2008 Form Challenges

#15 Quintilla (Spanish Quintain)

This is a Spanish form of eight syllable (Iambic Tetrameter) lines. The rhyming scheme can vary in presentation, but only two consecutive lines may have the same rhyme pattern.
In the example below, Pat uses a. a. b. b. a.

A flickering flame, on the wall
The sound of a, coyotes call
The desert winds, singing at night
Sandstorms dancing, in the moonlight
Embracing lovers, to befall

Pat Bibbs
Here is a lovely example by Sharon where she uses a rhyme scheme of; a. b. b. a. a. .

Your quiet cries echo loudly with pain
I feel you suffer in silence
Honest open hearts lend true credence
Comfort found in friendships gained
Toss me the key, let's free your chains

Sharon Mimi

Quintilla Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Doggie Devotion
For Nicole
Post Surgery Blues
Terra Firma Fan

Lorainne Dafney

What Agenda

Peggy Nelson

Dragons Search
Entering Your Eyes
Nuts To You
One Beary Nice Day

Ryter Roethicle

Aussie Dragon
Dreamtime Visited
Early Days
Green is Good
How Great
KAF 11
On Leaving
Sans Love
Xactly Right

Leny Roovers

Dragons Search
Dragons Wait
Parrots Attack
To raise the dragons
Where is the sun

Nia Wynne

Bitter Roads
Rain and Sun
Yellow Moon

Maryse Achong

Doggie Devotion

We have been told they're man's best friend
But they can drive you round the bend;
Though they've been spoilt I must confess,
And by whom is anyone's guess,
I love my little dogs no end.


For Nicole

Nicole although we never met
I knew your parents very well,
And I can imagine the hell
They must be going through: yet
You made your mark, we won't forget.


Post Surgery Blues

The surgery was a success
Although the patient nearly died.
Almost eight days we spent beside
Ourselves with worry. A most stress-
ful situation I confess..


Quasi Dragon

A dragon methinks in disguise,
Displaying their best qualities,
Until to my immense surprise
He changes right before my eyes;
Two distinct personalities.


Terra Firma Fan

I will not try to understand
I will not wonder or debate,
Would not matter at any rate;
It's like stepping on shifting sand,
I prefer being on dry land.

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Lorainne Dafney

What Agenda

Just the two of us, having fun
My guy, my Sam, still number one
Enjoying each day together,
We coast like a floating feather,
Till dusk bids goodnight to the sun

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Peggy Nelson

Entering You Eyes

Never seen such beauty before
I fear, if I don't act, I'm lost
Lost, never to soar his soul nor,
Shake away the bittersweet frost
Love Words through eyes, will be embossed

I explore his eyes; no others
I lose myself, yet feel secure
Behind the waterfalls, it's pure
Pure heaven, pure like no others
At last finding answers to cure

He alone melts my aching heart
Youthful feelings now come to mind
Warmth has entwined like gracious art
Our qualities mesh, I impart
Through loving eyes, love's now refined


Kiss Me Now

I roam the greatest of mountains
Swim the deepest parts of the seas
A divine creature to obtain
Odd number of heads, man I be
A mythical animal, yep that's me!

Numerous countries think I'm grand
I can be a snake, baring claws
I can grant wishes in your land
I've swallowed the moon without flaw
At times I'll squeeze to hear folks awe

Changing looks as I span the earth
I'm a hot item shooting flames
Breath's poisonous, at times not tame
Kiss me now, I'll give you new birth
In Folklore a mirthful lands worth


Nuts To You

Sure am happy to be with you
Isolated with squirrelly friend
Gathered bits and pieces, been through
I love my nutty squirrelly friend
Laughter and comfort till the end


One Beary Nice Day

Had a bare of a time to rise
This morning tangled up in sheets
Yet I was baring a smile to greet
Anyone who takes me by surprise
Finely arose, jumped to my feet

Looked in mirror barely recognized;
Was indeed looking cuddly fine
Outdoors I met some bare, bear guys
Thank God their hair hung to their thighs
Went to the local pub to dine…

Sat at bar amongst friendly bears
Invited to see etchings rare
Excusing self my eyes did see
Mister Beary Cuddles, wow-wee!
Talked, snuggled like bears in lair


I barely know Beary the bear
He seems to be the one for me
Some doubts I have of this affair
Seems too perfect, what's wrong with me?
I'm so confused yet want to be…

Having fun with Beary on the beach
Can't stand high mountains and bear's breech
Yep, I'm a strange bear; yep that's me
Love to cuddle and stay in reach
With Mister Cuddles; which agrees!

