2007 Form Challenges
#19 Rondeau

This is a very underestimated and sometimes a very challenging poetry form. It consists of three stanzas, a quintet (5 lines), a quatrain (4 lines) and a sestet (6 lines), giving a total of 15 lines.
The first phrase of the first line usually sets the refrain R it is admissable to use the whole line used as the refrain.
The rhyme scheme is: R. a. a. b. b. a .... a. a. b. R. .... a. a. b. b. a. R.
The meter is considered be open and the French style is not bound by a rhyming pattern and is also more of a light and buoyant even "flashy" form of poetry which uses short lines. The English style however, is much more dour and serious, even meditative and uses tetrameter or pentameter. Here is an excellent example of the English style of Rondeau.

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Lt. Col. John McCrae, M.D., 1872-1918

Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

I lose Myself
Letter to Santa
Santa's Solution
This New Year
Ups and Down

Lorainne Dafney

When I Am Old

Michael Dixon

A Proposal
River Bank

Lori Martin

Away the Eagle Flies
Into A Light Gray Mist
The Pain Inside

Peggy Nelson

Let The Carolers Sing
Winters Snow
Yesterday (Variation)

Ryter Roethicle

All things must change
Brimbank Park
Christmas Waved
Glass is broken
If things could change
In silent groups
My lady smile for me
Open Your Soul
Piper at the gates
Tears have been shed
With her husky voice

Leny Roovers

Hanel's Rinaldo
Thoughts on Seeds
Winter Rites

Dinah Serritelli

I Hid My Pain

Susan Vitteta

One Breath Away

Nicola Wynter

Can't have this
Feeling Again
I Hid my Face
I Hid my Heart
In My Heart

Maryse Achong


They speak to me, the sun and moon,
At other times they sing a tune
Of long lost love and sufferings,
And souls that soar on angelsí wings.
They speak to me.

I gaze upon them night and noon,
Eager and ready to commune,
And when I dare to ask them things,
They speak to me.

And sometimes when Iím sad they croon
Sweet songs that promise me that soon
All will be well; these happenings
Are merely tugs on my heartstrings.
And I relax in their cocoon.
They speak to me.


I Lose Myself

ďLose yourself in Me and you will find yourself Lose yourself in Me and you will find new life Lose yourself in Me and you will find yourself And you will live, yes you will live in My Love.Ē

I lose myself in You when I
Am feeling low, I wonít deny
It, I lay my woes at Your feet
And wanting them resolved Ďtout de suite.í
I lose myself in You.

And when I have good cause to cry,
I raise my voice to You on high
And as my troubles I repeat
I lose myself in You.

I know You are ever nearby,
And hear my every song and sigh
I realize Iím incomplete
Unless just like that grain of wheat
I lose myself in You.


Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus I hope you read
All of your mail because I need
A really big favour and I
Am hoping that youíll not deny
It. Grant me this one wish I plead.

Help me to keep the tiny seed
Of trust alive and let the weed
That strangles it wither and die
Dear Santa Claus.

A year of events guaranteed
To cause distress, to make me bleed;
And to help me understand why
Iím counting on your swift reply
And good advice which I will heed,
Dear Santa Claus.



As one more year draws to a close
I am besieged with thoughts and those
Emotions that will not be stilled,
And once again my heart is filled,
As I relive my highs and lows.

Iíve had good times and painful blows,
Have questioned My God, heaven knows,
And many a tear has been spilled
As one more years draws to a close.

You win some lose some I suppose,
Simply part of lifeís ebbs and flows,
Some things survive, others are killed,
But life goes on and so we build
New foundations, where new life grows,
As one more year draws to a close.


Santa's Solution

Dear Santa Claus wrote back to me,
ďYou fret unnecessarily,
If someone hurts you thatís their crime,
And you do not have to waste time
Grieving about it, let it be.

Thereís so much good around you see,
For all of us and happily
It does not cost a single dime.Ē
Dear Santa wrote.

"I hope youíre reading carefully,
It is good when the heart is free
From hurt and anger, theyíre just grime
Designed to erode our sublime
And noble side, that is the key.Ē
Dear Santa wrote.


This New Year

This new year two thousand and eight
If God spares my life I canít wait
To relish things I have ignored
Learn from the trials Iíve endured;
This year is one to celebrate.

