2008 Form Challenges

#18 Sonnetina Quatro

Continuing with the Sonnetina theme is the Quatro , and this one has all the appearance of a mini Sonnet.
It consists of a sestet and a quatrain and as there is a variety of sestets that can be used and similarly quatrains, this gives a considerable permutation of form. As stated previously no meter is stated, but eight or ten syllables is normal.

The Night Is Dark

The night is dark and you're alone.
In fear you hear the night beasts moan
See the shadows move along the wall
Spine chilling as the white wolves call
In fear you cringe as beasties groan
The night is dark and you're alone.

Hear evil wagering for your soul
As his creatures are waiting for his call
With slavering jaws that can crush bone.
The night is dark and you're alone.

Ryter Roethicle

The Gothic example above, uses an Envelope Sestet, and changes to the more conventional couplets for the quatrain. However, in the example below whilst changing to a far lighter mood, the poet retains the Envelope Sestet and continues with the envelope for the quatrain also.

Tomorrow is another day
Do not think that you can lay
In ease and wait the sun's caress
Whilst it heralds morn and dress
The dawn with hued colour play
Tomorrow is another day.

The gentle winds of morn makes sway
And autumn breezes scent the air
Playing with the walkers hair
If time froze would we wish to stay?

Ryter Roethicle

As can be seen from the examples above, this form is extremely versatile as there is a plethora of sestet forms that can be mated to a variety of quatrains to create some potentially wonderful Sonnetinas.

Sonnetina Quatro Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Dream Time
True Love

Lorainne Dafney

Ancora Imparo

Peggy Nelson

Our Children

Ryter Roethicle

Adore su siempre
Days will come
I am the Wind
Just for a while
Mother Moon
One Kiss
Sailors Death
Sleep Well
So Much

Leny Roovers

Bearing words
Come close to me
I want
My Light
Octobers Gift

Nia Wynne

Inner Child
Remembering Us

Maryse Achong

Dream Time

If dreams came true I'd dream of you all night,
I'd press the 'replay' button of my mind
So that I can relive that special time
When we enjoyed the grace of 'love and light'.
But I know that we seldom can rewind
The tape of life, though feelings are sublime.

That said, I put my dreaming shawl away,
And make the best of each and every day,
Am happy for the blessings of the now.
Isn't that what life is about anyhow?



"It only takes a spark to get a fire going,
And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing;
That's how it is with God's Love,
Once you've experienced it,
Your spread the love to everyone
You want to pass it on."

I have been blessed there's no denying it
Have much to give thanks for I must admit
But I know there is more that I must do
And can begin by sharing this with you;
This love I've got is not only for me
It is one that we all receive, freely.

And like wildfire spreads for miles around
This love is something that we cannot hide
A burning flame that will not be denied
Its potency and effect will astound.


True Love

Like a child I trust in You completely,
Believe that You will never do me wrong
Convinced that at Your side's where I belong;
That there's no other One who can love me
The way You do. With You there is a song
In my heart; I am where I want to be.

Though dark clouds sometimes mar the bluest skies,
I know that tomorrow the sun will rise;
That I can be strong just knowing that You
Are there guiding me in all that I do.

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Lorainne Dafney

"Ancora Imparo"

I am still learning"

What really makes you happy
Is it the silence of the night
When you hear the beat of your heart
Or a new day with a fresh start
As suns rays pierce clouds with sunlight
Don't be sad, never be angry

For there are those who go to war
Never to return as before
Be grateful for all that is yours
Life will open many new doors

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Peggy Nelson


I've searched this lonely road before
I've stopped, stared and explored
Nothing excites me on this desolate road
Tomorrow I'll wander where it snowed
See tall trees reaching the sky
Listen to birds sing a lullaby

Join deer's, bears and humans play with snow
Stop at "The Old Inn" relax by fireplace a glow
See and feel beauty encircle with colorful schemes
Where friendly folk gather and live along the streams


Our Children *a rant*

This poem is for our little Angels here on earth
I hope this poem will help their self-worth
My heart's saddened when I read words of children today
I read their poems an see their painful dismay
Isn't it time to set their pains and confusions free
Love is what our children need, can't you see!

Their fears and confusion are to much to endure
We have to make their lives more secure
Help them release pain, no matter how foolish it sounds
Children are crying inside don't you see they're profound?