We're ready to sleep under stars
On the beach without humans 'round
Soft sand, better than rocks by far !
Yes, I love him, does that sound, sound?
Night, night till mornings dawn comes 'round


Life's been grand with my huggable bear
Raising our darling chubby cubs
Keeping in touch to show we care
When old Beary bears at the fair
Sure miss my nightly massage rubs!

Sitting knitting sweaters and hats
Being alone again once more
Reminiscing of this and that
At times laugh and roll on the floor
Near a dull moment we bore

Since trainers had to kill Beary
Wildness set him off at the fair
I pray each day to be merry
I'm insane without my Beary
Today I'll attack at the fair!!!

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Ryter Roethicle

Aussie Dragon

The Aussie dragon has feathered wings
And ne'r e'r been sought by knights and kings
The Golden scales that attract that lust
Have been dulled by layers of red dust
Coolabahs are used for important things.

The Gods of water realised all this
When they appointed where they should exist
Where water prefers to be underground
And they must dwell where it can be found
Or by dried up rivers and reminisce.

Gone is the good life like those distant friends.
The Gods always have ways to make amends
Here they have friends from all sorts of life
The roo, the parrot, man does not cause strife.

Look.... ships!! How long now before this ends?


Dreamtime Visited

So that he may expand his dreams
And carry out his selfish schemes
The land gives up her dreams for mans
Ofttimes laying aside her plans
Ignoring Mother Nature's screams.

Mankind continues killing trees
Then wonders at the hotter breeze
Replanting convenience of time
Thus creating his most grievous crime,
And the easiest way to appease.

But like all mothers she's aware
Of when it's time to call a halt
Pointing out mankind's fault
And the lack of need for despair
'cause like a mother she does care.


Early Days

Sounds of morning awakening
The sun rises to birds singing
These sounds helps me open my eyes
To a brilliant dawn and blue skies
The first day of spring is ringing.

For a while we'll be back and forth
Winter will fight for all she's worth
But the days are no longer short
As upwards the spring sun will sport
And the hot wind'll come from the North.


Green is Good

May I rest please, my day's ended
S'not my world, don't want it to be
This is not what I want to see
I realise what needs be mended
Man's doings have you offended.

Heeding closer nature's warnings.
Thus floods and storms and melting ice
Means that we should be thinking twice
Tsunamis and such warning things
Means no exception e'en for kings

Ride your bicycle or use the bus
Four wheel drive shopping is canned
SUVs should all be banned
Public transport should be a must
Small cars, bikes and walking are plus.


How Great

How great is love when I look into your eyes
How greater is my desire hearing your sighs
Yet how gentle is my touch when it is you
How soft are your kisses, each one renews
Promises of love that only the Gods devise.

How great is love with nothing one need say
When looks and touches have paved the way
And kisses even an Angel could not resist
Would press for more and even Heaven insist
That our love would last beyond the final day.

Now I look into your eyes and into your soul
Seeing is realising what has made us whole.
Knowing together we will share eternity
Knowing what fate has intended us to be
And that our love will be another's goal.


KAF 11

A view from my window there could not be
Only on my screen were there stories to see
Of Eragon, Dragon riders, and magic stuff
I saw flying eastwards and it was enough
To occupy, entertain and keep me happy.


On Leaving

"You're going home again," she says
sighing, "You must kiss me goodbye."
It breaks my heart seeing her cry.
Is this the best of loving ways
Or the worst of our loving days?

I tell her this kiss is special-
Sneaking out into the dark night
Awakening with morning light
Having emerged from its shell,
Will everyday of my love tell?



It made me smile hearing your name
having made me rue all those years
spent crying those frustrated tears
knowing you never felt the same
you were merely playing a game.

You and the Toad how you would laugh
watching me struggle on my path.
You and he gaining from my work
like a puppet who's strings you'd jerk
and in my sweat you both would bath.

