

The hues of a blue moon rising
On the eve of a brand new year,
Sending shadows down to Earth,
Forming a pale blue hemisphere.

With alluring visions and fantasies,
And dreams that will all come true,
Mystique charms the young and old,
When a new moon is coloured blue.

When lovers meet in the moonlight
Sweet promises are made of love,
While strange atmospheric illusions,
Come true,`neath a blue moon above.


Mystic Moon

Spiritual fantasies. by shadow of a blue moon,
High Priestess chants rituals, `neath moons light
Beckoned spirits of love, to enter this night,
In a magical, tempting, rhythmic, bardic tune
She hath sensual, powers with her pagan chant,
Luring, enticing, souls of lovers to arise,
`Neath this mystic moon, from the darkened skies,
A blue moon, holds this power, to enchant,
In mystified daze, she chanted and danced
Awaiting visions, of her lost love`s desire,
From eternal magic flames, shalt then conspire,
Here on earth, with visions of love enhanced.
Entwined once again, through a spiritual trance
Her lover hath returned, for eternal romance.


Theory in Fantasy

Out of the void of space unknown
Constellations had just been born,
Mythical beasts roamed spheres
On a group of stars named Capricorn.

These beasts bred, half goat, half fish
Thus the Capricorns known birth sign,
From cosmic rains from the galaxy,
Where they thrived `til end of time.

There deep in the midst of moonshine
Bore the most wonderful global hue,
This moon, quite the largest by far
Shone magnificent shades of blue.

And beasts of burden in Capricorn
Had all turned the same shade too,
Hence the sky, the sea., and our Earth
From space, are all shades of blue.

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Lorainne Dafney

Chunky Blue

Blue moon
looks like blue cheese
all alone, against a
black velvet void, you cast a blue

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Ryter Roethical

Blue Moon

Blue moon o'erhead, staining white clouds,
Creating pictures in clouds instead.
Crayon sketches on divine blue shrouds.
Blue moon overhead.

Personal thoughts are their own reward,
Conceiving images when allowed,
Or just plain old clouds when ignored.

Lazy afternoons spent away from crowds,
And a canvas across the heavens spread,
Thoughts seen without speaking out loud,
Blue moon overhead.


Indigo Moon

The moon is ne'r bluer than when yer heart is broke
Everything is a memory, everything is pain
All you want is your lover tae come back again
Proving that any time apart is ne'r a joke.
You lose yer sense o' smell, yer sense o' taste
Times sense slows down, everything takes forever
Yet when ye talk for a while on the web, it's never
Enough time because there is so much to waste.
Reverse yer psychology an only speak when ye must
That way 'twill drag the time ye spend chatting
And very soon ye will hae talked all morning
Or whatever time ye think is rightly just.
Ye cannae walk away now, she has yer soul
And without her you can never be whole.


Indigo Scenes

See blue butterflies flying from the blue moon
To say they're hordes or swarms would be unjust
A crowd too cruel; more like a glorious gust,
Blown by a heavenly wind that will end too soon.
The mood is set the sky is blue, but tis day
Though we have little time to wait til death
Tis no problem at all to hold one's breath
When night appears with her unique display.
The redness has gone it's dark for just a while
Except the stars suddenly have all turned blue
The celebrity of the night comes into view
That indigo scene makes it all worthwhile.
And in the blue light of this night all is still
It always was and no doubt always will.


Out Of My Head

Tell me, how long have I known you
How long will there be a blue moon?
You've turned my world upside down
Let us hope it doesn't change too soon.

Will you still be here by my side,
When that blue moon has gone away?
Will you be here to see the next,
Can I be sure that you will stay?

It's not a dream the way I feel,
A feeling I don't wish to go.
If this is madness let it be
I wish it to remain just so.


Unfinished Love

When lovers part for a while love's not finished
Although the moon is blue it's not the end
And with each new life that love extends,
For love is like an endless piece of thread.
Lovers must part for a while when death calls
"La grande extase", the halls where we must wait
Until we are called according to fate
And then with luck we meet in newer halls.
There we must flirt and court and win again
Restarting a cycle of love of so many years,
Learning through new fears, and so many tears.
If only we could remember about a previous then.
The love we have is not of today or yesterday
But something created by all of eternity.


Zant a Liver

After all this time have you wondered
What happens when the moon is blue?
Have you seen the path that they walk
Creatures that in childhood we knew?

As we grew we cast them away
Treating them as childhood nonsense
Till they became ghosts in our minds
Calling it fantasy in defence.

But where is the origin of dreams
A child cannot create false scenes
But can see what is truly there
And with young eyes see the unseen.

If only our minds could be made
Level like fresh clean virgin sand
And yet retain the experience
That makes living a full life grand.

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Nia Wynne

Partial to Words

The words are there but just get blown away.
Everyday is a rare opal gem,
Yet each day is swept out like common stones
Pebbling the beach that now, we condemn.

What is left are the shadows we once saw
Together, now apart by three long weeks,
Blue moon of fable and lore's we know
Though seldom do stories tell what tears speak.

So here the poet in me seeks release
For peace of mind shouldn't be a blue moon
And friends bring hope in less rare moments,
Love then stays when sad songs end none too soon.

Partial to Words II

The words are there but just get blown away,
Everyday is a rare opal gem,
Pebbling a beach that now, we condemn
As each day is swept out like stones of clay.
What is left are the shadows we once saw
Together, now apart by three long weeks,
Though seldom do stories tell what tears speak.
Blue moon of fable and lore's we draw.
So here the poet in me seeks release
For peace of mind shouldn't be a blue moon,
Love then stays when sad songs end none too soon
And friends in less rare moments bring back peace.
So hope is found on shores ne'er to cease
With words that show the world love shan't decrease.


Twin Moons

Twin aspires of the heavens
Wore a hole in the fabric of time
Over the valley of indigo dreams
More to attune to the astral designs
Only gods and dragons understand why
Opulent desires come together so rarely
Never more than two orbits may conspire
Severally in one moons attire.

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