Everything I appreciate,
All my loved ones, each special date
Iíll hold in my heart, warmly stored,
This new year.

Although I may be running late,
I am trying to clear my plate,
So that when happiness is poured
Into my cup I shall not horde
It; this much I anticipate
This New Year.


Ups and Downs

I rise and fall and rise again,
Sometimes with ease, sometimes with pain,
Like a second nature to me
I do it almost easily;
Itís something that I canít explain,

And Iím not about to complain,
To do so would be quite in vain,
But thanks to the Powers that Be
I rise and fall and rise again.

Far better that than to remain
Out for the count, washed down the drain,
No wallowing in misery,
I stand albeit shakily,
And though not always right as rain,
I rise and fall and rise again

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Lorainne Dafney

When I Am Old

When I am old and all alone
I'll talk to my friends on the phone
We'll reminisce together days
When we were young and through the haze
Our future lives were unknown

Many birthdays have passed, we've grown
Sometimes we needed to be shown
Age and wisdom are a new phase
When I am old

My voice now has a sweeter tone
In my secret mirror, a clone
Within it I seem young always
It makes me smile, this picture stays
With your love in my heart, its home
When I am old

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Michael Dixon

A Proposal

When you were mine and I was yours
The highest mountains we would soar
Through clouded whispers in the sky
Past the stars above we would fly
You were the one I did adore

An ocean blue that meets the shore
Is where I once did stop to pause
To ask of you but you were shy
When you were mine and I was yours

Do you take me with all my flaws
And to others you would ignore
You at me with tears in your eye
Motioned no and began to cry
My heart belongs to another cause
When you were mine and I was yours


River Bank

In a lovers stream is where we once played
Coloured black nor white but a shade of grey
To give to take down sandy river banks
Throwing stones of old to the depths they sank
We built from new with hands layered in clay

And in my mind I recall to this day
Your tender smile and the love you conveyed
Moments to cherish for you I do thank
In a lovers stream is where we once played

One year however the rain went away
And a paradise lost turned to decay
At first I thought it be a nasty prank
The grey drained turning my waterway blank
On a muddy bank is where I now stay
In a lovers stream is where we once played

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Lori Martin

Away the Eagle Flies

, Away the eagle flies into silent blue
while wistful eyes watch, shiny with dew,
her confident grace sails eternal skies
oblivious always to humanity's lies,
horrors we put our Mother through.

Still freedom stands despite the few
who try to spoil her mirth with evil brew,
supported she is by good's rally cries,
away the eagle flies.

War, hate we've known, but this is new,
an assault on innocence, a day we'll rue;
eyes may weep and hearts heave sighs,
from this sorrow greater strength will rise;
our belief, our Faith, shall soar anew
away the eagle flies.

In Remembrance of September 11, 2001


In Loves Garden

In love's garden, a goddess strolls
enveloped in a gossamer cloud
sips fragrant tea from china nestled in hands
bare feet whisper with meandering path
dawn's arrival transforms dew to jewels

reverent roses of burgundy red,
hydrangea, lilies all curtsey with grace
as wild bird choir fills air with hymns
in love's garden

from window high he murmurs a prayer
wipes tear from eye as adoration swells
she senses he's near, a smile alights
eyes kiss briefly before lips follow suit
a hush descends as soul mates rejoin
in love's garden


Into A Light Gray Mist

Into a light gray mist I climb
clocks still, silence; time unwinds.
Away from terror of these days,
verdant hills welcome escape;
heart beats steady to soul's rhyme.

Enveloped in peace pure, sublime,
nature's beauty sweeps all stress away,
each breath feeds strength as thoughts stray
into a light gray mist.

Through quiet woods a stone wall twines,
squirrels scurry for nuts among old growth pines.
Their branches moan with aches as they sway
while kaleidoscope leaves crunch their say.
Ah yes, closer to freedom with each stride
into a light gray mist.