I lost completely for a while
as the problems on me would pile.
Now the boot is on the proper foot
you are the ones covered in soot
I sip my glass of wine and smile.


Sans Love

Sans love this world's a useless ball
Soulless beings with no use at all
It throbs with life of kind and sort.
See it pulse as the creatures sport.
So much love hear its wondrous call.



Spring I'm told is the birth of life
Extracted by a drunken midwife
A screaming, messy, painful time
And very slowly starts its climb
Till it blossoms forth, free of strife.

Summer has sweet playful fingers
Memories of first times lingers
Learning in the back seats of cars
Older, sadder in singles bars
Reality curbing life's hungers

Autumn is when peace begins
And love becomes free of sins
Passion has burned to embers
At the fireside, love remembers
Silence takes over, and vision dims.

In winter the rain is all that's left
The fireplace becomes a red mouth.
Blustering winds blow from the South
Fed by the Antarctic's icy breath
And lovers rest in peace with death.



Why has your magic woven into my heart?
What made you conceive what would start,
From the warmth of a friend, hardly a flame?
Is it a sin that we should lay a blame,
Or being friends have already played our part?

Why have I become intoxicated by you,
That like any drunk, need more of your brew?
Each night I need to sip more of your wine
Each time finding you more and more divine
Each day finding ecstasy has been reviewed.

Like any drunken sot I need you more
In amounts greater than e're before
And you encourage me to heights of sup
With succulent juices that o'erflow my cup
Ensuring that its you forever I'll adore.


Xactly Right

Tears falling, mixing with my own
I hear you when you quietly groan
Your look when you smile from your heart
Your touch, saying we'll never part
The future now is so well known.

As I hold you, you grip me tight
You will relax within the night
But in certainty of return
Rekindling that heavenly burn
That only love can ever ignite.

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Leny Roovers

Dragons' Search

As wars were ravaging the earth,
darkness was sucking heaven's light;
yet kings and elves went on to fight
and sent out ships with men of worth,
in search of means to ward off blight.

Their leader was a trusted knight
who knew the wizards of the realm;
he told the sailor at the helm
how best to steer them through the night
and reach the land of sacred elms.

There, in near forgotten days,
most dragons went to lay their eggs.
The knights had made three special kegs
that could ward off black wizards' gaze
and keep the eggs from changing phase.

At last they found a shore, ablaze
with flowers in many hues of red;
here, the eldest wizard had said,
the mighty dragons came to play.
Two eggs were found- in awe appraised.


Dragons; Wait

Three precious eggs the world once bore,
they looked like marble, darkly veined
and cold to touch, yet life remained.
In vibrant layers within each core,
a dragon slept, destined to soar.

All fire creatures had been slain;
these last three eggs were living ore,
conceived in dragons' final roar.
While earth was ravaged by campaigns,
the seed of greatness still remained.

According to most ancient lore,
these eggs would one day help sustain
earth's freedom, when she would be chained.
Three waiting dragons en rapport,
that one day soon could hatch, explore.



Between soft mantras and my ears
ever strengthening threads appear;
each repetition of their song
brings waves of cleansing light along.
As silence grows, I listen- hear.

Thought-clouds drift by till mind is clear,
I feel them leave my inner sphere.
Within your realm, thoughts are not strong,
their hold on me they can't prolong-
it is dissolving- disappears.

I am enfolded in your peace,
where daily worries come to cease.
My heart and soul know pure delight
as my whole being fills with light,
rejoicing in newfound release.



With sticky threads she weaves her trap,
designed to catch and hold her prey
that's kept alive and on display-
till in the end she'll suck its sap;
her bloodied jaws shut with a snap.

While victim's heart is bleeding dry,
her bloated body spreads out wide;
she's taken bone and flesh inside,
her gluttony has gone awry
as sanity was pushed aside.

She can't digest all she took in;
her insides burn with venom's bite,
it boomeranged her own black spite
and churns and knots now deep within-
she'll perish of rebounding blight.


Parrots attack!

In flocks green parrots come to eat
my apples, still unripe and small.
They are a noisy bunch and brawl
while sampling my best apples' treat-
will they leave me any at all?

As feathered acrobats on show,
they swing from branches on one foot-
then turn around and still stay put
while deftly keep found food in toes.
They go on picking at ripe fruit…

My goldfish, in the pond beneath,
are fleeing to the deepest spot-
when falling apples drop like shot
and waters shake, it rattles teeth.
The frogs, still undisturbed, just squat.



