2010 Poetry Form Challenge

# 18 Terza Rima

The Terza Rima is a wonderfully challenging poetry form of Italian origin. In the original form, there was no set meter although it is normal to keep a constant syllable count and line length. In the modern version the syllables are accentuated and usually iambic tetrameter or pentameter.
Lines 1 and 3 rhyme with each other and line 2 sets the rhyme for the next stanza. There can be any number of tercets or three line stanzas and it is a matter of preference whether you link back to the first stanza or not. If there is no link back, it's normal to terminate with a couplet that rhymes with the previous stanza.
The rhyme patterns are ....a. b. a...b. c. b... c. d. c. etc finishing
x. a. x. or x. x. etc.

Sweet Thunder

Such sweet, heavenly thunder as we kiss
my heart pounding loudly thumping
as our mouths unite in heavenly bliss.

Such sweet thunder, your heart beating
as our hands explore the pulsing heat
Pressing wildly against me throbbing.

Uniting, filling, moving to the loving beat
Eyes half lidded as my hands caress you
Thrusting hard against me, bodies meet.

Whimpering, crying as tremors run through
Hugging closely through descending hotness
Hearts still beating, beating, loving, true.

Ryter Roethicle

In the example above you can see that Ryter chose to link the last stanza back to the first one and in the example below Helen finished in the traditional way.


Reflections dance as if alive in water of today
remembrances of passion ripple a happy laugh
but the surface of existence foretells no happy way.

Entranced I fantasize a spark within the dark
of hope perhaps beginning but soon to disappear
as stealthy hands of time close around a heart.

Derision from behind implants the stone of fear
and indistinct the image veers from an inner need
outward to the corners of the hurting hidden tier.

No longer strong and bold it lives amongst the reeds
Fed in absence now only by casual seeds

Helen Howel
It is pretty obvious that using the basic format of the Terza Rima, four tercets and a couplet add up to 14 lines, the basic requirements for a sonnet. If the Terza Rima is presented as a sonnet it should be as a 14 consecutive line form and not as tercets and a couplet. Examples of Terza Rima Sonnets

Terza Rima Challenge Replies

Divena Collins

Best Made Plans
Demon Headache
Flight to the Moon
Giacomo Casanova
Love Me Tender
Midsummers Dream
Of Love
Passion For Music
Prose of Love
Story Keeper

Reason A Poteet

Fugitive From Gossip
Rose Garden

Ryter Roethicle

Believe In Dragons
Humpty Dumpty
I Am Who I Am
In Another Place
Suppose I Die
Traffic Laws Of Love

Dana Rowe

Gobblers Giblets

Lorainne Stark

Pure Love
Silent Metaphors

Divena Collins

Best Made Plans

Hey look quick can you see what I see
Over there on the very edge of the table
I think it was meant for me and thee.

I only wish that we both might be able
To beat them to it for our dinner
Maybe we could grab it by the label.

Looks like we are on to a winner
Two beef steaks and a bit of rump
No more shall we diet to be slimmer.

Quickly lets risk a run and a jump
We can always blame the cat twas he
Who swallowed the lot lump by lump.


Flight of the Moon

I dreamed while in my bed last night
As I watched the glow of the moon
How I had loved this wondrous sight.

A large orb like illuminous balloon
I would love to take flight on my bed
Upon a journey to this wonder soon.

I could meet with the angels overhead
And float on fluffy clouds passing by
Only my prayers they were left unsaid.

So I returned once more with a sigh
Back from my dreams in morning light
Still far away from the moon in the sky.


Demon Headache

Oh demon of the night flashing thro`my head
What ails thee to torment with cruel delight
Inflicting this pain to raise me from my bed.

Why me did you chose to torture tonight
Disturbing my slumber from dusk `til dawn
To hide my eyes from the blinding sunlight.

Never a care what you had inflicted thereon
With no remorse you had tortured this way
Oh demon headache I beg of you begone.

I shall recover and remain painless today
Oh demon of the night no longer I dread
For I shall always survive come what may.


Forbidden Fruits

Why is it that forbidden love is so?
Shall it be so to forbid thy very life,
To cherish not, desires thy bestow?

Why must they render so much strife
Is this what true love was meant to be
A wicked tongue that cuts like a knife?

Love shines in their eyes only to see
And theirs are the hearts that remain
Closer together regardless and free.

To cherish each moment of love again
Oh why is it that forbidden love is so
And why does it bringeth so much pain.


Giacomo Casanova

A womanizer with passions for form
Nurtured and loved by ladies demure
Passionate seduction he did transform.

Physician in doctrine with rights to secure
Giacomo Casanova had shared his charms.
With conquests once so proud and so pure.

Venetian borne from grandmothers arms
An adventurer who travelled far and wide
Loving those cherished hearts he warms.

Ran with the wind and swam with the tide.
A rambling gambler whose hearts he won
It was he who had held their pride inside.

He was his fathers most precious son
This womanizer with passions for form
Whose place in history had just begun.