The Pain Inside

The pain inside never goes away
Often expands with each passing day
Original sin buried in dark past
A lifetime spent hauling secret's ballast
A child's bright sun clouded over with gray

No longer will joy come out to play
Inside quiet rooms, safe, instead she'll stay
Wonder how long isolation might last
That pain inside just won't go away

Righteous preach, "where there's a will, there's a way"
Many times she's tried to do as they say
Now from her life hope's resolutely cast
Desert beyond seems impossibly vast
A shattered ruin to become demon prey
'cause the pain inside never goes away

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Peggy Nelson

Let The Carolers Sing

Let the Carolers sing, all around the earth
A tradition for most. about the Lords birth
In chapels, in streets, in homes we all sing
Praising, worshiping our savior, our king
All Christmas carols are a sheer delight

A month of affection, shown day and night
Enjoy the gift of love with all your might
For who knows when the gift will fling
Let the Carolers sing

Creating a Heavenly, joyous worth
Singing peaceful and inspired mirth
As Christmas nears, spirits are in full swing
Singing out loud about the lord our king
Let the Carolers sing


Winters Snow Keeps On Blowing

Winters snow keeps on blowing
Flakes of white snow are flowing
Now put your body close to mine
where meanings of love flows divine
Underneath the blankets weíll be bestowing

The fireplace brings warmth to keep us going
the candles scent is relished and glowing
A window above to watch the fine;
Winters snow keeps on blowing

Sighs underneath blankets are foregoing
Enough to melt the icy snow thatís throwing,
Cold white blankets of snow to make you decline
And stay underneath all the blankets of design.
After the loving warmth and easygoing
Winters snow keeps on blowing


Yesterday (Variation)

Yesterday has come to rest forever
A new year for plans to endeavor
Years gone by some good. some bad
Some to write down on a sketching pad
Some to prevent incidents, others to sever

New plans, new hopes to use whenever,
The urge to use past lifeís successes clever
This new year weíll move away from bad
Yesterday has come to rest forever

With all the wars, news and new laws
Hopefully someday we can applause
Perhaps this new year weíll sing and be glad
Instead of fearing, hiding from all worldly bad
Letís lift our spirits to higher causes because
Yesterday has come to rest forever

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Ryter Roethicle

All things must change

All things must change, it is the way
Do not expect the same each day.
Plan for things, but do not expect
That all thatís good, Fate may reject
Remember, when you sow, you pay.

To find true love, we all will pray
Until we do, our lives are grey
Pain making some too circumspect
All things must change.

But Fate does not have a heart of clay
And has been known to turn away
Or perhaps she is the architect.
As two souls meet in her project
The story unravels as in a play
All things must change.


Christmas waved

Christmas waved her magic wand.
A tiny gesture with her soft hand
For millennia now it has been so
It will be the same where eír you go
For just a few days people will bond.

Where eír you go strangers respond
And are prepared to go beyond
That normal circle of who they know.
Christmas waved her magic wand.

She smiles and asks, does not demand
Resulting in deeds that are un-planned
And once laden spirits suddenly glow
Releasing happiness that they bestow
On and on to others throughout the land
Christmas waved her magic wand.



Droning lawnmowers
Have replaced spring showers
And birds squabble in my trees
As well as hear the hum of bees
Visiting fresh new flowers

Quiet voices in sunlit hours
From lovers in the bowers
Hidden by densest leaves

Again mundane overpowers
From the neighbours lawnmowers
I revisit with my memories
But I remember times overseas
And our voices in sunlit hours


Glass is broken

The glass is broken time stands still
Sand can no longer the bottom fill
I need the time to rush by fast
Still it dithers and seconds last
No need to rush, time I must kill.

Itís cruelty stands against my will
Because of this, life has no thrill
Iím forced to capture what has past
The glass is broken.

When we meet again see it overfill
In a time thatís less than miniscule
Why is time so poorly miscast
When then we pray to see at last
No sand will fall and time stands still
The glass is broken.


If things could change

If things could change, what would you do?
Would my face be changed to anotherís view?
Just thoughts that wander around my mind
In absence of you I try to find
Stupid settlement of a thought, I need a clue

Youíve moved on I gleam from knowing you,
And cast aside the past, inside you grew
The past you knew would be declined
If things could change.

There are no regrets, youíve bid adieu
Welcoming thoughts and dreams anew
Thus I find hope, no longer blind
Hoping our future will be combined
For now I trust what you would do
If things could change.