Have you touched and embraced your child lately?
Wake the hell up listen to their plea
They're destroying their own hopes and dreams
No guidance from anyone it seems
Shootings in school, I'm shocked and appalled
No wonder our children are totally withdrawn

Start loving and caring for them, they're a part of you!
You better pray someday they'll return love too
Did you touch and caress your child today?
If this shooting keeps up what a price they'll pay

You didn't love them with all your best
Now your seeing them dead and laid to rest
If this poem has upset you then you know that it's true

And I have accomplished what I wanted to do
I write this out of anger and I guess I'm through
With writing thoughts of children and what they do

I'm not writing this poem to win a prize
Just wish some people would open their eyes
Read their poems and you will see
What's happening and Maybe; you will agree

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Ryter Roethicle

Adore su siempre y ámela por siempre

Adore her always and love her forever
Cherish her ways, make happy her days
Encourage her in every endeavour
In the end you will see how well it pays
In this way your souls will never sever
And the both of you will be in love always.

Later when autumn colours change their hue
Remember silver is more lasting than gold.
A wrinkled grin takes a more respected view
And who dare say what age is old?



Dancing to loves tune, spin and turn
The fever of love causes you to burn
Inside your heartbeat skips and pounds
Your eternal love forever resounds
And whilst apart your innards churn.
Your lover's steps you quickly learn

Each night to loves dancing we return
Souls locked in a heavenly sojourn
Earthly bodies lie on silken grounds
In a ballroom fit for loving rounds.


Days will come

The days will come the days will go
The hands of time move on and on
Counting weeks as they pass anon.
The years will pass not fast, nor slow
And in due time our love will grow
Eternity's silver torch has shone.

The sun has died and there's only snow
At the end of time when all is gone
Our souls will smile having lived on
Our love outlasted the world below.


I am the Wind

I am the wind that whispers in the still of night,
Making the rain dance softly against the window,
Changing to the winter gale that hastens flight
Freezing the earth and turning rain into snow.
Inducing horizontal ice arrows to nip and bite
That in the shelter of home causes the skin to glow.

Gazing out you see the entity that is part of me
Living proof that man is subject to my will.
Know that his conceit is only what I permit to be
And that in time, he will have to pay the bill.


Just for a while

Going to work in the mornings
Driving against fiery yellow skies
I think of you, creating meanderings
And my driving concentration dies
The slowness of traffic is my savings
As o'er the Westgate my car flies.

My days take on a more serious view
With only alternating thoughts of you
Allowed to interfere with my day
I know much later you'll have your way.


Just You

Too many times have I lain here missing you
So long it took me to discover you.
And now all my waking moments are spent
Waiting, until I can spend some time with you.
Too often, too short it's the end of your day
So I must spend more time without you.

What times we spent together were magic
But like any spell it had a time
A thousand years would not be enough
Because I want you for all eternity.


Mother Moon

My mother moon, do you shine as you feel
Do you see the sorrow and feel the pain?
To meet for so short a time and join and love
The subtle agony of lovers being apart again.
My mother moon, do you feel my pain above
And is that smile sympathy or distain?

You created with each sigh in the night
A fond remembered love, only a memory
Creating in our hearts and souls a blight.
So perhaps with time the pain will also die.


One Kiss

From the moment I touched you, I knew I loved you
One kiss only confirmed what fate had us believe
From the moment you touched me I dared conceive
That life and love would take on a different view.
Look deep into my eyes see what's spoken by my soul
A glimpse would tell you what would make us whole.

Dare not to touch me now, I am yours and yours alone
Do not believe this beating heart is made of stone.
One kiss turned into so many other pleasant deeds
We now know we can meet all our eternal needs.


Other Thoughts

Excuse me, I did not mean to influence your schemes
Rather I wanted you to carry on with your dreams.
Instead I find myself conjoining with your thought
In which humbly you thought of as nought
And I in my conceit thought you agreed with me
But too late now I realise this ideal was not to be.

But seeing you again still give me hope
And in doing so makes me realise
That misunderstandings are not lies
Wherein these thoughts can make us cope.


A Sailors Death

And only the sea shall know them
The ocean depth will be their grave
The wind will tug the wet shrouds hem
Like a farewell flag the waters wave.
There is no church with bells to ring
No flowers cover the hallowed site

Neptune has claimed them all
Till Armageddon makes the final call
Then each sailor will rise from his bed
The day the sea gives up its dead.


Sleep Well

Sleep well my love this night
Wrapped in my blanket of love
My arms holding you so tight
Kisses on thy brow so light
Feathered softly from above
Sleep well my love this night

Sleep well my love this night
Eyes closed, breathing so slight
Your body fits mine like a glove
Wrapped in my blanket of love


So Much

So much to do so much to share
To fill your life you must live again
Or is love meant to drive insane
Any lovers that would love dare.
To live a life of love, a life of care
True love helps in time of pain

Be prepared your souls to bare
Whenever needed always there
Helping each other to sustain
To fill your life you must live again.



When does October become winter
It became winter when you walked away.
Now for my happiness I have to pay
And darkness and misery I will enter.
I believed autumn, is how two moved together
Instead of a factual it could not happen ever.

I wish that tomorrow could offer more hope
But what is hope other than a foolish dream.
When are dreams no more than TV soap
Offering no more than an impossible scheme.