Love Me Tender

How tender was his touch of love
A sigh with sweet words spoken
Moments they both had dreams of.

Their hearts shalt ne`er be broken
For this they together had vowed
As awareness of love did awaken.

So tender the kisses they endowed
Loves hearts beat together as one
Entwined within limbs to enshroud.

Such heat were the rays of the sun
How tender was his touch of love
Whilst passionate words were sung.


Midsummers Dreams

Down in the meadows on midsummers day
When grey heavy clouds changed to blue
The country fields were fresher this way.

A procession of wild flowers two by two
Joined the party in this happy celebration
For the changing of the Cornflowers hue.

Sheathes of corn her most closest relations
Had carried her proudly towards her fate
So onward skipped this happy procession.

Singing as they skipped towards the gate
Quaker grass bowing heads low to pray
You must all return before its too late

Humans already have shrouded the way
This floral procession shall have to await
To realise your dreams some other day.


Of Love

My heart void of love was empty
I had shed but a thousand tears
Until he held me to him so gently.

Lack of confidence were my fears
How could he think of loving me
Whom nobody wanted to be near.

And yet I dreamed only for he
That he would be my only true lover
This heartache of mine shall be free.

Deeply in love yearning no other
Within a heart once void and empty
Shall eternal love really last forever?


Passion For Music

Echos of music `neath the woodlands bowers
Where a celloist composed his haunting refrain
Amidst a glade of sweet earthened flowers.

Passion for such emotion he could ne-er contain,
For his music inspired the inhabitants around
Of faeries, and nymphs within natures domain.

They gathered around this enchanting sound
Like mystical angels as they sung his song
Their beautiful voices were hitherto found.

A choral fantasy both passionate yet strong
`Midst a glade of sweet earthened flowers
Within this concerto they desired to belong.


Prose Of Love

Come thee oh voice of love divine
Gather me close next to thy heart
Whisper softly thou shalt be mine.

Love shalt linger and ne-er depart
How precious thy recitals to me
Thy poetic spiritual words of art.

To share with passion so carefully
When thy drown unto thy lover eyes
Whilst rhymes in thy mind roam free.

Much love a womans heart can give
Come hither Oh voice of love divine
And soften defenses thereto relive.


The Story Keeper

She sits high upon her throne of stone,
Keeping stories deep within her mind
With no companion she studies alone.

Catalogued carefully so she may find
From an immaculate precisioned brain
An index of a most professional kind

As a historian shall be much to her gain
All her precious findings shall benefit
From recent information she did obtain.

It was borne in her nature to commit
She sits high upon her throne of stone
With a volume in her hand to submit.

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Reason A Poteet

Fugitive from Gossip

Discovery from years of experience -
I can speak without making use of my jaws.
I have come of age with prudence and patience.

Some folks get their kicks noting ev'ryone's flaws
then they shoot daggers without batting an eye
vying for the title of 'catty-est claws'.

They start with mere teasing, then out and out lie.
By standing silently, objection I raise,
such commentary is not worth a reply.

Objection overruled, I'm gone from this place
which makes me their next target, no hesitance.
I bid my farewell thereby making my case.

Turning my back on verbal malevolence,
this gossip fugitive needs no audience.


The Rose Garden

Wherein dwells that rose we cannot replace?
This is a mystery well worth our time.
Who fashions the rose that all may embrace?

There is a spot, well-secured and sublime
with a Gard'ner who is gifted to prune.
Blooms are cut off though it seems before prime.

Some plants are quite settled, others - jejune.
Many are fruitful while some rest supine
with a Gard'ner who desires to commune.

Normal procedure when vis'ting this shrine -
just knock on the gate and enter with grace.
This is the garden's distinctive design.

Wherein dwells that rose we cannot replace?
Who fashions the rose that all may embrace?

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Ryter Roethical

Believe In Dragons

Believe in dragons, so that they may live again.
The time is ripe now that we may live a fantasy
For cannot fantasy and life exist the same?

Cannot we believe and see what we want to see
For dragon lore was once the part of norm.
Amidst our deepest dreams the dragons be.

Lording over land and sea, the golden gentle form
Magic helped the reigned lord to stay his power.
Knightly lore was blackest deed and truth was torn

Evil deeds and wicked tricks caused this overthrow
And caused this wondrous beast to hide till now
Believe! Believe in them! Believe so they may grow!


Humpty Dumpty

I was not meant to sit on a wall
But it was you who put me there.
And I did not wish to have this fall.

I believed when you said you care
And said I loved you in return
But now my shell is broke and bare.

There is no help in which to turn
So I must put myself together.
Another lesson I have to learn.

And any senses that I can gather
Curious about life and love and all
Is uncertain ever like the weather.

I was not meant to sit on a wall
And I did not wish to have this fall.


I Am Who I am

I am who I am; there can be no other way
While lesser men hardly know they're alive
I am still standing at the end of the day.

My will is strong in order to survive
And while other men kneel down to pray
Against all odds and down, my spirit will revive.