Brimbank Park

Brimbank Park has shades of green
With hills and trees to perfect the scene
I remembered how we met that time
And from it grew a love so fine
I passed today where we had been

A love grew that we did not mean
To cause others pain, or to demean
But hurt we did, and met one time
In Brimbank Park

We sat and talked on a bank of green
Sadly knowing what should have been
I touched your face, no longer mine
And we drove away that final time
Two lonely people left the scene
From Brimbank park


In silent groups

In silent groups the Santaís fly
ďA Merry ChristmasĒ is the cry
Westwards heading into the night
No worthy child will miss their flight
Every childís wish they will supply.

Some adults too they wonít deny
Those whoís faith in him never die
And like children take a delight
In silent groups.

Some gifts are left for him, to get by,
Some food to help him cross the sky
And drinks to warm this thirsty knight
With ruddy cheeks he gains his height
Onto another domicilery
In silent groups.


My Lady Smile For Me

My lady, smile for me, that I see the light
Emanating, lighting even darkest night
Your eyes brighten the sunniest day
Driving the dourest of thoughts away.
One glance would be my eternal delight.

Your face becomes even more alight
Moods lifting, becoming more asprite
This mood makes me want to play
My lady, smile for me.

Yonder elfin look doth please my sight
Intending more my passion to ignite
Knowing that your intentions on display
Have meanings words could never say
And my deepest feelings you will incite
My lady, smile for me.


Open Your Soul

Open your soul, let your feelings grow
With joy of love let your tears flow.
Listen to the message of your heart
Ignore the past take up your new part
Donít be afraid to let your feelings show.

Look into my eyes then you will know
The depth, the truth, how we can grow
And how deep I was struck by Cupids dart
Open your soul.

My message is simple, you knew ages ago
About who I desired and needed so.
Then we met, now once again weíre apart
Now you know what I meant to impart
All my love for you I wish to bestow
Open your soul.


Piper at the gates of dawn


From the dawn of time he has played his part
His music has reached every mind and heart
Often telling a tale of war, but more of love
And more times about how two lovers strove
To stay as one even though many miles apart.

Did today exist when fate first wrote her chart,
Or care about how each would play their part,
Then laid it down, a record in heaven above,
From the dawn of time?

Or did she just cast them wild, hoping to start
A change of life, ideas, meanings to impart
That life and love changes, cognoscente of
Where you are and where has been your love
From the dawn of time.


As they listen to him at break of dawn
Feelings of hope revived greets the morn.
The world is still, the day is new, alive
As creatures from dreamy sleep contrive
To best hear the pipes, and then be gone.

As he plays, all creatures to him are drawn
An amnesty exists twixt the lion and the fawn
And all like creatures listen and survive
As they listen to him at break of dawn.

A ring is made on some dewy lawn
Where heavens music is daily reborn
There even the hardest heart must believe
And contemplate on peace and love
So for a time all animosity is withdrawn
As they listen to him at break of dawn.


See the Angels gather to hear him play
Each new sunrise, each new break of day
Each place, each hour a brand new morn
He is there for all, with each new dawn.
There every Angel, to their God prays.

The Angels meet each morn this way,
The piper moves west each hour all day
In each new place, seeing each new dawn
And Angels gather to hear him play.

There is no rest for him, he cannot stay
One rapturous melody then on his way
To where angels wait and thus adorn
All manner of things, not just a lawn
There as the sun rises to greet the day
The Angels gather to hear him play.


Tears have been shed

Tears have been shed so many times
Perhaps too often playing games
And so with time we build a wall
To stand behind and hide from it all
And miss our soulmate ofttimes.

But if we take a chance sometimes
Walking a path that upward climbs
Dare at time to look over the walls
Tears have been shed

Fortune favours love most times
Do not judge on past bedtimes
Do not judge on what befalls
Love oíercomes the worst pitfalls
And into the most joyous climes
Tears have been shed


With her husky voice

With her husky voice, she beckons me
Across vast deserts and endless seas
Her magic is only seen in her eyes
My soul hears her voice inside
Her absence is not meant to be.

Thoughts of her invade my revelry
And I long to be in another city
From which I can hear her cries
With her husky voice.