As blade's sharp edge cuts in my feet
I feel warm blood leave opened veins.
No longer thin membranes constrain
now shrieking nerve-ends swift retreat;
a rose unfolds within my pain.

To walk this tightrope, I abstain
from thoughts that draw me in defeat.
Soft petals throb with each heartbeat,
while rose's fragrant breath sustains;
her thornless stem I hold and greet.

This rose will lead me to your seat
when wounds have stopped to bleed and chain.
With you in mind I will attain
your sphere, where souls come home and meet-
here we will be joined, complete.



As elderberries ripened fast,
I knew that summer couldn't last.
Today I picked hands full from trees,
the top ones swaying in the breeze;
at least two kilos I amassed.

Four jars of jam I made tonight,
they're proudly standing in full sight,
still cooling down right on the sink-
can't wait to taste, I'm tickled pink-
my home-made jams are pure delight!


To raise the dragons

Two eggs were found to save the world-
inside, still sleeping dragons curled.
Only when three would hatch and wake,
clouds of darkness could lift and break.
The search went on, while black veils whirled.

The knight who'd made the special kegs,
had felt a change in both the eggs.
At first they'd been cold to his hand,
when he'd raised them from the sand.
On touching now, they stirred his legs.

He knew the eggs could be his guide
and put all sense of doubt aside;
lead by the tingling of his skin,
he reached a copse and found therein
the missing egg- his eyes went wide.

Three eggs now made their quest complete
and they returned with haste to meet
their king and wizards, waiting still
to ward off evil and fulfill
the ancient lore- Darkness' retreat.



At first you touched me with your mind,
a mental hug, our thoughts entwined.
Slowly I dropped my defenses,
reaching out with all my senses-
gradually, our minds aligned.

When first you touched me with your heart,
I saw new roads, a different chart;
enfolded in your love, I grew,
my world took on a brighter hue-
we shared our dreams for a new start.

When then you touched me with your lips
and put your hands upon my hips,
my body answered with a thrill
that never ended, is there still;
our bodies never will eclipse.

In touching me, you've touched my soul,
our lives are threading as we stroll
along the beaches of our lands,
in rhythm with our feet hold hands;
there's joy in trusting your control.


Where is the sun?

As sparrows hide in pear-tree's crown,
I watch the dripping clouds and frown.
Another weekend without sun,
our summer seems too soon undone-
tall chestnut trees wear autumn's gown.

Day after day the rain pours down,
leaves now changing from green to brown;
apple tree's clothes are on the run,
Wind blows them off, he's having fun-
he's spread them in the garden 'round.

Mid-morning, still the light is low,
there aren't even clouds on show.
Gray flocks of sheep have filled the sky,
Has summer really said goodbye?
I watch a solitary crow.



Within the limits of my mind
I'll search for you, until I'll find
that secret door that opens wide
and lets me enter with my guide.
Here our worlds are intertwined.

Within the chalice of my heart,
I'll hold you dear, though we're apart.
That secret door will let me through,
inside, my soul finds views of you-
an inner knowledge you impart.

Within my infinite, true soul,
life's pieces fit and are made whole.
Your love illuminates my world,
reflecting light of stars, unfurled.
Your touch I'll treasure and extol.

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Nia Wynne

Bitter Roads

When deer paw the earth, you come near,
Though moon be your home, not right here,
Thoughts of you take me down a road
Nowhere near, just farther I rode
Into saturnine Grey frost tears.

Winterfelleth and our season
Fell out of Junes warm reason,
And we became fallow, mere friends,
Or another reason to send
Love into mourning for treason.


Rain and Sun

Rain and sun compete for the sky
As we wonder whether clouds fly
For any other reason than to pour
When our earth cannot much more
Contain skies tears nor thunders nigh.



Loud buzz of cicada remind
Me of what was, but lost is love,
What finds this heart isn't a dove
But a trembling in darkness blind,
A howling that shivers like wind.


Yellow Moon

I've no idea why I cry
Though sun gets into my blue eyes,
Perhaps it was the yellow moon
That caused a sigh instead of swoon...
But was because you said goodbye.

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