Like the eagle I will spread my wings and soar
For what is man but the ruler of all beasts,
And lesser creatures are silenced by my roar,

Whilst jackals and carrion have minor feasts
My spear and shield is my mind and my might
And lesser men stir restlessly in their seats.

I have earned my respect mostly without a fight
Being politically correct has never been my way.
I teach honesty, and demonstrate what is right.


In Another Place

In another place, in some other time
Beyond our reach is a land of fantasy
A perfect place with a perfect clime.

Where all our hopes and wishes to be
And all we scheme and wish and dare
Live their only in our dreams to see

And every night they're waiting there
For us to see again refreshed and new
A kaleidoscope of life's rich fare.

Our bodies perfect, strong and true
No lust and hunger to satisfy
A land of love where all's true blue

So each night as on your beds you lie
Why not relax and let your cares go by

Pearl - Vladimir Khush



Now it's the time to relax and rest
It's standown and my days work is o'er,
I've given everything, and done my best.

I'll have a glass of wine and perhaps more
Turning easy music on to help my mood
I shut madness behind as I close the door.

The Spartacus adagio makes me feel good
And I close my eyes and just settle back
Then suddenly I begin to think about food.


Suppose I Die

Suppose I die, what would you think of me?
Is there a treasured spot saved in your heart
A place there saved, saying you loved me?

And that place saved, will it be a special part?
Or merely another image you recall at times
A conversation piece on which to start.

Oh! I remember him, his forms and rhymes!
I loved him once, but it was all too much
Now there is another on who the sun shines

But shine yes or shine no, my love was such
When I say it was intended to ever be
Forever will I desire you and your touch.

A love forever with my soul desiring thee
We may not share love now, but will eternally.


Traffic Laws Of Love

I am no longer driving on a freeway
I now drive on a private road instead
There are no tolls or licence fees to pay.

No street lamps will light my way ahead,
And there are no traffic signals either
Or signs where I could easily be misled.

I can continue along exactly as I dare
Although there's no desire for haste or speed
Like any other driver I must take care.

The distance itself will satisfy my need
At my destination love will be a copious feed.



Why does the wind howl so loud at night
When all the world is locked in slumber
Or seemingly to have fled in fright?

The streets all empty, damp and sombre
Contrasting colours merely white and black
With yellow street lamps turning puddles umber.

Why do night creatures prowl a relentless track
Leaving nothing safe in their search for food
And seeking unwary victims to attack?

Dark alleys breed festering deeds of no good
Storing the mortal sins of mankind
In garbage cans that hide hypocrisy and falsehood.

Why when it is darkest is it most unkind
The driving pain that wakes the deepest sleep
Making hours of thought swirling in the mind?

With the dull grey dawn and mind all in a heap
The lethargic body prepares for the daily fight
Ready to return later and the nocturnal vigil keep.

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Dana Rowe

Goblers Giblets

We think on giving thanks these days
It comes to us but once a year
Emotiveness we overplay

In November we raise our cheer
Beer or wine in happy toasting
Consider: is it insincere

Background: there is dinner roasting
On table, all the condiments
Parlor's filled with idle boasting

Among assembled congregants
Out in the kitchen toil abounds
But seldom bringing argument

Yet, something moving soon confounds
An idea stuck in backs of minds
Brought to the fore it would dumbfound

Assemblage would not be unkind
But as they sit down to their meal
There is a feeling undefined

Among the gathered guests genteel
Heat and steam: what's this all about
They shrug off feeling puerile

While poking through their brussells sprouts
Cheer up good diners: moods will pass
Still, angst goes rippling throughout

They glance about and see contrasts
Between themselves and those they know
Now leading lives they can’t surpass

Family gathering, now tableau
Laden fork pauses in midair
The mind must pause in overflow

And wonder if it's really fair
That they should get the lucky breaks
So sad that anyone should care

But this is mood the moment makes
The fork continues on its path
Some ennui this diner shakes

He's cut a rather worthy swath
Through fowl and yams and butter rolls
Potatoes in a gravy splash

Moments forgotten ease his soul
Big football game looms on TV
And hopes to claim remote control

Folded napkin, at last he's free
Save for overindulgent bloat
Relaxing goblet of Chablis

Indian pudding melts ice cream
He fades into the glowing screen

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Lorainne Stark

Pure Love

Pretty little one I love you
Two strangers finally met today
I give you my love pure and true

A first meeting on your birthday
Your tiny fingers wrapped on mine
Nine months later on a Friday

On that night all the stars did shine
My daughter borne a gift divine


Silent Metaphors

Their hands move as quick as birds wings
Like magic a story unfolds
We can't hear the words they're saying

It is a gift to learn I'm told
To tell a tale without a sound
You watch and look as it unfolds

As two older men stand their ground
Each one does not dare miss a beat
Slowly one walks away and frowns

No one understands his defeat
Accept his loving wife for she
Taught him to use his hands to speak

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