Soon will begin a great journey
Across a world and then weíll see
How love created such divine ties
And the ending of all our sighs
Silenced for all Eternity
With her husky voice.

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Leny Roovers


Within your hidden tissuesí cells
an uninvited guest now dwells.
He eats with vigour from your bones-
already youíve lost several stones.
Far in the distance toll the bells.

As doctors weave their magic spells,
your limbs turn slowly into shells-
X-radiation hits sick zones
within your hidden tissues.

Disease is winning ground, it tells
your frightened mind its many hells-
outside still strong, your insides moan
as time before you is on loan.
Can chemo stop these slow farewells
within your hidden tissues?



The Old Year laid his head to rest
and folded both hands on his chest.
The days before him, once piled high,
had one by one been born, then died.
He'd let them go without protest.

In knowing that his life was blessed,
a warm glow spread within his breast.
As New Year's birth was coming nigh-
the Old Year laid his head to rest.

He'd lived his days with pride and zest,
never forgot life's precious quest;
and though he sometimes went awry,
his inner Guide stayed his ally.
In peace he faced this final test,
the Old Year laid his head to rest.


Hšndelís Rinaldo

By cleansing music in my ears
this heavy burden of dark fears
is slowly lifting from my brow;
all that exists is Hšndelís Ďnowí
as soothing movements still my tears.

With listening, warm light appears,
it softly shines from inner spheres;
bringing deep silence of the Tao-
by cleansing music.

In prayer my clouded sky is cleared
as thought-ships are now safely steered
away from whirlpoolís threats to bow;
as stillness draws my soul to Thou
all suffering has disappeared,
by cleansing music.



I watch my feet move as I walk;
my breath adjusts, there is no talk-
cold winter air against my skin,
warm circulating blood, within.
Far in the distance, moor-hens flock.

My lake is frozen, skaters balk
at warning signs the ice is blocked-
they have to skate, too long itís been.
I watch my feet move as I walk.

On black ice skates draw lines like chalk,
and soon a trail in white unlocks
more gliding feet, while faces grin;
long strings move forward, who will win?
High in the sky, a hunting hawk.
I watch my feet move as I walk.



Bare trees are mirrored in my quiet lake,
I watch wild ducks draw v-formed wakes.
Ice turned to water overnight-
against clear skies, blue heron's flight.
In feast of senses, eyes partake.

With busy chatter moor-hens break,
they flock together, food's at stake
as passers-by share bread's delight.
Bare trees are mirrored in my quiet lake.

I watch my feet, each step they take
and listen to the sounds boots make.
On twigs and leaves, my tread is light,
but sucking mud puts stride to plight-
I'm still upright, though muscles ache.
bare trees are mirrored in my quiet lake.



As inner storms at last abate,
mindís lake resumes its peaceful state.
Depressing clouds of stifling thought
disperse when light brings them to naught-
past pressures lift and lose their weight.

High stacks are gone now from my plate;
as soothing silence opens gates,
I find again the Truth I sought
as inner storms at last abate.

Within, Thy Light is strong and great.
Untangling ancient knots of fate,
surrender ends the fight Iíve fought-
Iím free to walk the Way once taught.
Awareness loving touch sedates
as inner storms at last abate.



I feel Iím being torn apart;
my wrists and ankles tied, they smart
as pressure builds up on my bonds-
and straining muscles soon respond;
with too much tension life departs.

I cannot swallow, lungs now start
to feel the lack of air, eyes dart
from side to side, mindís gone beyond-
I feel Iím being torn apart.

To stay aware becomes an art
as terror wants to draw the cart;
did wishful thinking have me conned,
or did I lose my magic wand?
Within still beats my loyal heart-
I feel Iím being torn apart.


Thoughts on Seeds

When seeds are put in fertile soil,
food and patience help roots uncoil.
As new-born tendrils reach moist earth,
sweet promise swells, of new lifeís birth
. Harsh climate growers then use foil.

In hidden silence seeds now toil
till tiny sprouts spring forth unspoiled,
touching our hearts with sudden mirth-
when seeds are put in fertile soil.

Each raiser knows you cannot broil
or hasten Nature by swift roil.
They hope the harvest will be worth
the wait and not to suffer dearth.
Roots might be harmed when oft unearthed
when seeds are put in fertile soil.