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Leny Roovers

Bearing words

I listen to the silence in my house,
It's loud and clear, a fertile soil for thoughts
that rise up from subconscious worlds of dreams
to find their way to words, by Muse aroused.
I'm witness to this process, never sought
to catch and hold the flight of words in streams.

Having received the joy of words thus formed,
I find my inner world has been transformed.
Each word is born from seed enriched with time-
some days it wears free verse- and sometimes rhyme.



Your voice echoes within my soul;
as body's hollows fill with sound,
vibrations touch my inner strings,
uplift my heart and give it wings.
Your love envelops, circles round,
it leads me straight towards my goal.

I feel your hand rest on my back,
to steady me when I might fall;
my feet move forward as you call-
I will not falter on life's track



Within the rebuilt silence of my home,
I break down walls- erected when undone.
In grateful solitude I search my mind,
let go off pent up anger I still find.
I cleanse my house till all cobwebs are gone,
then burn sweet incense, to light rooms and dome.

Inside the peaceful chamber of my soul
I'm laying down my burden, borne as toll.
A rose unfurls her leaves and flowered face,
I bow and smell her fragrance, touched by grace.


Come close to me

Come close to me, my love and flee the cold,
as we can kiss and cuddle all night long.
Our bodies fit so well, my dearest heart,
we've shared one breath and life-blood from the start.
In harmony we'll write our future song
and melt the frozen bonds our past still holds.

Come close to me, my love, I'll keep you warm,
enfold you in my arms and in my dreams;
both sun and moon send their protective beams
to lighten day and night, in love transformed.


I Want

I want you close to me and feel your skin,
I want to see your eyes and drown therein;
I'd lay my ear against your chest and kiss
each heartbeat I would hear, not one I'd miss.
I'd revel in the smell of you, your taste,
why can't you be beside me now, such waste…

I'd love to hear your laughter, catch your smile,
the way you tilt your head, holds me beguiled.
I want each kiss to last at least an hour,
I want your arms around me when we shower.


My Light

You add a silver lining to each cloud,
evaporating them with just your voice
as flows of warming words reach out, enfold.
My ears are finely tuned to catch its gold
and my heart opens wide, I'm yours by choice.
We'll build that bridge to heaven as we vowed.

Though storms might darken our sky, there's light,
within the coldest night, your fire is bright.
I live each day in freedom and in peace,
In you I'll find my ultimate release.



Enfolded in pink feather down's embrace,
young Evening went to sleep in skies ablaze.
Half Moon looked down on her and winked an eye.
In heaven's sea, waves crested with smooth grace;
as leaves reflected light of sun's last rays,
Moon hid her face behind a cloud and sighed.

Blue velvet turned to black in just one breath,
as night faded away into day's death.
From the still hours of time in between,
I'll watch a new sun ride the sky- her queen.



Trees' leaves shine brightly in the autumn sun,
in reds and yellow, with last green entwined;
abundant berries act as season's bloom,
display a grand buffet that birds consume.
The world seems in a frenzied state of mind,
both men and beasts are trying to miss none.

Birds eat their bellies full, with winter near,
while humans prepare gardens for next year.
The goldfish in my pond want more to eat,
to fatten up before their long retreat.


Octobers Gift

Today October's sun smiled down on us,
with temperatures as mellow as in May;
people had coffee in pavement café's,
or waited cheerfully for the next bus.
A few white clouds sailed by above my head
and I was awed by Nature's gorgeous spread.

Outside my office, on the lawn below,
two dogs were playing with a cut down tree,
while barking loudly and I shared their glee-
October's sunny gift set all aglow.



You live within my heart and in my blood,
part of my thoughts and bones since time began;
you're in spring's first new burgeoning small bud,
part of each dream that flowers in your span.
If you're no longer in this world, you'll live
in each and every breath I still will give.

Death never will erase you from my soul,
I need no special place to hold you dear-
alive, you made me grow till I felt whole,
your memory I will honour through the years.

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Nia Wynne

Inner Child

Through chill of night and forever's cold hand
Those many winters snowy sights, fond dreams
Of childhood beckon me still, demand
I recall warmer moments, for it seems
Only a day since past was present and
Loves keys kept thoughts fairest ideals for free.

Now ghostly remnants of yesterdays show
The tricks of life can bring you very low.
I'll treat those demons with light and honey,
Give Halloween treats to make them sunny.


Remembering Us

I awoke from our dream, and died,
Not a little death throe, mere sighs,
But a bygone time now not mine,
Reached out to take me back, so fine.
Reverie of a lost souls cry-
Evil rooted, dropping death signs.

Where once a life had been now bides
All wrongs in karmic bundles, tied.
Knots I can't undo come to mind,
Daily death is all I can find.

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