Winter Rites

White veils of mist obscured Moonís sight,
theyíre caught by branches in delight.
Imprisoned in their frozen hands,
the world changed into fairy-land,
white veils of mist obscure.

Each bough is now enrobed in white,
small blades of grass and treesí great height;
there is no colour where I stand,
white veils of mist obscured.

Tall trees look fragile, yet excite-
spun sugar, shining in Sunís light.
Across the now blue sky, white bands
of vapour that two planes just fanned.
Iím awed by Natureís winter rites
white veils of mist obscured.

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Dinah Serritelli

I Hid My Pain

I hid my pain behind a smile
but kept it in a worries file,
and when unhappy was my plight
I brought it forth into the light,
Such foolishness was not worthwhile.

To treat oneself just so hostile
in fact it is a habit vile
Simple to push grief out of sight
I hid my pain.

I really must learn to beguile
contentment to become my style,
Then life could be such sheer delight
Iíd forfeit hurt without a fight
and say ítwas in a histíry file
I hid my pain.

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Susan Vitteta
One Breath Away

From you I am one breath away
Thought I'd lost you that fateful day
Inhuman hands destroyed the we
They cared not for humanity
I drowned that day in tears of grey.

With black soul I vowed they'd pay
Through haze of grief I'd find the way
Knowing you'd not come back to me
From you I am one breath away.

Think not bad thoughts you used to say
Draw not bad karma, keep mind gay
Heeding your words I rose from debris
You were not gone, you were flying free
Patiently waiting for our day
From you I am one breath away.

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Nicola Wynter

Can't Have This

Can't have what everyone else has, or keeps,
Like a pet at the petshop window, to weep,
a longing to be normal like all people, to look
without chagrin and find no crook,
Just a person wanting to sleep.

All I want is a dream of sheep,
A way to be complete,
A time with love I took;
Can't have what everyone else has, or keeps.

What I have is all that can be heaped,
All that anyone could from hells deep
cavern, be brooked,
like a poor cook
trying too hard to please;
Can't have what everyone else has, or keeps.


Feeling Again

Now that I can feel again, I have more
warmth in my hands than the core
of the earth has lava in maroon
waves of upsurging flow at noon,
Playing midday suns tune.

So warm yet so distant from shores
where I once longed to see you at my door
especially soon,
Now that I can feel again.

A song in my heart is my store
that echos your name, so heart sore
I can hardly believe how it croons
now that I can see this noon,
I have all I need, for sure,
now that I can feel again.


I hid my face

I hid my face inside the door
but kept it in porcelain store
where the lines don't run together,
And I am so very sure
They will stay this way forevermore.

To stay away from the worlds core
in fact to stay outside is sore,
The cold and numbness is so pure
I hid my face.

I must really learn how to tour
the world with a mask, for sure,
is no better than looking at the cure
but not taking it from the stir
in a pot I'd rather avoid, poor,
I hid my face.


I Hid My Heart

I hid my heart, for fear,
That none would find it dear,
None would find it fair,
None would show it care,
For of this I cry a tear.

For of this I am clear,
That hart has left a deer
Instead of just one pair,
I hid my heart, for fear.

There is no way so dear
AS the way of loves true sheer,
A garment as fine as the care
One gives when climbing a stair,
Not the look of ones Grey hair,
I hid my heart, for fear.


In My Heart

I am sane enough, in my heart, so tried,
Which I keep inside
And never let out of bounds
Anymore, not on any grounds,
As it can no longer abide

Reversals of the truth, so it hides
Like a cat under a bed, so wide
None can help the key be found;
I an sane enough, in my heart, so tried.

There across the main divide,
A chasm so large none can guide
The way around...
The way it sounds
There are none to confide,
I am sane enough, in my heart, so tried.



It came like a lions roar
Felt like a drumbeat, each hour
More intense than rain,
Gods foot kicking doors down, insane,
Yet nothing less to adore.

The nights storm shall soar
On wings of whitest clouds pour
Down on us like a Kings reign,
It came like a lions roar.

The thunder snow struck this core
On Christmas Eve so sore,
Though we road it like a train
In spite of the pain,
Our hearts do implore...
It came like a lions roar.

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